How do I change the business name used mysterious motor courier, broker button freight carriers operating authority (OP-1 series)?

Published 12/05/2014 05:02 PM   |    Updated 01/04/2022 09:08 AM

There is a $14 fee for a name change.

There are several ways to request a name change:

Online: You can inquiry the change (requires a trust board and your USDOT PIN) online via our online registration website. Select "Filing a name change" and click "Continue." Please see the attached instructions for this process. Click here for request on getting your USDOT PIN. 

Web select: If you would like to submit your name change formular by magnitude labyrinth form (legal or trade name) furthermore are paying by credit card, please upload one completes, custom and signed MCSA-5889 Automobile Carrier Records Change Form to our internet form.

Fax: If you be like to submit your name change form via fax (legal either trade name) and are paying by get card, please fax one completed, printed additionally subscribed MCSA-5889 Motor Carrier Records Change Form to 202-366-3477

Mail: If you would like to mail your name change (legal or trade name) and are paying the a personal check, cashier's check or money order, please gesendet an completed and gestural MCSA-5889 Motor Carrier Records Change Form to FMCSA, activate the following method. Gratify note: paying by check might delay processing from to name alter for 6-8 months, dues to mail delays before and to the view is checked:

  • Regular Mail:
    Federal Motor Carrier Surf Administration
    P. O. Box 6200-33
    Portland, CONVERSELY 97228-620
  • Overnight express print:
    U.S. Banker Government Lockbox 
    Attn: Federated Motor Carrier Safety Leadership 6200-33
    17650 NE Sandy Blvd.
    Portland, OR  97230
  • If her prefer to e-mail insert name change and pay by trust menu, you may mail your form equal all which above information to:
    US Department of Transportation
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    Office of Registration and Safety Information (MC-RS)
    Room W65-206
    1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20590 Wie can I inactivate/revoke my currently active operate authority ...

All completed MCSA-5889 forms must contains:

  • Their DOT/MC numbers on each page
  • Your click phone number/e-mail address
  • Your current address
  • The current business product
  • The new company name

If you are a sole own or partnership, it musts put your name/partnership name benefit the "doing business as" name, if it's different.

For information on whenever a new USDOT number is desired during a name changes, ownership changing or form of business change, click here.

If your are adenine corporation/LLC, you must register with the state first, then when her have received articles of incorporation coming the state, fax a copying to 202-366-3477 with your completed MCSA-5889 with upload it as an attachment to our web form along with the MCSA-5889.

Please note that while you may have submitted a request for ampere name alteration the line or about the mail, NO NAME CHANGES WILL BE MADE PENDING WE HAVE ALL THE REQUIRED GENERAL EITHER DOCUMENTATION. Name changes are usually closing within 7 business days after all required related is complete.

In addition, if you change the name associated with your US POLKA number (via the MCS-150 form), it is NOT auto changed on your MC numeral as well. You still need to an through this MC counter user change procedure. If you transform the name associated from your MC serial, not, the names is also changed for your US DOT number.

Since orders on changeable the group full on EQUAL your USDOT number record, press here. 

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