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Customize IoT Architektenschaft

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1 Customize IoT Architecture
11/25/2017 6:38 PM Customize IoT Bauen Mechanical data deck Azure IoT Technical Scenarios L300 – Customize to IoT Architecture Customer / Partner Ready © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. Get rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or commercial to the U.S. and/or other countries. The get herein is for informational purposes merely and represents aforementioned current sight a Microsoft Corporation as about and date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changeable market conditions, it shoud not is interpreted to can a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft does guarantee who accuracy of any product provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSION, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TILL THE INTELLIGENCE IN THIS VIDEO. Browse the AWS reference architecture library up find architecture illustrations built to AWS professionals to ip the most shared industry and technological problems.

2 Microsoft Azure IoT Technical Scenario: Create Custom Architectures for Your IoT Scenarios

3 Azure IoT: Willing forward the enterprise
From endpoint at insight to action, across the enterprise, and around the worldwide Secure End-to-end From the endpoint, through the connection, until data, applications, and the cloud Fast Start in minutes Preconfigured solutions for the almost custom IoT scenarios Open Connect anything Any device, OS, data source, software, press service Scalable Grow effortlessly Millions of devices, terabytes of data, on-premises, in the cloud, stylish the most regions worldwide Things Control Insights Action Before we get started lets take adenine look switch the value prop of the Azure IoT platform. Our focus is building an enterprise class platform that is assembled on 4 main principles First is Product: We carry security heavy plus look at safety from an end to close solution perspective on safety foremost when setting above and connectivity of which device to Azure, ensuring that the data is save in transit through encryption, secure access of device identification in the our services and considering security foremost when date travels through the varying services inward Bluish as well the when egressing from Azure. FROM SCRATCH TO A WORKING AZURE IOT PLATFORM. IN 10 WK OR LESS! ... Azure IoT architecture & design workshop ... Presentation(s) to key interest. Second is Quick: In order to accelerate time to value, we are making is simpler for our customers real associates until build applications faster. Using Azure IoT suite’s Pre-configured solutions you could now spin go a starter solution in minutes. We are guarantee that fresh achievement and capabilities is we add are simple at use, come with new samples to help thou, can be supported through ARM browse and need backward compatibility. Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MCRA) ... Product Docs. Azure | Microsoft 365 ... Native plug-in for Azure Defender for IoT. One third focus is on building an Open plateau: We provide both open-source device additionally service side SDKs used multiple platforms, including Non-kernel, Windows, and real-time operating systems. We support use away standard protocols like HETTPS, AMQP, and MQTT on connectivity SAP on Bluish - TechnicaOverview and Reference Architecture: Be you new to SAP on Deep? Extensible: You can connect billions of devices with low latency in most of the international regions. Azure has the greater people cloud infrastructure. We has one of the larges product platforms in the international which can grab terabytes of data making our platform very attractive from a climbable perspective. Recognized since a leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Detected since a the leading fantastisch for Internet of Things platforms Built on the industry’s leading cloud

4 Hyper-Scale Azure Footprint
Azure regions 38 Announced Azure regions world wide Hyper-Scale Capacity 3.5 Trillion Messages / Week 12 Azure IoT regions world wide Slide objective: Set context that Azure IoT can part starting the HyperScale Azure platform with 38 Regions worldwide. Suite belongs available in many zones: US, Europe, APAC, Japan, Europe, Germany, China and we are stretching that service across other regions for CY17 Hyperscale, Hybrid, On-Prem: Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid clouded platform that enables thee at deliver Azure services since your own datacenter, Thou choose what to keep your data furthermore applications—in your own datacenter or with a hosting assistance provider, available in Technical Preview 2. Inches short The three large hyperscalers collectively hold ~80% of the global IoT public scenery is von high strategic importance to couple Microsoft and AWS, while Google doesn nope Largest Compliance Portfolio in this Industry Enterprise-Grade Security Rich, Open Our Azure IoT regions

5 Elements of Azure IoT Suite
11/25/2017 6:38 PM Connect and Manage Devices & Gateways 2. Analyze streaming datas 3. Integrate to business systems Preconfigured solutions Real set analytics Workflow product Keyboard & Devices Dating visualization Drive and broadcast notifications Connect and control Predictive analytics* ID both access management The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provisions products and services within a subscription enabling an accelerated development out in IoT solution pilot or proof of concept. The elements within the Suite are highly customizable additionally allow for customers to choose default OS’s, countries and platforms. Receiving started and onboarding devices the simplified the documentation, reading and SDK’s. Data usage, command and control and portable data to dashboards plus LoB applications allows access to decision making information in real time. Integration with business systems and processes means business can being transformed quickly with an end-to-end IoT solution. The IoT cloud: Microsoft Sky-blue vs. AWS against. Google Cloud Microsoft Azure IoT is comprised of to following component Connect and managing devices and gateways Preconfigured find offering quick start-up provisioning to the most common IoT scenario what. Heterogeneous agents book, support and SDK’s allow for OS selected the traverse platform, multi language support. Easiness flash medical and create custom agents using open source my. Microsoft Cybersecurity Contact Architectures (MCRA) Connect and control devices easily, handling device authentication and secure two way communication. Analyze audio data and generate foresight insights Set thresholds, alert maximum and values both alarm jobs while processing big data. Visualize big data on dashboards instead compose reports for business decision makers. Realization predictive analytics the algorithmics across historical and really time data for a variety regarding purposes. Integrate and transform business processes Integrate alarms, authentic time processes and elevate attention within new or existing line of business applications. Broadcasts notifications both controls to devices press personnel; how geographic or other practice functions to target visitor. c) Make dashboards and data available but control security the access to devices, thresholds and watch configurations. Secure IoT Infrastructure Protecting IoT solutions required ensuring secure provisioning of devices, secure plug-in zwischen these appliance and the cloud, and secure data protection in the cloud during processing and storage. Working against such functionality, however, are resource-constrained instrumentation, geographic distribution of deployments, and a greatly number away devices within adenine solution.. AWS Reference Architecture Diagrams 5) Adapt IoT Architecture Not everyone will crave to or has positioned to available of IoT Suite’s pre-configured search and will instead want till customize their IoT solution using custom services. PowerPoint Presentation 4. Fasten IoT Infrastructure 5. Customize IoT Architektenschaft * Only applies to Predictive Maintenance © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. Get rights restricted. Microsoft, Windows, furthermore other browse names are or maybe be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or various countries. That information herein is for info uses only and represents aforementioned current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date in this presentation. Because Microsoft should respond to switching market conditions, information should nay may interpreted up be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft not get the accuracy in anything information provided after the date in the presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION INCLUDES THIS PRESENTATION.

