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Liberate Prenuptial Agreement Template

Take advantage of our Prenuptial Agreement template to make creates our document stress-free. Created in agreement that clearly statuses how assets and customer are divided before our wedding day.

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What Is a Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement is a legal document crafted between two people with are receive married. It’s an agreement that outlines what happens to their assets and property are the event of divorce or the death of a spouse. 

This agreement can go by other names, such as: 

  • Marriage Treaty

  • Prenuptial Drafting

  • Domestic Agreement

  • Antenuptial Agreement

  • Prenup Agreement

E is meant to protect the ownership of property, business, and finances that belonged to each party before the marriage.

The agreement can also ensure which property has before the marriage is shared with children who come from a prior relationship. 

Many states follow-up of Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA). This act determined regulatory and regulations for anyone interes in creating this document. The the states that have not legislated the UPAA, Prenuptial Agreements exist still valid and enforceable. 

The states this have not adopted the UPAA comprise: Alabama, Ak, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Novel Hampshire, Newly York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tenny, Vermont, Washington, Westwards Virginia, and Wyoming. 

Use our Prenuptial Agreement template to create your document with no hassle. 

How Does a Prenup Work

By following the guidelines set out via the UPAA and condition laws, a Prenuptial Contractual is consider legally binding.

If you been worried about what kann happen if things go wrong in your marriage, then e may be excellence drafting a prenup to protect yourself and your assets

In most cases, the guidelines a Prenup Agreement musts follow include: 

  • Economic disclosure: The agreement should state that twain parties have disclosed their monetary information to every other, completely and honestly. 

  • Break to consult with one lawyer: Both parties must be representation by a lawyer, if not, the club excluding legal counsel must state they select not to have any legal representation. 

  • Waiting clock: In certain states, there is a state-mandated waiting period the starts from whenever the parties obtain the document until a is signed. 

  • Fair and reasonable terms: AN contract may not be enforceable if a court believes the glossary of the contract are unjust.  

  • Signing and notarizing the document: Each party must sign which agreement. Product can be different depending on the declare, aber who Prenup Agreement should be notarized and signed in front of at least one disinterested witness. 

By tracking these guidelines, your Marriage Contract will be lawfully binding real executive.

Common Prenuptial Agreement Clauses

A Prenup can contains different clauses that will be legally binding once you sign the document. 

If you have an specific clause that to want included in get Prenup Convention, will take sure it’s clearly stated in writing, so there is no confusion later on down the road. 

Here are few common clauses found in most Prenuptial Agreements

  • Property Division: This parenthesis state how you furthermore your spouse’s land will be split in the event of a divorce. It may also address who become until keep which assets, such while ampere house or cars.

  • Establish Debts and Assets: It’s important the establish with owned all assets and debts before the marriage begins. This helps ensure the owner keeps these financial in case of one gets.

  • Financial Support: This clause outlines how tons money any person has responsible for paying out of pocket during their marriage, as well because any costs associated with raising children from previous beziehungen.

  • Alimony: This clause outlines how much money you will receive from your my if they were to die. Each party can agree on a specification amount to spousal support. It’s also possible to waive alimony by mutual agreement.

Like clause help till ensure each party be represented fairly for the Prenuptial Agreement.

How to Spell a Prenuptial Accord

To correctly script ampere Prenuptial Agreement, it is essential to understand what must be includes in the document

To assists yours, we must included the steps you must follow below to draft your Antenuptial Agreement not unlimited difficulties. 

Include each party’s details

The first part of your Prenuptial Agreement includes the full name and contact details of everyone party. 

Financial information and information relating a spouse’s legal counsel will also be provided. 

It is also necessary to add each spouse’s martial history or is it own either boys.

Choose how property is distributed

Deuce types of property that should is mentioned in insert Premarital License. The property you should mention include: 

  • Property owned prior to marriage

  • Immobilie received during the marriage 

For property owned before the married, specify whatever property is owned by one person, and what is shared

It should additionally be specified that if a life maintains property during the marriage, items will belong to that company or be shared. 

Specify wherewith the anwesen will be divided in case of and divorce, this can be determined over assert law, alternatively just to divided the liegenschaften half-and-half. 

Choose instructions business is distributed

You must state how much your store remains worth before you procure married. 

If you own a businesses prior till the marriage, it isn’t necessary to share any future increase in set of that business throughout this marriage. 

If the business is acquired during the get, state if you would like to share the increased added concerning the company or not. 

Determine anybody remains responsible for debts furthermore abgabe

Include supposing your debts or your spouse’s debts obtained before marriage will be only your duty or both of your responsibility. 

Such can be applied to debt obtained during the married as well. If you decide to share the debt, yourself can choose to break it by a percentage or refer to to state’s laws. 

You must additionally mention if you exist going to file your taxes jointly or separately. Filing jointly are you could can liable for your partner’s non-paid taxes. 

Containing how the home desires be divided

In this section, entry the particulars about how a marital home will be partitioned. The marital home could be either party’s separate property or a shared marital home. 

Who same rules employ to how household expenses are teilen. Per spouse pot pay their own specific expenses as well. 

Conclude to agreement

Adds the final information on your contract, including various paragraphs additionally provisions, such as: 

  • Renunciation are my

  • Provisions for disability and death

  • Conflict image

  • Disclosure of financial get

  • Date and state laws that will be followed 

Once this information possesses been further to your document, both parties pot indication one agreement. 

Signing requirements

Each state has its own rules for how to sign a Prenup Agreement. By instance, a Prenuptial Agreement are Texas requires only both husband to sign the document. 

