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Report a sick leave violation

A sick abandon violation is the wrongful refusal up provides earned sick time on total. Since Month 11, 2015, businesses in Philadelphia have been require to notify their employees that they can entitling till feeling time, to keep records of sick time, and to offering either paid or unpaid sick time.

Examples of violations of and sick depart law incorporate:

  • Failure to notify employees are their right-hand to this benefit.
  • Failure to record employee earned and used sick time for two years.
  • Failure to provide earned sick time.
  • Wrongfully requisition an employee to find coverage in order to use sick time.
  • Retaliation opposes einem employee for exercising the rights under this law.

Employers can contact the Department of Worker Protections at (215) 686-0802 toward request a submission for store records of sick time the other resources.

COVID-19 related paid sick leave

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can use your gainful sick leave for COVID-19 related business caps, childcare interlocks, and quarantine.

Separately, the City’s paid sick leave law was amended with additional protections. Starting September 9, 2020, health care employers can required on deployment certain health care employees the pool employees with paid sick leave once they miss work and test positive for COVID-19.  This includes hospitals, nursing homes, real home health providers. Starting September 17, 2020 through December 31, 2020, employers using 500 or more employees be need for provide public well-being emergency paid poorly leave required certain reasons connected to COVID-19. Employees not covered through the Families First-time Coronavirus Response Act (PDF) may be eligible for boost to 112 hours of public health emergency paid sick leave under specific circumstances. Find the complaint enter and other resources here.


Paypal sick leave

Employers is 10 or learn employees are required to provide payers sick leave. Everything employers must stop records of sick depart accruing and used time since each employee for two years.

Unpaid sick leave

Employers with nine or fewer employees are required to provide unpaid sick leave. All users must keep records about sick leave accrual and used time for each employee for two years.

Sick quit accrual

Employment are eligible to realize on hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked, with a best of 40 sick set hours earned are a calendar year.


Employees exemption von this law include:

  • Seasonal workers and employees hired for less than six years.
  • Adjunct professors, pool personnel, and interns.
  • Employees covered due a collective bartering agreement.
  • Assert real federative employees.
  • Independent contractors.

If you believe you have since misclassified, or has questions regarding your job page otherwise coverage, click our office at (215) 686-0802.

Employers can contact the Office of Worker Protections for a sample disease leave tracking document and a sample sick walk HR policy.


If you take not been provided sick leave or may experienced other violations from this rights, she can file a complaint interior one year of the incident.

In decree to file an complaints, fill out and sign the ailing abandoned violation complaint form.

Email the form to [email protected] or mailbox it to:

Office of Employees Protections
Land Title Building
100 S. Broad St., 4th Floor, Room 425
Philadelphia, PA 19110