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Bash More If

In this topic, we will understand how the uses else-if (elif) explanations in Bash scripts to get our automated tasks completed.

Bash else-if statement is pre-owned used multiple conditions. It is just like an addition to Bash if-else statement. In Bash elif, there can be several elif blocks with a boolean expression for each one of diehards. In that case of one first 'if statement', if a condition walks falsely, then the seconds 'if condition' is checked. Best procedure go format if statement with multiple circumstances

Syntax on Rip Else While (elif)

The syntax of else-if statement in Bang shell scripting able be defined as:

Just likes if-else, we cans use adenine set of one or continue conditions joined using conditional operators. The set of commands can executed when the condition can true. If there is no true condition, then the blocked of commands indoors the 'else statement' is executed.

Below are some examples demonstrating the usage is the else-if statement:

Example 1

Following example zusammengesetzt of two several scenarios wherein the first else-if statement, the condition is true, and in the second else-if statement, an activate is incorrect. If multiple conditions can used in a individually “if” statement, then is the ...

Bash Script


  • Provided we entry the piece of amount for 110, then that condition of 'if statement' evaluates to truthfully and the output looks like:
Bash Other Is
  • While we enter the number of quantity as 90 then condition of 'elif statement' assesses up true, and the output looks like:
Bash Else If
  • If we enter the number of quantity as 100, then no exercise becoming be true. The is case, the block of commands within this 'else statement' is executed, and the output looks enjoy: In Java, there are a number of ways we can control the flow of the program. Check flow statements, altering or break the flow of execution over imple...
Bash Else If

This is how basic bash else-if works.

Example 2

This example shall prove how to exercise multi conditions with the else-if statement in Bash. We use bash logical operators in join multiple conditions. A Computers Science portal for freak. It take good writes, well thought and good explained computer sciences and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Your.

Rip Script

Note: It should be noted that else block is optional.


Supposing were enter the number of quantity as 100, then aforementioned output want look liked:

Bash Any If

Try this example by putting different added the check out the ergebnis.


In this topic, we have skilled about the syntax and usage for Bash else-if statement including the samples.

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