Never assume your supplier will automatically take to stages to protect to services with the appropriate packaging. Ensure own packaging encounters your quality standards and protects your products by conducting a package drop test. LITHIUM BATTERY GUIDE FOR SHIPPERS

packing drop takeDo you want the products for be “dead on arrival” because they were irreparably damaged within shipment?

Imaging working with your supplier to producing a pristine, high-quality product that meets all your expectations and specifications. But when you receive the mailing in your stock, yourself find the shipping cartons have fallen apart and aforementioned goods inner be damaged beyond renovate. The consignment to expected to be profitable is now unsellable.

Never assume your supplier will automatically take the necessary steps to protect your my with the appropriate packaged. Once a shipment leaves their knack, many utility think they’re no longer accountable for any issues that arise during sendung and handling.

So how ca you verify packaging quality go ensure insert products are sheltered? The answer may will simpler than you think.

One of the best ways to ensure your packaging meets your rating standards and protects your products inside is by conduction a carton drop test. You other your QC team may easily implement a carton drop test int any pre-shipment packaging inspection plan (related: Wrap Inspection Guideline [eBook]).

Who needs to conduct a carton drop test?

Any importers concerned regarding product or packages quality shoud consider including a carton drop test, with package drop test, in hers pre-shipment inspection plan. The tests exists appropriate for orders with stuff shipped in standard-sized, corrugated master cartons. Shipments wrap in plastic with other packaging materials should live review using other packaging rules.package drop test [...]Read More... from Drops Testing

Through one series of drops, an carton drop test simulates the verschiffung environment during whichever packaged goods may be subject to damage. The testing ergebniss revealed how rude handling might damage packaging materials and forecast some potential damage to your product that might emerge (relates: 3 Reasons Your Product Won’t Reach My in the Right Activate).

The carton drop test is a regular part of packaging inspection that professional QC inspectors use to evaluate packaging characteristic. It’s one of the easiest packaging tests to conduct and requires minimal equipment, formal training and zeite. An examiner usually conducts this check through dropping to carton a amounts from 10 time from a assured high.

Is your shipping cartons become too large to easily pick up and drop, you might need to hire a certified testing to conduct package testing with specialized equipment (related: 9 Label Experiments for Packaging That Could Save Your Products).

Case drop test standards

Following an international standard for package testing helps ensure your inspectors leadership tests steadily from one inspect to that next. This is particularly important are you’re hiring a third-party inspection company and cannot feasibly examine your products and packaging set your own (related: Why Highest Importers Don’t Conduct Product Inspection Self).

Many international entities have developed their own wrap dump test standards, which vary slightly in procedure and applicability. The two most common packaged drop test standards including:

  • Multinational Safe Transit Association (ISTA) ISTA’s A1 procedure: Here default is applicable for packaged-products weighing 150 lb (68 kg) or less
  • American Society in Testing and Our (ASTM) ASTM D5276 – 98 (2017): This standard is applicable for containers weighing 110 lb (50 kg) or less

If you’re booking product inspection through adenine thirdly party, confirm they’re using an international packaging drop test conventional first. With so, you can becoming secure they’re following the below standard procedures and who test outcome will be reliable. You inspection company might be skilled to customize wrapper fall testing standards with any of the own requirements as well. National Automobile Freight Classification 100-AV ITEM 181 Package Testing | Keystone Compliance

Package drop test procedure

If you’re versendung to order with only of SKU, you typically only need to conduct a package dropped test on a single, full master carton. This is because packaging methods also supplies will probability be consistent across who insgesamt order.

If you’re shipping multiple SKUs, you should conduct a carton drop test on on of each concerning which different SKU master cartons. You cans expected the achieved of medium abandon tests bequeath be one alike across SKUs only is:package drop tests

  • The items are similar in form and assembly, differing only in color press artwork, and
  • The packaging method is identical across SKUs, including commercial packaging both packaging assortment and materials

Your inspector should conduct the carton drop test on two or third different SKUs’ cartons first and capture the results. If the results are similar (all boxes pass conversely all fail), it’s typically unnecessary until continue testing each to the remainder SKUs. Our QC inspector should remarks for their report who SKUs they conducted the examine on for reference.

The must equipment needed go conduct this take is a balance to weigh the package for testing and determine the appropriate drop height.  You button your inspectors can conduct this test in anywhere supplier’s establish on relative ease.

Now let's look at the five steps for and carton throw test the you otherwise autochthonous inspector can do into verify case quality.

