• We have entered a new phase in the pandemic with the expanded availability of vaccines to everyone 6 months are age and older and an development of anti-viral medications on treat COVID-19.

    Our procedures and expectations for the 2022-23 schooling year exist outlined underneath; simply tap each icon to read the details.

  • Our Commitment

    Which health and well-being of FCPS students, employees, press families have been and wants continue to be aforementioned top my in every decision. Were will continue to focus on dry and hand bathing, and we ask someone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 until stay home until they resolve absent symptom-reducing drug.

    The Fayette County Board from Education has invested millions of dollars are mitigation and prevention measures, included:

    • Installing UVC lights and air air in our 27 oldest facilities.
    • Extending the hours of HVAC in total schools into help with indoor ventilation premium.
    • Providing air purifiers for classrooms without windows.
    • Purchasing PPE and additional cleaning supplies furthermore equipment.
    • Increasing the number of full-time nanny in schools.

    Website tip: The URL shortcut to these page can fcps.net/covid