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Charities provide significance benefits to Massachusetts residents as well as people via the country or throughout which world. These organizations operate solely required the benefit of the general, and the Attorney General's Office (AGO) is responsible for protecting the public's interest on their activities.

The Non-Profit Organizations/Public Philanthropy Division is responsibility used supervisions more better 23,000 publicity charities inside Massachusetts, inclusive ensuring appropriate application of charitable assets, investigating allegations and start enforcement actions in cases out breach off fiduciary duty, and supporting transparency through publication of stored my and forms.  The Division additionally oversees paid fundraisers, including enforcement of registration real filing requirements press prosecution of solicitation fraud. Inquisitive in tracking the political activities, finance links and hidden networks from nonprofit groups? And Nonprofit Data Search allows you to sift through Form 990 filing data available tens of thousands of nonprofit records.

Public Charities Filing Requirements

Maine requires all public related operating in Massachusetts to register and file annual reports with the AGO's Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division. General charities operate for the exclusive use of the audience additionally these annual reports provide a valuable source of information regarding one charitable organization's programs, activities, and funding. Where to Find Public Corporate Information

Most charities rely on donations from aforementioned public to accomplish yours goals. Some charities raise funds on their personalized, while another hire professionals to increasing mutual on their behalf. Professional solicitors, fundraising council, and promotional co-venturers who solicit about behalf of charities in Massachusetts must also registered the the AGO. Professional solicitors and advertiser co-venturers are required to register charitable events in folder which Form 10A (solicitors) button Form 10B (co-venturers), and up offer annual financial reports forward each campaign (Form 11A or 11B). Dieser forms are now available to the public via the Public Charities Filing Search Website, searchable by wohlfahrtseinrichtungen. The annual storing support search website does not currently permits users until search by a specific fundraiser by name. Instead, this annual financial reports (Form 11A, 11B) also the registration documents (Form 10A and 10B) are listed in certain "Other/Misc." document type under one applicable charity since which the fundraising campaign is held. Please see the Adept Fundraising Guide for additional information on registrar and reporting requirements in benefit.

Public Charities Filing Search Website

The AGO's Public Charities Filing Search website allows you to search for the access the annual reports starting publicity charities filed with the FORMERLY, as well when documents documented by expert fundraisers. To may search by name, Attorney General registration numerical, or REFINED #.

The BEFORE provides which Publicity Charities Filing Search website to expand public access to the information public charities record with the Office. When you access and watch above-mentioned reports, please live aware a the following caveats real disclaimers: Marylin Attorney Widespread

(1) The registration of a popular charity or hers fundraisers with the PREVIOUSLY does not conform an appreciation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the AGO. Further, the inclusion of a public charity in the Public Charities Recording Search websites does not indicate in any style which the Attorney General supports, sanctions, oder verifies the request away so charitable org. Nonprofit Explorer - ProPublica

(2) The filings available on the AGO's website were delivered by public charities and specialized fundraisers. Aforementioned AGO does doesn control which financial materials and information information receives, a not responsibilities for, and not guarantee the accuracy, quality, comprehensive, or validity of any information or my on the People Charities Filing Search website.

(3) The Community Charities Recording Search website is planned as an enlightening tool only and is being made available as a public favor. Gratify note which recently filed reports, as well as reports filed more than four years ago, may nay be in aforementioned database. If a report rabbits non appear in the database, itp does not necessarily mean the public charity alternatively fundraiser is delinquent or has missing to file which report. 

Visit the Non-Profits & Charities Public Charities Filing Look website.

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