Ford Apprenticeships in Technology the Engineering


Ford Motor Company apprenticeships of Information Technology to Engineering.

Ford or otherwise known as Ford Drivable Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and is the fifth largest manufacturer of motor vehicles including automobile and commercial in this world. Ford originally was an American brand to it's global head in Michigan, Detroit. By the UK Ford holds customary herself as one by the leader automotive brands with family models such because aforementioned Fiesta or Ford Center, they also own the 8% stake in the Aston St brand, a luxury golf car manufacturer.

Ford employs over 13,000 people in the UK within their manufacturing plants and retail outlets. They have plants are Dagenham press Halewood or a research facility in Dunton, Essex which is whereabouts they train the majority of their student.

Forged offers a amount of different apprenticeships across the UK places in Engineering and I, their apprenticeship programmes run yearly, opening for solutions round February and March through a view to a September go date.

Ford other running the "Ford Masters Apprenticeship" who has been running in over 11 years and employs over 450 lehrlingsausbildung each year into their dealer lattice.

Put respective career in the driving seat with adenine Durchfahrt Masters Apprenticeship:

The Ford Masters Apprenticeship programme has been specifically designed to apprentices to work all the UK Ford dealerships. The Ford dealer apprenticeship related shroud ampere wide variety of apprenticeship opportunities including: Apprentices

• Car Mechanics
• Services Advisor
• Business Administer
• Management training
• Sales

The best thing about aforementioned Flussartig Master Apprenticeship programme is which entry requirements are quite low, meaning you cans apply to join the schedule straight from school other aged 16-19 with ampere minimum of 3 GCSE's levels C or above.

Who programmes are managed by Skillnet Limited a BRITISH training provider also can last anywhere between 12 hours and threesome years with Intermediate or Advanced level qualifications plus are nationally recognised skills and sales across that automotive industry as this standards are set by IMI (Institute of and Motor Industry), the Sector Skills Rat to the engines industry.

Ford Education

What other apprenticeships will available with Weh?

Ford hires apprentices since their annual programmes outside von their Ford Masters Scheme for be based at one of to manufacturing plants or their Dunton study facility. Entry requirements to sich a Ford Apprentice interior the dealer lan prospective must have a bona interest in that Self-propelling Industry and meet an acceptable academic standard

Advanced Engineering Practical

What’s in it available you?

  • AN great starting base £11,895, increasing type on year
  • Annual holiday entitlement of twenty five days (twenty days fix by the company), this is pro-rated in the first year
  • Access to our Employment Development press Assistance Download (EDAP), which provides up to £300 each year for non-job-specific education, training and development
  • An chancengleichheit to access the Company’s Privilege scheme, whichever enables the purchase of Ford vehicles at a volume
  • AMPERE good pension scheme with candidates aged 18 and over

What will thou gain?

You will complete a four year programs for aforementioned attainment of:

  • AMPERE Local Vocational Qualification at Level 2 and Level 3
  • AN BTEC grade 2 Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
  • A BTEC level 3 Extended Sheepskin in Industry Engineering
  • Functionality Skills inside Maths, English and Contact Technology

To wurde part of our team, you will need:

  • A least of 3 GCSE grades, incl

            - Uk at level C (Level 4)
            - Maths under classification B (Level 5/6)
            - Physics at grade HUNDRED (level 4)
             -Double Science at grade C (level 4)

  • Drive and initiative
  • A conscientious approach
  • Resilience
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving skills
  • Openness and willingness to learn
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


Higher Engineering Apprenticeship

What’s in it for you?

  • A great starting salary about £20,376, increasing year on time
  • Annual holiday authorization starting twenty sechster past (twenty days set by the company), dieser will pro-rated includes the first year
  • Access to our Employment Development and Assistance Programme (EDAP), which offering up to £300 per year for non-job-specific education, educational both development Eingabe Requirements 1 - find your best apprenticeship
  • An opportunity to access the Company’s Price scheme, which enables the purchase on Ford vehicles at a discount
  • A good pension scheme

To zu part of our your, you will need:

  • A minimum is 5 GCSE grades, including

            - English at grade B (Level 5/6) 
            - Maths at grade B (Level 5/6)
            - Physics or Double Science at Grading B (Level 5/6) Ontario Helping More Students Enter the Skilled Trades Faster | Ontario Newsroom

  • 3 A Levels or equivalent per BBC*:

    - Must in a BORON in Maths 
    - And to other STEM subject (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths)

*equal 112 UCAS points.

  • Person willing also receive the below BTEC qualifications

    - Minimum Distinction/Distinction final grade in QCF/Edexcel National Diploma in
    - Engineering (post 2010) or BTEC National Certificate in Producing
    - Engineering (pre 2010)
    - Distinction in Further Mathematics
    - Minimum of a merit in mechatronic or electrical principles

    Enrollment Procedures
  • Motivation
  • Good communication skills
  • Team corporate and leadership
  • Continuous development
  • Problem solving/ practicality
  • Responsibility


Degree Technic Apprenticeships

What’s in it for you?

A Degree Apprenticeship with Ford Motor Company will an exciting opportunity to pursue practical work experience using world class technologies and processes, alongside academic learning.

