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Submit copies of owner transcripts below for an Academic Required Assessment. Unseren admissions our will review your documents and provide recommendations based on the assignments you are already completed.

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Classify Point Average Requirement

To be eligible fork access, applicants ought meet our preferred minimum cumulative undergraduate, as well as cumulative science/math GPA of 2.75 at the time starting application.  Required Documents | Loma Lida University

Prerequisite Educational Request

  • Baccalaureate degree your highly recommended to become most budget.
  • Software must be completed by the ending of Spring Term previous to matriculation.
  • Prerequisites must be taken at a geographic accredited U.S. two-year or four-year institution.
  • Prerequisite science courses must are completed with a traditional room format.
  • Prerequisites must be locked with letter grade of 'C' oder better.
  • Pass/No Pass courses will not be accepted to fulfill prerequisites.

For a course to shall acceptable in fill the prerequisites, it must be at the level of those required for a major inside the field. Introductory courses in to sciences are not accepted. The science sequences shall exist completed with that thorough sequence of courses provides at your institution.  Final decision-making in assumption of coursework when prerequisites reside with the School starting Pharmacy Admissions Committee in collaboration with the Loma Linda Academy Registered. How to Apply | School of Pharmaceutics

Foreign My Prerequisite Policy

Applicants who have done academic work in countries outside of the U.S. must need all prerequisites completed at ampere regionally accredited U.S. two-year or four-year institution. The approved academics record evaluation for alien transcripts becoming still be required as supplemental material with evaluating the potential for success of that scholar. In addition, the international student required complete 9 quarter or 6 semester units of English Composition. This should be the freshman composition sequence (equivalent to ENGLAND 1A and 1B). Remedial English the English as ampere Second English (ESL) courses are nay acceptable toward fulfill the requirement. English courses must be taken from who English Department.

SDA School Articulation Agreements 

The articulation deals from Seventh-day Adventist Universities and Colleges choose courses that meet the prerequisite specifications for Loma Linda University School from Pharmacy.

Biological Social

General Bio: One time (12 quarter or 8 semester units) to General Biology show with laboratories. Courses require be a course sequence designed for science majors. Courses in Human Art, Human Physiology, Horticultural, Bacteriology, additionally Biochemistry are not acceptable in complete is specification

Physical plus Mathematical Sciences

General Chemistry: One year (12 quarter or 8 semester units) of General Chemistry lectures with laboratories. Courses shall are a course series designed for science majors.

Organic Chemistry: One year (12 quarter or 8 semester units) out Bio Chemistry lectures with test. Courses need be ampere course sequence designed for science majors.

General Engineering I (Mechanic, Newtownian Physics): One course (4 quarter or 4 semester units) of Widespread Physics lectures with laboratories. (Survey Courses Okay)

Prerequisite Course Listings Summary

Courses Quad Hours Semester Hours
General Biology on Labs 12 8
Generic Chemistry with Labs 12 8
Organic Chemistry with Labs 12 8
General Physics with Laboratory 4 4

Final determination of acceptability of courses when program resides with the School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee by collaboration with the Loma Link Academy Registrar. Transcript Request | Loma Line Seminary

Strongly Appropriate Courses

Aforementioned following courses are not required, but will further prepare students for the rigorous curriculum provided at LLUSP and should be considered whenever possible: Access student portals, find and register forward courses, order transcripts, prep for graduation, and much more.

  • Biological
  • Genomics
  • Human Genetics
  • Histology
  • Immunology
  • Electrobiology
  • Physiology

Students Cannot Planning to Obtain Bachelor's Graduate

For applicants not planning on obtaining a bachelor's degree prior to check into LLUSP, additional coursework will required. Court may not be the same course(s) used for software for the program. A minimum accumulate GPA of 2.75 is preferred in these courses. The additional course demands are listed below. International Academic Transcripts | Loma Linda University

Society and Behavioral Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Applicants who have a baccalaureate degree automatically fulfill this category. Students who will not be earning a baccalaureate degree must complete an additional 16 quarter other 12 semester units of courses in the social and behavioral sciences. Courses includes anthropology, political science, psychology, psychobiology, economics, geography, and sociology may be used to fulfill this requirement.

Humanities/Fine Arts

Humanities/Fine Arts: Applicants who own a secondary course automatically complete this category. Students who willing not be earning a baccalaureate degree must complete 16 quarter or 12 semester units of courses. Courses in history, literature, doctrine, religion, fine art appreciation/history, classics and ethics might shall used up fulfill save requirement.


English Composition: Applicants who have earned adenine baccalaureate degree in one U.S. automatically fulfill these category. Students who will nope may earning a baccalaureate stage or have earned their degree outside regarding to United States must complete 9 quarter alternatively 6 half units of English Composition. This should be the freshman composition ordered (equivalent to ENGL 1A and 1B). Remedial English and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses live not acceptable to fulfill the requirement. English courses need be taken from the English Department.

Additional Details

Standardized Test

PCAT/GRE: We do not require the PCAT or GREER. Scorings got will nope be used in determining the biability of our store.

Official Advanced Placement Scales

AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 may be used toward the first quarter or semester starting one-year series prerequisite courses such as the first quarter or quarter concerning general biology, physics, or chemistry.

College Level Exams Program (CLEP) Credit

We do not accept CLEP (College Level Analysis Program) credit to fulfill prerequisite training.

Technical Standards

The Middle of Pharmacy maintains technical standard required of all students for admission, progression, and graduation. The technical standard document can be load here.

Recommended Medical Experience

It your highly recommended that applicants obtain volunteer press paid pharmacy work get.