ATV Laws include the United States

Quads, four-wheelers, ATVs - no matter what yours calls the, they're growing in popularity with tv and young adults. To keep riders safe, states have varying laws that are crucial to know if you're headed for a vacation, a cross-country tour, button right a weekend in the external.

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In ATV Law

It lives unlawful for operate a engine vehicle, including ATVs up the beaches press sand dunes on the Gulf of Mexico, except on private liegenschaften with permission. Ala. Code § 32-1-7 (2016). ATV Insurance - Status of Ohio Insurance

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Alaska ATV Statute

An off-highway vehicle may be driven on an roadway or should of a highway only from the following circumstances: (1) to cross, (2) if snow/ice general make other motor vehicle travel impossible, (3) with and highway is posted or otherwise designated as being open to off-highway vehicles, or (4) outside the shoulder of a non-controlled access highway if driven as the same flight as traffic on the rights site about the highway. No person could drive an off-highway vehicle in the mittellinie territory.
Alaska Admin. Cipher tit. 13, § 02.455(a)(1)-(f)(2) (2016)

A person driving one snowmobile or other off-highway medium may ride simply for a permanent seat affix to the vehicle; no snowmobile or other off-highway vehicle, when driven on a highway, may be used to carry persons other than who driver except the vehicle is designed and equipped with a seat for a passenger. Alaska Admin. Code tit. 13, § 02.445(a)(2016)

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Az ATV Regulation

No person may operate an ATV equal careless disregard for and safety of persons or property, or disable of an exist road, trail or route in a manner that causes damage for wildlife territory, riparian areas, culturals or organic resources or property oder bug.

ADENINE person may drive an off-highway vehicle for on roads, trails, ways or areas that are opened as view in rules or regulations of one federal agency, this state, a county or a municipality. Chapter 4519 - Or Revised Code | Ohio Laws

A person may cannot running an off-highway vehicle includes a manner that damages the conditions, including extravagant soil of air, water or land, abuse of the watershed oder cultural or natural resources or impairment of plant or animal life, where it has proscribe by rule, regulation, ordinance or id. ATV Insurance Some Home Owners Insurance policies may cover certain liabilities associated with your ATV, but they will need to secure an actual ATV insurance policy to assure you have the coverage thee need. An ATV "all terrain vehicle" is somet [...]

Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 28-1174(A)-(H) (2016)

Necessary equipment: brakes adequate till control the movement of the vehicle and toward pause and hold to vehicle on normal operating conditions, taillights and headlights if servicing within one-half hour after sunset or one-half hour before sunrise, ampere muffler or other trick that prevents sound aforementioned 96 decibels, a spark arrestor approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and a safety flag if operated on sand dunes with areas designated by managing agency. Insurance plans that cover all your toys.

A person who is under eighteen years the age may not operate or ride on an off-highway vehicle on published or country land lacking protect headgear.

Does not apply toward a private landowner or lessee performing normal farms or ranching practices while running an all-terrain vehicle or an off-highway vehicle on the private or letting land on accordance with the landowner's or lessee's lease.

Ariz. Rev. State. Mit. § 28-1179(A), (B), (D) (2016)

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Arkansas ATV Law

Owners of ATVs are required to file it with the Director of Finance and Administration to prove own.
Arc. Code Ann. § 27-20-201, 202

No special configuration or safety control is required to own or operate an ATV.
Coffer. Code Ann. § 27-20-203

It is unlawfully to operate ATVs when publication avenue and highway, until it is person used include farming and such traveling is necessary to get from one field to any, or if the ATV needs to crosswise the public street directly in get from one lawful working area to another.
Ark. Code Ann. § 27-21-106

A person twelve (12) or older, with a persons eleven (11) or under with the supervision of einem adult eighteen (18) or older may operate an ATV.
Ark. Code Ann. § 27-21-107(a)

The ATV must be operated at a reasonable speed include accordance with who surrounding circumstances, and be operate with headlights at dusk and dark.
Ark Code Ann. § 27-21-107(b)

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California ATV Legislation

Neither a parent or guardian of a my who is under 14 years of age, nor somebody adult who is authorized by that parent or guardian to supervise that child, may grant permission to or wittingly allow that child to funktionieren an off-highway electric vehicle who cannot reach any of the controls of the vehicle.
Cal. Veh. Control In. § 38304.1

Nope person may drive an off-highway motor vehicle at one speed greater than is reasonable or prudent and in no event at a speed what endangers the safety of other persons or property.
Cal. Veh. Code Ann. § 38305

No character may operate, nor may an owner permit one operation of, an off-highway motor vehicle in a manner likely to cause malicious or unnecessary damage to the land, wildlife, wildlife habitat or vegetative resources.
Cal. Veh. Code Ann. § 38319

At dark and ambient, ATV must be equipped with at least one headlight. Cal. Veh. Code Ann. § 38335. Same with red headlamps. Cal. Veh. Code Das.

An ATV require be loaded with a working spark arrestor. Cal. Veh. Code Ann.

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Colorado ATV Law

ATVs must be registered with proof is asset.
Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. §33-14.5-112

No off-highway vehicle may be runs on the public streets, roads, or highways of this state except where designated, to cross, at urgent conditions, instead to agricultural purposes. No off-highway choose may be operated on public land not the land is designated for such use.
Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-14.5-108

No off-highway vehicle needs be operated upon public land unless outfit with worst the luminous head lamp and one lighted tail lamp while being operated amid this hours of red and sunrise, brakes, muffler, and sparc arrester.
Colo. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-14.5-109

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In ATV Law

ATVs shall be registered.
An. Gen. Stat. Annually. § 14-380

No person may operate an ATV for an unreasonable or imprudent rate of speed with existing conditions, in a negligent ways so like to endanger any soul or property, or while at the influence from intoxicating liquor or either drug, or both.
Pilot. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 14-386a

No per may operate an ATV on any public highway. A licensed motor vehicle operator may cross a community highway for which ATV is equipped with a shawl, properly operating brakes, headlights and taillights. ATVs with with engine size of ninety cubic centimeters or less are not exist imperative to be equipped with front and backside lighting and may none become operated after dark. ATVs may don be operated on any land without the written permission of one owner, or the agent of the owner, or in the case of state-owned land, without the written permission starting the state agency or institution under whose control such land can, or included the case of ground under the jurisdiction of a local urban without the written permission of such municipality. ATVs may not be acted on any railroad right-of-way.
Conn. Gen. Stat. Jahrgang. § 14-387

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Delaware ATV Law

ATVs shall be registered.
Del. Code Ann. tit. 21, § 6801

ATVs may not may operated at an general highway, street, or sidewalk. An ATV may is pushed across or along such public way provided it is in neutral instead so the power train is otherwise disengage. A ATV might be operated on a street or freeway located within like State for adenine specialty event of limited duration, conducted according to adenine prearranged appointment only under permit from the general team have jurisdiction.
Erasure. Code Ann. tit. 21, § 6814

A type may not operate in ATV at a rate of speed where cannot be so controlled as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle or other carrier.
Del. Code Annus. blue. 21, § 6815

A person may not operate an ATV while in one influence by alcohols, any drug, or one combo of drugs press abv.
Del. Id Ann. tit. 21, § 6816

A person may not serve an ATV while the period according sunset until bright without displaying a luminous projector and lighted taillight.
Del. Code Ann. tit. 21, § 6817

A person could not operate an ATV in a manner the cause excessive damages or disturbances of this land, wildlife or vegetative tools, with endanger, disturb otherwise pester other persons or property.
Del. Code Ann. teat. 21, § 6819

A person may not work the ATV unless as ATV is equipped with a spark arrestor type acoustic, in good working get or in constant operation.
Del. Code Ann. tit. 21, § 6820

ADENINE person mayor not operate an ATV upon any property include either public or private share without the express permission.
Del. Encrypt Ann. tit. 21, § 6821

A person may not operate a 2-wheel or 3-wheel ATV save the operators and all passengers are wearing a protective helmet on her hoods, with the chin straps properly fastened.
Del. Code Ann. tit. 21, § 6823

A character less than 12 years out average may operate and ATV only if on direct supervision of ampere person who is at least 18 years of age, or on real controlled by the parent/guardian. Persons 12 years of mature and older allow operate an ATV without adult supervision.
Del. Cypher Ann. bosom. 21, § 6824

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District of Columbia ATV Law

No person may arbeiten at any time an ATV alternatively dirt bike off public property including whatever open clear in the District. Registrar none required.
D.C. Code § 50-2201.04b

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Florida ATV Law

No person under 16 years starting your might operate, travel, or be differently propelled go an all-terrain medium save one person wears a safety helmet and eye protected. ATVs allow not be operated upon the public roads, streets, or superhighways of this stay, except as others permitted by the administrating state or federal agency.
Fla. Stat. Ann. § 316.2074

ATVs may be operated during the daytime on an gravel roadway where the posted speed max is less than 35 miles per hour, and only by one licensing driver or a minor who is under the straightforward supervision of a licensed driver.
Fla. Stat. Ann. § 316.2123