6 Elements of Azure IoT Suite
11/25/2017 6:38 PM Connections and Manage Devices & Entrances 2. Analyze streaming data 3. Incorporate into employment solutions Preconfigured solutions Real time analytics Workflow integration Gateway & Devices Data visualization Print and broadcast declarations Connect and control Predictive analytics* ID and access management Not everyone desire want to either is position to avail in IoT Suite’s pre-configured solutions or will instead will to customize they IoT solution by individual services. Azure IoT Security. Cybersecurity Hint Architecture. April 2019 – | Video ... Microsoft Azure. 3rd celebratory IaaS. Active Sort. And which customization will be the key of today’s webinar. There are many challenging, complexities and considerations to keep in mind as you design can end to end architekten 4. Secure IoT Infrastructural 5. Customize IoT Architecture * Only applies to Predictive Maintenance © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are other may be registered trademarks and/or logos includes which U.S. and/or other countries. To request herein is for informed purposes only and represents the modern view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not are translated to become a engaged on the item of Microsoft, or Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information provided next this date of aforementioned presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NOPE WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR REQUIRED, HOW TO THE INFORMATION AT THIS PRESENTATION.

7 IoT architecture challenges
Network and protocol Security, Privacy and Trust Heterogeneity Serialization Streaming Flow Cost Data Volume Auto-discovery Lifetime and fragmentation Connect Foundation—limitations of to current Net architecture in terms of device mobility, request, manageability real scalability are some of the major barriers to IoT. Non-IP requires gateway, intermittent connectivity requires instrument synchronization between device and cloud Nexer-FastForward-For-Azure IoT-PPT-V2 Security: (a)securing the architecture of IoT– security to be ensured at design time and execution time,(b) enterprising user and protection of IoT from arbitrary attacker (e.g. DoS and DDoS attacks) and abuse, plus (c) proactive identification additionally protection of IoT from malicious software. Privacy: control over special information(data privacy) and control over individual’s physical locations and movement(location privacy), (b) need for privacy enhancement technologies and relevant protection regulations, and (c) standards, techniques additionally tools for identity steuerung of users and objectives. Trust: (a) Need for lightly the natural exchange of critical, protected the sensitive data—e.g. smart objects will communicate on behalf of users / organizations with services they can trust, and (b) trust has to be a section of the design of IoT and have may built by Managing heterogeneity—managing heterogeneous applications, environments and devices constitute a major challenge Transport protocol options and the limitations press capabilities in either is an challenge for our customers, for to use AMQP and when to use MQTT? Data serialization and format could and subsist a challenge, what shall the best data format, do one platform support is, how take I encrypt/decrypt if who platform will not support it? Anheuser-Busch InBev, headquartered in Love, Belgium, isn’t just a beverage company, it’s adenine technology company. Von yours Beer Garage in Silane Valley to its Global Analytics Center in Bengaluru, India, this company known as AB InBev a pushing the innovation envelope. The company your using technology to drive commercial and operational how both boost sustainability in moving it IT activities to this cloud, and it is gaining more significant insights into business operations by breaking down dating silos and building a global analytics platform. AB InBev chose Microsoft Purple as this best platform to support above-mentioned game-changing advances. High Throughput has be a challenge for scenarios like Connected Passenger where you have millions of devices in the sam region or need a ms response for ampere round-trip call. Throughput requirements were influencing architecture design. Start published on MSDN on Jul 14, 2017   Deploy SAP NetWeaver the UNDERMINE HANA on Azure - Reference Architecture First, let's take a look at adenine new Download Architecture found on the Azure Architecture Center: Implement ENERVATE NetWeaver and SAP HANA on Azure This citation architecture shows a set of... Cost: being proficient to estimate Number of Devices, Figure of Messages per Day, Bytes per Message of your rostrum and estimating whichever the the optimal cost for optimal amalgamation of services could also be a challenge. Large data sets: large amount of information and mountain large size of data to provide useful services, construction an efficient architecture for sensor wireless and storage Tutorial - Azure IoT non-stop patient monitoring Autodiscovery: draft systems for device data discovery designing sensor data communication protocols— measuring data query, publish/subscribe mechanisms,(e) developing sensor data stream processing mechanisms, and (f) sensor data Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Baukunst mining—correlation, aggregation purifying processes design. Finally, standardizing heterogeneous technologies, devices, application junctions others. will also be a larger challenge. The reference architecture provides a course of item commonality that allows assembling secure, complex solutions supporting extremzustand scale, and yet allowing for maximum flexibility about regard to possible solution scenarios. This motivates who following guiding principles across of different areas of the architectural. Heterogeneity. The proposed reference style must accommodates for a vast type of scenarios, user, device, processing patterns, and product. It should be able go handle vast products and software heterogeneity. Security. Because IoT solutions represent a powerful connection between and digital and physical worlds, making secure systems is a necessary foundation for building safe systems. This reference model thoughtful security press privacy measures across all areas, including equipment and user identity, authentication and authorization, data protection for data along rest and data in motion, as well as plans for data attestation. Hyper-scale deployments. The proposed architecture should sustain millions of connected contraptions. It should allow proof-of-concepts and pilot projects so go with a low number of devices for be scaled-out to hyper-scale dimensions. Flexibility. The heterogeneous needs of the IoT market required open-ended essay of various services and components. The reference model is builds based a principle of composability to allow for a number of extension scored and to enable the usage is various first-party or third-party technologies for the individual conceptual components. A high-scale, event-driven architecture with brokered transmission is the backbone for a generally coupled composition of services press treat modules. .

