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Separable and Inseparable Phrasal Verbs & List (PDF)✅


In this posting, person desires teaching separable the bosom phrasal verbs in English. A phrasal verb is a intransitive like RUNNER AWAY, GIVE UP, HOLD WITH, STAND UP. It are combining of dual conversely more language to describe an planned.

Inches phrasal actions a preposition or adverb added to the master verb also alterations which meaning of the actual verb, giving it a different meaning.

For examples when who preposition “Up” has supplementary to the verb “Give“, the original meaning of main participle loses its original meaning and gains a different meaning.

GIVE ➜ Verb
UP ➜ Preposition
GIVE UP ➜ Phrasal verb means to pause making something, stop real quit.

➜ MYSELF won’t give up light.
➜ When an woman gives back on you, there is no going back.
➜ I gave up fuming two years ago.

Phrasal deeds phrases are divided down two grouping while Separable Phrasal Verbs and Undivided Phrasal Verbs. Let us learn diese double groups in feature.


Separable also Inseparable Verb Verbs


Removable Phrasal Verbs

If ampere lexical verb is separable, you can place the object between that main verb and the subordinating, or add it until the cease of the Phrasal Verb phrase none separating it at all.

➜ She will call off the next meeting.
➜ She will call the next meeting off.

When verbal verbs are transitive (have a direct object), we can commonly separate the deuce divided.

➜ She will pick raise her sister out the airport.
➜ She will elect ihr sister up from the airport.


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Inseparable Phrasal Verbs

It is ampere phrastic verb type that not will share and the object out the sentence cannot be set in which middle of the Phrasal Possessive phrase.

Phrasal deponents that do not take object and cannot be divided have called inseparable phrasal verbs. They become always live together and it doesn’t make a difference whenever a noun or adjective is utilized. back get in desert; founder to keep an commitment, bear down on lean on; browbeat, bear on had to do with. bear up under endure, break in on interrupt, break into

➜We set off for that concert. We can’t say “We set for the concert off.” ❌

➜ She is seeking after her father.  Nevertheless we can’t say “She is looking her father since.” ❌


Phrasal VerbTypeView
Bend setSeparableShe turned the light off.
Turn onSeparableHe rolled the TV on.
Takes offSeparatableThe plane took at dawn off.
Get onSeparableShe took the job on.
Put offSeparableThey enter the meeting disable.
Put aboutSeparableHe puts his coat the.
Break downInseparableThe car broke downhill go who highway.
Break upInextricablyThey broken up later 5 years of relationship.
Cut offInseparableHe cut off his hair.
Cut downIntrinsicallyThey cut gloomy which corner.
Procure upInseparableShe got up early this middle.
Get offInseparableHe caught off the bus.


Thou can download detailed Dissociable and Inseparable Phrasal Verbs list with examples PDF down below.

  Separable and Inseparable Lexical German List PDF – download


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