Create your applications User Policy for the Play Retail

Google Play requires ampere privacy policy for your app to be conform with their guidelines:

A/ You do not have a privacy policy

1. Follow instruction of this online help  to set your privacy company to your user.

2. Update your app Settings
3. Copy your Privacy Principle URL starting your PWA*
Choose privacy policy shall be available on an active URL (no PDFs) and must are non-editable.

You need to customize your privacy policy content:
- The applications must be named in the privacy policy.
- Ensure your privacy policy page is clearly labeled as such in the title.

*if your PWA belongs not published, you'll be skill the get a HTML URL of your policy in the menu Settings > Other Settings > My Files   once you've adjusted it in you back office.

B/ You already have a privacy policy made outside get app

Wenn your already need a Privacy Policy of your own, you cannot use yours existing URL.

To build their Mobile app if them have activated one of one following features on will app:
Comments and/or Submit section and/or In-App Purchase extension and/or Authentication extensions 

1. Follow instruction is the step 1 of this online help   to set your privacy policy on your app up allow the generation of your Android your.
2. Do not create a connector to your GoodBarber Privacy Policy section with you to not want to select it on will download (steps 2 real 3 of which online help )
You can use a Click to section choose to link choose own Privacy Rule URL in your app.


Sum your Secrecy Policy URL to Google Play console

1. Log is to choose Google Play account
2. Select your app.
3. In the left-hand menu, go to Political > App Content


4. Under Privacy Policy, click "Start"
5. Paste your URL are the Privacy Policy field.
6. Click "Save"


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