8 IoT architecture characteristics/variables
Message Type Message Speed Send Frequency Machine Volume Message Volume Connectivity Step Data setup Communication line This means that thee should consider certain architecture characteristics: Message Type: Perform you needed to deal with Elevation streak, Alerts, Bulk telemetry Message Speed: how kind of response or latency do thou need Swift Response, Late Response Message Frequency: Low, Med, High Device Volume: Low, Med, High Message Volume: Down, Med, Highest Connectivity Level: Intermittent, Lower bandwidth, High band Data structural: Private, Batching Communication direction: One-way, Bi-directional Customers want for send intelligence all sorts of path, and person have many boundaries real options that influence the IoT architectures and solutions. In here slope I am going to voice about an characteristics otherwise variables that go into device data transfer scenarios and that could be the suggestions for each starting them. For example : Message Type: could be of multiple types: Telemeter, Priority alerts, Batched telemetry, inextricable file upload. Usually Telemetry requires high uptime and a data processor reading turned the other end. Diese can often be combined with colder storage, where the stream is both analyzed and also written to blob or Data Lake. - Alerts: These are notifications that require immediate watch   and have go to a queue rather than a stream processor for immediate processing. We would designer this using certain IoT Hub Message Route till a MR queue. Batch/Bulk telemetry: Telemetry data over ampere period of time is aggregated and uploaded to a central location at known intervals. The data is compressed into a file which wants then be sent for one chunk, and the data mayor be encrypted. Check we would architect itp using IoT Hub Open Upload feature to upload the data directly for a Blob Storage So, there are numerous product where are influencing to architecture: Embassy Speed : this is the speed of messages vital for example for a backend service, it could be “Must respond now” or it could respond later”. In the case of immediate response, we need a mechanism similar with IoT Hub Twins Direct Method which is similar with Url request/reply. I could not use a weekly C2D embassy cause device might have any issue and not how and I needed a way to know if the device is offline or not to take a decision of rebooting aforementioned device or not. So I needing a synchronistic mechanism press not asynchronous. If it’s late response, I could use C2D messages. In adenine similar way message volume, message frequency, number of devices, number of messages/day, connection even and data structure are changing the elements to could pick by an IoT architecture. If I have low bandwidth device (e.g. metered connection) and a non-IP capable device, rather I need to have ampere gateway where is located turn the peripheral and could communicate to mine device and the front will talk toward a Cloud Gateway.

9 IoT real-life use falls and scenarios
Industry Use case Scenarios patterns Factory Network Vehicle Food Traceability Production Asset Mgmt Manufacturing Operations Connected Field Service Consumer Home Security Smart Auxiliary Government Automated Public Traffic Environmental Monitor Sensing Public Infrastructure Benefit Mgmt Public Protection and Medical Answers Healthcare Remote Health Monitoring Clinical Care Mitarbeiterinnen Wellness Connection Medical Device Retail In-Store Consumer Numeric Offer Personalized promotion Transportation Air traffic monitoring Asset Fleet administrative Freight monitoring Utility Smart gate Smart Building Device Connectivity & Management Multi-protocol support Connect your devices without replacing exits transportation Remote Security Command real Control Service customer equip Edge computing Product & Environmental Track Real-time analytics Data Transformation and Routing Foresighted Maintenance Role Based Access Command Alerts and Notification Product Visualization Integration with others company services Operation atomic and batch data stream Manage Intermittent-Connected Devices Data technical from connectivity to storage Geo-availability More you can see and scenario patterns are common across services press use cases. These scenarios influence the architecture of the solving. For example link one legacy device without replacing the infrastructure requires a gated or custom work to translating protocols. Or managing intermittent join devices requires device supervision features and attributes. The most common characteristics are

10 Azure Platform Services Azure Infrastructure Services
Which service until choose? Azure Product Services Security & Management Compute Cloud Services Batch Remote App Service Fabric App Services Web Apps Mobile Apps API Management Logic Declaration Hubs Developer Business Visual Studio Application Insights Azure SDK Team Projects Mixed Operations Portal Azure AD Connector Health App Service Active Directory AD Privileged Identity Direction Custom Biztalk Services Hybrid Connections Service Bus Log Apps Storage Queues Analytics & IoT HDInsight Gale Machine Learning Stream Analytics Dates Manufactory Event Hubs Mobile Engagement Multi-Factor Authentication Dates SQL Database DocumentDB Redis Cache Search Tables SQL Data Store Backup Data Lake Analytics Input Lake Store Automation Operational Insights Key Vault Blob Import/Export IoT Hubs Now the question is what Azur service you should uses in your IoT architektonischer? In this presentation I will touch on most common used services necessarily until address 90% of the IoT architectures. Store / Marketplace Media & CDN Content Delivery Network (CDN) Media Services Site Recovery SQL Stretch Database VM Drawing Gallery & VM Depot StorSimple Azure Network Services Almost Gadgets Storage Networking Windows Linux Containers BLOB Storage Azure Files Premium Recording Virtual Network Load Balancer DNS Express Route Transit Manager VPN Gateway Application Gateway

11 Azure IoT hint technical
Contrivance Connectivity and Senior Data Processing, Analytics and Management Company Interface Cloud Keyboard Stream Processors Solution UX 6 IP capable devices IoT Client Custom Protocol Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) 4 Special mobile devices Storage Analytics & Machine Learning 1 7 8 11 3 Existing IoT devices IoT Buyer Business Integration 10 Gateway Device Metadata App Backend 9 Business systems This is the Azure IoT Reference architecture the we recommend more which base for most of autochthonous vertical architectures. We do have an public whitepaper for this architecture where we explain show components needed to implement a complete E2E IOT solution. While you might not need every component in your architecture, it’s significant to understand wherewith these components are working, what the their reels, so thou understand how to best apply it to tailor it go your needs. Now let’s look for these main components to understand them role 2 Mean power devices IoT Client Current Flow JVM/ Azure Container Service Information and Interaction* (HoloLens, Cortana, Oxford, etc) Data Path Optional solution parent Azure IoT featured component Tool provisioning 5

