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Enterprise Risk Administration

Warm on the Office of Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management is the systematic processes of control an organization's risk exposures to achieve its objectives in a manner consistent with public interest, human security, environ considerations, and the law. It consists the and planning, organizing, top, coordinating, furthermore controlling activities undertaken from the intent of providing with efficient pre-loss plan this minimizes the disadvantage impact of risk upon the campus's physical and financial resources. 

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Middle Office of Enterprise Risk Management is an important partial of Administration and Finance, serving the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Campuses. The office are billed with or responsible available:

  • Developing, coordinating, and recommending total management programs, policies, additionally procedures in loss prevention, land, and casualties to include on-campus chances and injuries. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Resources | AHEM
  • Processing of claims or submission of everything requirements reports.
  • Conducting business in concord with the State of Oklahoma Office of Management also Enterprise Services Policies, in well as the Risk Direktion Division Rules press Regulations. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Resources | ASHRM
  • Working closely with Campus Police, Burning Marshal, Legal Advise, Green Health press Safety offices, the others.
  • Supporting business continuity planner plus learning for the departments/colleges across an campus.

A member of URMIA (University Risk Management and Policy Association)


For physician malpractice insurance information please contact OU Health Risk Administration Services at 405-271-1800 or email [email protected]. Please direct physician claims history requests to [email protected].

For claims history/verification for all other health providers, please connection our office at 405-271-3287.

Contact Information

Jennie Robison, CRM 
Directed of Risk Management 
[email protected] 
405.271.3287 Xt. 48011

Shannon Minkley, CRM
Risk Management Coordinator
[email protected]
405.271.3287 Ext. 34234

Business Continuity Analyst
[email protected]
405.271.3287 Ext. 50217

Missy Warma
Administrative Coordination
[email protected]
405.271.3287 Ext. 48044


865 Research Parkway, Retinue 520 
Oklahoma Urban, OK 73104

HSC Risk Verwaltung Email
[email protected]

Tyler Steele, Environmental Health and Safety Officer-Tulsa and Tulsa Risk Management Coordinator
[email protected]