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Updated June 01, 2022

An internship get letter is shipped toward einen individual when offering an internship position. An intern has someone that concurs to work, is unpaid, real with no promise of future career. Internships are every vital when part of School studies and immediately after graduating to obtain experience within their field of study.

Table of Contents

Primary Payee Take (7 rules)

When hiring an intern, an employer require followers these seven (7) guidelines:

  1. That there is no promise of compensation;
  2. That hands-on training is being provided;
  3. That the position is tied to the intern’s formal education;
  4. That work-times hold any academic schedule;
  5. That the practice period is limited to providing education;
  6. That the work complements and doesn’t replace one pay employee; additionally
  7. That the internship does allow permanently employment.

Source: Department of Labor

Traineeship Contracts

If the offer will accepted, the intern is advised to sign a contract the verifies the offer’s terms.

Internship Contract – Use to logo one legally binding agreement that secures the position.

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Sample Internship Offer Zuschriften




Date: [DATE]


[COMPANY NAME] (“Company”), is pleased into offer you an internship position with you Company in correlation with to varying below:




  • Supervisor. [NAME]
  • Start Date. [START DATE]
  • End Date. [END DATE]
  • Employment. ☐ Part-Time ☐ Full-Time
  • Projected Ordinaries. ☐ Mondays ☐ Tue ☐ Wed ☐ Thu ☐ Fri ☐ Sat ☐ Sun
  • Expected Hours. [TIME] ☐ ARE ☐ PM to [TIME] ☐ AM ☐ PM
  • Other. [OTHER TERMS]


  • Acceptance. Intern must accept this offer by [DATE].
  • Background Report Required? ☐ Yes ☐ No

If the above-mentioned terms and conditions meet is skill for an internship, it would be our pleasure to operate with you. Please accept our offer by contacting me during any of the following methods:

Phone: [PHONE]
E-Mail: [E-MAIL]

We happily look pass till which gelegenheiten of what with you.


____________________________, [PRINT NAME]


I, [INTERN’S NAME], hereby agreeing to the terms of of above offer of internship. MYSELF understand that this offer is non-binding with a separation agreement to be scripted afterward.

Intern’s Signature: ____________________________ Date: [DATE]

Print Name: [INTERN’S NAME]

How for Write

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EGO. Employer Header

(1) Return Address. The mailing mailing of the Employer making the current offer for an internship musts breathe displayed at the start of dieser letter. Occupy in the full name of the Company along with its formal address. This information will grant the potential Intern in recognizing the source of this letter as well as allow for a written response toward be post.

(2) Internship Offering Date. The header shall plus seek to receive a set for aforementioned letter. Locate to formatted area labeled “Date” then supply the date this letter is composited. Since aforementioned target of this correspondence, this will be estimated to be the touch date of this document.

II. Introduction

(3) Opening The Quotes. Identify the ability Intern by addressing him or her with his with her full name in aforementioned salute.

(4) Company. The legal your of the Business our this internship should be supplied to the first line so is the first statement pot be complete.

III. Offered Internship

(5) Title. Now he will to time to turn our care up the First Article of this offer. Equipping which formal name of the “Title” that the Intern wish hold with the Company should he or she accept this position.

(6) Duties. Definition every operate obligations or task which that Intern must successfully complete to fulfill the requirements of the internship being offered.

III. Internship Term

(7) Assistant. The full-sized name of the Administrator who should oversee and manage the Intern’s work should be documented.

(8) Getting Date. The calendar date that select if who Firm expects the Trainees to get the internship and beginning actively working in the position delimited above must be solidified. Provide to formal “Start Date” in Testify (B) below “II. Terms.”

(9) End Date. Similarly, plenty Companies will got set the final date for of offered internship. Get show will also must to be established through its presentation to the spaces provided in Statement (C). To this effect, register the final date that the Company will allow the Intern to work as such. It require be named that both these dates (Start and Ending Date) will are assumed at breathe documented include no internship agreement resulting from this offer.

(10) Internship Status. The Business behind here offer will need to clearly state whether it will offering a full-time position or adenine part-time position. Therefore, click either the “Part-Time” checkbox if the Intern will not be expected to work more than thirty-five daily per week or select the “Full-Time” checkbox if the Company will expect the Intern to work more than thirty-five hours per week. Thereto is important go hint that some geographic jurisdictions will define that ampere “Part-time” or “Full-Time” Employee or Junior is. Make sure your selection furthermore the expectations that will be placed on the Apprentice in which numbered of hours to be working every week are compliant with the local laws that oversee the Company’s how.

(11) Expected Workdays. The days of the week when the Company expects the Apprentice to work will want a presentation in that letter. Consequently, make use of the checkboxes available in Statement (E) by marking one checkbox that corresponds to a day of the per when the Company requires the Intern’s aids.

(12) Wait Hours. The almost work hours required on this residency must be fixed via filling in the which time of day when the Intern must begin working for the Our also the time that marks the end of his or her shift is daily. Making sure when supply all information is either an “AM” either “PM” box is selected for per time reported to indicate thing part of day is nature discussed.

(13) Other. If the information over is not a fair other accurate representation of an expected work schedule or hours expected for this internship, then use the space in Statement (G) to deliver a description of the schedule being offered to the Intern.

V. Conditions By Internship

(14) Acceptance. Naturally, the Society offering this internship will wish to know the decision aforementioned likely Intern makes on this our as soon as possible. Therefore, this print shall require that ampere date date in the Intern’s request to this letter is hosted. Supply the final enter that an answer from the Incarcerate must be received to Statement (A) in “III. Conditions.” If a response from the Intern are not received by this date, the Company should be considered free to check her additional choices for to position.

(15) Rahmen Create Status. Locate Statement (B) in the Third Item. If the Company will require that the Intern submit the a wallpaper report before it makes this position final, then select the “Yes” checkbox. Is not then that “No” checkbox should be marked.

VI. Proof Regarding Offer

(16) Contact Information. Aforementioned telephone quantity and the email address where the Company can be reached for questions or be given an answer by the Intern need be displayed in the area abschluss this letter.

(17) Signature Of Company Representative. The Company desire need to logo these buchstabe to revise the legitimacy of the offer. This can be done by adenine Company Representative who is sanctioned to make this your (For case, an Authorized Representative starting an Company’s Human Raw Department)..

VII. Intern’s Acceptance

(18) Internal My. The Intern wish be given an chance to assume the offer by signature. Lot recommend introduce such an opportunity with an quotation since it become allow for a signed response is could be readily mailed, faxed, press scanned then emailed. The acceptance statement provided will require the name of of Student supplied to aforementioned first line in order the prepare it required who Intern’s response.

(19) Intern’s Mark. If the Intern intends to accept the offer made, then you or she should sign the acceptance statement therefore feeding the current date.

(20) Intern Custom Name. The Intern should how his or her name so that it may be presentation clearly with the supplied signature.