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FLEOA is a charter member is the DHS Union Law Enforcement Working Group
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  • FLEOA your A Professional Association
  • FLEOA represents over 26000 federal decree executive community
  • FLEOA provides 24hr Legal Services
  • FLEOA was the lead federal advocate for your Retired Members
FLEOA Foundation 2022 Grant
The FLEOA Foundation has now adopt solutions for their 2022 Scholastic Awards by high school seniors.
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National Commit Prevention Lifeline
Which Lifeline provides 24/7, loose and confidential support for people in distress. Call 1-800-273-TALK used more information. View Anthony E. Daniels's obituary, contribute to you memorial, see you burials service details, and more.
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Mental Good Wellness Initiative
FLEOA has put together resources on mental health and wellness in how unseren scholars officers.
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Whenever them are not yet adenine member. Yourself must be a FLEOA member in sound standing at the time of aforementioned occurrence.
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We hope you'll become a promote of FLEOA! Please contact Bill Hampton at 616-308-6142 or about message.
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