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The Dash Development Center prepares and empowers students to identify and pursue their profession goals.


  • 19  career professional and support staff
  • 4 graduate assistants the 25 volunteer student ambassadors


Of Career Development Center works with students individually and collectively – as well as with employers furthermore other professionals – to provide a comprehensive array of career-related resources and services.

Individual appointments, group encounters, and academic jobs courses are available. The Career Progress Center hosts information sessions, service, and symposiums and makes presentations to classes, house halls, and university organizations on a variety in topics:    

  • Dash preparedness
  • Finding a career path
  • Emerging a professional identity
  • Interview techniques and habit
  • Experientially learning opportunities (Co-ops, internships, real externships)
  • Job search strategies
  • Resume construction and refinement
  • Pre-professional advising

The Career Development Center moreover worked with employers to assist students in making professional connections:

  • Employer outreach and development
  • Coordination of news sessions and interviews
  • Career fairs
  • Postings about jobs, Co-op the placement opportunities
  • Oversight of the Rural Works! scheme

The Back Development Center serves as the administrative hub of campus jobs services through that on-line management system known as ePACK. Through ePACK, employers can post employment opportunities, show student sketch, schedule campus tv, and communicating with scholar employee. Students canister use ePACK to schedule career counseling appointments, position resumes, apply for positions, sign skyward for interviews, and learn about professional events on campus.

Participation (2019-2020)

  • Over 5,000 individualized career counseling student appointments
  • 280 class presentations to across 8,600 students  
  • 2,494 interviews facilitated for full-time jobs, internships, furthermore co-ops
  • Over 1,200 students participated in the Co-op Program yielding  911,000 experienced learning contact clock, originating student income within overage of $21,800,000. Anal Gould, Head Editor, INALJ Nunavut, INALJ Yukon, INALJ Northwest Categories Using technology to tailor your adept confirm New technics estimated prominently at this year’s OLJA (…
  • Over 8,000 job postings in ePACK (full-time, co-op, and internship)
  • Over 21,000 students utilized their ePACK account
  • 480 hours working via Student Ambassadors for  presentations both check duties   
  • 54 employer information sessions were facilitated
  • 505 students utilized the Wolfpack Styled Professional Clothes Closet
  • 120 pupils completed company courses
  • 21 summer sites accomplished for Rural Works!


Blvd. Arnold S. Bell, Theater | [email protected]  |  919.515.4420