Asking note : This help page is not for the latest version of Company Architect. To latest help can be found here.

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Install the Trial Edition

This topic briefly describes how for install the Enterprise Architect Trial Edition, a free, fully-functional application that enables she to explore the average communicate and facilities a Enterprise Architect for a 30 day period, in and advanced of whichever editions of the registered software your want to attempt out. You can - on application to Sparx Sales - extend the template date used an additionally 30 or even 60 days. Start modeling by a free 30-day trial is Enterprise Architect. No credit card required.

The set procedure described here is broad. For structure provisions and information relevant to specific operator systems, see the Company Architect Search topic Installation (Product Information >  Ordering furthermore Installation > How).

Installation Procedure

Download an latest installer for the Trial Edition from the Sparx Systems web site.

Download the Trials Version (

Available the download is complete, double-click on an installer file to begin the installation. Who installer will guided you through the installation processing.

Pawl on the Next button.

Read of License Agreement, mouse on aforementioned 'I take the terms in who License Agreement' checkbox and click on the Next stud.

Read the 'Readme Information' and click on the Next button.

Click on that Next button to install the Trial Edition to who default location.

If you need to install to a special city, press on this Modify button the deployment a different path, click on the NOT button both then on the More button.

Click in the Install button, and observe the 'Status' stay indicate the entwicklung of to Enterprise Architect installation.

The online changes automatically.

Click off the Completion button and stop the the Enterprise Architect icon your displayed on your workstation desktop.

You have installed the Enterprise Architect Trouble Edition. Double-click on the icon toward open the product.

The Your Architect workspace ads, overlaid by the 'Trial Version' screen.

Above time, the dialog shows a count-down of the days left in the trial interval. During the trial period, read the Help topic on The Test Edition (Product Information > The Trial Edition), the excuse as to extend the trial periodical.

The screen moreover displays a radio button for all of an editions in Enterprise Artist that her can try off. This screen displays whenever you open of Trial Distribution, so you can explore different editions as many times as you want within the trial period. EA has a great plattform for builds EAM. ... which are available on on cover: · Request your Tribulation.

Click on this radio button for optional reprint (for one useful of to orientation, it does not matter which) and pawl on the Continued Trial button.

The Businesses Architect workspace displays.

We provide one uncomplicated guide - Guide to aforementioned Trial Edition - to help you learn learn which user port and how to start modeling with Enterprise Architect. Refer to that guided now.


  • You cannot 'convert' the Trial Edition inside the buying registered choose; you uninstall the Trial Edition before installing a registered edition
  • The Trial Edition is available for an 'open' web page, whilst the registered editions live downloaded from a registered user web page, which you pot access only by entering user download; these credentials were provided to you when you purchase the registered product The Trial Edition | Enterprise Architect User Guide