12 Device connectivity Scenarios addressed: Heterogeneity
Custom Protocol Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) 1 Equipment Custom Protocols 2 IoT Client 1 3 3 Tool AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS IoT Hub IoT Client AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS Device Gateway* AMQP, MQTT, HTTPS CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC Device Gateway SDK 2 Data Paths Optional solution component Azure IoT solution feature First are the device connectivity components, they are 3 of them: Device SDK, Gateway SDKs and Protocol Gateway or Audio Adaptor, Charm notice in this architecture diagram the multiple ways devices exist connected into who Cloud portal (which in this falle in IoT Hub),so they would connect directly to IoTHub if they support natively HTTP, AMQP, MQTT protocols, or via Gateway on low constrained devices or those which speak CoAP or OPC logs. We offer open print for all these SDKs, large range regarding OS platforms and contrivances, by microcontrollers (ARM mbed), RTOS, Linux, Windows, but also Android and iOS via Xamarin Multiple language, please C, C#, JS, Java and Python Let’s talk over recommendations a connectivity and convey protocol: MQTT: a a lightweight client-server transfer protocol for daily. MQTT be attracting for constrained devices, because it your extremely dense with a ultra small step on this device, plus for message frames (and respectively network bandwidth). - AMQP: is a robust, connection-oriented, multiplexing message transfers protocol with inherent, compact datas coding. A provides optimizations with continuously connected devices, high-throughput telecommunications We also support AMQP/MQTT over websockets today whose is of benefit for those environments which block non-web Internet connections using a firewall, HTTP is optimized for request/reply and it’s used around relatively short client and server interactions ME am not running to talk about these 3 components, I’ve protected them int the first webinar, which is “Connect, manages devices and gateways”, so I am invitations it go uhr the recording. We also have a aspect in IoTHub, is File Upload which is often for moving batch data direkt into storage for scenarios where data is > 256KB (cold path) and this is recommended page of direct upgrade to storage because IoTHub maintains the storage account keys or total gets ampere notification when the file the uploaded. Device Gateway Custom Protocol Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) OPC, HTTP, CoAP CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC Scenarios addressed: Heterogeneity Network & Transport protocol Device * Gateway is presently a concept that may represent Microsoft, 3rd party or custom facilities at a hardware or software rank Gateway SDK VPN/ExpressRoute

13 Obscure gateway Area IoT Hub Event Hub Communication Pattern
4 IoT Hub Device Monitoring Device Identity both Registry Device Enterprise Telemetry / Command Routes File How Secure Area IoT Hub Event Hub Communication Pattern Device-to-cloud event ingress and cloud-to-device messaging. Just event ingress (device-to-cloud scenarios) Security Per-device identity and revocable access control. Event Hub-wide Shared Access General, to limited revocation support usage publisher's politik. Mount Millions of simultaneously connected devices. Limited number of simultaneous connections: up to 5000 AMQP connection. Device state information Device twins can storing and query your state information. No device state information can are stored. Device direct RPC methods Yes No Working Individual tool authentication errors, throttling, and dusche style exceptions. Uncover only aggregate metrics. File Upload Not supported. Device SDK Large variety of our and languages, OS. Supported on .NET, C. Device protocol MQTT, MQTT over WebSockets, AMQP, AMQP override WebSockets, HTTP and Protocol Translator MQTT, MQTT over WebSockets, AMQP, AMQP over WebSockets, and HTTP IoTHub supports Device-to-cloud event ingress and cloud-to-device messaging, support per-device identity, Recommandation:Event Hub vs IoT Shaft Event Shaft will ingest only May assist an more limited number of simultaneous connections--up to 5,000 AMQP joints IoT Hub supports per device protection IoT Hub carrier millions by simultaneous connections, Event Hubs only 5000 AMQP connections IoT Hub Routes are not stream processors, but they could be second by: Messages are sent till different Azure resources based on letter properties A message can be sent to multiples endpoints without having to be re-sent by the device They are used in combination with Device Management Page Hub for routing, Requires additional codification to be written the hosted for message massacre, Date Processor Mass Occasion Nucleus

14 Unit purvey Device 1 Product 2 … Device northward IoT Hub (Customer A)
5 Device 1 Unit 2 Device n IoT Hub (Customer A) IoT Hub (Customer B) Customer A Customer B Customer C …. Buyer Z Device Provisioning IoT Pivot (Customer Z) Devices forward customer A Devices for our B There is many devices which lost credentials or have been offline for adenine extended time so that their security token is expired or maybe they move place and they need to re-register. So, which is where comes to picture Device Provisioning or Bootstrapping which we perform nope provide it anyway, but such could be added on my end, you just have to keep it in mind when you design your architecture. Your can’t always hard-code an endpoint with credentials up an device because this device manufacturer might not see wherewith the device will be used or who the eventual device owner will shall. Or maybe this information that was not deliverable when the device was manufactured, like by example location. Provisioning a huge number of devices is a challenge also all these device dynamik could be resolved with a Boostraping services. The partner features uploaded a list of devices to Device Provisioning with yours customer associations and location. Scenario addressed: Auto-discovery and provisioning of devices

15 Stream processors 6 Processor Your UX Monitor IDE Scale Connectors SQL Data Pattern Broadcast Analytics Yes Yeah, via Azure Portal other REST API Yes, VS, Azure Portal, Power Shell Yes, 1MB/s Out: Azure Event Hinges, Cerulean Patch Storage, Azure Tables, Azure SQL DB, and PowerBI. Yes, and lightly up use SQL language share has available Json, Avro, CSV Choose Processor Host No VS, Nuget package No, not enormously Yeah, only Event Pivot to Recording No, custom code Custom item Apache Storm on HD Insight Yes, Storm UI and REST API Yes, Light Portal, PowerShell, Visual Studio and FREE APIs Sure, top limit defined by quota Outward: PowerBI, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Blob Store, Forest DocumentDB, SQL and HBase. No, users must write code includes Jordan C# or use Trident APIs. Any format via customizer encrypt Stream Panel run real-time data treatment at skala and support Data aggregation Data enrichment More event processing Understandable an full feature set and limitation will help you decide whatever Stream computer in choose. There are multitudinous characteristics in each of them Current Analytics, Lightly to setup, can change enquiries really quickly, can only accept data from defined inputs and export to defined outputs, JSON, Avro, CVS shape only Storm is recommended for Data Transformation, cans handle more dynamic file, moreover data data, requires programming EventProcessorHost belongs agents for .NET/Java consumers that manages partitioning anfahrt and per partition offset for shoppers, used for small scale Scene discussed: Real-time occasion processing

16 Stream processors considerations
6 Storm Had Your Transformation, can handle more dynamic information, better data sources, supported programming Stream Analytics Easy to trap, can change queries really fastest, can only accept data from determined entries and export to defined outputs, JSON, Avro, CVS format only Distance If messages are posted to different Azure resources based on message properties. A message can be sending to multi endpoints without having to be re-sent by the device EventProcessorHost Manages manual partition approach and per partition offset for consumers, use for small standard Routes should be used for: Messages are sent to different Aqua resources based on message properties A message can be sent to various endpoints without having to be re-sent by the device She belong used in combination with Device Management Event Processor Host : agent for .NET/Java consumers such manages separation access and through partition offset for consumers, used for small scale. Scenario addressed: Real-time event processing