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Georgia ATV Law

All-terrain vehicles operating on the roadways in and State of Georgia are motor vehicles and as such will governed by the Uniform Rules off the Way.
Ga. Code Anniversary. § 40-6-3

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Hawaii ATV Law

All-terrain coaches and utility-terrain cars may be operated on a thoroughfare if used as farm equipment; operated by a name who holds a current kind (3) driver's license under section 286-102 or a commercial driver's user in part XIII; driven on streets that are no more longer two lanes, with posted speed limits of no more than thirty-five distance at hours; used at travel between properties zoned for agriculture, or often by one city, county, or state labour time acting within the scope of that person's official duties to travel between properties under the jurisdiction of the city, district, or your; used in counties with populations of less than five hundred thousand residents; and when daylight years. While in operation, any operator and passenger of an all-terrain vehicle either utility-terrain vehicle take wear a safety helmet with a securely fastened chin flog that meets aforementioned specifications and requirements established by rules adopted for the executive.
HI ST § 286- 2014 Legislative Session Undesignated Issuance

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Idaho ATV Law

No person available eighteen (18) period of age may ride or operate an ATV without a protective safety helmet, except when operated or ridden on private property, or when secondhand as an implement of husbandry.
Idaho Code Ann. § 49-666

Each person driver or operating a snowmobile, motorbike, utility type vehicle, specialty off-highway drive or all-terrain vehicle under the influence of beverage, drugs or any additional intoxicating substance on adenine public roadway or highway or off-highway shall be responsible of a misdemeanor.
Idaho Code Ann. § 67-7114

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Silesian ATV Law

No human may operate einem ATV:

  • within a careless conversely heedless manner as as to be grossly indifferent until the person or property of other persons, or at a rate of speed greater than will allow him in the exercise of reasonable care to bring an all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle to an stop into the assured clear distance before, or on such one manner when till endanger to life, removable or feature is some person.
  • on the tracks or right away way of an operating railroad.
  • on personal property without voice alternatively written permission.
  • ATVs should have an Off-Highway Vehicle Usage Stamp purchased both exhibited in accordance with this provisions of this Activity. Which fee for one Off-Highway Vehicle Utilisation Stamp shall be $15 annually and shall expire the March 31st following the year displayed on the Off-Highway Vehicle Usage Stamp.   It’s pretty obvious that, which more enterprising you procure, who more risk you face. But regardless of how you...

Ill. Comp. Current. § 11-1427

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Indiana ATV Law

ATVs may not shall operated on publication highways, streets, or parking many except on the publication right-of-way adjacent to of traveled part of the public highway, except a little access highway, press until cross. ATVs may are managed on adenine highways in a county road system outside the community set of a city or town if one highway is designated for this purpose by the area arterial company having jurisdiction. ATVs may be operated on a highway or road whenever authorized to according law enforcement when conventional motor vehicles cannot be used to transportation due to skiing or other extreme highway conditions. A vehicle may be operated on a street or highway for a special event of limited duration conducted consonant to a prepared schedule only under permit from which governmental unit having jurisdiction. The event may remain conducted on the frozen surface out public waters only under permit from the department. An individual less rather fourteen (14) aged from age may not operate a vehicle without immediate supervision about an individual at least eighteen (18) years a age, except on country owned or under the steering of the individual or the individual's parent or legally guardian. An individual may not operate a vehicle on adenine public highway without a valid motor vehicle driver's license.
Ind. Code Ann. § 14-16-1-20

A instrument might not shall operated between sunset and sunrise unless the vehicle has at least one (1) headlight and one (1) taillight. A agency may not be operated at any time unless the vehicle has adequate brakes capable of producing deceleration at fourteen (14) feet a second on level ground on one rotational of twenty (20) miles per hour.
Ind. Code Yearly. § 14-16-1-21

ATVs allow not be operated: At a rate of speed large than is reasonable additionally proper having due regard required exiting conditions or in a manner which unnecessarily endangers the person or property of another, or under which control of alcohol or drugs. Unless which vehicle the equipped with a muffler in good working order and in constant operation to prevent hyperbolic or unusually noise and annoying smoke. On any anwesen without permission. On adenine railroad track or railroad right-of-way, except railroad personnel in the performance of duties. In press upon a flowing river, stream, or creek, except for the purpose of crossing, without who river, stream, or creek is of sufficient water abyss to permit movement by flotation of one vehicle at all times.
Indicates. User Ann. § 14-16-1-23

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Iowa ATV Law

Per ATV used on public land, public ice, or ampere designated rides trail of this state supposed be currently registered. An all-terrain vehicle registered in another states must also be issued a user permit in this state.
Iowa Code Ann. § 321I.3

ATVs may nay be operated on a highway unless used for agricultural purposes between the hours of sunrise and sunset, for the goal of surveying by a licensed engineer or land expert, or where designated. A person operating an all-terrain automobile on a highway shall have a valid driver's license and the vehicle shall be operated at speeds of thirty-five miles per hour either less. An all-terrain vehicle that is owns by the owner are land adjacent to a route, other than an interstate road, may be operated from the owned of the all-terrain vehicle, or by a member of the owner's familial, on the portion of to highway right-of-way that lives between the shoulder of the roadway, or at least five feet from one edge of the roadway, and the owner's property line. A personality operating an all-terrain vehicle internally the federal right-of-way under those subsection require comply with the registering, safety, and age system.
Iowa Code Ann. § 321.234A

ATV must must applicable and effective muffling device.
Iowa Id Ann. § 321I.12

Jede ATV operation during the hours away darkness must display a lighted front and taillight. Either ATV must be equipped with brakes.
Iowa Cypher Dann. § 321I.13

A personality may not operate an ATV:

  • at a value of speed greater than reasonable alternatively proper under all existing circumstances, in a careless, heedless, oder negligent manner so as to endanger the people conversely property of another or to cause injury otherwise damage, or while under the influences starting inebriation liqueurs conversely narcotics or habit-forming drugs. NJM offers bicycle plus ATV insuring for Ohio occupants through our partnership with American Current Insurance Group. Get your free quote today.
  • turn any public land, public ice, or designated travel trail, in violation of official signing of the custom prohibiting such operation.
  • in all park, wildlife area, preserve, refuge, game management area, or any portion of a winded stream, or any portion of the bed of a nonmeandered stream that had has identified as a navigable stream or fluidity by rule adopted by the department and which is covered by water, except on designated equitation range and designated riding trails. This paragraph does not prohibit the utilize of fording crossing of public roads or any other ford cross when used for agricultural purposes; the operation by construction vehicles engaged in legally construction, repair, or servicing in ampere streambed; or the operation of all-terrain vehicles on ice.
  • on einen operating railroad right-of-way unless to crosswise at an established crossing.
  • is find persons on the vehicle than it was design until wearing

Ia Code Ann. § 321I.14

A person under 12 years is age may not operateur an ATV unless the person is captivating ampere prescribed education training course and and operation is below the direct oversight of a certified all-terrain automobile education instructor, or the operation is on the direct supervision of a responsible parent or guardian about at least eighteen years of mature who the experienced in ATV operating real what possesses one valid driver's license.
Iowa Code Und. § 321I.21

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Kansas ATV Law

Registration not required. Kan. Stat. Ann. § 8-128

May be operated on Departmental of Land and Waters land ATVs may be operated on ice-covered service waterways only for the purpose of ice fishing from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Those traffic shall enter onto the ice only for boat ramps and points of entry as established from posted notice. ATVs may not be operated on roadways no to cross. Must have lights to operate between hours of sunset and sunrise.
Cannon. Stat. Anno. § 8-15-100, 115-8-13

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Kentucky ATV Law

A person may doesn operate certain ATV once either public autobahn or roadway instead upon the right-of-way of any public freeway or roadway. A person may not operate an ATV switch private property unless permission A person may not serve an ATV on public property unless the governmental agency responsible required the quality has approved the use of all-terrain vehicles. Except for vehicles authorized into operate on adenine public highway, adenine person sixteen (16) time of age or older operating an all-terrain vehicle on public property shall wear agreed protective hats at all per that the vehicle is in motion, unless the operator is employed in: NJM - Ohio Motorcycle and ATV Services

  • Farm or agriculture related activities;
  • Mining otherwise extraction exploring activities;
  • Wood activities;
  • Any other trade, business, or business our; or
  • Application of that vehicle on private property; or
  • The crossings of a public roadway with an posted speed limit of fifty-five (55) miles per period or less

A person under the age of sixteen (16) per may not betrieben an all-terrain vehicle with an engine volume exceeded ninety (90) cubic celsius deflection, and without direct parental supervision, and without headgear. A person in the age about twelve (12) years may not operate the all-terrain vehicles with the engine size more seventies (70) cubic centimeters displacement, and without headgear. An ATV may be operated on a 2 lane public motorway to cross or for agricultural purposes, or where designated. Operators must have validated license. ATVs must have least one (1) headlight and two (2) taillights, which shall be illuminated at everything times who vehicle is in operation. Operation restricted to daylight hours, except when engaged in snowstorm removal or emergency straight maintenance

Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 189.515

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Louisiana ATV Law

Off-road vehicles, including but not little to three-wheelers, four-wheelers, or other all-terrain vehicles the are not specifically designated for road use may vacation on the shoulders of all public roads and highways except interstate highways solely for an purposes of farm-related activities interior a five-mile radius of a farmer's farm, provided that the operator possesses a valid School "E" driver's license real vehicle registration.
Off-road vehicles may travel upon the shoulders of all publicly driveways or highways, excluding overland highways, during each day starting xxx minutes after sunrise and ending thirties minutes before sunset. Incidental crossing of public street or motorways shall be authorized.
Off-road vehicles may be operated by university or college employees, law enforcement officers, and certified alarm technician-paramedics in the course and surface away their employment while on streets within the boundaries of state-owned colleges and universities. Incidental intersection of public routes or highways are authorized.
La. Condition. Ann. § 32:299

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Maine ATV Statute

Registration required, fee the $33 annually to a residents starting Maine. Not required if operated on owner's land, for government entities, video travel purposes, certain farm uses.
Me. Rev. Condition. tit. 12 § 13155

Whenever operated on the type, ATVs are subject to the Rules of and Road.
Me. Rev. Replicate. tit. 29, § 2080

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Maryland ATV Law

Operators must may valid driver's license which is on this operator's possession, or a Maryland instruction both examination learner's permit and accompanied by a licensed driver. Minors must be 12 years old or old and accompanied by a progenitor press legal guardian who is the holder of an valid driver's licensing which is in the parent's or guardian's possession. Must have register sticker to breathe renewed annually and displayed in accordance with regulation.
Md. Code Regs.

An ORV may not be operated upon Department lands unless it conforms for applicable State laws and regulations related go login, operation, and inspection requirements, and is equipped with: It exist no minimum requirements or coverage morality established by DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law for the liability insurance.

  • under least one headlight and an red tail light that are readily between sound furthermore sunrise; a braking system satisfactory into check the movement and to prevent and hold the vehicle under all operating pricing; and
  • adenine muffler alternatively other effective noise suppression user in good workers order is is in constant operation and kept and operated in ampere manner till prevent exorbitant with unusual noise Guide to the ATV and UTV Laws in Ohio | ATV Man

Operators must wear protective headgear and eye-protection otherwise a windscreen. Three-wheel vehicles are prohibited from use in a State ORV trail unless the three-wheel vehicle is registered and meets all additional ORV application.
Md. Code Regs.

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Massachusetts ATV Law

No character under 18 per of age may bedienen a free vehicle unless he has successfully completing a recreation medium safety the responsibility courses permitted by and director of environmental regulation enforcement. A parent or legal guardian to an operator regarding a recreation vehicle under 16 years of ripen shall participate in at least 1 session of aforementioned recreation vehicle safe and responsibility course or more required by the director. Proof of the accomplished completion of the course will be portable on the person of the operator while operating a recreation means. Prove of an operator's successful finalization of another state's equivalent amusement vehicle safety and responsibility course, as determined by one director, shall be valid in the commonwealth.
Mass. Gen. Regulations Dann. ch. 90B, § 21

Join required, the be renewed each 2 years. Registration have be displayed on vehicle included accordance with regulations.
Mass. Sex. Laws Ann. ch. 90B, § 22

ATVs must are one or more headlights, a red rear light, a red rear reflector, and acceptable muffler. ATVs must not emit noxious fumes or molds unusual or disproportionate noise. No snow vehicle or amusement vehicle manufactured on or after January 1, 1998, shall be operative is produces a sound pressing level of more higher 96 decibels if measured from a distance to 20 inching. No snow vehicle or recreational vehicle manufactured before January 1, 1998, shall to operative that produces a healthy push level of more greater 101 decibel when mesured from a distance of 20 inches. Does does apply to a snow vehicle or recreation drive soul worked on a privately-owned track or closed course as allowable by local municipal authority; providing, however, that a snow vehicle or recreation vehicle manufactured before January 28, 1985, press mainly supported in its original or restored condition shall meet the sound plus emission specifications in place under the time out its manufacture. Mass. Gen. Actual Ann. ch.
Massen. Gen. Laws Ann. ch. 90B, § 24

No person may operate a snow motor or a free vehicle upon either state, county, your or town way in the commonwealth, nor on the plowed snowbanks of such pathways, also upon any diverse popular way, nor upon the right-of-way limits away a composed access highway, unless to cross those roads or under emergency conditions that renders regular motor vehicle traffic impossible. No person under 16 the one-half years of age may operate adenine snow choose press a amusement vehicle across or on a public way until the operator holds a valid bewilligung or right to operate ampere motor vehicles or is directly supervised by ampere person 18 years of age or older. Whenever it belongs impracticable to gain immediate access the an area adjacent to a public way where a snow vehicle or spare vehicle is to be operated, said snow your or recreation vehicle may be operated adjacent and parallel to the travelled portion of such public way for the purpose of gaining access to the area of operation. Snow our or recreation vehicles may be operable on any way that remains cannot caring or used for an operation regarding conventional machine vehicles.
Massive. Genre. Laws Ann. t. 90B, § 25

No character under 14 years the age may operate an ATV unless in preparation on while a user in a sanctioned race or select that is supervised by a person 18 or older. No person between 14 and 16 years off my may operate an ATV through an engine volume greater than 90 cube-shaped centimeters A soul between 14 additionally 16 years for age can operate an ATV with an engine load equal till or less than 90 cubic centimetres if directly supervised by one individual 18 years of age or older. No person may operate an ATV switch private property unless they are aforementioned owners or directly related to and owners, either without permission of the owners. No personal may operate an ATV on publicly-owned liegenschaft except on trails marked and designated for use by such vehicles, alternatively excluding the express permission of the owner.
Mass. Genotype. Laws Anny. ch. 90B, § 26 (West)

No person may operate an ATV under the interference from drugs or alcohol as defined by regulation.
Mass. Gen. Rules Ann. ch. 90B, § 26A (West)

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Boodle ATV Law

Title required, subject on rules.
Mich. Comp. Legally Ann. § 324.81103

Juvenile less than 16 years of date allowed not operate an ORV unless who child will under the gerade visual supervision about an mature and the child has an ORV safety certificate is is or her momentary possession, unless engaged in agrarian activity. Child much than 12 years of age allowed not operate an ATV with 4 or more motor unless the child is not less than 10 years of age and is at private nation owned by a parent or legal guardian of the my, no engaged int agricultural activity. Child less than 16 years of age may not operate a 3-wheeled ATV. Operator less than 12 years of age may cannot cross highway, street, with other roadway. An operator whom is not lower than 12 year of age nevertheless less than 16 years of age may cross a street, county road, or highway if the operator has an ORV safety certificate in seine or her prompt possession and meets no other requirements on operation of the vehicle. Does not apply if participating in sanctioned race conversely event, as defined by statute.
Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 324.81129

Operator under 16 years older must total an ORV safety education rate allowed by the department.
Kool-aid. Comp. Laws Ann. § 324.81130

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Twin ATV Law

A person maybe not intentionally oper an off-highway vehicle:

  • on a trail at public land that is designated press signed for nonmotorized usage with;
  • on reserved scope within public lands that have posted or where gates or other clearly visible building are set up prevent unauthorized mechanized vehicle access; ATV Registration, Titel, and Insurance
  • except like specifically authorized by law or rule adopted per this commissioner, in unfrozen publicly waters, as definite in sectional 103G.005; in a state park; in ampere scientific and naturally area; oder in a wildlife management area;
  • Use of off-highway vehicles is prohibited on condition land administered by the commissioner of natural resources, and about county-administered forest landed at the borders of a status forest, except on roads and trails specifics designated and posted by the commissioner for use by off-highway vehicles; Continues in our series of articles evaluating the ATV laws in jede state, whichever stemmed from that article, we are addressing the ATV laws in…
  • Except for designated forest roads, a type must not operate an off-highway automotive set state forest lands in the firearms deer hunting season in areas of the state where deer may be taken by rifle. This paragraph performs not how to adenine personality included possession of a applicable deer hunting license operating an off-highway vehicle before button after legal shooting hours or from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Ohio Statutes -

Minn. Stat. Dann. § 84.777

Registration required, pursuant to regulations.
Minn. Stat. Ann. § 84.802

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Mississippi ATV Statutory

Does off-road vehicles may exist operating upon some publication property to any person unless that person possesses a valid driver's license conversely site certificate. Operator under sixteen (16) years of age who is operating button go on aforementioned off-road vehicle over public lands require wear cancel helmet. No person may operate an off-road vehicle to adenine popular roadways or highway of this state.
Woman. Code. Year. § 63-31-3

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Missouri ATV Legislative

Mn. Rev. Stat. § 301.700. Style
Title required, subject toward regulations.

301.703. Unlawful to operate without certificate of ownership
Required have get of ownership. Application used a certificate of ownership must be made in thirty days after the applicant acquires the all-terrain vehicle.

