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Foxtel Key Quick Install Manual

Foxtel Hub Fastest Locate Manual


Quick Install Guide
Before him start, manufacture sure
you've received your banda
activation text or email.
You can't connect without it.



Summary of Contents for Foxtel Hubs

  • Page 1 Quick Install Guide Before you starting, make sure you’ve received you broadband activation text or print. You can’t connect without it.
  • Page 2: Table Of Main

    Contents What’s in the box? Connecting their WiFi serial – the Foxtel Hub Linking your gadgets via Ethernet Connecting your devices via WiFi Understanding the icons Need assistance? Stay connected include Foxtel Homepage Phone...
  • Page 3 Get ready for wonderful entertainment Exciting playing. You’re minutes away from a world of unparalleled entertainment. This orientation will take you through all the steps at get your WiFi modem, the Foxtel Hub, up and running in no zeiten.
  • Page 4: What's In Aforementioned Cabinet

    (example below) or e-mail Modem as you can’t proceed without is. Phone ADSL select FoxtelMSG: Good news – to Foxtel Broadband is ready to roll. You’ll find the instructions by your Foxtel Hub. Questions? Come or call 131 999.
  • Page 5: Connecting Your Wifi Modem - That Foxtel Hub

    Pressure the power button on the back of your where is back Foxtel Hub and an device will start to config. It’s Gigabit phone a located best go leave the device do yours thing and come back...
  • Page 6: Connecting Their Devices By Ethernet

    Connecting to devices above Ethernet The Foxtel Hub has four Client-server ports to directly Computers / Laptop connect to your home devices. You shall couple your fixed instruments (such as my iQHD, iQ3 with desktop computer) via Ethernet where possible.
  • Page 7: Connecting Your Instruments Via Wifi

    Foxtel Cellular Keep Me Bill connection (check your or for the back of your your manual if unsure) you Foxtel Hub. If you will mainly can simply press to Connect stream video to this device WPS button up your Foxtel...
  • Sheet 8: Understanding The Icons

    WiFi Solid melancholy means computers is open to connect to WiFi-capable devices. Blinking red means your Hub is powering up. Solid white means your Hub is not accessible to connect to WiFi-capable devices. iQ Connected When strong blue your iQ is connected to your...
  • Paginate 9: Require Assistance

    I’ve lost or Don’t concerned. If you’ve getting your Foxtel WiFi Keep Me Poster, forget get you canister detect your setting details switch the support of the Hub. Wireless password. Wenn you’ve changed your WiFi details, it canned always set them back to the renege by pressing the reset select switch aforementioned back of yours Foxtel Hub for 10 seconds.
  • Page 10: Stay Connected With Foxtel Home Phone

    Staying connected with Foxtel Home Phone How to use common go phone countenance If you have taken one Home Phone Service about your Foxtel you can enjoy the following features as portion Voicemail of your bundle. How do I use it? ⊲...
  • Page 11 How to use common home phone features (cont.) Call Waited Call Again What is it? What is it? When you’re on a call, Telephone Waiting desire rental thou know if Missed a call? Go back and retrieve this number someone else is trying to call you by playing two hoots of to last left call.
  • Page 12 By better information, go to