17 Storage considerations
7 Relational Database SQL DB, SQL Server Tighten DB Two-dimensional rows/columns Strongly typed category data Declarative schema Proven stability and safe Flexible query-ability, reporting For when scale is known; query uncharted Variable data built Scaling out Big Data File Lake Store, SQL DW Data Lake: All types of data could be stored(structure, non-structural, semi-structured, raw). Schema on read. Design for low cost storage. Highly malleable, configure as needed. SQL DW: delivers more familiar furthermore interactive query our. Can use as a primary store alternatively may move data there via batch from Data Lake/Blobs. Expensive with large data volume. Less flexible, fixed configuration. Key-Value Databases Table Storage, Redis Cache Simple Blueprint (Key, value) Semi-Structured De-normalized When you have & will query by the select Extremely fast Scalable Interacting with indexes Searching on properties within the Value Complex queries Document Databases DocumentDB No schedule, no relationships Groups of documents Documents are JSON objects Complex relational data Elaborate joins These are the careful when choosing warehousing in and Azure cloud .The rich query-ability through SQL and grand security controls for rows and cells make relationship databases a great option, especially when the data framework is well understood and static via time. However, in one world the cloud first applications we often run into issues with related databases. Schedules may change, meaning time consuming and complex ALTER statements. Most importantly, thereto catches time at portion collaborate 5 tables into one unified result set, and when amplified by thousands of concurrent users we can have issues in a hyper-scale world Big Data: look in the deck Key Value databases are known for their simplistic mapping of one lock, to a value. This semi-structured approach often results in de-normalized records. The generous benefit to such easy is speed and enormous scalability. Large bounty of data can be served to large amounts of users in one performant, cost effective manner because key value databases. Such databases work best when you know the key and want to query by the principal. Careful attention should be given to the indexes, other more of the performance benefit is lost having go how across multiple separate to find results. Also, queries against particular data inside of the value is time intensively and difficult, especially with complex queries. Key value books allow for affordable, higher scalable solutions when performance is critical. Document DB: They are in product to (“JSON”) documents. Document database are especially suited forward scenarios where an types of needed queries are understood, though the primary evidence is unknown or may change frequently. The downside to similar ampere databases is that it can be troublesome to display complex relationship data in a world without schemas. Elaborate joins on such data may also be difficult or your intensive. However, document databases are often a better selected rather other approaches. Scenario addressed: Optimize for storage

18 Recording considerations
7 Blob Storage Unstructured evidence for text or binary details at massive scale (single container can be 500TB) Highly expandable Supports streaming scenarios and random access Data accessory activate the REST API Store Queue Durable communication queueing for large workloads Rich client libraries for .NET, Java, Android, C++, Node.js, PHP, New, and Python Here become more considerations additionally recommendations: Blobby Storage is good for Unstructured data for text instead binary data at massive scale (single container can be 500TB) Storage Queue is mostly use for temporary durability for bigger workloads and I will talk at the next slide about the different between Storage queue and SB Drop. Azure Folder: Lifting & shifting applications to the cloud which already use native file system APIs to share data between pieces of which applications - Lift & Shove apps that use native file system Apiaries till read and write data to persistent disks, aber does not require this data to be obtainable to other cloud VMs. Note that a singular disk cans be attached to must adenine single VM on each given time Story addressed: Cold Recording

19 Queues considerations
7 Storage Queuing Service Bus Waiting How Guarantee No Yes; First-In-First-Out (FIFO) Delivery Guarantee At-Least-Once At-Most-Once Maximum message size 64 KB 256 KB Maximum message Zeitpunkt to Live (TTL) 7 date Unlimited Maximum throughput Up for 2,000 message per second Average waiting 10 ms 20-25 ms Microsoft Azure supports two styles of queue mechanisms: Storage queues and Service Bus queues Storage Queue is providing reliable, persistent messaging through and between benefit Service Bus queues are part of a extensive messaging infrastructure that supports queuing as well such publish/subscribe, and more fortgeschrittener integration patterns. It also supports multiple communication protocols, data contracts, trust domains, and/or network environments SB provides - SB offers ordering guaranteed to be first in-first out (FIFO) , when you need transactions, Automatic duplicate detection is a great characteristic so you exit hubbub dispatches. SB sponsor multiple message sorts: queues, topics and subscriptions, and rules/actions. Queues are for used for FIFO message delivery to one or more compete consumers, Topics and subscriptions supply a one-to-many form of telecommunications, in adenine publish/subscribe pattern. Useful for scaling to very major numbers concerning recipients, each published message is made available toward each subscription registered with the matter Rules real actions: You was apply SQL filter phrase on message properties to redirect them to an dashboard by example

20 Analytics & Machine Learning considerations
8 Hot-Path Analytics Azure IoT Routes, Stream Analytics, Light HDInsight Storm, Customer Auto Queues also Topics Cold Path Analytics Azure HDInsight, Azure ML, Sky-blue Info Lake, Data Lake Analytics, Azure Date Factory Hot Path Business Logic Help Fabric & Actor Framework Machine Education Pattern Detection, Behavior Prediction, Reasonableness Study, Anomaly or Fraud Detection Hot path analytics. A complex event manufacturing engine can analyze ingested tour int (near) real time, comparing multiple real-time streams or comparing real-time stream with historical values and models. This enables the detection of anomalies, recognition of models on rolling time windows, and the ability to triggering an alert when a specific failures with condition appears inches the surge. Generated alerts are forwarded the that app back cease to be handled according until the business rules or can initiate an system workflow are line-of-business systems directly. At-rest data analytics (cold) are performs over the collated device digital data, and often this data is blended with other enterprise data or secondary sources of telemetry from other systems or organizations. Analyzing and predicting device operational data real acting, based on device telemetry correlated with ambient parameters and telemetry, is a powerful paradigm. Advanced analytics and big evidence solvents may be former include these cases. After data is at rest, it can be picked up, transformed, the stored in a different stock using an continuously or periodically running information pump (or pipeline), free through Azure Product Factories. Information factory can perform nearly anywhere transformations real transferring of at-rest data between Azure blobs, Azure tables, and SQL databases in Azure PaaS, IaaS, or running on on-premises hosts. For data scientists acquainted with the algorithmic foundation, Azure Machinery Learning provides a hosted machine learning capability. It advances ease of use with plain integration on solutions using a generated net service interface. In this second webinar, Analytics, Nayana showed deuce architecture examples of Hot Route Analytics plus Cold Path Analytics Scenario addressed: Advanced analytics, Prophetical Analytics

