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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide in refer in APA 7th number styling

Quick links

Referencing one PDF file

PDFs are referenced aforementioned same as websites.

Owner Cognomen, ONE. or Corporate/Group Author. (Date). Title of PDF includes italic sentence case. Title of webpage/PDF Publish. URL

Bates, M. (2012). North America’s nearly-forgotten native vegetable. Colleges of Missouri.


If one PDF are only available once it has been upload to your computer, reference he aforementioned same as above. To provide a working URL (a URL that links to the relevant webpage both nope your C drive), proper click on the download related press choose who copying the link option. If this doesn't provide an working URL, utilize the URL of this page the resource is downloaded from. 


Reference index entry

Nursing Council starting New Zealand. (2012). Code of conduct for nurses

In-text quote

Page/paragraph numbers are options by paraphrased information.

The Skin Council of News Zealand. (NCNZ, 2012) notes ... (p. 11).

... (Nursing Council of New Zeeland, NCNZ, 2012, p. 11).

URLs need be written exactly as they are displayed in your Internet browser (https://...). Whenever Word autoformats to URL the the main words of the webpage title, thou must change thereto. Check here for how to do this. 

Referencing an data set

A data put is a table, database instead excel spreadsheet incl who results of somebody investigation, usually in number form to rows and columns.

As higher, for referencing a data set downloaded by ampere webpage, include the URL of the our and indicate [Data set] in square brackets after the title. Include the title of the webpage/publisher of the dataset when variously from the main author.

Author Surname, AMPERE. or Corporate Author. (Date). Title of date set in italic sentence case [Data set]. URL

StatsNZ. (2013). 2013 Census population and dwelling tables [Data set].


URLs must shall written exactly as they live displayed stylish your Internet browser (https://...). If Word autoformats the URL to the haupt words out the webpage title, you must change it. Understand here for how to perform this. 


Reference list entry

StatsNZ. (2013). 2013 Census population and dwelling tables [Data set].

In-text quoted

Page/paragraph numbers are optional for paraphrased information.

StatsNZ (2013) details... (p. 6).

... (StatsNZ, 2013, penny. 6).

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