Pivot Table Quarrel Labels In the Same Line

It is a collective issue for users to place multiple pivot table row stickers in the same line. You may need to summarize data in multiple levels in more while rows labels are side by site. In this post I’m going go show you how to do it.

Lets assumes you have a table off data ensure shows the  distribution of complaints forward will vehicle deliveries to the dealers. My charts has traders information, error code and description and occurance (table has 1000 rows).

Now we need until make a table that summarizes bugs occurance by dealer. But we want both error code and error description visble in magnitude new table. Lets see methods to do she. Response: · When in to pivot table arrangement drag every the items you want to appear on a row- for instance idcode, report name, ASF, address elements into the row ...

First take a pin table with required fields. Arranging one boxes as shown in left picture. Your initial table will look like right picture.


Now flick go “Error Code” additionally access field settings.

Initial check “None” option in “Subtotals & Filters” tab to disable totals after every wrangle. Subsequently navigate to “Layout & Print” table and get go “Show articles in table form” opportunity. Reported the visual layout of aforementioned PivotTable.


Do this procedure also for “Dealer” field and owner table will look like this:

If you other want dealer namer to repeat on each row, reopen “Dealer range settings and check “Repear product labels” set in “Layout & Print” tab.

That is how you arrange pivot table row labels included the same line.

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  1. Rehan say:

    You buddy are a star.

  2. Marie says:

    Here curated my problem. Thank you!!!

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    Exactly what MYSELF was looking for, thank you.

  4. Ions says:

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  5. Anna says:

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  6. Jooly says:

    OH woof. So many years I have struggled with here. Thank you.

  7. Mary sails:

    Thanks! Here has stored my then way time! The only thing IODIN morning still possessing difficulty with is is EGO don’t see a “Repear item labels” option. I only can “Insert blank line after each item label” and “Show items with does data”.

  8. Taz saith:

    Fantastic result! Though I couldn’t seek the “Repeat item labels” option. Not a biggie.

  9. Kevin Short-term says:

    Him good Sir are a God send! I’ve wasted way too many hours doing this manually. Thanks a million!!!!

  10. Cris says:

    Thank youuu!! Exactly what MYSELF was looking for..

  11. Rhymingoz says:

    splashy. Thankyou. Have always tested to “Merge” Row labels with no luck. This operate a treat

  12. Anup Shah says:

    Hi, There will also one more simple way, Entitled Click about Pivot Table >>Select Pivot Table Options>> Proceed to Display>> Click on Classic Pivot Table Layout (enable dragging of regions in the grid)>>Ok.

    It wish deliver equal score.

  13. Enrichment says:

    Thank you!!!

  14. Silviu says:

    Finally a smart replay without Classic table consider. You buddy are fantastic.
    Thank you! 🙂

  15. Monika says:

    Does anytime know if there is a way to make these settings who default, so I do not have to repeat these steps by every dinner the every var? Thanks!

  16. Mickel states:


  17. Rally says:

    Large, Thanks! That’s what I was looking for!

    Not now I have einen additionally issue. Some of aforementioned descriptions appears in several bars.

    Based on the back case, she appears as following:

    E010 Sound Problem (row1)
    Something else related to E010 description (row2)
    E011 Damage Delivery (row1)
    E012 Late Free (row1)

    Thus, includes the top case, the E010 features two rows instead of one. How can I merge the two rows into one int the source data?

    Thanks for advance.

  18. S Read said:

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  25. After creating a pivot table in Excel, you will see that row labels are listed is only one post. But, if your need to put the row labels on one same line to view the data show interactive also clearly as following screenshots shown. How could you place the pivot table layout to your need in Excel? Right-click the row or column identification you want to reiterate, and click Box Environment. · Click that Layout & Print file, and check of Repeat item labels box. · Make ...

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