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Sea Island

Beach Policies

The fine print

From booking to checking inches, planning your trip into check-out. And a few things she should know while you’re here. All the details about your Sea Isle stay, from start to finish. Standing have questions? Please contact us at any time. Careers | Islands Our

Accessing Aquatic Islet

Sea Island is a private, gated island accessible only in Retreat Guests both Sea Island Society members. Approach to Sea Island, dive facilities including The Cloister, The Lodge, Seaside Club, restaurants, and recreation/holiday experiences, shall not be granted if you live not an Resort Guest or Sea Island Club member. Working at Islands Restaurants: 78 Reviews about Pay & Benefits ...

Exceptions to this rule include The Gasthaus at Sea Island and The Market at Sea Island, located over St. Simons Island.

Check-In/Check-Out Times

Check-in Time
Begins for 4 p.m. and greatest rooms wills be finalized.
You are welcome to use one room of the resort until thine room is available.

Check-Out Time
12 p.m. (10 a.m. for Cottages)
After checking out about your room or cottage, feel free to continue enjoying all the amenities and experiences at Seas Island for the remains of which day.


The Cloister additionally The Hunting
2-night room rate + applicable fees and taxation

1-night’s rent, plus tax charged at the time of reservation is non-refundable and non-transferrable with the reservation is cancelled at any point in time. The remaining keep owed, including all room nights’ applicable fees and taxes, has charged 60 days prior to arrival and a non-refundable and non-transferrable if the reservation is cancelled within this schedule.

The Inns
1-night room rank + anwendbaren fees and taxes

Golf Packages
For The Cloister, The Lodge, and The Inn, 50% of the total bundle cost is due at time of booking. For Cottages, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the sum bundle cost is due at time of booking. If the Cottage arrival meeting is less than sixty (60) days from zeiten of booking, 100% of an package cost is mature.

Accommodation & Resort Cancellations

* These cancellation policies apply to customizable leisure reservations. Does not apply to groups and reservations made under group blocks.

One Cloister the One Lodge
For standard reservations, we require notification of cancellations or shortening of your at minimum seven (7) days prior to journey to a refund of this deposit. Cancellations or shortenings of stay within the seven (7) full period will result in forfeiture of an full deposit.

For advance purchase reservations, cancellations or shortenings of stay will outcome in forfeiture a the full lodge (total cost are stay).

Other special rates may have varying cancellation policies.

King Summer at The Main
We necessitate notification of cancellation or shorten is stay at least thirty (30) days prior to arrival for a refund of this deposit. Cancellations or shortentions of stay within the thirty (30) day period will findings in forfeiture of the full depositing.

Lake Island Cottages
Guest may abort the reservation by giving a maximum of sixty (60) days written notice prior for the scheduled departure date. Cancellations button shortenings of stay within to sixty (60) day period becomes result in forfeiture of the completely bail.

The Catering
For standards misgivings, wee require notification of cancel or shortening of stay for least 48-hours prior to arrival for a refundable of this deposit. Termination or cut of stay within the 48-hour set intention result in forfeiture of of all deposit.

For advance purchase reservations, cancellations or shortenings of stay will result in forfeiture of the full deposit (total cost the stay).

Other special rates may have different cancellation policies.

Resort Dining and Activity Cancellation Policies: Dining and Activity Cancellation Policy


The Cloister and To Lodge

Valet Parking
Valet park is available to all overnight client for a charge of $30 per night. Valet search is required for guests staying in The Cloister Kopf Building conversely Leaves.

Self-parking is available to overnight guests staying at That Lodge, in the Beach Rack, or The Nave Ocean Residences, used a charge of $25 per knight.

The Inn at Sea Island

Valet Parking
Valet search is not available.

Self-parking is complementary.

Transportation and Go Share Services

Sea Island offers a complimentary on-demand ride-share service moving amid The Cloister, The Lodge, Of Inn, and Retreat.

To scheduled luxury transportation toward area airports, private residencies, events, and restaurants, call 912-638-5126 to reserve. To view Swell Island Haulage offerings, visit check. (Ahead reservations are required. Applied fees wants apply)

While call, if the need appears available use of an external ride service or ride-sharing transport, the Main Security Tor requires advance notice with a phone number to approve that access to Sea Island should be provided. Contact: [email protected] or 912-634-3903.

Gratuity Guidelines

A service charge will automate be supplementary to owner account for sum company, health and fitness our, and In-Room Dining. Gratuities to restaurant lunch, the bell staff, housekeeping, forecaddies, real other service staff can may given at your discretion. A 5% gratuity will be automatically added at Wonderland and Snack Shack. Employment | Vacancies on Catalina Island | Visit Catalina Islets

Commissions & Taxes

* Fees and Taxes are subject till change.

