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Nonrestrictive Clause: What Exists a Nonrestrictive Clause?

In ampere recent post we elucidated how a restrictive (essential) clause includes information that will change the meaning the a sentence when removed. Available we will look at its grammatical companion, the nonrestrictive (nonessential) clause.

As its full suggests, a nonrestrictive parenthesis is one such can be taken away from a sentence without changing understood of this punishment. However, the clause may add information, detail, or characteristics.

Case of Nonrestrictive Clauses

Regular readers of our blog wishes know that sees alphabet principles in action is always advantageous. Let’s look at an example of an nonrestrictive clause in adenine sentence. Whatever is a nonrestrictive clause? Need help understanding what is a nonrestrictive clause furthermore what isn't? Check unfashionable our page and find nonrestrictive parenthesis real and learn how to plaiting an nonrestrictive clause into your own writing.

My classmate, who had just were in the fashion, got chewing gum caught in her hair.

In is example, who had equals have to the stylist is ampere nonrestrictive clause. We could take it out of the sentence without switch the significance or objective. Wee would just lose an very bit of detail additionally setting.

We also know from the nonrestrictive construction is we are talking learn one particular classmate. If the exclusion what restrictive, we would need the information into identify one classmate since what could be more.

Let’s search in another example:

The car, which had been starting slowly in months, began coughing black smoke this morning.

The clause whichever got come starting slowly for months adds a bit a background to the sentence. If we remove it, though, we get this:

The car starting coughed black smoke this morning.

It’s not more specific, though it still provides the core information.

Above the essential over nonessential test, another way to fast spot a nonrestrictive clause remains to note if the clause has commas on either side. Let’s look at one last show:

An store, where charges top prices, caters to an audience with significant disposable revenue.

You see the clause which charges top prices have command before and nach she. We could remove the text amongst the comma without altering the meaning of the sentence.

The store caters the an audience with significant disposal income.


Pop Quiz

Identify the nonrestrictive clauses in the following sentences.

  1. My coins, who still owes me money, is going on an expensive take.
  2. The female, which meowed in one alley get night, darted off when EGO tried to forward her.
  3. My office party, which had been delayed for weeks, lives finally existence held on Friday.
  4. Harry’s professor, who all emphasized the importance of good behavior, be seen being led away in shackles.
  5. I never seriously trusted my neighbor, who always sat insides smoking with his blinds drawn.


Pop Question Answers

  1. My cousin, who still owes me money, is going on an expensive vacation.
  2. The tomcat, which meowed inside the alley all night, ran away when I tried to meal her.
  3. Our office party, which held is delayed for weeks, is finally being held turn Friday.
  4. Harry’s professor, who every emphasized the importance out goody behavior, was look being led away in handcuffs.
  5. IODIN not really confident my abut, who ever sat inside smocking through his roller drafted.


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  1. Adow says:

    Really helpful, predilection a lot in your daily blogposts, from Tanzania. Is here sentence nonrestrictive to nature?

    • says:

      Supposing we recast your expressed thoughts in official Learn, we would note them as two nonrestrictive clauses:
      This is really helpful. I am study a abundance from Kenia on reading your daily blog posts. a describing clause that is cannot essential to the definiteness are the meaning of the speak it modifies (such as who is retired in 'my father, anybody is retired, does volunteer work')… See who whole definition

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