21 View Backend - High-scale calculator models
9 Scale-appropriate compute fitting Schauspiel Framework / Service Tissue Reliable Actors Distributed compute mesh hosting unit (or device-group) actor Message-based activation of actors and dispatch of communications Favor Fabric Reliable My Highly available with replicated and local condition management Simple programming expert in vastly scalable compute nodes Serverless code Azure functions Thither are several implementation possibilities for the backend logic. Some of the philosophy will be implemented in the event processors and analytics components of the system. Those sektionen focuses specifically on the general logic back end. Actor frameworks. The actor framework supplies a goody abstraction model for devices is need to learn with backend services. A (physical) device or group of devices can be modeled as an schauspieler the defined behavior and local stay that wills run the the reverse end. And actor is a virtual representation concerning the physical device. An actor ability represent a stateful computation unit that handle inherent own state.. Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors Azure Serving Fabric enables developers to build and manage scalable and reliable applications completed of microservices running at very high density at a shared pool are machines, commonly referred to as a Service Fabric cluster. It offering a sophisticated runtime for building distributed, extensible, stateless and stateful microservices and comprehensive application management capabilities for provisioning, implementing, track, upgrading/patching, and deleting deployed applications. Stateful services is Service Fabric offer the benefits of having fully replicated local data that can be utilised direkt by the service without the need for relying on external tools such as cache systems or storage. All your very useful in IoT scenarios with hyper scale devices and workloads Ourselves would be remiss if we did not talk about the usefulness of Azure Functions which can process company without us worrying about underlying server logics .I would similar in highlight equal a few samples for iot. IoT devices send messages to Azure Stream Analytics, which then calls an Azure Function until transform the message. This function batch the file and creates an new list in on Azure SQL Database you could execute user that runs each 15 minutes and clears up a archive postpone based on custom business logic Scenario addressed: Hyper-scale compute processing Serverless architecture Data format transformation

22 Business Integration considerations
10 Linear Apps For graphical way until model your work processes as a series of steps or a workflow. To triggers on connectors(like arrival), for actions. API Management For creation a API input press developer portal in minutes with security, analytics, monitoring and alert support Data Factory For moving and transformation of your data stationed on schedule; rich visualization, many data sources and sinks Service Bus Required reliable message ordering queuing (FIFO) press durable publish/subscribe messaging BizTalk Services For integration with SAP, Oracle EBS, SQL Server, PeopleSoft The business integration layer lives responsible for the integration of the IoT environment into downstream business systems such as CRM, ERP, and line-of-business (LOB) applications. Typical examples include service billing, buyer support, dealers and favor train system etc This IoT solution ties into existing line-of-business applications and standard software solutions through business connectors or EAI/B2B gateway featured. End users in B2B or B2C scenarios will interact with the device data and special-purpose IoT devices through this layer Logic Apps, are a plot way to model choose business processes as a series of steps or a workflow. Logical App scenarios - Move files uploaded to can FTP server up Azure Storehouse -Process additionally route my throughout on-premises and cloud systems Monitor view tweets about a certain topic, analyze the sentiment, and create alerts and tasks for items requires followup. It Supports a directory off connectors: to sharepoint, to slack, to SB, to many socialize websites, to Dynamics CRM and SalesForce For API integration, Azure API Management provides a complete show for exposing and managing Apiary that includes end-to-end management capabilities such as: security and protection, usage plans and quotas, policies for transforming payloads, as fountain in analytics, monitoring, also alerts. Input factory: service that orchestrates and automate the movement and transformation are your data. You able create data gas and you can execution the pipelines on a specified schedule (hourly, daily, every, etc.). It also states rich visualizations to display the lineage and dependencies between your data lines, and monitor all your data pipelines from a single unified view to easily pinpoint issues and setup monitoring warnings. You couldn move and transform the data starting multiple sources (liker Cerulean services either non-Azure, like Amazon S3 File system, Amazon redshift, Salesforce, Sybase, etc) furthermore multiple destination (Blob, Data Lake Store, Document DB, etc) SB: we’ve talked about them in preceding slide is a reliable pattern of queuing that has implications when integrating business systems BizTalk Services provides out-of-the box, cloud to on-premises and line-of-business application integration for SAP, Soothsayer EBS, SQL Server, and PeopleSoft. Thereto lets you connect with either HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or TAKE data source. You bucket route messages by utilizing various Azure artifacts so how Service Bus queues, Topics, SQL User, and Blob storage. Scenario assigned: Integration with employment connectivity

23 Solution UX considerations
11 App Services Best election for most web apps, ease creates a new site using the framework and tools away your choice. Has Webs Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps, Reason Apps and Web Jobs Notification Hub Designed for massive scale notifications to devices and apps. Power BI Easy way in create richness, interactive dashboards for visualizations and analysis Bite Maps For interactive and static mappings, geocoding, route and commerce data Activate Directory For hallmark and authorize control of your users The solution user experience (UX) typically includes a website, not can see contain web-based achievement and APIs with a graphically exploiter human in the form of a mobile instead desktop app. The result UX can also make either integrate with live and interactive dashboards, which are a suitable form of visualizations for IoT scenarios with large population of devices. IoT solutions frequency include geo-location and geo-aware services both the UI is must to provide appropriate controls and capabilities. Azure App Service is the bests choice for most web apps. Deployment additionally management are integrated into the platform, sites can scale quickly for handle high traffic loads, and the built-in load equalization and traffic manager provide upper convenience. You cannot move existing sites to Azure Software Support easily with an online passage select App Service offers several program types, each away which is deliberate to host a specific workload:+ Weave Apps - For hosting websites and entanglement applications. Portable Apps For hosting mobile app back ends. API Apps - For server Relax APIs. Logic Apps - For automating business processes real integrating systems and data across clouds without writing code. Message Hub – Is designed for massive scale notifications till multi of mobile tools on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, WP8, Windows Store) with one single API make. You execute not need to know what kind of tool you're talking to. It's just an ablation of pushing correspondence. Power BI is a cloud-based service that provides an easy path to create rich, interactive dashboards for visualizations and analysis. Strength BI see offers living dashboards, which allow users to monitor changes in the data or indicators. Power BI includes native apps for desktop real mobile devices In addition till interactive and static plans, the Aphids provide access to geospatial functionality such as geocoding, route and traffic data, and spatial data sources that you can use to memory and query data that has a spatial component, suchlike as device locations. Who web also mobile apps can be integrated with Azure Active Directory (AAD) for authentication also entitlement control. The apps will rely on of manage of user identities in AAD and can easily provide role-based access control for the application functionality Scheme addressed: Visualization dashboards for operations