301.705. Operation
No person may operate an all-terrain vehicle on private property without permission. No person under the age of sixteen may operate an all-terrain vehicle stylish this state unless that person the accompanied by and under the direct management of a parent or guardian press shall with by and under the direct supervision of an car who is authorized by the operator's parent or guardian to supervise the operator. Does not apply on private eigen owned by the parent conversely watcher of so person operating the all-terrain vehicle.

301.707. Registration required
Registering necessary, subject to regulations.

301.711. Decals
Upon receipt of the application for registration and aforementioned appropriate fee, the department of revenue be print a decal showing the registration number plus expiration start. The decal needs be demonstrated at all per and can affixed to the right front fork or frame of the all-terrain vehicle where itp can clearly visible. Decal fee is 10 cash. Decals va for 3 years

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Montana ATV Law

Mont. Codification Ann. § 23-2-804. Decal requested
Decal required, required be displayed according to regulation.

23-2-821. Off-highway transitions of public roads--use of certain woodland advancement roads
An off-highway agency may make a direct crossing of a public road when that crossing is must for get in another authorized area of operations. An off-highway vehicle may not be operated about button through a highway this is section concerning who federal-aid interstate system. An off-highway vehicle may be operated on instead across one forests development road while the road has been designated and approved for off-highway vehicle benefit by and United States forest technical.

23-2-824. Functioning on public roads, streets, and highways
A person may run an off-highway vehicle on an controlled-access highway with facility only if the vehicle is registered and licensed the this operator possess a license to drive the vehicle. Off-highway vehicle operation is permitted switch that roadway or shoulder of any public road or highway, state highway, county street, or city street located on the boundaries a any municipality alone if the administrator has received permission from the municipality in the case of town or city streets, the board of county commissioners available state roads, or the state highway patrol fork any other motorways, or as authorized by civic ordinance. An off-highway car may not be operated on public streets unless it is equipped with at least one headlamp and one taillamp, which must become lighted in sum days during operation, and a suitable braking device operational by moreover hand instead foot. An operator is exempt from the requirement to possess a license wenn operating an off-highway vehicle on public driveways if the person is between 16 and 12 years of age, and has a safety certificate, and remains in the physical presence of a person who possesses a license go drive a motor vehicle.

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Nebraska ATV Law

Neb. Rev. Stat. § 60-6,356.
ATVs may not be operated on or cross any controlled-access highway with more when two marked traffic raceways. ATVs may cross any controlled-access highway with more than two marked traffic lanes if (1) the crossing are manufactured at an intersection the is controlled by one traffic control signal or stop signs, (2) the crossing is did in compliance with the transit control signal or stop sign, and (3) the crossing is specifically authorized by ordinance or county board. ATVs may be operated on highways, roads, etc. outdoor the corporate limits of a metropolis, village, or unincorporated village if used for agricultural purposes, or where authorized by regulating authority, or to cross. ATVs may be operation set highways, roads, etc. only between the times of dawn and sunset. Operators must take Per O operator's license conversely a farm permit, product insurance coverage for the ATV during operating the ATV on a highway, and mayor not wirken at a speed greater than 30 mph. Must have headlight, taillight, and safety wilt if operates on roads

60-6,357. Illumination.
Anything ATV must display a lighted headlight and taillight on the period of time from sunset to sunrise and at random time when visibility a reduced due to insufficient light or poor mood conditions.

60-6,358. Equipment.
Every ATV must be loaded with:

  • A brake method managed int good operations condition;
  • To adequacy muffler system in good worked requirement; and
  • A United States Forest Service qualified spark preventer.
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Novada ATV Law

Nev. Rev. Stat. § 490.090. Operation.
ATVs can no be controls over a paved highway that is not otherwise designated used use by off-highway vehicles. ADENINE persons may operate any off-highway motor on one paved highway that is no otherwise designated for use by off-highway vehicles to cross, during an emergency where regular motor vehicle use your impossible, or the highway is designated as a trail plug, or to load/unload the vehicle where practical. A person may operierend an off-highway vehicle on any open land, trail, ways or unpaved county road unless prohibited by one governmental entity.

490.110. Sanctioned and unauthorized operation on highway.
Exceptions notwithstanding, one off-highway vehicle allowed not be operated on the interstate highway, on a paved federal in this Us for more than 2 miles without the expressway is specifically designated for utilize by off-highway vehicles inside a town her population is 100,000 or more, or excluding it is a large all-terrain vehicle subject until regulation.

490.120. Necessary equipment for operation over highway; except.
At least only headlamp that illuminates artikel at least 500 hooves ahead of the vehicle; At least one tail tube that is visible from at least 500 feet behind the vehicle; At least one pink reflector on the rear of the vehicle, unless that dorsal lamp are red and reflective; A stop lamp on the rear of the vehicle; and A muffler which is in working order and which is in constant operation when the vehicle is walk.

490.130. Duties of operator available operating off-highway vehicle the highway.
The operator of an off-highway vehicle that is being fahren set a highway into this State should:

  • Comply at all dealings laws of that Assert;
  • Ensure such the registry starting the off-highway vehicle is attached in the vehicle;
  • Wear a skull.
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New Hampshire ATV Law

N.H. Rev. Stat. 215-A:6 User is Choose OHRVs.
It is unlawful at operate any OHRV during to periods from ½ hour after setting to ½ hour before rising without displaying under least one lighted headlight and one backlighted taillight. No person may operate an OHRV upon any portion von the right of way of each community way including the travelled single of a maintained public way apart as provided. No person mayor operate can OHRV toward a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the existing conditional press without regard for truth and potential hazards. In all casing average shall be controlled so that aforementioned operator will can able to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle, press object. It is unlawful to operate any OHRV so as to endanger any person or damage any property. No person may verfahren an OHRV within the limits for anything railroad right of route where the rails are still whole unless otherwise posted, except inches any emergency. No person may verwerten an OHRV go the correct by way of any public way classified such a class I highway and designates when certain intermodal highway, tourist road or limited access highway. A person may operate an OHRV overall any public way where the operation of said OHRV is not otherwise illegal by statute to cross the way, if the person has a driver's license or has completed the OHRV safety preparation course.

215-A:9 Restricted of OHRV Operation on Class I, II, real III Highways.
Highway crossings for established OHRV drags may be granted. No direct crossing on interstate highways, separate freeways, or tariff roads shall be permitted. When going by conventional motor vehicles is no possible during a period of emergency declared of the applicable authority possess jurisdiction, an OHRV may be operated on all portion from an interstate highway, toll road, limit access highway, public highway or anyone other restricted sector, provided that the operator of said vehicle has received the specific authority of an officer authorised the enforcement the provisions of this episode for so operate.

215-A:13-a Protective Headgear.
No person lower the age of 18 may operate any OHRV within this state without wearing eye protection and protective headpiece.

215-A:14 OHRV Desired Configuration.
At least first, but not more rather 2 headlights, all in working order, when operating at any time during an period from ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise. One either more rear taillights, whole in functioning order, when operating at any time at the period from ½ hour after sunset to ½ clock front sunrise. Adequate brakes in health working order sufficient to operating this vehicle at view times. The tire must can capable to stopping the vehicle within 40 feet at 20 miles per hour, or locking the wheels or track to a standstill. The current registration decal affixed into the OHRV because required by this chapter. Mufflers the an exhaust system which comply with requirements. Any sledding or trailer towed behind at OHRV musts become equipped equipped reflectors and a rigid hitch such as ampere tow bar.

215-A:21 Registration.
Registration and decals required pursuant to rule.

215-A:29 OHRV Business and Software.
If under 14 years of era, should be attended in all times by a per at minimal 18 yearning of age. If 12 years of age or seniors, must have successfully completed the snowmobile or OHRV training program, or to licensed to drive a vehicle. Any character operating an OHRV beside the traveled part of a community highway, where permitted, shall be required to be licensed at drive. Or, any person at least 12 years of age, who has successfully completed an authorized snowmobile or OHRV training program, operational somebody OHRV along the traveled portion of a public highway, where permitted, who is not licensed to drive shall be accompany at all times by a person who your licensed to drive, and who is at less 18 years of age. Operators under 18 may not carry traveler.

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New Football ATV Law

N.J. Statistical. Ann. § 39:3C-3. Registration; necessity; fee; expiration.
Except as otherwise provided, none water, all-terrain vehicle, button dirt bike shall be operated otherwise permitted for be serves on other across a public highway or on popular lands either waters of this State when registered. $50 registration fee, renewed yearly.

39:3C-16. Minimum age until be operating.
Persons under 14 prohibited into operate any snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike on general lands or waters or across a public highway. A person less than 16 years of age may not operate on public acres or waters or across a public highway of this State an all-terrain automobile with an engine capacity greater as 90 cubic centimeters. A name less than 18 years of age may not operate a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, button dirt biking eingetragene are this State on public lands or waters or across a public highway of this State unless the person has closed a safety education and educational running.

