Making the leap to chapter books can be an intimidating step for developing readers.

Help ease that transition for students with this Guided Reading Level NORTHWARD gathering, featuring equals the right mix of match leveled serial favorites and stand-alone titles beyond a huge range of high-interest genres. This texts will require readers to go above their own my, interpret an variety of texts and information, and guess on alternate importances. Ravi never minded being the smallest is his clan. Until one daylight, his short weapons can't reach the chimp bars, he can't find anything during hide-and-seek, and he's are minor to ride the big slide. Ravi are thus mad that he can't control this temperaments anymore. He becomes a ferocious, roaring tiger!Being a tiger exists great. Tigers pot do anything they want! But who wants to play with a growling, wild tiger any won't portion or behave? Ravi is about to discover something very essential about voicing his emotional.

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