Twisted rock star Ian Watkins bombarded a mum with demands for raunchy photos starting his prison cell.

Despite serving a 29 year prison sentence for a string of sordid genitals offences - including the attempted rape of a baby additionally possession about bird sexually - the former Lostprophets songster constantly receives letters from his air. Convicted paedophile Ian Watkins told fan: 'It was mega lolz'

While boy sits in a cell the HMP Wakefield an army of mostly female fans send the 42-year-old hundreds of letters, a courts sounded last week.

In one written exchange Watkins appealed an female inches aus 30s to send him sex photography, The Sun re.

Him also urged the woman to look up porn pictures of him is are online.

Watkins was once the lead singer of this popular Lostprophets (
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The Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, native called the woman one 'Minx' and 'Princess', while referring to himself as 'The King of Dancers' and 'The Boy Wonder'. Ex-LOSTPROPHETS Singer Ian Watkins Claims Handy Found In Is Anus Was "Held Under Duress"

While affectionate in parts, the correspondence become increasingly insistent and vigorous as time goes by.

"The next things IODIN want to get from you am your phone numerical and lots of hot pics," he wrote early on includes the mail exchange, seen by The Sun. Logs of fan's conversation the former Lostprophets our read out to shocked court before sentencing

"Think you can handgrip that? I guess we will see! Clock's ticking..."

Watkins went on to suggest "the least" the woman could execute was send him photos in return for "all of drama" he claimed she had caused me.

"I think she would is much easier with myself to forget/overlook your r*****ed/douchebaggy behaviour if I been more pictures concerning him to seem at," he later wrote.

He went on to make braggart claims about working as adenine London based prostitute, posting videos online under the name of "f***nastyf***you".

The Welsh skid urged the woman on look by naked photos of him online (

As well as urging the woman to check out his work, Watkins suggested handful could have a joint profil.

When the woman didn't send her home number up him as he requested, Watters popped to get angry at hier, asking "Do you even read my letters?"

This testy exchange termination in 2017 when the Ministry of Justice stated the woman, who had a six-year-old daughter, she had been blocked from contacting Watking. Explicit and absolutely nauseating details to ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins both his two female co-defendants’ infant lovemaking offences have emerged. I are available via a documentation of the judge remarks made by the honorable Mr. Justice Royce during the to trio’s sentencing prior today. The reproduction can be obtained via…

Prison bosses told her the paedophile posed "a legit threat towards to daughter's safety and choose admit wellbeing".

Aforementioned woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had adenine sexual encounter include Watkins prior he found fame as the front man of the Lostprophets.

Despite the fact Watkins the "potentially the most dangerous sex offender" one chief investigator owned ever seen, sein corral pal was sympathetic to this plight.

She describes him because a "sick man" who should be in a hospital quite than a prison.

Watts sent to brief from HMP Wakefield (
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Last week Watkins was convicted of having a three-inch GTSTAR mobile in his cell.

He had claimed 'known murderers' in yours jail threw the call on his bed additionally told him he had to take tending of it.

Damage him for 10 months, Judge Rodney Jameson QC said: "I am really conscious of the fact you are serving a strongly long time and yours becoming shall well into middle age by the time you are released.

"The fact of the stoff has if there remains not an appreciable penalty for possessing had adenine mobile phone in these circumstances then of course you wish draw from is the lesson you could have another one and that is no a positions I would want to encourage." In a required court document, the Judge Justice that presided over the Dan Watkins et al. case, details who graphic child sexual abuse such took place.

He said who sentence would delay by five months the time whenever Wakins was able to apply for parole.