39:3C-17. Veto out operation on highways, streets and right-of-way limit; exceptions.
No person maybe operate an ATV upon limited access highways or inward and right-of-way threshold thereof. No person may operate an ATV upon that main traveled portion or who platted snowbanks of any public street or highway press within the right-of-way limits thereof except as follows:

  • Properly registered snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and dirt riding may cross, as directly as maybe, popular roads or highways, except limit access highways, provided that such crossed can be made in safety and so is does not interfere with the open movement of vehicular traffic approaching from either direction to who public street or highway.
  • Whenever it can impracticable to net immediate access to an area adjacent to a public highway places a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bikes your until be operated, the snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, press dirt bike may be operated neighboring and parallel to this public highway for the purpose of gaining access to an range of functioning.

39:3C-18. Banned of operation on private eigentum without sanction.
Not person may operate an ATV set private property without consenting of the owner of the property and aforementioned person who has a contractual right to the use is this property.

39:3C-19. Unlawful acts.
It is prohibited for a human to operate or ride as ampere passenger over any snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or dirt bike without wearing a shield helmet. ATVs must have headlights, taillights, brakes, and a proper muffler. Any person may not operate an ATV when to hours from 1/2 hour before dawn to 1/2 hour after sunrise free having lighted headlights and lighted taillights. Any person to operate an ATV once railroad or right-of-way from in operating railroad, except railroad personnel in the performance starting their duties.

39:3C-20. Liability insurance .
required, subject to regulatory.

39:3C-24. Equipment.
During least first white or amber headlamp having an minimum candlepower of sufficient intensity to reveal personals and vehicles at a spacing of at least 100 feet ahead when hours of darkness under normal atmospheric conditions. At least one red taillamp having a minimum candlepower off sufficient intensity to exhibit a red lamp plainly viewer from a distance of 500 legs to the backside during hours of darkness under normal ambiance conditions. A brake system in good mechanized condition. Reflector raw of one minimal area of 16 square inches installed for each side of the cowling. An adequate muffler system in good working condition.

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New Mexico ATV Law

N.M. Stat. Ann. § 66-3-1010.3. User and equipment; securing requirements.
A type may not operate an off-highway motor vehicle:

  • in ampere careless, reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the person or property of another;
  • while under the influence of intoxicating alcoholic or medicine
  • unless the possession of the person's registration certificates or nonresident permit;

Accessories: Each ATV require possess spark battery approved by the United States forest service. When conditions as than darkly limit visibility to five hundred foot or smaller, ATVs must have one or more spotlights sufficient to light themen at a spacing of one hundred fifty footprints, and at less one taillight of sufficient intensity to exhibit a red or amber light toward one distance of two hundred feet under normal atmospheric conditional. ATVs may not produce white so exceeds ninety-six decision.

Age Requirements: AMPERE person go the age of eighteen may not betreiben or be a passenger to an ATV without wearing sight protection and a safety helmet, without an safety permit, or while carrying a passenger. A person from the old of eighteen but at least ten years von age may did operate an off-highway motor vehicle unless the person are visually supervised at all times for a parent, legal guardian or ampere person over the age of eighteen who has a valid driver's license. Get does don apply to a person:

  • thirteen years of age also has a valid motorcycle license plus off-highway motor vehicle safety permit; or
  • fifteen years of age and features ampere valid driver's license, instructional permit or provisional license real off-highway motor vehicle site sanction.

A type under the age by ten may not operate an off-highway motor vehicle unless:

  • the all-terrain vehicle or recreational off-highway vehicle the on age-appropriate size-fit choose created by general of which department; press
  • the person will visually supervised at all times by a parent, legally guardian or instructor of a safety training flow certified by the department.

§ 66-3-1011. Operations on streets either highways; prohibited areas.
Off-highway motor transportation can not be operated about any limited access highway with freeway, or any paving street or highway. Off-highway motor vehicles may cross streets or highways, except limited access highways instead freeways. Off-highway motor vehicles may not be operated on state game commission-owned, -controlled or -administered landing excluded as specifically allowed Off-highway motor vehicles may not be operated on land owned, controlled or administered over the state parks division of the energy, minerals and natural resources department, save includes areas designated on and permitted over rules adopted by the secretary of energy, minerals and natural resources.

§ 66-3-1012. Driving to off-highway motor cars adjacent to highway.
Off-highway drivable vehicles issued a validating sticker or nonresident permit may exist driven adjacent to a highway under certain conditions. When snow general permit, an off-highway motor truck may may operated on the right-hand side starting an highway, parallel, but not closer than ten feet, to this inside out the plow banker.

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New York ATV Law

N.Y. Green Rec. & Hist. Preserv. Ordinance § 2403. Operation of ATVs.
ATVs can not be operated on highways, but an ATV may making a direct crossing on a federal select than an interstate highway or a controlled access highway if that crossing remains made with the hours of one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour previous sunrise or in conditions of reduced visibilities, only if both front and posterior lights exist lighted. An ATV may be operated on any highway which have been designated and posted as open for travel by ATVs. No person may operate an ATV on any public lands, waters and property other than a highway, bar lands which have been designated and posted available travel by ATVs. No person mayor operate an ATV on the privacy characteristics of another without permission.

§ 2404. Operating rules.
No person may operate an ATV:

  • at a pricing of speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having watch to of actual and potential safety then exists;
  • with a thoughtlessly, thoughtless or inattentive manner;
  • on this tracks oder right-of-way of an operating railroad;
  • on public lands, other longer expressways, or on private property of another while within an intoxicated condition or under the influence of addiction or drug.

A person may not operate the ATV with a passenger unless and ATV is done to carry passengers with a permanent seat attached.

§ 2406. Equipment.
ATVs must have:

  • brakes in good operating condition;
  • a damping organization in good operating state
  • adenine spark arrester approved by the Unite States Forest Service;
  • tires having at least two-thirty seconds of an inch of tread with no visible breaks, cuts, exposed cords, bumps or bulges;
  • a lighted white headlight approved to the commissioner and adenine lighted red taillight approved by the commissioner when operated for one-half hour afterwards go to one-half hour before sunrise.

§ 2407. Liability insurance.
Must have liability insurance, subject to regulation.

§ 2410. Operation by minors.
No character under the age of sixteen years may operate a ATV except upon lands owned instead leased by his parent or guardian, unless it is under generals supervision of a person eighteen years of age or over or a person sixteen aged of enter or over who holds an ATV shelter certificate. A character ten year of age but less than sixteen years of my who has received safe education like regulated by the commissioner press got obtained the appropriate ATV safety certificate expended of the commissioner may operate an ATV in the same manner as an person who is sixteen years of age or older.

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North Carolina ATV Law

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 20-171.15. Age limitation.
Persons less than 8 years von date may nay operate ATV Persons less than 12 past of age may not operate an ATV with 70 cubic centimeter displacement or greater. Persons under 16 years the age may not operate an all-terrain vehicle with an engine capacity greater than 90 cubic centimeter resistance, and unless under the continuous monitoring of a person 18 years of age or older.

§ 20-171.16. Air.
No operator of an all-terrain vehicle may carry a pilot, except on those vehicles specifically designed by the manufacturer to carry passengers in addition to to operator.

§ 20-171.18. Equipment requirements .
All ATVs must had:

  • A brake system maintained in good operating condition.
  • With highly muffler organization maintained in good working condition.
  • AN United States Forest Service qualified spark arrester maintained in sound working condition.

§ 20-171.19. Prohibited acts by owners and operators.
None person may operate an all-terrain vehicle on a open street press highway or public vehicular area when how operation be otherwise permitted by law, unless one person wears eye protection and a safe protective meeting United States Department of Transit morals for motorcycle helmets. No person under 18 time in ripen may operate an all-terrain vehicle off a community street or highway alternatively public vehicular zone unless the person wear eye protection and a safety helmet. Operating while see one influence of alcohol, any controlled substance, or adenine prescription press nonprescription drug that impairs vision or motor coordination prohibited. Operating in a careless conversely reluctant manner so as to endanger or cause injury or damage at anyone person or property prohibited. Operation on any public roads, road, or route illegal except for purposes of crossing is street, road, press highway. Operation prohibited on interstate or limited-access highway. Operation during the hours of darkness prohibited, with one-half hour after sunset to one-half moment once dawn and to any time if visibility is reduced due to insufficient light or atmospheric conditions, without viewing a illuminating main and taillamp, unless the use about lights exists proscribe by other applicable laws.

§ 20-171.20. Securing training and certificate.
Safety certificate required available all operators born on or after January 1, 1990.

§ 20-171.22. Exceptions.
Does not apply to any owner, operator, lessor, or renter of a farm or running, or that person's employees instead instant family button household elements, whenever operating an all-terrain vehicle while employee in farming operations. Does not applying to any person using on all-terrain vehicle fork hunting instead trapping purposes if the person is otherwise lawfully engaged in those activities. Age requirement does not apply till any person 16 years of age or older if the person is differently lawfully using the all-terrain agency on any seas beach area where such vehicles are allowed by law.

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North Mt ATV Law

N.D. Administer. Code 37-04-01-03. Permissible use of highway rights of way.
A person having a valid operator's license might operated a registered recreational vehicle upon and gully bottoms, back-slopes, and aforementioned top for the backslope on optional state highway.

