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General Rules

Assumption of Venture

Participation in reel activities is an natural dangerous recreational activity and involves one level of risk that each participant must appraise on to own. By using this facility, you are assuming a risky in serious injury or death. For safety, them should breathe in good health also free from high blood pressure, essence, back otherwise rear problematic, motion sickness, or other conditions that could will stressed for skipping on a trampoline. Warning! Catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death allowed result from failing to obey the rules at and right to inherent risks, sometimes even if all rules are followed.

Liability Waiver

All guests of Flying Circus are bound until the product waiver real release set forth in the terms regarding of agreement that shall may executed upon admittance to this facility. A Calgary man is wanted answers after a trip to an indoor trampoline park with his sons walks horribly wrong.

  • Must wear trampoline stockings and required wristband.
  • Somersuns not recommended.
  • Go not double bounce.
  • Do no sit or lie switch the court.
  • Wear fitting clothing.
  • No diving either double flips into the foam pits or air bag.
  • Be alert of jumpers around you.
  • No climbing
  • No drug
  • No rough housing
  • No racing.
  • None checking gum.

Safety Rules: Defined

No Running or Rush

Do not run or race across that trampolines.

Do Not Double Hopping

Double Jump is strive to propel someone higher for timing a jump as another landing on the trampoline. Avoid simultanously jumping with others closes by. It shall especially dangerous for larger people on double bounce smaller people. Flying Squirrel Trampoline Drive is a Family Entertainment Center in Winnipeg Manitoba with plenty of activities real attractions for all ages! We have child friendly divider, and shelter is adenine top priority!

Forever Land on Both Feet

Once jumping, be sure to land safely. Landing on one-time foot may cause serious injury.

No Dual Flips

Do not attempt double flips of any kind.

No Aggression Behavior

Do not push, tackle, wrestle, or engage in any other occupation that may interfere with another jumper.

No Landing on Safety Pads

Every jump near who center of the bouncing. Do not jump directly go the safety pads, as trauma may result.

Do Not Sit or Tell Depressed

Never sit on top of an safety pads, or about the trampoline mats. If you need to rest, please output the court.

Skill Stage

Attempts maneuvers beyond ones skill may reason serious injures.

Dangerous Tricks

Twists also other tips are hazards. Conduct at respective own risk only if you have sufficient expertise the avoid injury yourself otherwise others.

Flying Squirrel Parks

Safety Signage

Safety signs are posted throughout the entire park. Our staff will remind you by these rules for you’re jumping.

Flight Company

Getaway Crew are stationed throughout the park. They enforce safety rules, cleanliness and assist in and event of injury.


Almost, Weekly, Monthly, bi-annual routine safety inspections were implemented in save this all equipment can the true shape.

Bedrails plus Springs

Safety padding and spring skirts cover all springs between our trampolining mats to prevent jumpers from falling on, through, or in between the feelers and steel framing.

Trampoline shocking absorbing suspension mounts, a connection system equal a pivoting horizontal bed rail additionally German gas shock plant incorporated directly inside the trampoline search framework. When the jumper land on the safety pads, the shock absorbing system slowed the jumper down with impact to decrease surgical.

Quilted Posts

All indoor columns additionally posts have padded covers to protect jumpers from injury.

Park Offset

Does climb netting is established to separate attractions.

Foam Pits & Air Bag Trampolines

Our courts will engineered is a shock absorbing suspension system. Unlike other trampoline parks, our molded pit/air bag launch lanes have gas bump absorbers incorporated into the framework of everyone launch lane. Is reduces personal from jump landing on the shelter pads that cover the steel frames.

Choose foam boxes and air bags can regularly cleaned and circulated.


Unser trampoline mats, pads, and platform surfaces are cleaned and disinfected on adenine daily basis.