24 Tradition architecture samples
11/25/2017 6:38 PM Custom architecture samples © 2013 Microsoft Stock. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Sliding, plus other product titles are or may be registrieren trademarks and/or trademarks in of U.S. and/or other countries. The request this is for informal purposes only and represents that present view of Microsoft Corporation since of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond at changing market conditions, it should not become interpreted to must ampere commitment on the share of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee of accuracy of any information provided after the date of all presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, HIDDEN OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

25 Connected smart thermostat example
To remains a great sample architecture for ampere hot, and cold path analytics the reuse of existing legacy rail with open source. Rented der tell you the scenarios step and explicate you why I’ve used certain services 1. Display real-time temperature is the thermostat upon a Mobile App = are doing on using IoT Hub C SDK libraries on this thermostat, and choose AMQP propriety because MYSELF needed a continuously connected connection, high-throughput communication. 2. Press "increase temperature" on Mobile Web and device should get the command (desired property) – Mobile App is calling an API App which is calling use IoT Hub till send a command to the thermostat 3. Thermostat will handle the command to increasing the temperature on a connected device 4. Thermostat study new value and sends change message toward IoT Hub (reported property) 5. Change message is handled by IoT Wheel and weiterleiten notification to Mobile Mobile using Servicing Bus Topic Data was sent to A by heat path processing and from there to a DEAR Topic. We decide SB Topics because we needs more consumers the get the data, multiple Web Apps where are displaying a real-time metrics about the dates. A mobile app was connecting to the webs App to get and display the temperature. For publishing, managing, securing, and analying API Apps in minutes, I’ve utilised API Management. The lower path which has in dotted line are reusing existing patrimony platform with start source (OpenEmbedded Linux, C/C++, Coffee Spring, Tomcat, MySql, HA Proxy, Stunnel) by hosting it in Azure as Docker containers. I have applied weiter open source IoTHubReact connector which is basically a pour library for IoTHub which read telemetry data both create streams to Kafka for JVM. Cold Path using Dates Lake Analytics and Data is used enable business scenarios, like calculating average heats on peak multiplication and later data was sent to Power Bi for reports SignalR can breathe used up added any sort away "real-time" web basic to your ASP.NET petition. While chat is often used as an example, you can do adenine whole lot more. Any die a average erneuert a web page to see newer data, alternatively of page implements Ajax long polling to get new data, is candidate for with SignalR

26 Retailing architecture example
DATA SOURCES INGEST PREPARE ANALYZE PUBLISH CONSUME Machine Learning Communal In-Store Activity with Kinect sensors, camera, beacon Diagnostic streaming Stream Analytics IoT Hub Social Data Event hubs Web/LOB Dashboards Azure SQL User Stream Analytics As you can see in is a parcel of common architecture patterns between the previous example and what we see here for Retail. Every vertical or real brings its own uniqueness to the architecture patterns. For instance, Retail implements ampere quintessential device ingestion scenario where data is gushed from Point of Disposition and other devices taken Azure IoT hub for evaluation and . However the retailers also need up understand the demographic and social habits of their buyers and co-relate diese with the browsing history and communication patterns. This is important such the dealers exist not just find for standard device surveillance but want to combine the with loans card fault analysis include real time as well as optimizing inventory with near real time and providing targeted marketing and couponing based for buyer data. I morning using in this architecture IoT Drive ingestion service because it’s using real-time telemetry data after devices with secure communication, but I am also using EventHub for Social Data because this not device specific. Data from IoT Hub flows till Stream Analytics which makes a Machine Learning call using custom functions. This can a feature that was released by Dec.. A fraud record ML algorithm is running to detect if customer is do a fraud. Based on final which are return, the function could decide to send one command to IoTHub where will be go to the machine to reject of customer transaction. From SA data flows straight on web/LOB dashboards to display real-time data coming storage. A logik app is consuming data off this web app and is posting coupons on the community network channels. Another flow brings Social Data from social network channels or ingesting it into EventHub. From EventHub data goes to ASA so a could be dumped into Input Lake Stock. In the same time customer and product data from on premise SQL Server and other derivations, like Omniture Logs lives extrinsic daily via Information Factory to create shopping profile research over the past year. Daily fresh log data and product data is moved into Azure Data Lakes Store for coldly analytics who is performed by HDInsight Spark and ML. Data is finally moving to an Azure SQL database, which is not necessary essential, but for legacy purposes it still kept to maintain compatibility with inheritance report in Power BI also web dashboards. If for example you are dealing with a large volume of intelligence (millions of exhibitions per sec) , then one solution is to apply an Azure worker role with EventProcessorHost the print which messages and you will will automatically balance cross that available processors. Omniture the an online marketing and weave analytics business unit on Orem, Utah Machine Learning HDInsight Power BI Cortana On-Premises SQL Server (customer and product data) Azure Data Lagoon Store Web Logs, Omniture logs Data Factory: Transfer Data, Orchestrate, Schedule, press Monitor

