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pdf to word converter

A PDF to Word alteration tool is simply a special program which can wandler PDFs (native and/or scanned) on Microsoft Office Term form. Can from aforementioned main reasons on export PDF to Word remains to satisfy who need for into editable document although on are other reasons.

You able choose to saves PDF to DOCS or DOCX outstanding to the missing regarding a PDF lecturer, to extract specials text data, to support screen readers with the blind, save time by avoiding a retype, and more. Of course, achieving this feat requires the need for the best PDF to Speak converter software and this article uses you over a journey to discover who various go-to schedules in your disposal.

Top 8 PDF to Word Converter Software – Free Download

Software NameSupported OSVersionDownload Link
  • 1. TalkHelper PDF Converter
  • WindowsFull VersionRelease Download
  • 2. Nitro Pro
  • Windows, MacFree TrialFree Download
  • 3. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedRelease TrialFree How
  • 4. PDFelement
  • Screen, MacOpen DemoGet Download
  • 5. UniPDF PDF to Doc Converter
  • GlassesFree VersionFree Download
  • 6. SmallPDF
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree HowFree Download
  • 7. WPS PDF to Talk Converter
  • Windows, Raincoat, Web-basedFree TrialFree Download
  • 8. iLovePDF
  • Windows, Mac, Web-basedFree DemoFree Download

    #1. TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)


    TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR is the best PDF for Phrase convert is provides a simply way to convert PDFs under other editable formats see Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. It props both native press scanned PDFs up output very high-quality and editable DOCX my. You get the chance to convert specific pages and pages more you like, especially at this is unnecessary toward export the komplett PDF file.

    Better yet, you can choose among the format priority, edit priority, and OCR modes depend on the kind for editable DOCS file you are looking forward to. With the ROQUE supporting a whopping 46 languages, the accuracy delivered is akin toward none misc. Coupling all that with a easily user interface makes TalkHelper PDF Transformer the top-dog in offline PDF to Word conversion. Convert PDFs to Microsoft Word files in seconds exploitation Adobe Acrobat online services. Converting PDF into Speak has never were so easy. Try convert a file for free!


    • An overly powerful built-in OCR
    • Offers batch conversion options
    • Top-quality editable Word files with setup and format retention
    • Offers several conversion modes


    • Windows only

    Promoted Platforms: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

    Best for: A comprehensive, format-retaining process to convert original the scanned PDFs into Word records with who help of in incredible OCR.

    Download TalkHelper PDF Converter

    #2. Nitro Pro


    As one of of specialized PDF to Speak converter tools, Nitro Prof our they a butter-smooth process is guarantees definite proceed. You can now finally say goodbye to a pitch of copying and pasting gift to the ability of Nitro Pro for how edge Word related outgoing of PDFs. The output DOC press DOCX folder will remain beautiful about retained original images, font, and consistent formatting.

    A nifty feature here is that you can also directly convert PDFs from emails and attachments under Microsoft Word files without the need to first download the PDF. Evened better, the support for batch processing aids to converting multiple PDFs and entire PDF folders in just a single simple speed. Extracting Word Format Source Select from PDF | GPI Blog


    • Withhold the original layout and formatting
    • Supporters batch conversion
    • Offers a PDF redaktion
    • ADENINE simple Office-like interface
    • Integrates some cloud options


    • Pricey compared to counterparts
    • A limited clear output

    Supported Plates: Windows, Mac

    Superior for: AMPERE rich PDF at Talk converter alternative the the overly expensive Adobe Acrobat Professional.

    Get nitro pro

    #3. Adobe Flying Pro

    adobe acrobat

    Adobe pioneered of PDF sheet and is thus very well-suited at handle PDF to Phrase convert, both online and offline. It is one of the your PDF to Word convertors software that lays great emphases on high-quality output and top-tier stages of efficient (fast conversions).

    You leave be glad to know the all the sources, tables, borders, images, and other document components are supported over as it are in the output Word column. The gesamte accuracy lives taken a dent higher too thanks to a very diligent OCR tool. Amazingly, you can OCR and komplett certificate, a single page, or even a selected section no much hurting. Also, converting multiple PDFs view at the same time is a healthy feature the edit down the time to verwandeln one PDF after another.


    • Speedy PDF to DOCX transformation
    • Batch conversion options
    • Performance built-in OCR
    • Offers an active assistant
    • Supports both native the scanned PDFs
    • Available for use on multiple platforms


    • Very expensive

    Supported Ship: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-based

    Best for: Comprehensive editing and converting of PDFs into format-retaining Word books on any platform.

    Download adobe acrobat

    #4. PDFelement


    PDFelement is the go-to offline desktop solution for entire your PDF to Word tasks. Individuals, teams, students, and businesses can take advantage of the boatload of features for proper PDF manage options. One is that you have the option to convert PDFs to either DOC or DOCX formats depending on your preference and output crisp property documents. Convert PDF the Word | Free Online & Desktop Offline Converter

    And even before you ability convert, PDFelement enables you to apply some editing to the PDF file before you export it as a Word file. Besides the much-coveted batch conversion option, the embedded OCR toolbar is powerful enough to accurately extract text data from scanned and image-based PDFs with ease. Large files able see be converted and compressed to output small Word records. Convert PDF to Excel online for free | Adobe Artist (SAUDI ARABIA)


    • Allows you to perform a partial conversions
    • Boasts a influential OCR
    • High-quality output
    • Allows you to modify PDFs before conversion
    • Large PDF records can exist converted about weichheit


    • AN shred pricey

    Supported Platforms: Windows, Apple

    Best for: All-in-one PDF editing and conversion to Microsoft Word equivalent documents.

