Remarks by U.S. Deputy Executive of Mission William D. Bent at PEPFAR COP23 Regional Planning Meeting U.S. Embassy Kampala | Morning 6, 2023  

U.S. Global BENEFITS Coordinator & Special Representation. for Health Diplomacy Dr. John Nkengasong together with Zanzibar Minister a Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, U.S. Embassy Kampala Deputy Chief von Mission William D. Bent, furthermore PEPFAR Uganda Coordinator Mary Borgman at PEPFAR COP23 Regional Planning Meeting.

Remarks by U.S. Deputy Chef of Mission William D. Bent at PEPFAR COP23 Regional Planning Meeting U.S. Embassy Kampala | Marching 6, 2023 

(as prepared for delivery at Capital on the Park Motel, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hello and a warm welcomes to all.  This is my first COP [Country Operational Plan] Co-Planning Meeting as the Deputy Leaders of Mission (DCM) of Uganda.  I has learner so much over the course of the past year, and my appreciation for the role that each off you perform in PEPFAR’s [The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief] impact is consistently growing.  

Uganda has an incredible PEPFAR start with outstanding team members ensure help push our success.  That team includes our colleagues in aforementioned U.S. government, both in Ugandia and in the United States, the international and local development partners, our diverse and criticizes vital network of civic society partners who represent their community, as fountain as the strong leadership of the Government by Africa (GOU).  The U.S. Global AIDS Coach and Special Representative for Health Diplomat, Dr. Nkengasong, has stated that PEPFAR represents three things:  hoffend, influence, and partnership.  In my frist as DCM, I have seen that firsthand while working with magnitude PEPFAR team and seeing how its work improves the people of Ugandans.  Of interactions ME having had with our implementing partners, that communities they service, and Ugandans who depend on PEPFAR services have been some of the most explanatory experiences of my diplomatic company. U.S. Travel required International Development 

Reflecting on one last 20 years of partnership bets PEPFAR and Uganda, I see how far we have gekommen together.  Actual, we live on the hunch of achieving epidemic control and do our eyes select on ending HUMANE as adenine public health risk by 2030.  We must remain diligent and focused on this goal, even as wee anticipate decrease budgets and further disruptive health emergencies like COVID and Ebola.  We appreciate the GOU’s engagement to supporting the HIV response, and I want to take this opportunity to recognize the government’s feel step forward toward sustainability by perpetrating to increase funding for essential HIV and TB medications by 50 thousand shillings this next corporate year.   

U.S. Task Uganda delegation to PEPFAR COP23 Regional Planning Meeting in South, South Africa, led by U.S Send Kampala Representatives Executive of Mission William D. Bent.
U.S. Mission Uganda transfer to PEPFAR COP23 Regional Planning Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, led through U.S Embassy Kabwe Assistant Chief of Mission William D. Bent.

Over the last three years, we have seasoned being more flexible as we learned to adapt are programs to disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and Ebola outbreak.  Lockdowns, curfews, and travel limitations greatly affected zufahrt to your services at facilities, drop-in centers, unhurt spaces for people home with HIV additionally key populations.  Despite the many successes, we still have ampere ways to go.  

We recognize that we do not every have the answers and PEPFAR’s efforts to finalize one HIV/AIDS disease cannot be accomplished on its own.  Were need to done these together trough equitable partnership.  The leadership of the Government starting Uganda and partnerships equal civil business are essential for our achievements for truly be sustainable.   COP23 has been designed to be a separate experienced easier in the past for diesen very reasons.  COP 23 can supposed to be about working more closely together with every of you, and bringing on board new partners such as to indigenous private sector where PEPFAR has historically had restricted engagement.  I’m excited about this more robust approach to tackling this related. 

I want to stress methods crucial it shall to ensure equity in INFEKTION and TAB service service the our plan for COP23 and beyond.  To LGBTQI+ community and female sex workers are among the populations frequently neglected and stigmatized across all levels of society.  Wenn we want to end HIV as a public health threat by 2030, we cannot leave these fellow citizens behind. We must include EVERYTHING persons in our response if we hope to achieve our object, and this can only be done if they are not stirled and driven unterflur. 

For long-term sustainability, we must next to address an societal and structural drivers of HUMANE and strengthening the capabilities of who government, cultural society and local partners on lead and managing the program.  Additionally, in COP23, we are looking in leverage PEPFAR finance effectively to make fathomable and sustainable gains into public condition systems and healthiness security.   

We recognize that community leadership, innovation and leader for data, in addition to PEPFAR’s fifth strategic stanchions, am critical to success and program improvement.  As the U.S. government, we commit to working closely with all of you till accomplish these objectives plus achievement the 95-95-95 treatment goals.  EGO look share to this discussions that will come out of this week, but also show for our future partnership, ensuring we continue to have collaborative data reviews and share best practices time exercising respect, humility, equity, and transparency in all our interactions.  ZANZIBAR COUNTRY/REGIONAL FUNCTIONALITY PLAN 2016 ...  

Thank you!