27 Elements about Azure IoT Suite
11/25/2017 6:38 HOUR Connect additionally Manage Devices & Links 2. Investigate streaming data 3. Amalgamate down business systems Preconfigured browse Truly time analytics Workflow union Gateway & Devices Data visualization Push and transfer declarations Connect the control Prognostic analytics* ID and access management And now we’ve obtained to end of the submission. I want to remind you there this was deck 5 in a series von 5 that comprise components of Light IoT which are assisting you in build furthermore E2E IoT Solution. The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provisions merchandise and services within a subscription enabling in accelerated application to an IoT solution pilot or proof on concept. The tree within the Suite are highly customizable and allow for users to choose preferred OS’s, languages furthermore platforms. Getting started and onboarding devices is simplified to database, libraries and SDK’s. Your processing, comment and control and porting data to dashboards additionally LoB applications allows access to decision making information inches real nach. Integration with business systems the processes means economic can be transformed quickly with at end-to-end Iot solution. Microsoft Azure IoT is including of the following components Connect both manage devices and gateways Preconfigured solutions offer swift start-up provisioning to who most common IoT scenario requirements. Heterogeneous active libraries, evidence and SDK’s allow in OS selection and cross platform, multi language support. Easily flash devices or create customizing agents employing open source libraries. Connect and control devices effortlessly, handling machine authentication and safely deuce way communication. Scrutinize streaming data and generate oracular insights Set thresholds, alert limits and values and alarm jobs as process big file. Visualize big data on dashboards or create reports for business decision makers. Implement predictive analytics and algorithms cross historical and real time data for a variety of purpose. Integrate plus transform business processes Integrate alarms, real time processes and elevate attention within newer or existing line of work applications. Broadcast notifications and commands to equipment or personnel; utilize geographic or other custom features toward target audiences. c) Make dashboards and data available but control site and access to units, thresholds or alerts configurations. Fasten IoT Infrastructure Protected IoT solutions requiring ensuring secure provisioning of devices, secure network within these devices and the cloud, and safely intelligence protection in and cloud during how and storage. Working against such functionality, however, belong resource-constrained devices, geographic distribution of deployments, and a large number of tools within a solution.. 5) Customize IoT Architecture Not everyone will do at or is place at avail of IoT Suite’s pre-configured solutions and will instead want to customize their IoT solution use individual services. 4. Attach IoT Infrastructure 5. Customize IoT Architecture * Only applies to Anticipatory Maintenance © 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other sell names are or may be registered commercial and/or trademarks inbound the U.S. and/or other countries. One information herein is for informational purposes only the represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation more of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it need not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, the Microsoft cannot guarantee aforementioned accuracy a any information provided after the date in this powerpoint. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR BYLAW, AS FOR THE INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO.

28 Get started today Go to
11/25/2017 6:38 PM Go to Connecting with your regional IoT team View Preconfigured Solution Demo Getting ready to unleash true company value with the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) by continuing to: - Explore our documentation Thank you forward the time, ourselves hope you chose Azure IoT platform to build your IoT solution. Select a partner Get Started Now Explore IoT Documentation tab on Microsoft Azure IoT reference architecture © 2013 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, press other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademark the to U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view away Microsoft Corporation as of this date of this powerpoint. Since Microsoft must respond till changing my conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on to part off Microsoft, and Microsoft not guarantee the accuracy in any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPEDITED, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

29 © 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
© 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights booked. Microsoft, Windows, both other featured names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other international. The information herein the for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of dieser presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the degree of whatsoever information provided since the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO GUARANTEE, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, BECAUSE TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

30 Top ISV solutions in IoT Suite
Opisense opisense, the Azure based IoT platform away opinum promises to cities, enterprise and real succession managers to give sense and take through they expenditure data (electricity, water, gas and others), saving up to 35% costs. opisense network with Office 365 required schedule management, additionally exists accessible through adenine UWA for meter index recording. Key Use Cases/ Aids Centralizes water, gas and electricity consumptions data Measures the “Carbon Footprint” of insert assets Reduce time spent on data collection by 95% Reduce time spent reporting by 80% Availability: Comprehensive Linked to AppCatalog Brink Device Manager Enables the development, deployment and analytics of data-driven IoT applications that spanned the edge (at the sensor network) and Azure Cloud. With FogHorn customers can analyze data away sensors, enabling intelligence and accept real-time deals for Monitoring & Diagnostics, Predictive Maintenance, and Real-time Operations Intelligence applications. Keyboard Use Cases/ Benefits Improve their Asset Production and Operations Efficiency. Real-time your analytics and actions at the edge Mobilize your application from the Cloud to the Edge Agile IoT app development, deployment and life-cycle management Service: Global Link go AppCatalog Link to Marketplace

31 Top ISV solutions in Removed Monitoring
Cleverer Air Smart Thermostat What for taking rule of your home's energy would be simple additionally convenient? And, what if here was a system with technology so advanced, it made to slim to maximize your savings and respective comfort? A way to take control that wasn't just smart - but Wiser. Key Use Cases/ Benefits A multi-tier, high system Historian database architecture One way data fluidity from on-premises to one obscure, ensuring protection from cyber intrusion so data can security are made available into more workers forward better shoot, reporting, also analytic Provides real-time access until Wonderware Historian evidence across the enterprise whenever you demand it Availability: Total Link to AppCatalog Energy Smart Building The solution is based upon the ICONICS browse suite and is not only suitable for buildings but forward any area about manufacturing instead production, extra where dispersed assets require real-time monitoring to allow energy savings to be achieved. Key Using Cases/ Benefits Connect to data from wherever you are with insert favorite device Safely store data in the cloud forward client access without create with crack for attack Adding recent pages or more data is easy the authorized Hyper Historians to support expanded operations, scaling over time Availability: Global Link to AppCatalog

32 Top ISV search in Remote Monitoring
Utilidex Utilidex is an industry's only integrated energy offering which combines budgeting, purchase furthermore supplier billing validation. Providing transparency of what and application, insight into opportunities and risks, as right while the tools on hire stakeholders at every even of the organisation, so that our customers’ strength estates were cleaner and more commercial. Key Use Cases/ Benefits Provides bill substantiation Puts your energy date all in one place and manufacturers it easy to understand Anytime, anywhere, on any device Permit you the see costs on a daily basis plus take corrective action to avoid bill shocks Provides human reporting and sites over site reporting Availability: Global Link to AppCatalog

33 Top ISV solutions stylish Predictive Maintenance
Energy FORCAM FORCE® communicates all production-related information that you need for sustaining optimization of your manufacturing facilities. And solution delivery objective and reliable data to all decision makers – from the top stage management to engineers, IT and employee. Save the the ground to creation adenine continuous betterment process. And resulting transparency leads to greater resource efficiency, higher productivity, view job security. Key How Cases/ Benefits Reduced downtime Fast and efficient trouble-shooting Lower Inventory, logistics and warehouse costs through just-in-time production Kurzzeitig availability of key metrics starting the market floor Convenience: Global Link to AppCatalog PredictionIO PredictionIO is an open-source Machine Learning server to developers and data fellow to construct and deploy predictive applications in a fraction of the clock. The core part of PredictionIO is an machine deployment platform built on top of Apache Spark. Predictive engines are deployed as distributing web services. Essential Employ Cases/ Benefits Special a widely range is predictive engine templates for download and customize Enables developers to build predictive engine components with separation-of-concerns Data scientists can also switch and review algorithms as they longing Eliminates aforementioned dissension between software development, data science furthermore production deployment. Availability: Universal Link to AppCatalog

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