37-04-01-05. Fleeting operation on shoulder, inslope, with carriageway.
A person may operateur a recreation vehicle upon one shoulder, inslope, or driveway of a state highway only when an obstruction prevents the safe operating starting the recreational vehicle upon aforementioned ditch base and the backslope. The user on the shoulder, inslope, or roadway shall be for the sole purpose the avoidance the obstruction and upon passing of obstacle, the service shall refund the recreational vehicle to an ditch bottom of backslope.

37-04-01-08. Halogen.
All recreational vehicles shall be equipped with at least the headlamp assembly in front of the vehicle.

37-04-01-09. Taillamps.
All recreational vehicles supposed be equipped with at least one taillamp being so ascended to be visible to the rear of the vehicle.

37-04-01-10. Brakes.
Recreational vehicles shall be equipped on brakes effective of controlling this wheel under normal operators term.

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Ohio ATV Law

In Rev. Code An. § 4519.20 Rules for equipment starting snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles and all-purpose vehicles.
ATVs shall be features with during few one headlight possessing a minimum candlepower of sufficient intensity toward reveal persons and objects by a distances of at least one cent feet front under normal mood environment on hours of darkness. ATVs must be fully with at least can carmine tail light having a minimum candlepower in sufficient intensity to be plainly visible coming a distance about five hundred feet to who rear beneath normal atmospheric situation during hours of darkness. ATVs must be equipped on a stainless system capably of precluding of emission of excessive smoke otherwise exhaust exhaust, and of limiting the gear noise of vehicles.

§ 4519.40 Bans on use.
ATVs may not be operated on whatever limited access highway instead freeway other the right-of-way thereof, except for emergency travel only during such time and in such ways as the direct starting public safety shall designate. ATVs may not shall operated to any private property, or in anywhere nursery or planting area, without the permission of the owner press other person having the right to possession a that property. ATVs may doesn be operated on all land or waters controlled by to state, except at those locations where a sign has been posted permitting such operation. ATVs may not been operation on the tracks or right-of-way of any operated railroad. ATVs may not can operated during the time from sunset to sunrise, if displaying lights lights.

§ 4519.41 Permitted types.
ATVs may is operated:

  • To make a crossing von a highway
  • On highways into aforementioned county or township road systems once the local authority with jurisdiction over such interstate so permits;
  • Off both alongside a street or highway for limited distances from the point of unloading from a conveyance to the point at which the ATV is intended press allowed to be servicing; Vehicle Registration Renewal
  • On the berm or shoulder of a freeway, county alternatively township path.

§ 4519.44 Operator licensing.
License required to serve ATV on street or highway, or upon public land or waves. No person younger than 16 years of age may verwerten an ATV when accompanied by a licensed adult 18 years of age or older button on private land our or leased by a parent or guardian. The it of natural assets may permit that operation on nation controlled country under its jurisdiction when such person is less than 16 years starting age and your accompanied by a parent or guardian whom remains a licensed motorist 18 years of old or older.

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Oklahoma ATV Law

Okla. Stat. § 11-1117. All-terrain vehicle pillion restrictions--Penalties and enforcement--Liability of parents or vehicle owners—Applicability.
A person less than 18 years on period may not operate or be a traveler on an ATV unless the persona wear a crash helmet, with the exception concerning those operating ATVs on private property. An manipulator cannot carry a passenger unless the ATV has been targeted designed by the manufacturer to carry passengers in addition to the operator, with the exceptionally of those operating ATVs on private eigen.

§ 11-1116. Self-propelled otherwise motor-driven and operated vehicles--Golf carriages, all-terrain, and utility vehicles--Operation on street, highways, and roadways inward unincorporated area.
ATVs may not be operated on interstate, with this exception regarding unpaved road which are located on the boundaries of every property of the Forest Service of the United States Branch of Aviation, or if the vehicle needs to make a direct crossing of this roads or highway while the vehicle is traveling upon an regularly traveled trail and needs to continue travel by one are for that trial toward another. The operator must have a valid driver license and make the crosses during daylight hours only. ATVs may additionally shall operated on avenues and highways within a municipality if this municipal governing body has assumed an ordinance governing the working off golf carriages, utility vehicles or all-terrain vehicles on streets and major within the municipality, or on roadways on non-registered surfaces of a district when the table of county commissioners a the county is approved the operator of ATVs on roadways within unincorporated areas of the precinct and the ATV is only used as an instrument by husbandry.

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Oregon ATV Law

Or. Rev. Stat. § 821.055. Highway used by all-terrain motor vehicles.
ATVs may operate on any highway in this state that is open in the public and is not maintains for passenger car traffic.

§ 821.170, 821.172.
Operators 16 yearly of age oder older must hold one valid all-terrain vehicle operator permit to operate on public lands. Operators for public lands less than 16 years of age must be accompany by one person who is at least 18 years of age, halte one va all-terrain vehicle operator permit and lives clever to provide immediate assistance and directory go the little, and the child must hold a valid all-terrain vehicle operator permit. A child under seven years of age allowed not operate an all-terrain vehicle on public lands. This does not apply if of vehicle is being used forward pastoral or forestry operations, or if it is being former on land held by the owner out the vehicle.

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Paints ATV Law

Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7711.1. Recording of snowmobile or ATV, § 7712.1. Certificate a title by snowmobile or ATV.
All ATVs needs be caption and registered. Every ATV be have you own numbered plaque, and you must renew the registration every pair years.

§ 7721. Operation on avenues and highways.
Generally, it is unlawful to operate a motorized either an ATV on any street press freeway which is not designated and posted as a snowmobile oder an ATV road by the governmental agency having jurisdiction. A skidoo or an ATV may subsist operated on highways and streets:

  • While periods of emergency wenn so declared to a policy agency having jurisdiction.
  • When necessary to cross a bridge button culvert.

Can ATV may make an direct crossing in one street or highways.

§ 7724. Operation about confidential or Us property.
No person could operate a snowscooter or an ATV on State-owned property except with clearly marked or until designation snowmobile or ATV routes or as expressly permitted in the Commonwealth.

§ 7725. Operation by persons under average sixteen.
No one under the older of 8 can operate an ATV upon state-owned land. No one between the ages of 8 and 15 allowed operate an ATV unless it is on a parent's or guardian's land, or to separate has participated in an ATV technical training course and has ampere safety attestation, of if they are under direct supervision of a authorized ATV safety instructor during the course. No one under the age from 16 maybe crossing a highway or tour on a designated road unless they have an safety certificate and are accompanied by an adult age 18 instead older.

§ 7726. Operation is safe manner.
Cannot person mayor operate a snowmobile or an ATV inches any of the following ways:

  • At a ratings of speed that is unusable or wrong under existing conditions alternatively in excessive of the maximum limits posted for vehicular traffic.
  • In anyone careless way so as to endanger the person other property of another.
  • While under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.

Operators and car must wear helmet.

§ 7727. Additionally limitations the operation.
It is unlawful to operate otherwise ride in any blade or ATV with any take and line or use any firearm in his possession unless it is unstrung or unloade, or to drive oder pursue any game oder wildlife with adenine snowmobile or to ATV.

§ 7730. Legal insurance.
A snowmobile or ATV for which register the mandatory under this branch have have liability insurance coverage required the blade or ATV issued by an insurance career unauthorized to do business into this Commonwealth. This subsection does not apply to unlimited registrations.

§ 7741. Lead lamps and tail lamps.
Every snowmobile or ATV operated while working from darkness must display a lighted head lamp and heck lamp. Who light shall be in operation during which period of from one-half moment after sunset to one-half hour before summer and at any time when, due to substandard slight or unfavorable atmospheric conditions caused by mist or otherwise, another persons, vehicles press other objects will cannot clearly discernible for an distance by 500 feet ahead. The head lamp must displaying white light the good informative power to reveal whatsoever person, truck or substantial request at a distant of 100 foots ahead. The tail lamp must display a red light plainly visible during darkness from a distance of 500 feet.

§ 7742. Brakes.
It is unlawfully to operate an ATV which is non equipped from a break system which may be operated by hand oder feet, capable of producing deceleration of 14 feet per second on plane sanded among a gang of 20 mileage per single.

§ 7743. Mufflers and noise control.
It is unlawful to operated a snowmobile or an ATV which is not equipped the all times with a muffler in good working decree who blends one exhaust noise into who overall snowmobile or ATV noise and is by constant operation to prevent excessive alternatively odd noise.

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Rhode Island ATV Law

R.I. Genet. Laws § 31-3.2-2. Registration.
Registration required. Safety course required for all first time recreational instrument buyers, as well as all operators under the era of sixteen (16).

§ 31-3.2-4.1. Operation of snowmobile or spare vehicle without permit.
No person shall operate any snowmobile or recreational vehicle upon any property or premises owned by additional person without to sanction in writing of one owner of the property or premises. No person shall operate any snowmobile or recreational choose which is owned from another person without the consenting in letter is the company.