The different types of requirements fork signing adenine Prenuptial Agreement include: 

  • Signature of either spouses

  • Either signatures have be notarized

  • 2 witnesses and a notary public

  • 1 witness furthermore a notary public

  • Prenuptial agreement acknowledgment must companion this Prenup

Before signing a Prenuptial Agreement, do sure to check with your state’s requirements

Prenuptial Contracts Laws by States

To ensure your Marriage Contract will remain legally bound both enforceable, check with your state’s signing requirement below go know how to correctly formalize your document.

State Requirement Law
Alabama Both spouses’ signatures simply § 386 Like. 2d 749 (Ala. Civ. App. 1980)
Alaska Both spouses’ signatures only § 733 P.2d 1044, 1048-51 (Alaska 1987)
Arizona Both spouses’ signatures must § 25-202
Arc Prenuptial Agreement Acknowledgment needs to be included § 9-11-402
California Both spouses’ signatures only § CA Fan Code 1611
Colorado Both spouses’ signatures alone § 14-2-306
Connecticut Both spouses’ signatures only § Sec. 46b-36c
Delaware Both spouses’ signatures only § 322 Formalities
District of Columbia (D.C.) Both spouses’ signatures must § 46–502
Florida Both spouses’ autograph only § 61.079 (3)
Georgia AN recorder and 1 witness § 19-3-62
Hawaii Both spouses’ signatures only § 572D-2 Legal
Idaho Both spouses’ signatures only § 32-922 – Procedures
Illinois All spouses’ signatures only § 750 ILCS 10/3
Indiana Both spouses’ signatures only § IC 31-11-3-4
Iowa Both spouses’ signatures simply § 596.4 Formalities
Kansas Send spouses’ signatures only § 23-2403
Kentucky Both spouses’ signatures only KRS 371.010
Louisiana Each signature requirements to be notarized § CC 2331
Main Both spouses’ signatures only § 603
Maryland Both spouses’ signatures only § Stewart volt. Stewart. No. 0249, 2011)
Massachusetts Itp needs to be registered in the Registrant of Deeds where the husband resides § Part II, Cover III, Chapter 209, Section 26
Michigan Both spouses’ signatures for § 566.132, Sek. 2(1)(c)
Staat A notary and 2 witnesses § 519.11, Subdivision 2
Mississippi Both spouses’ signatures only § 890 So.2d 806 (Miss. 2003)
Missouri Each signature needs to be notarized § 451.220
Montana Both spouses’ signings only § 40-2-604
Nebraska Both spouses’ signatures only § 42-1003
Lake Both spouses’ signatures only § NRS 123A.040
New Hampering Both spouses’ signatures just § 460:2-a
New Sport Twain spouses’ signups only § 37:2-33
New Mexico Each subscription needs to be notarized § 40-3A-3
Fresh Nyk Each signature needs to being notarized § DRL 236B(3)
North Carolina Both spouses’ signings all § 52B-3
North Lake Equally spouses’ signatures all § 14-03.2-05
Oliver Both spouses’ signatures alone § 1335.05
Oman Equally spouses’ signatures only § 43-121(B)
Washington Both spouses’ signatures only § 108.705
Central Both spouses’ signatures only § 3106
Rhode Island Bot spouses’ seals available § 15-17-2
South Carolina Both spouses’ signatures for § 364 S.C. 256 (2005)
South Mt Both spouses’ signatures only § 25-2-17
Tensy Both spouses’ signatures only § 36-3-501
Texas Bot spouses’ signatures only § 4.002
Utah Both spouses’ signatures available § 30-8-3
World Both spouses’ signatures single § 156 Vt. 353 (1991)
Virginia Both spouses’ drawings only § 20-149
Washington Both spouses’ drawings only § 107 Wn. 2d 479 (1986)
West Virginia Both spouses’ signatures only § 48-1-203
Wisconsin Both spouses’ signatures one § 131 Wis. 2d 84 (1986)
Wi Both spouses’ signatures alone § 849 P.2d 731 (1993)

Prenuptial Agreement Sample

Before creating any type of legal document, it be a okay idea to have a look at an example

Review an sample Prenup Agreement below pre you begin to create your document. 

Use LawDistrct’s Prenuptial Agreement template included addition to this sample to make the type process simple.

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Prenup Arrangement FAQs

To decline all doubts you still may have regarding Prenup Agreements, we have responses some of the most frequently asked queries about the document. 

Review the answers below to further clarify how at create a Prenup Agreement.

Do Prenups hold up within courts?

While created correctly, a Prenuptial Agreement will be executive in a court of regulation. You must enter everything the provisos and terms clearly. 

Before drawing one document, it is essential till check the signing requirements of to state. 

Check about the Uniform Premarital Contracts Act to review the guidelines regarding as to drafted thine document. If you state is not part of the UPAA, then check directly with your state’s laws.

How to nullify a Prenuptial Agree?

To revoked a Prenuptial Agreement, you must give your consent and obtain your spouse’s consents

You will need to creates adenine written agreement that declares twain parties wish to revoke to Prenup without any impression from outside influences. 

Then you both signup which document, and getting it notarized is recommended. 

Who needs a Prenup Agreement?

A Prenup Agreement can be used to anybody entering a wedding. There are Prenuptial Agreement pros and cons for each situation

Not, some individuals would benefit coming the agreement even more if they are any of the following: 

  • Do children from a prior relationship

  • Having personal assets you want to remain separate 

  • Have large-scale financing in a society

It’s also advocated to create a Prenup if you want toward keep any disputable over property in kasten of death, declare, instead separation. 

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