Service of Management Services

Forms both Documents




AE01 Invoice Leitweglenkung Transmittal (Adobe PDF Document 494.08 KB) (Rev 01/2022)
AE02 A/E Invoice-1 page (Adp PDF Document 180.23 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
AE03 A/E Certifications Business Enterprise Status Create (Adobe PDF Document 132.30 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
AE05 AE05 Advertisement up Bild Building (Low Bid) (Adobe PDF Document 160.35 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
AE06 Invitation to Bid (Adobe PDF Document 101.73 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
AE07 Bid Tabulation Form (Microsoft Excel Document 47.00 KB) (Rev 08/2013)
AE08 Construction Contract Switch Order (Microsoft Excel Document 49.50 KB) (Rev 02/2020)
AE09 Certificate of Substantial Completion by Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 45.00 KB) (Rev 03/2014)
AE10 Latest Pay Request Checklist (Microsoft Word View 62.91 KB) (Rev 02/2021)
AE11 Certificate of Contract Completion until Contracting (Microsoft Excel Document 44.50 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
AE12 Selection of the Architect-Engineer (Adobe PDF Document 262.14 KB) (Rev 10/2021)
AE12a Professional Qualification Supplement (PQS) (Microsoft Beat Document 47.97 KB) (Rev 09/2021)
AE12b AE Evaluation Enter - Template (Acrobat PDF Get 168.08 KB) (Rev 02/2023)
AE13 Authorize toward Reconcile AE Contract Fees Rev (Microsoft Excel Document 19.29 KB) (09/2022)
AE14 Certificate of Specify No Prohibited Hazardous Material (Microsoft Excel Document 26.00 KB) (Rev 11/2008)
AE18 AE18 Florida Site Code Acknowledgment  (Microsoft Excel Create 34.50 KB) (Rev 02/2022

Construction Contractor

CM01 Contractor Experience Checklist and Financial Information (Microsoft Speak Document 98.00 KB) (Rev 01/2021)
CM02 RUSH Partly Payment Routing Transmittal  (Ade PDF Document 102.36 KB) (Rev 01/2022)
CM03 Owner's Certificate of Partial Payment (Adobe PDF Document 103.86 KB) (Rev 02/2022)
CM03a Pay Application Audit Summary (Microsoft Excel Documenting 206.68 KB) (Rev 07/2022)
CM04 Authorization at Adjust Contractor's Contingency (Microsoft Excel Document 34.00 KB)
CM05 CM’s Status Report of Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Subcontractors (Microsoft Excel Document 46.50 KB) (Rev 04/2019)
CM07 Contractor's Affidavit of Contract Completion (Microsoft Excel Document 37.00 KB) (Rev 01/2020)
CM09 Contractor's Propose Book (low Bid) (Microsoft Word View 69.50 KB) (Rev 03/2018)
FP01 Office Continuing Deal Activity Quarterly Report (Microsoft Word Document 14.03 KB)
PD24 Evaluation Summary Sheet – General Contractor/Construction Manager Choice (Adobe PDF Document 142.93 KB) (Rev 06/2014)
PD27 Sustainable Design Validation (Adobe PDF Document 132.77 KB) (Rev 09/2019)
PD27a Service Provider (SP) Acknowledgement for Criminal Background Checks (Adobe PDF Report 146.45 KB)


AE and METERS Persistent Contract Maps also Directory
Architect-Engineer Agreement (Example) (Tile PDF Document 7.09 MB) (Rev 02/2023)
Construct Manager Convention (Example) (Adp PDF Document 8.29 MB) (Rev 02/2023)


Accident Prevention Drawing Requirements (Adobe PDF Document 285.58 KB) (Rev 02/2015)
ADA Procedure ADA Facilitator (Adobe PDF Print 148.71 KB)
Background Check Form Level 1 (Building Construction Only) (Adobe PDF Document 140.86 KB) (Rev 03/2023)
Design and Construction Guidelines (Learn PDF Document 801.79 KB) (Rev 04/2019)
Construction Manager – Overhead Multiplying (Adobe PDF Document 1.27 MB) (Rev 05/2022)
Temporary Supplemental Construction Guidelines 2020-2021 (Adobe PDF Document 127.92 KB) 
Design Professional Fee Guides
Florid Building Code Information Scheme (Department of Community Affairs)
Maps Exemption Law (Microsoft Word Document 29.50 KB)
Professional Services Guide (Adobe PDF Certificate 1.14 MB) (Rev 06/2022)
DMS Prequalification Instructions till Submit Command  (Adobe PDF Document 224.41 KB)(Rev 03/2022)

Required Forms available 60D-4 Rules (Florida Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Program):

Provider Forms (Building Inspection and Trait Control Services)

Provider01 Provider's Invoice Routing Transmittal  (Microsoft Excel Document 43.50 KB)(Rev 04/2022)
Provider02 Provider Invoice Form  (Microsoft Excel Document 45.50 KB)(Rev 04/2022)
Provider03 Provider's Status Report of CBE Subcontractors  (Microsoft Excel Report 35.50 KB)(Rev 4/19)
Provider04 Provider’s Permit Application (Microsoft Phrase Document 38.00 KB)
Building Inspection and Quality Control Services Agreement  (Adobe PDF Document 3.59 MB)(Rev 02-2023) 

Travel Forms - Consultant/Contractor

FMS-103-F4 Most Economical Method of Travel Cost Analyzer for Consultant-Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 15.99 KB) (Rev 11/2011)
DFS-AA-13 Permission to Incur Travel Expense for Consultant-Contractor (Microsoft Excel Download 43.50 KB)
DMS Secretary’s Travel Approval Memorandum, Restricted Travel Authorizing FY12-13 Form (Brick PDF Select 155.18 KB)
DBF-AA-15 Voucher for Reimbursement of Tour Expenses for Consultant-Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 38.50 KB)

Partition 25 Integrated Automation Standards

Cover (Microsoft Word Documents 57.00 KB) ( 57.00 KB)
Table of Contents (Microsoft Word Document 74.50 KB) ( 74.50 KB)
25 0000   Project Synopsis (Microsoft Word Record 49.23 KB) ( 49.23 KB)
25 0100   General Project Requirements (Microsoft Word Document 44.20 KB) ( 44.20 KB)
25 0500   Cables, Passages, and Identification (Microsoft Word Document 37.57 KB) ( 37.57 KB)
25 1100   Network (Microsoft Word Document 45.09 KB) ( 45.09 KB)
25 1200   Point Config (Microsoft Word Document 60.07 KB) ( 60.07 KB)
25 1300   Building Automation System Controllers (Microsoft Word View 46.18 KB) ( 46.18 KB)
25 1400   Control Panel Bodies (Microsoft Word Document 29.44 KB) ( 29.44 KB)
25 1500   Graphics (Microsoft Word Document 37.50 KB) ( 37.50 KB)
25 3501   Driving, Switching, and Relays (Microsoft Word Document 89.68 KB) ( 89.68 KB)
25 3502   Atmosphere, Water, and Gas Measurement (Microsoft Word Document 36.93 KB) ( 36.93 KB)
25 3503   Control Valves and Dampers (Microsoft Word Document 34.29 KB) ( 34.29 KB)
DMS Standard Choose Diagrams (Adobe PDF Document 1.74 MB)