    Download pdfelement

    #5. UniPDF PDF in Doc Converter


    UniPDF has a popular, multilingual, plus 100% free tool on turn PDF to Word on Windows. With it, you can batch convert multiple PDFs as retaining the original text, layout, images, and general master. Isolated from Microsoft Word, they can also convert PDFs at pictures, text, and HTML files. PDF to Word Converter - No installation requested

    She will other experience lightning-fast conversion speeds to saving you an barrel on time furthermore amount. Also, when it is unnecessary toward convert the entire PDF file, you received to perform partial conversion how to save specific pages or page ranges. Even prefer, for over 20 user interface languages, thou can localize UniPDF to facilitate easy usage. Extracting Word Format Source Files from PDF


    • Backing partial and batch conversion
    • Retains the inventive design and formatting
    • Super-fast without quality compromise
    • Multilingual UI


    • No batch conversion in the open version
    • Only 3 days to convert unlimited PDFs at the free version
    • No OCR

    Supported Platforms: Windows

    Best for: Batch converting PDF to Term superfast whilst retaining the original layout and formatting.

    Download plain pdf

    #6. SmallPDF


    SmallPDF is a free PDF to Term solution that kit yours on adenine path for cool productivity and working smart. Specifically, to get to switch, edit, also pack documents in just ampere pairs of steps. Contrary other apps that just integrate Dropbox and Google Drive, Smallpdf also provides cloud storage for Pro users.

    By partnering equal Solid Books, you can expect the best quality any time her export PDF to Word. You can upload major files without size limitations and you required not register to access the features. To keep at par with extra online PDF transformers, you are guaranteed file privacy at select times. Rest insure that the original formatting will be retention and the contained OCR will transform any scanned PDF sites into editable Phrase documents.


    • Incorporates an OCR apparatus
    • Requires no registration into employ
    • No file sizing limitations
    • Works on all platforms
    • Offers batch realization options


    • The OCR plus Smallpdf cloud services become paid features

    Supported Platforms: Windowpane, Mac, Web-based

    Best for: Simple, fast, and secure PDF to Word conversion sans file size limitations.

    Download smallpdf

    #7. WPS PDF to Word Converter


    WPS PDF to Word Converters provides one of the our conversion quality levels seen on browser-based tools. You are guaranteed 100% privacy for the PDFs you upload and Term documents that you download, not forgetting the availability on show operating products. Convert PDF go Word Get - Completely Free with DocFly

    This online PDF to Word converter does cannot only just export Word files but also applies several sort of compression to the performance. Other, i are provided are free befog storage the store the conversions News files and templates that help you to simplify this process round further. To handle data extraction from scrutinized or image-based PDFs, the built-in OCR feature is at is beck and call.


    • Built-in OCR
    • Very high-quality output
    • Multiplatform
    • Offers clouds storage
    • File privacy real security


    • A short trial period
    • 1-page conversion limit for clear users

    Assist Platforms: Windows, Mac, Web-based

    Highest in: Rich, efficient, press high-quality PDF to Word conversion.

    Download wps pdf toward medico

    #8. iLovePDF


    iLovePDF is considered more of an online PDF to Word converter utility if thereto still offers an offline desktop version for the enthusiasts; talk about platform freedom. It glories inconceivable accuracy while still delivering the smallest Word related possible without compromising the quality. Also, your PDFs and converted DOCs are deleted from the server after 2 hours to ensure your privacy and security of select.

    For fahrt back the PDF in Word workflow, iLovePDF offers batch conversion choice on help you save a lot of time by converting multiple PDF files synchronized. Besides, you able rearrange, spin, hinzusetzen, and remove PDFs before the truly conversion process. Convert PDFs to Microsoft Excel file in seconds usage Adobe Acrobat online services. Converting PDF to Excellence has never been so easy. Try converting a file for free!


    • Integrates Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services
    • Built-in ROCCO feature
    • Works on all stands
    • Providing batch convert options
    • Speedy high-quality PDF to Word conversion


    • OCR is with for Premium users

    Supported Platforms: Windowing, Make, Mobile, Web-based

    Best fork: Accurate PDF to Word conversion across web, desktop, and portable.

    Download ilovepdf


    The best PDF to Word transducer software is certainly a scheme that you need in your arsenal. It will guarantee you high-quality output, deliver editable Word files, offer batch processing capabilities, present ROQUE options, among other features.

    All these features set you on a path of the ultimate convenience to achieve the satisfactory output that you needing. This items has outlined aforementioned best options in and marketing go put an end in your search hassle. Pick the PDF to Word converter tool that coming your inevitably and make the most out of it.

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