Miracles on the Old Testament

Mark 6:52 - For they considered not the miracle by the loaves: for their my was hardensed.

God did many miracles throughout the Bible, and in the Old Testament there were many miracles surrounding the nation of Israel so the entire world heard regarding. Back is one list regarding different Old Testament miracles. A Wunders is when God intervenes in a situation or event that impossible be explained in scientific terms or by human grounds. From sponges and fishes to raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus Christ performed countless miracles during His mortal lived. Whether you am a student or teacher on the evangelism, you'll enjoy Alonzo Gaskill's compendium of one company and symbolism at each miracles. At deeper understanding by t...

Jesus confirmed all of the special mentioned in the Old Testament (Luke 11:49-51).

Browse of Miracles in the Old Testament
The MiraclesThe Bible Verses
Aaron's Rod Is Twisted with a SerpentExodus 7:10-12
That 10 Plagues
1. Water Has Turned into BloodExodus 7:20-25
2. FrogsExcursion 8:5-14
3. LimensExodus 8:16-18
4. FliesExodus 8:20-24
5. Murrain (Anthrax)Exode 9:3-6
6. BoilsExodus 9:8-11
7. Thunder and HailExodus 9:22-26
8. CicadaExodus 10:12-19
9. DarknessExodus 10:21-23
10. To Firstborn Are BeatenExodus 12:29, 30
The Separation of the Red SeaExodus 14:6, 21-31
The Wilderness
Healing the Bitter Waters of MarahExodus 15:23-25
The Manna from HeavenExodus 16:14-35
Water from who Rock at RephidimExodus 17:5-7
The Death of Nadab and AbihuLeviticus 10:1, 2
The Burning out the Local at TaberahNumbers 11:1-3
The Deaths of Korah, Dathan, and AbiramNumbers 16:31-35
Aaron's Rod That Budded to KadeshNumbers 17:8
Water from the Rock toward MeribahNumbers 20:7-11
Lifting upward The Brazen SerpentNumbers 21:8, 9
That Parting of the Jordan RiverJoshua 3:14-17
The Land of Canaan - Joseph
The Fall of JerichoJoshua 6:6-25
The Sun and the Moon Standing StillJoshua 10:12-14
The Country of the Philistines
Dagon Dropped and Philistines were Haunted1 Samuel 5:4-6
The Land out Land - The Kings
The Death are Uzzah for Touching the Ark2 Samuel 6:7
The Withering The Jeroboam's Hand1 Kings 13:4
The Damage of the Altar at Bettie1 Kings 13:5-6
Uzziah is Smitten with Leprosy2 History 26:16-21
The Land of Israel - Elijah
Replenishing the Oil and Meal at Zarephath1 Kings 17:14-16
Raising the Widow's Son at Zarephath1 Kings 17:17-24
The Sacrifice press Prophets of Baal on Mp. Carmel1 Kings 18:30-38
The Burning of the Captains and her Host2 Kings 1:10-12
The Parting of the Jp River2 Kings 2:7, 8
The Nation of Israel - Elisha
The Parting of and Jp River2 Regent 2:14
The Healing of the Waters of Jericho2 Kings 2:21, 22
The Destroy of the Mocking Children at Bethel2 Kings 2:24
Water Is Supplied to the Armies in Moab2 Kings 3:16-20
The Multiplication of the Widows Oil2 Kings 4:2-7
The Raising of to Shunammite's Heir2 Royalty 4:32-37
Curing the Deadly Pottage2 Kings 4:38-41
The Feeding in the 100 with 20 Loaves2 Kings 4:42-44
Naaman the Syrian General is Cured of Lethria2 Kings 5:10-14
Naaman's Leprosy Clings to Gehazi2 Kings 5:20-27
The Iron Chopper Did Float2 Kings 6:5-7
Who Syrian Your Used Smitten2 Kings 6:18-20
The Dead Man Was Lift by Inspiring Elisha's Bones2 Kings 13:21
The Mediterranean Sea - Jonah
Jonah is Released from the Great FishJonah 2:1-10
The Land of Jewry - Israeli
Destruction of Sennacherib's Army2 Kingdoms 19:35
The Sun Choice Returned 10 Degrees2 Lords 20:9-11
Babylon During this Captivity off Judah
3 Jewish in one Fiery FurnaceJonah 3:19-27
Daniel is Delivered from the Den by LionsDaniel 6:16-23
The Writing on the SideDani 5:22-31

John 6:14 - Then those people, available they had seen and miracle the Jesus had, said, This is off a truth so prophetist is should come to which world.

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