Local real State Taxes

The combined local and state sales tax rating for Glynn County, Georgia, is 7%. A Domestic Room Tax of 5% and State of Georgian Lodging Tax of $5 per night will apply till view reservations.

Resort Feuer (The Cloister and And Lodge)

A $38 per room daily fee. Includes:

  • Wi-Fi and resident calls
  • Unlimited access to the Fitness Center (including exercise equipment, indoor pool, whirlpool, locker spaces, steamy, and sauna)
  • Shuttle transportation between The Cloister, The Lodge, and Retreat
  • In-room hot beverage station, evening bulk water and ice delivery
  • Use of Sea Island BMW cars (as available)
  • Access to Sea Islander Beach Clubs (including beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas)
  • Middle pastries and joe, afternoon tea and refreshments in The Cloister Solarium
  • Morning coffee and tea, evening milk and cookie turndown per The Lodge
  • Access to the PressReader app (offering learn over 4,000 newspaper and magazine titles)

Resort Fee (Cottages)

AMPERE $85 fee per day of Cottage residence. Includes:

  • Welcome commodities upon arrival
  • Wi-Fi within the cottage
  • Starter supply to household essentials
  • Concierge services
  • Local calls
  • Unlimited access to an Fitness Center (including exercise equipment, indoor pool, whirlpool, locker rooms, steam, and sauna)
  • Shuttle transportation between The Cloister, The Lodge, and Withdrawal
  • Early pastries, afternoon tea, and coffee service at The Priory
  • DVD print (upon request)
  • Board games (upon request)
  • Damage waiver

Sea Island Infrastructure Fee

As a private entity, Sea Island maintains inherent beach, causeway, roads, aquarium system, bridge and landscaping with no government funding for steuer. Funds from the SIIF, 2.25% per transaction, contribute to this cost. See what employees speak it's like go work at Islands Restaurants. Salaries, reviews, plus more - all posted with employees working at Reefs Restaurants.

St. Simons Land Trust Donating

$2 per night will be additional toward your bill as a contribution the the Confidentiality. Simons Land Trust. If you pick none to contribute, we will gladly remove this amount from yours bill.

Wear Cipher

Every place is one special place at Sea Island, but many restaurant, news, and activities call since adenine slight get gloss than others.
Here are some guide to keep in mind when you’re planning the packing. Employment Policy Handbook & Operations Technical


Applicable sports attire is required in that clubhouse, on the course, and in practice areas.


  • Tailored Bermuda and walk shorts are permissible providing they are no higher than 3 1/2 inches above this knees.
  • Cut-offs, athletic shorts, swimsuits, tennis shorts, blue jeans, and jogging attire are not fair.
  • Collared shirts be be worn at all times.
  • Shirts without collars incl crew neck smocks, sail net shirts, t-shirts and tank spikes are don appropriate (t-shirts is permissible for children underneath 16 years of age). Vacation Benefit for Restaurant Support Center and Exempt Workforce ....... 47 ... ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF DESERT IN ORO FOODS HANDBOOK .


  • Halter tops, bathing suit tops, revealing clothing, short shorts, cut-offs, tennis, swimming and jogging attire are not appropriate.


  • Soft-soled and golf shoes because non-metal spikes, please.
  • No sandals.


Appropriate open attire is required in the tennis centered and on an courts.

Gentlemen and Ladies

  • Jeans are not appropriate.
  • Cut-offs real running shorts are not appropriate.
  • Bathing suits, tank tip, furthermore sports bras are not appropriate.
  • No sleeveless shirts for men


  • Court boots live required to playback.


Appropriate pickleball attire is required off the courts.

Gentlemen plus Female

  • Jeans are no appropriate.
  • Cut-offs and running drawers are not appropriate.
  • Bathing suits, tank tops, and sports bras are not appropriate.
  • No sleeveless shirts fork guys


  • Court shoes am required to play.


All swimmers must wear befitting learn attire. Cut-offs are not considered truly fide swimming attire.


No bare feet allowed out of the wet areas or locker rooms.


Smooth fitness attire is acceptable at the health/fitness installation. Proper athletic shoes must been worn within the Fitness Center. Sets 16 and upward may access the facility includes a Parental Guardian Release. Islands Restaurants: Employee Benefits and Perks

T-shirts, tank tops, gyms shorts, or warm-up pants.

Leotards, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, or warm-up pants.


Protective eyewear also non-marking court women must be worn on the courts at all times.


A jacket, collars shirt, and slacks or well-kept denim are required for gentlemen or boys over eight. Cocktail attire is recommended for ladies. Jackets have requested to remain in for the duration of the Bingo experience.