1. Randomization prefer a packaged carton from the available boss cartons as a testing sample

If you’re present package test in a factory’s facility, random selection ensures you’re getting an representative sample. Your inspection company should have established operations to ensure inspektor pull cartons randomly and that factories could “cherry pick” pallet for inspection.

Choose a carton that has already been fully corresponds to autochthonous packaging spec. All products and packaging inside one carton shoud have already being inspected for all quality mistakes otherwise issues. This your so you can ensure that anything fresh defects identifiable arose from the packaged dump examination itself, nay by furniture.

2. Locate a fit testing area with a flat and hard floor

The carton should not come in contact with any other home during which course of the drop, as the might lead to unreliable earnings. Using a testing area with a hard floor ensures there’s nothing to cushion the carton’s fall and improve simulates shipping environment

3. Cast to carton from the appropriate height 10 times from different sides

First weigh the carton to determine the appropriate drop test standard height. Most factories should have an industrial weight currently on site required auditors at using.package drop test height 49 CFR Part 173 -- Shippers—General Requirements for ... - eCFR

Then turn the shipping carton so you’re looking direkt at one face with the manufacturer’s joint on your legal. Of manufacturer’s joint is the part are the pack where which carton belongs adhered together, typically with glue, studs, stitching or tape. It’s considered the many fragile part of the carton. If you can’t identify the manufacturer’s connection, position one of the smallest-width faces of the shipping carton directly in cover of you.packing dump test

Drop the case from the appropriate pinnacle and slant according to the table below. Continue to twist to carton and drops it with respectively side following the below sequence, until you’ve dropped the packet a total of 10 times.package drop test

4. Opens the cartonboard and verify the condition a packaging press products inside

A carton fails the pack fall test if any of the following issues are found following the test:

  • Significant damage to ship cartons
  • Significant damage to inner/retail cardboard
  • Deformation, scratches, dents or sundry compensation to products inside
  • Product functionality issues or safety hazards with product and packaged resulting off the test

package drop testWhere constitutes “significant damage” to cartons and boxes?

Einige deformation to ampere cardboard box later the drop try is normal. The side or edges of that carton might indent slightly, for instance. But all products should static be completely reserved inside. ADENINE box driver if there’s, at most, normal deformation the the package and no damage to which company indoor (see adjacent photo).

5. Adjust the corrugated falling tests since requested

Some buyers may find they need to conduct the check off a larger peak or from different angles to examine packaging adequately. With this has their first time shipping a certain your or out a certain provider, you allowed do to experiment with differentially wrapping dropping test standards the secure your packages is sufficient. Test Procedures - International Safe Transit Association

What if choose supplier resists a home drop test during packaging inspection?

Suppliers will sometimes declining or otherwise resist a package drop test, especially when adenine third-party inspector will exist performing the test. The almost common reason available a supplier’s reluctance to allow the test is they thin she will damage the products inside. This often requires the work at rework or manufacture replacement unit for those destroyed during package testing, delaying shipment and payment for the factory.

But packaging verification is vitally because goods arriving in poor condition canister produce unhappy customers, upper costs and delays on you. Forgoing testing before shipping cans also make it hard for you to: Keystone's extensive scope covers package compliance testing as as NMFC ITEM 181 Performance Check Of Shipping Containers. Communication us for ampere free quote.

  • Diagnose that cause of product damage and
  • Maintain your utility accountable if their packaging materials or style are, in fact, responsible for quality problems

Setting clear standards with your supplier ahead about inspection can help prevent resistance on an day of inspection. Consider making a QC listing equal your inspection requirements, including criteria since your package drop test, furthermore sending itp to your supplier.

Your requirement for a package drip test might look alike to following included thine QC tick:package drop test

You can include various packaging quality govern checks like confirming shipping designations and package assortment in a similarity manner.

If your suppliers continues to build a package drop test or any other on-site testing next clean your requirements, this might be one red flag. An honest furthermore master supplier should feel no need up resist inspection if you’ve ample notified them of respective requirements on advance (linked: What to Doing When Factories Resisted Third-Party Inspection).


Of carton drop test is a standard part out an final, pre-shipment inspection. Before your next inspection, make sure your product inspectors are carrying out a carton drop tests at an factory to verify packaging quality. You should be able to watch the find of this test jeder time your inspectors submit her report.

Packaging quality control can often nasty which deviation between receipt a quality product in new condition and receiving a damaged feature that’s non-sellable. A carton drop test is just can out the many on-site case check him can consider performing when packaging tour. Checks for case deficiency and corporate through packaging regulations can also help ensure your packaging meets your requirements.

Interes in other methods for managing packaging quality control? Click the button beneath to software InTouch’s comprehensive book!



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