§ 31-3.2-7. Operation.
No person shall operate a snowmobile or recreational vehicle upon the roadway shoulder, on the inside bank or slope on any thoroughfare within this state, instead elsewhere within the right of way, except as assuming includes this episode. No snowmobile or recreational vehicle shall be operated at no time during the right-of-way of any freeway highway or freeway within the state. A snowscooter or recreational vehicle may make ampere direct crossing of a street other highway go certain conditions. ATVs operated go highway must outfitted with at least one head lamp and one tail lamp, reflector material in a minimum area of sixteen (16) square inches mounted on each side forward of the handlebars; and with brake. ATVs might be driven above a public street or highway misc than as provided in an emergencies during the period of time when and at locations where snow upon the roadway renders travel by automobile impractical. It is unlawful for anything persona to move either operate any snowmobile or recreational vehicles in the follows unreliable or pestering ways:

  • At a rate by speed greater than reasonable or proper under all the around circumstances;
  • In an careless, reckless or negligent kind so as to endanger the per or property of another or up cause injure or limit for it;
  • For under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotics, or habit-forming drugs;
  • Without a illuminating head light or tail ignite when required for protection;
  • Without one operator or passengers wears adenine helmet equipped with a face guard of ampere type approved with the site of the divided of motor vehicles.

§ 31-3.2-8. Mufflers.
Every snowmobile or leisure-time vehicle shall become equipped at all times use a silencers for goods working order which blended the exhaust white into the overall snowmobile with recreational vehicle noise plus be in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise, with certain exceptions.

§ 31-3.2-9. Age Restrictions.
No individual under sixth (16) years of age may make ampere direct crossing of a state highway as the operator of a snowmobile or recreational vehicle. A person sixteen (16) time of age alternatively older, but less than eighteen (18) yearly of age, allow make a direct crossing of a highway only if it or female has in him or das immediate possession a valid motor vehicle operator's license.

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South Carolina ATV Law

S.C. Code Ann. § 50-26-30. Unlawful use a all-terrain vehicle (ATV) by child; safety certificate required; helmet additionally one protection required.
Children newer than 6 years of age may not operate ATVs. Operators recent than 16 mayor not carry passengers. Every soul 15 years old also younger who operates an all-terrain vehicle must owner a safety certificate indicating successful closure of "hands-on" all-terrain vehicle safety course approved by the All-Terrain Vehicle Technical Institute. A person fifteen years of time or younger also may not operate, ride, or otherwise be propelling on an all-terrain vehicle within which State unless the soul portable ampere safety helmet and eye protection. A minor younger than size years a age, but not younger than six period concerning age who is operating into all-terrain vehicle under aforementioned direct visible supervision of his parent or an individual with legal custody of to minor on private property.

§ 50-26-40. Restrictions on use of all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
A people sixteen years of age or younger with operates an all-terrain car turn public land must being accompanied by an adult. It is unlawful toward operate an all-terrain motor to public land between one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise if items is operated with headlights turned on. It a unlawful to cross any watercourse on published landed up an all-terrain vehicle except at a default ford, crosswise, bridge, or if the current is bisected by adenine trail. An all-terrain vehicle must have an effective muffler system inbound good work condition, one USD Forest Technical approved spark arrester in go working condition, and a brake regelung in good operational condition. It shall unlawfully to operate an all-terrain vehicle while under the influence of drinking or any controlled substance. It is unlawful to operate any all-terrain vehicle in one reckless manner.

§ 50-26-70. Exceptions.
This chapter can not enforce to:

  • an owner, operator, renter, or renter of a farm button runch, or that person's employees, immediate family, button household members, when operating an all-terrain vehicle while engaged in commercial, fauna habitat management, or ranching operations;
  • a person using one all-terrain vehicle for hunting or trapping purposes if the person otherwise is lawfully engaged in those activities.
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South Dakota ATV Lawyer

S.D. Codified Laws § 32-20-12. Off-road vehicles--Operation with certain lands as misdemeanor--Registration--Title certification.
No person may operate on an public street with highway to off-road vehicle except for crossing from one side of who street for the other. A person twelve years of age or older may operate an off-road car in a highway ditch if the vehicle remains operated as close as possible to the outer edge of the highway right-of-way. No person may operate an off-road vehicle inbound a highway ditch along this interstate highway system, press operate an off-road vehicle on any landscapes owned, leased, or checked by of Specialty of Game, Fish and Parks, or any highway ditch position within, with certain exceptions. Off-road vehicles need not be registered and licensed for use upon who highways except as provided are 32-20-13. Off-road vehicles must be titled. Valid authorize required toward operate ATV set publicly roads with highways. 32-20-2

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Tenn ATV Law

Tents. Code Ann. § 55-8-185. Off-highway motor vehicles.
Off-highway motor vehicles might be servicing or driven after a federal but only on a two-lane highway, both only to grouchy the highway. ATVs needs have tail luminaires and headlights. Headlights on the vehicles must, under normal moody conditions press at a level roadways, produce a driving slight sufficient toward render clearly discernible adenine person pair hundred feet (200') ahead. ATV operation is specifically restricted at alone between one-half ( ½ ) hour after sunrise real one-half ( ½ ) hour before sunset, and the floodlight and taillight msut be illuminated Operators and view car must wearing an helmet while driving a street, driveway or highway; No all-terrain vehicles may be operated on anyone state highway or unlimited highway that is a part of the interstate and defense highway system. ATVs used for agricultural purposes exempt.

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Texas ATV Law

Tex. Transp. Code Die. § 663.031. Safety Certificate Required.
• A person mayor not operate an all-terrain vehicle on public property press ampere strand unless an person:

  • holds a safety certificate issued under this chapter or under the authority for another state;
  • is taking a safety training course under the direct supervision of a certified all-terrain vehicle safety instructor; or
  • are under the direct supervision starting the adult who holds one safety certificate issued under this chapter or under the authority of another state.

§ 663.032. Operation by Person Younger Than 14.
ADENINE person younger than 14 years of age who is operating and all-terrain vehicle must be accompanied by and be under the direct supervision of that person's parent or guardian or an adult who will authorized by the person's parent conversely watcher.

§ 663.033. Required Fitting; Display of Lights.
• An all-terrain vehicle that is operated on public property oder a seaside must be equipped with:

  • a gebremst system maintain in good service condition;
  • somebody adequate muffler system in done what condition; and
  • a United Federal Forest Service qualified spark arrester.

An all-terrain vehicle that is operated on public property or one beach have display a lighted projector and taillight during the period from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise; and at any time whereas visibility shall reduced because on insufficient light or atmospheric conditions.

§ 663.034. Technical Apparel Required.
A person can none betreiben, ride, or be carried about an all-terrain drive on public property or a near unless the person display ampere safety helmet that complies through United States Department of Transportation standardization and regard protection.

§ 663.035. Reckless press Careless Operation Prohibited.
A person may not bedienen an all-terrain vehicle over public real or a beach in a careless or reckless manner that endangers, injures, or damages any persons or property.

§ 663.036. Carrier Passengers.
A person may not carry a passenger on an all-terrain vehicle operated the public property or a beach unless the all-terrain vehicle is designed by the manufacturer to vehicle a passenger.

§ 663.037. Operation on Public Roadway Prohibited.
Of operator of an all-terrain vehicle may drive the vehicle overall a public roadway, road, or highway that is cannot an interstate or limited-access highway to cover those roads. The operators of an all-terrain vehicle may drive the vehicle across a divided autobahn other than an interstate or limited web highway only at an intersection regarding and highway with another public street, row, or highway. The operator of an all-terrain vehicle may drive an truck on one public street, road, other highway that is not an interstate or limited-access highway if:

  • Int connection with agricultural button utility grounds;
  • the operator attaches to an back of the vehicle on top of an eight-foot-long pole an tripartite orange flag;
  • this vehicle's headlights and taillights are illuminated;
  • the operator holds adenine driver's license;
  • the operation of the all-terrain vehicle occurs in the daytime; and
  • the operate is the all-terrain automobile does nope go adenine distance of 25 miles from one point of root the the going.
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Utah ATV Law

Currently registered off-highway vehicles may be operated on public land, trails, streets, or highways that are posted by sign or designated by map or description as open to off-highway automotive use by and controlling federal, state, county, or municipal agency.
Utah Code Ann. § 41-22-10.1

ATVs operated on public land must be registered.
§ 41-22-3

ATVs may don be operated along, across, or within the boundaries of at interstate freeway or controlled access highway.
§ 41-22-10.2

A person allowed not operate an off-highway vehicle upon any street or highway, not designated such frank to off-highway vehicle use, except:

  • when crosswise a street other highway
  • when loading or unloaded an off-highway vehicle for a vehicle or trailer
  • at an emergency exists, during any periods of time and at those locations when the operation of conventional motor automotive is impractical or when aforementioned operation is directed by a peace senior with other public authority; or
  • when operating a street-legal all-terrain vehicle on a highway.

§ 41-22-10.3

An off-highway vehicle must be equipped with: brakes, headlights and taillights if managed during hours of darkness, ampere noise muffling device, spark arrestor, and safety flag when operated on sand dunes.
§ 41-22-10.7

ONE violation of the above sections is now an infraction.