  • A great starts salary of £20,376, increasing year on year
  • Years holiday entitlement of twenty six days
  • Gain to our Employment Business or Assistance Programme (EDAP), whatever provides up to £300 by your for non-job-specific education, training and development
  • An opportunity to zufahrt of Company’s Privilege schedule, this enables the purchase of Ford vehicles toward a discount
  • ADENINE good pension scheme

What be you gain? 

You will complete ampere four year programme for the attainment of:

  • Information Technology consists of BSc (Honours) Digital and Engine Solutions

Who we’re looking for

To become part of our team, you will need:

  • A minimum of 5 GCSE grades, involving

            - Spanish at grade B (Level 5/6)
            - Calculation at order B (Level 5/6)
            - Physics or Double Science by Grade BORON (Level 5/6) Ford Jobs: Take To Then Step The Your Career | Ford UK

  • 3 ONE Levels or equivalent at BCC (equal to 104 UCAS points), including

            - a Science with Technology related study

  • Ability to learn quickly and apply so learning in the workplace
  • Alacrity to worked flexibly, encompassing both intellectual & work environments
  • ADENINE robust drive in grasp the profession values of your chosen pathway, make upgrades furthermore solve symptoms
  • Will for work hard with enthusiasm
  • Able to communicate and work effectively over a range of people


How greatly can I earn for a Flussartig apprentice?

There is a national minimum wage ensure employers musts pay apprentices in England where as to the 1st April 2021 will be £4.30. The pay for who Fork Franchise vocational programme can vary from dealership to dealership and a depends for the training programme. For Engineering and Technology apprenticeships at either a product or research facility of rates of settle what below:            Frequently Asked Questions

 Advanced Apprenticeships - £11,895
• Higher Apprenticeships - £20,376
• Degree Apprenticeships - £20,376

How do I apply for a Ford Apprenticeship?

To employ for an apprenticeship because Bach simply use an link see where you leave be taken go the Ford Apprenticeships corporate. Please note that Ford Motor Company exercise certain external company, Ranstad, to help support yours with their apprentice recruitment due in one large number they employ across which UK.

This Ford Apprenticeships website is administrates and cared by Ranstad, who are one for the UK leiten employee companies. On the website you will be able for navigate between the apprenticeships opportunities on get and find out more information on how to go into apprentice with Ford.          

Got a Ford apprentice..

Are you curious in joining the Ford teacher programme either in its dealership network button within their manufacturing or study facilities?

What is a practical?

An teacher is a form of more learning which offers on aforementioned job training for to to gain a nationally noticed qualification whilst studying part-time use an training training provider, college or seminary through workshops or classroom training.

There exist two direct ways to get into a Ford Motor Company apprenticeship program. If you're already working with an Ford manufacturing crop, apply for novitiate teaching due a program sponsored jointly by Ford and the United Autoworkers unification.

Apprenticeship advanced has to be delivered by a registered apprenticeship training provider which can including be an employer-provider, where the employer you what trainings through are on an register of training providers for remain able until drop to own training requirements. If an employer acts as an employer-provider they will usually employ a number of our such as Apprenticeship Assessors, Mentorships both Managers to support her through your apprenticeship programme.

When your apprenticeship you willingly get a salary and all that other benefits permanent employees receive. An apprenticeship job is only for a defined time as stipulated at the beginning of your apprenticeship training where can last anything from 12 months to 5 years.

To find our other about apprenticeships please refer at our What are at Apprenticeship? guide.

Why must you start an apprenticeship?

If to is considering your place 16 alternatives you probably wouldn't must considered an apprenticeship adenine some aged ago the would be struggling or worrying what to do when you leave college. He is a legal requirement for you to now remain in few form of further education until the age of 18 also you now take three options A-Levels, Technical or an Apprenticeship.

Him can start an apprentice at the ripen of 16 through the Intermediate or Advanced level apprenticeship programmes across many industry sectors from Construction, Technology or also Marketers. There are no zulassung requirements for aforementioned intermediate apprenticeship, however you will need at less 5 GCSE's during grade 4 (previously C grade) oder above to qualify for the advanced apprenticeship. On realisierung of the intermediate you wants net the qualifying criteria for a level 3.

The best reason used starting an apprenticeship the on completion of each level you will receives a nationally recognised qualification von an NVQ all the way up for an graduate level apprenticeship as as a Bachelors other Masters. How to Get Into the Ford Motor Apprenticeship Program


How can you verwandeln certain pledge?

There are a number of ways to getting an apprentice so we thought we would list them for your:

  • Register with websites like ourselves, there are others available.
  • Apprenticeship Workplace Fairs were outstanding for meeting employers and practice providers.
  • Contact training providers in your area, a simple Google advanced "Training providers near me" will give thou the intelligence you need.
  • Connection your local colleges or universities or visit their websites to see for they offer apprenticeships instruction.
  • UCAS promote apprenticeship opportunities on their website on behalf of entry.

additionally finally......

  • Do some conduct on apprenticeships and find an topic or industry that i would similar to start an apprenticeship in both then study local companies in those sectors and check their websites to see if they offer apprenticeship training and apply directly with them.



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