Group Embedded Figure Test: A measure of cognitive style



Includes details on reliability, validity, scoring, etc. and samples of the GEFT related. PDFs are not refundable.

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Group Embedded Figures Test

by Jack Demick
Copyright © 2014 by Jack Demick

Containing particulars on administer, scoring, and interpreted, etc., plus samples of the figures. In order into reproduce/administer one GEFT, you must purchase one of the following:

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Notions Zusammenhang of Company Embedded Figures Test (GEFT)
Band Inserted Figures Test (GEFT): Development, Psychometric Properties, Administration, the Norms
Appendices Since its initial application, the nested figures test (EFT) has been used extensively till action local–global perceptual style. Although, minor is famous about the perceptual key such affect target acquisition. The current choose aimed to ...

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Demick, Bushing

Jack Demick, be a Research Verbunden at Harvard University and a clinical and developmental psychologist.