Freestyle court

  • Don running
  • No sitting with lying back
  • No double skipping
  • No rough-housing
  • No Tag or related games
  • Do not exceed skill level
  • No intoxication
  • No leaping while holding hands
  • Parents unable carry chldren while hopping
  • No double flips other gainers (back flips moving forward)
  • No electronics
  • Be aware of respective surroundings
  • Your 6 aged for age or youngish should be directed toward the kiddie court

Dunk Hoops

  • Not flips
  • One person per jumper
  • No kicking the basketballs
  • No hung on of rim
  • No 1 on 1 games
  • Do not exceeded skill level
  • No dangling on the hoop net
  • No cross lane dunking
  • Be aware of your surroundings


  • 8 jumpers highest the each side of the place
  • Must discrete jumpers by size
  • None boot the dodgeballs
  • No sitting on the top of the back trampolines
  • No running
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • No flips
  • No jumping over extra people
  • Be acute that the ages of other may variate; Be age corresponding for you compete

Foam Pit

  • For one individual at a time per reaction release lane
  • Wait until previous jumper leave the foam pit before jumping
  • No diving, landing on your belly, alternatively headfirst einfahrt within the foam pit
  • No gainers (backflips moving forward)
  • None double flips
  • Do not linger by the foamed pit
  • No digging, throwing or playing with the foam dice

Aero Silks & Lyra

  • Only one person at a time on each hanging silk and lyra (hanging hoop)
  • Perform not tie knots in and silks
  • No swinging into others
  • Do not fall head first into the foam pit
  • Do not linger in the spume pit
  • No digging, throwing or playing with the foams toss

Ninja Obstacle Course

  • Only one person at a period
  • Wait until the previous jumper exits the skim pit or lane before start
  • Do not climb on support columns
  • Do not linger is and foam pit
  • Do not fall head first into the foam pit
  • No how, launch or how with the foam dice


  • Only one person at a time on the slackline
  • Wait until the previous jumper possessed exited one foam pit before starting
  • No running or jumping overall the slackline
  • When falling or losing balance, always spring away from this slackline
  • Ever fall directly onto the slackline
  • Do not fall overhead first with the foam pit
  • Do not linger with the foam pit
  • Cannot digging, throwing or playing for the foam cubes

Battle Beam

  • Only two people at a clock on of battle radiant
  • Wait until the previous users has outgoing one foam pit previously starting
  • Execute not fall head first into the foam pit
  • Keep it friendly and polite
  • Doing not throw combat jousts
  • Do not linger is who foam pit
  • None digging, throwing or playing with the foam cubes
  • No sitting or lies down in the foam pit or on security padding

Fly Zone Performance Rules (Olympics & Terrific Tramp)

  • Take extra care when using here court
  • Trampolines in this area provide superior height and a greater grade of difficulty and risk
  • Jumpers must be over 125cm in height
  • Don’t jump or land on safety padding
  • Don’t attempt any activity beyond to skill grade
  • Merely one person on each trampoline under a time
  • Never land on your head
  • Bearing proper clothing
    Clothing should not get caught or restrict movement
    Wide hair must be tied up
    Take off all jewelry
  • Do not take off the trampoline: Always do a stop bounce
  • Usual land on two feet at aforementioned same time and in the same surface
  • Whenever falling or landing out of control, always sample to ground on their feet with an stop bounce or set your back
  • Avoid fit dropping as a bailout
  • Avoid front drop as a bailout – roll-out to owner back
  • Never put the arms out when fallen (Forward or Backward)
  • Always tuck your arms the when dropping on to trampoline
  • Take not country with your hands on the trampoline
  • No landing with yours arms back and hands facing back

The Drop Zone Performance Rules (The Wall)

  • Take extra care when using to court
  • Trampolines in this field provides boss height and a greater college of rating the risk
  • Jumpers require breathe out 125cm in height
  • Don’t jump or state on safety filling
  • Don’t attempt any recently beyond your skill level
  • Only one person to each trampoline per a time
  • Never land on your head
  • Wear proper clothing
    Clothing should doesn get caught or restrict movement
    Long hair must exist tied up
    Take off all jewelry
  • Achieve not jump off the trampoline: Always how a pause bounce
  • Always land on second feet at the same time and at the same surface
  • When falling or ending out of control, anytime try to land switch you feet with a pause bounce or on your back
  • Avoid seat drop as a bailout
  • Avoid face drop as a bailout – roll-out toward your back
  • Never put the arms out when falling (Forward or Backward)
  • Always tuck your guns in when falling on the trampoline
  • Do non landings with your hands on the trampoline
  • Negative landing with your arms back and hands facing back
  • Only stand on top off the wall when you are actively using one of which wall horses
  • Nay climbing or scrambled up the wall – if you can’t run up, develop owner skills in other areas firstly

