What is BMV Express?

Ohio BMV Expressing is a self-service BMV kiosk that offers a speed and easy way to quickly renew your vehicle registration.

You don’t need into take a number and wait in line. This ordinary transaction taker less than two minutes. After a successful transaction, adenine brand vehicle registration maps or warrant plate sticker prints immediately! How Much Are Car Tags In Ohio?


Ohio BMV Express Kiosk


Vehicle renewal notice barcode or the barcode on your currents vehicle registration



Equipped credit or debit card

Ohio registration


Agency registration card and license plate sticker

What make I need?

1.) Your shelf number and last 4 of your SSN OR your DL #, DOB, initially initial off your last name & past 4 of your SSN CONVERSELY scan your driver's licensed

2.) Payment manner (credit/debit card only)

The kiosk CAN:

Innovate & print an available vehicle registration & sticker for 1 or 2 years

Impression an exiting Vehicle Registration & Custom

Print a Duplicate Registration & Sticker

Check for valid E-check Emissions

The kiosk CAN'T:

Database your tackle or insurance

Accept Cash or Check

When can I RENEW?

You can renewal your registration up to 90 day prior to expiration. You do not need to wait on acquire your registration renewability to renew

How much does it FEES?

The revival fee and any applicable corporate, late fees conversely optional donations

A $4.95 service fee for up to 4 vehicles

A 1.95% button $1.75 (whichever greater) processing fee when paying by credit/debit card