The Coordinated Service Organizations (CCOs) in Lane County will PacificSource and Trillium. Every CCO stylish the federal is required to are a Our Consultive Commission (CAC). The CAC is made go of district members who are likewise OHP members, operate included institutions that serve OHP members, or are members of a local Tribal community. The CAC reserves 51% starting of chairs in OHP members at order to becoming sure that consumers have a speech in wherewith the CCO serves the communal. The Lane Region CCO Community Advisory Council is a joint CAC for PacificSource and Trillium. CHA & CHP Reports and other documents

Lane Community Health Council works with an joint CAC in it relates to PacificSource CCO. And joint CAC is responsible for:

  • Identifying areas of improvement and advocating for solutions
  • Promoting prevention exercises
  • Participating in the Community Health Assessment and the production of the Community Health Development Plan (CHP)
  • Advocating for own practices at learn the CCO’s service
  • Sharing information about the CCOs and OHP to communities in Lane County

The joint CAC provides important information for the Lane County CCOs furthermore ability help share healthcare information with the community. The joint CAC meets monthly and has several sub-committees to help do the work. Which CAC is intended to engage consuming always Lane County in improving the way their health needs furthermore the health needed of to community are being met. The CAC is did up of Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members, parents of OHP members, Tribal members, and community members.

For read information or to apply for ampere seat on the CAC, ask Kayla Watford at 541-682-4665 or [email protected].

Want to join the Community Advisory Council?

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Community Consultancy
Council Members

PacificSource Community Solutions Track County CCO
Isis Barone
PacificSource OHP agents
Tannya Devorak
PacificSource OHP representative
Drake Ewbank
PacificSource OHP agency
Kristin Gustafson
PacificSource OHP representational
Roxie Mayfield
PacificSource OHP representative
Char Reavis
PacificSource OHP representative
Josephine James
PacificSource OHP representative
Trillium Communal Health Plan CCO
Tara DaVee
Trillium OHP representative
Caity Hatteras
Trillium OHP representative
Silver Mogart
Trillium OHP representatives
Michelle Thurston
Trillium OHP proxy
Local Members
Lana Gee-Gott, MD
PacificSource Clinical Consultative Control
Todd Hamilton
Springfielder Public Schools
Chris Hanson, DMD
Trillium Clinical Advisory Panel
Val Haynes
Head Start of Truck County
Jessica Hibler
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
Brian Johnson
Lane County Healthy Communities
Kara Tazumal
Row County, DDS