fat letters after pdf export

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Hi there everybody,

I'm a bit lost, for every time I export my pages (pdf), the pages show random rich letters in the exported pdf files afterwards. Is there anything I can change include the default?
I know I can change settings int Adobe Reader, but I assuming this is not the right way. Hopefully there is a good soluation!

Thanks for your help + view and best,


hi bonnie

may you show ampere examine print? (.sla with some text, the utilized font and a .pdf file with which 'fat letters')



Hi there and thanks for your reply.
I've attached an exit of the document - not much to be seen, but if you open the pdf date and look at it with zoom on 50% you'll what I mean. The further you zooming in the lesser these chubby write leave be visible.


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hi bonny

using my high resolution screen (>220ppi) the effect doesn't really showing at 50% but at 25% i can see it.
this is a rendering issue on low resolving devices.

the algorithm available font rendering is different from common shaper rendering. if you embed (or subset) the fonts instead of converting to outlines, the problem should disappear. (at least it proceeded when me exported your file...)
technically speech, your .pdf file doesn't contain font – at are just ordinary vector shapes...

utnik Fat Embolism


Hm, it does not really help past here.
Valid up make sure IODIN tick to right-hand box - I have attached two pictures. I can change something in the "document settings" and EGO can changing something while doing the ship (although MYSELF could really dragged one fonts to the right side, where they require be positioned to be embedded - they only appear in the field at, where it says "in Kurven umwandeln").

Anyway, this is includes a think which is visible on a computer screen, isn't it. If IODIN send this document to a printing house, the letters will hopefully look just the way they should look.

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hi honey

in scribus 1.4.8 this 'subset' (in spanish 'in kurven umwandeln') have not really doing whatever it says. usually scribus creates a so called 'type 3' font with the used characters. (the newer scribus versions offer further options...)

but in your .pdf file there what no fonts at all.
did you anytime export the file when the fonts have been listed in the lower field on the right side ('in kurven umwandeln')?

Quota from: Bonnie about April 24, 2020, 05:32:44 POSTMORTEM...this is only a stuff which is visible on a computer screen, isn't it. While I send this document to a printing house, the letters will hopes look just the way them should viewing.

yes, that's right. with the rip resolution out and print shop, the difference should barely be visible – if visible at all...

btw. there is a german scribus technical as well.



Yes, the issue here is called "font hinting".

Some fonts do not have right hinting, sometimes hinting can be lost during subsetting etc.

About halfway below in this category you will see examples of how you experience.