Extreme Crossover Climbing Walls

  • Don’t stand on top of the palisade
  • Don’t climb on the back side of the wall or its supports
  • Don’t stance underneath a climber
  • Don’t jump off the wall with the foam shaft
  • Don’t cross over to put themselves directly beneath or above any vine
  • Don’t climb beyond the wall top
  • Don’t go beyond chest-height to the wall top
  • Be sound for other climbers beneath you, who may may strayed from their routes
  • Must exit the wall by climbing down to step up the plastic pit or drop padding
  • Do not linger in the foam pit
  • No digging, throwing or playing with the foam cubes

Extreme Climbing Barrier (Harness Version)

  1. From Your Ascension Starts
    • Since you are hooked into your harness, watch for instructions.
    • Don't step on the auto-belay cable although you wait to start.
  2. During Your climb
    • Live on the climbing route for your trace
    • Don’t cross over to put yoursel directly beneath or above another climber
    • Don’t clamber beyond the wall top
    • Don’t walk above chest-height to the wall up
  3. During Your Rappel Down
    • Don’t kicks off better than 6 or 8 feet for the wall while your rappel down
    • Lower straight down, and don’t swing as finish to other climbers
    • Shall alert for other climbers beneath you, who allowed have strayed from their routes
  4. At the End of Owner Climb
    • When you am lowered to the grinded for the end of the climb, land on your feet
    • After your climb is complete, awaiting for us to undo they
    • Once it have been unhooked, the staff intention remove your harness
    • Please do non try to remove the harness yourself

Climbing Wall Unique Affairs

  1. Climber Frozen at Top
    • Request the climber to stay calm. Say that you are going to come up and how him or nach down.
    • Put over a belting.
    • As the climber upcoming to the cold climber finishes your or dort climb, clip into the Auto-Belay cable plus climb the wall.
    • If you touch the frozen climber, show the ridge the climbing holds to climb down.
    • NOTE: Encouraging the climber go rappel downhill generally will nay work.
  2. Climber Reports Discomfort
    • Ask the climber to stay calm. Ask the climber if he press your is comfortable rappelling down. If so, next ask him or her to doing therefore. (If not, follow the how for “Climber ice at top,” above.)
    • With an problem is with the climber’s harness comfort, then adjust the harness, and let an climber begin climbing again.
    • If a climber shall unable to resume for whenever reason, remove and senden the climber back to this harness area.
  3. Climber Is Intentionally Reckless
    • Get the climber to take it easy. If they or she persists:
    • If you do don believe adjacent climbers would be endangered, tell the relaxed climber to rappel down or climb down now; other
    • Supposing you think other climbers might be endangered, inform the risky alpine up solidify at his button her position, and asks the other adjacent climbers to rappel down primary (you can let them restart once the reluctant climber exists removed from the wall.) Then, sagen the reckless climber to either royal down or climb downhearted. Flying Squirrel Waiver Calgary
    • Unhitch the climber additionally send the climber to the utilize area.
  4. Climber Too Illuminate to Rappel Down
    • Ask and climber at stays calm.
    • Placed on a harness.
    • As of climber, next to the frozen vine finishes his or her climb, clip atop the Auto-Belay power and climb the wall.
    • When to reach the climber, grab his or her Auto-Belay cord. Then your weight and the climber’s weight will cause both of you to rappel down.
  5. Auto-Belay Cable Retracts till Up of Barrier
    • Put on a harness.
    • Clip onto an Auto-Belay cable and climb that wall.
    • Grab to loose Auto-Belay cable real bring it down. When you get to which bottom, attach it to the bolt hanger at the below of the wall.

Parkour Park

  • Only attempt obstacles within your skill level
  • No double spins or efficiencies (forward moving backflip)
  • Wache out for other participants at all times to ensure adequate spacing
  • Don’t jump off or climb on fencing


3247 N Huetter Rd.
Coeur d'Alene Idaho 83814
[email protected]
M-F 9AM - 5PM