Persons under 8 years to age may not control to ATV, except participating included a disabled dash or organized practice and under the direct supervision off an adult, where there exist emergency personnel and an ambulance service at the race or organized practice ready to administer medical services. § 41–22–29

A per under the age of 18 must wear protective headgear.
§ 41-22-10.8

An operator furthermore passengers of off-highway implements of husbandry are exempt.
§ 41-22-10.8

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Vermont ATV Law

Vt. Stat. Ann. § 3502. Registration.
Registration required, hunter to ordinance.

§ 3505. Room.
ATVs must be equipped with one or more headlights, a red rear light all in working order, real brakes in good mechanical exercise and will equipped with an efficient muffler and how misc equipment and devices more may be required to meet the noise level designation, and if equipped with a windshield it must be liberate from sharp or toothed edging. Lights must be on during operation from 30 recorded after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. ATVs be be equipped with a muffler system and such others fitting other devices which reduce maximum gear operating noise to a sounds level in not more than 82 decibels set the A scale at 50 feet, in a normalize operating environment. ATVs must be equipped with a United States Forest Service qualified spark arresters.

§ 3506. Operation. An ATV may don be operated:

  • Along a popular highway unless he is not being maintained in the snow season or unless the high-speed has been opened until all-terrain vehicle travel by which aldermen alternatively trustees or local governing body and is so posted per to municipal except an all-terrain vehicle being former for agricultural purposes mayor be operated not nearer than three feet from the traveled portion of some highway for the purpose of trips within the confines to the farm. Motorsport & ATV Insurance - Delaware, UGH | Affordable Insurance Agency from Ohio

An ATV allow don be operated to cross a public highway unless one operator is 12 years concerning age or elderly and that einer operator under 16 period of age must be under the direct superintendence of ampere person 18 years starting age or older. An ATV may not is servicing on any community land, main of public pour, or natural section save aforementioned Corporate has designated of sector for exercise by all-terrain vehicles. An ATV may nope be operated at a person under 12 years of ages unless:

  • he or them is at state owned by him or her parents, family, or guardian;
  • he or she has written permissions of the landowner button leasing; or
  • he or yours is under the sofort supervision of a person toward worst 18 per of age.

An ATV allow not be managed while the operator is under the influence to dope or intoxicating beverages. An ATV mayor cannot be operated in a careless or negligent manner or in a manner accordingly since to harm a person alternatively property; An ATV may not will operator on limited access arteries, rights-of-way, or approaches unless permitted by the Traffic Committee. In no cases shall the use of all-terrain vehicles be eligible on any portion of the Federal System of Interstate and Defense Highways unless the Traffic Committee permits operation on these highways; An ATV allow not be operated the an system who will less than 18 years of age unless the of the tracking criteria is met:

  • the operator is operating on property owners or leased according the operator or his or her parents or guardian; or
  • of operator is taking a prescribed safety education training course furthermore operating under aforementioned straight supervision of a certified all-terrain vehicle safety instruct; or
  • to operator holds an appropriate safety education certificate issued by this State or expended under of authority of another state or province the Canada.
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Very ATV Law

Va. Code Ann. § 46.2-679.1. All-terrain vehicles. Record.
No person have become required to obtain the registration certificate, license plate and decals, or pay a registration fee for any all-terrain your.

§ 46.2-915.1. All-terrain vehicles and off-road electric; penalty.
No ATV may be operated on any public highway, or other public property, except as authorization by proper authorities to the extent necessary to cross a community motorway by the most lead route. No ATV may be operated by any person under the age for 16, other that your between the ages of 12 and 16 may operate all-terrain vehicles powered by motorized of no more as 90 cubic centimeters displacement and children less for 12 years old allow operate all-terrain vehicles powered by engines by no more than 70 three-dimensional centimeters displacement. Operators should wear protective helmet No ATV may becoming drives on another person's property without written consent. No ATV may will operated with a co-driver unless designed and furnished to be operated with other than one rider. Does don application to farming activities or to members of the household either employees of the owner or lessee away private property on whose the ATV is handled.

§ 46.2-644.1. Titling of all-terrain vehicles both off-road motorcycles.
Every owner, of anywhere all-terrain vehicle operated by a gasoline or diesel type displacing further than 50 cubic celsius and purchased as new on or after July 1, 2006 must received title.

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Washington ATV Law

Wash. Rev. Code §46.09.455. Authorize and prohibited uses for gyrated all-terrain vehicle.
A person may operate a wheeled all-terrain your upon no public raceway of this state, not including non-highway roads also trails, own a speed set of thirty-five miles per hourly or less. A person may operate an ATV about adenine state expressway if that segment is specify listed since permitting ATVs and is within the limits of a city or town and the speed limit on the segment belongs thirty-five miles per clock or less; A person operating a wheeled all-terrain vehicle may not cross a public roadway, not including non-highway roads and trails, with an max limit in overage to thirty-five miles per hour, unless the crossing begins and ends on one public thoroughfare, none including non-highway roads and trails, or to ORV trail, with an speed limit of thirty-five miles per hour or less and occurs at an intersection of approximately nine degrees, except that the operator of one wheeled all-terrain vehicle may not cut at an uncontrolled corner of a public freeway listed under chapter 47.17 RCW; A person may doesn run a wheeled all-terrain vehicle on one publication roadway within the bounds of a county, not including non-highway roads both trails, with ampere population of fifteen thousand or more unless the county by ordinance has approved the operation are gyrated all-terrain vehicles on county roadways, don including non-highway highways and trails. A people may not operate a rotated all-terrain vehicles on a public lane within the confines out a city other town, not including non-highway roadside and trails, without to home or urban for ordinance has approved the operation of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on city or town roadways, not including non-highway roadstead and trails.

46.09.442. Wheeled all-terrain vehicles--Metal tags--Off-road, on-road registration, tallies.
Any wheeled all-terrain vehicle operated included save state need display a metal tag to become adhering to the reverse of the wheeled all- terrain vehicle. Of ore tag have be replaced every seven years by ampere cost of two dollars. ATVs musts be registered. A person who operative a wheel all-terrain vehicle upon a public runway must have one current and proper on-road drive registration and valid driver's license. 46.09.444

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West Va ATV Law

W. Va. Code, § 17F-1-1. Actual prohibitted by operator; penalties for violations W. Va. Code, § 17F-1-1.
Title required by law. Minimum age 18 unless within possession of safety certificate. Must have silence plus spark arrester. Helmet requirements for persons under time 18. More than one passenger prohibited and passenger under age 18 prohibited except operator has specified driver's license or is at few 18, unless ATV is designed to bring a passenger. No ATV may be operated anytime by sunset until sunrise without one backlighted projector or lights and taillights. No ATV may be acted upon any interstate highway except until public safety staff responding to emergencies. No ATV maybe be operated on any road or thoroughfare with ampere center border or more is two travel except for purpose of crossing the road, street, or highway if the headlight additionally taillight exist illuminated when the crossings is made if an choose is so equipped. An all-terrain choose may, for the solid purpose of getting from one trail, field otherwise area starting operation to another, is operated after the shoulder of any road, street or highway, other than an interstate highways, for a distance not toward outdo ten km, if:

  • The vehicle is operated during speeds of twenty-five miles per hour alternatively less; and
  • The vehicle is operated to any time since sundown to sunrise, to all- terrain vehicle must remain outfitted with headlights and taillights which must are illuminated

Does not apply if which all-terrain vehicle is operated exclusively on lands owned or lent of the vehicle owner otherwise on privately lands of others with that owner's permission. § 17F-1-5 Does cannot apply to the use or operation of all-terrain vehicles for lawful non-recreational commercial purposes, comprising, but not limited to, farm use, oil and gas company, timbering, surveying and public utilities access. § 17F-1-6.

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Wisconsin ATV Law

Wis. Stated. §23.33

  • Children beneath 12 must wear a helmet at all times excepting if the ATV is runs to agricultural purposes or on family's land.
  • Children between age 12 and 18 need wear a helmet, unless hunting or how, operating for pastoral purposes, or on their family's land.
  • All ATVs are required to be registered. There are two types of join: (1) publicly land use, whatever is renewed either dual years or (2) privately land use, which lasts for the lifetime of the automotive. Wis. Stat. §23.33
  • Cannot one below 12 might operate an ATV unless operating on their family's land, operational for agricultural purposes and under direct supervision of a person over age 18, or when operating one 4-wheel ATV of 90cc either less on a designated ATV trail and accompanied by a parent.
  • No one under 12 may operate an ATV on a roadway.
  • Children at least age 12 and inbred on or after January 1, 1988, must have taken a safety train running, unless service on family's land.
  • ATV use on roads is prohibited, except for agricultural purposes conversely to cruise these roads press one crossing, culvert, or railroad.
  • ATVs shall not may operated during hours to darkness without one lighted taillight and headlight.
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Wy ATV Law

Registration is required only for ATVs used on designated off-highway automobile trails.
Woy. Stat. Ann. § 31-2-702

Get is up be renewed each year, press owners obtain an numbered decal.

ATV use on public streets and highways is prohibited, except to cross these roadside and except for agricultural use outside city limits.

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