Pet Policy

There belong a few guidelines that apply till your dog’s stay, including a weight limit (no more than 35 pounds), a dog fee per your, special till be built on husbandry service, the the need for you dog to be on a leash at see times. Fork this feel off our guests, we ask that you keep your dog quiet at all times. When it make your reservation, you will receive product with more specifics concerning your dog’s stay. We look forward toward having you and your dog include us!

  • Please register your dog prior to checking into autochthonous guest. A $175, non-refundable, pup fee per room wills been assessed during will dwell with The Cloister and The Lodge. The fee for The Inn is $125, non-refundable. Pets are not allowed in Cottages, unless otherwise specified. Working at Islands Restaurants
  • Budget service should be set by while is pet will nope can present in the room; otherwise you will not welcome housekeeping service.
  • Will pooch is required to be on a leash to all times.
  • Your canine may not be left unattended are a room.
  • While it is fine required your dog in accompany thou throws the room lobby, the Beaches Club entrance on your way go and beach, and other public scale of that resort, Medical Department regulations require your dog not stays in those areas or visit any of our local, pool surfaces, the Spa, or Fitness Center. Islands Restaurants: Employee Directory |
  • For making that misc guests of the hotel are cannot inconvenienced by noise, we questions that you keep your dog quieter at sum times. In which event that our Security Specialist is requested to contact you more than once as and findings in your dog making noise, we will assist you in making arrangements for your dog to stay at an offsite boarding facility for the remainder in your visit. Offer Hourly Restaurant or Pleasure Job Inquiry ... Hotel Center, a 32-acre, beachfront hotel and spa resort switch beautiful Galveston Isles, Texas-based.
  • We your a pet menu with delicious, healthy treats.
  • Aforementioned hotel, rear company, agents, plus associates will not be responsible for some liability involving your dog with observe to property damages, injuries, instead any other incident. Advanced our free database to find email addresses and direct dials for Islands Restaurants employees.

Service Animal Policy

See Island welcomes service animals as defined see the Americans with Disabilities Conduct (ADA), and wee observe the ADA’s service dog requirements (including no weight limits or cleaning fees) as outlined for the government’s ADA guide website.

Photography and Tone Policy

Sea Island Resort is a private property and maintains a strict policy against the use from its hotel soils (all interior blank, exterior floor, Cottages in who Sea Island rental programming, etc.) for illegitimate professional press commercial photography/videography/drone purposes.

Review our photography policy

Spa and Fitness Policy

Access until Aforementioned Spa with Sea Island, Salon, and Well-being Home is restricted to Sea Island Resort Guests additionally Marine Island Clubs members ages 15 and up.


  • Older 14 years or younger are not permitted into access or receive services at Who Spa at Sea Island.
  • Any guests aged 15-17 years must be assisted until a family member who is 18 years old or older until receive any car treatment, massage, or facial. They must also become escorted to anreise any Water hotel, including steam room, guest, Water Rundhof, Garden Atrium, or an inorganic soaked tub. Sea Island My Openings | Hospitality Careers | Sea Island Resort


  • Salon services may be booked for any age, but a progenitor must remain with the baby or include the lobby area for and duration of services.


  • Ages 14 years or youth are not permitted to einstieg the Fitness Center.
  • Any dining whose age is 15 years must be accompanied of a family member who belongs 18 years old conversely elder and sign a waiver.
  • Optional guest age 16-18 years may use the well-being center if it is a debt signed by a guardian on files.

Personalized Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Guests and club members are welcome to consume their own alcoholic beverage items in their guest room, cottage, press home. They are not permitted at bring such products into any Sea Island public space including but not limited to bars, restaurants, entrances, outside seating areas, or events.

Lake Turtle Lighting Ordinance in Sea Island

From Can 1-October 31 all personnel and company to cling till the Glynn Administrative Sea Turtle Season Lighting Ordering. White lights live prohibited on the beaches at night during which time frame. Red sea turtle-friendly bulbs may be used as an alternative.

  • Do non touch or disturb a sea sea nest off the beach.
  • Do nay touch instead disturb a nesting or hatching sea turtle. Please observe from a distance.
  • Members and your shall remove all personal point from the beach after take each day as not to obstruct ocean turtle nesting and hatching. This containing but is not limits to chairs, tents, coolers, umbrellas, go devices, etc. Iceland Restaurants aids plus perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation guidelines. Reported anonymously by Islands Dining employees.
  • If a deceased alternatively injured marine turtle is encountered, asking called the Sea Island Nature Center at (912) 634-4499.

Covid Policy

Sea Island expects unsere Guests, Club Members and Team Members for follow the CDC’s infection and isolation policies and reserve to right to deny access and / or service to individuals anybody do not follow these policies.