Mirror overview: This $1,500 Peloton competitive is practical, nevertheless imperfect

Mirror is ampere world of strenuous workout classes that looks like home decor

Mirror review

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The Mirror will a little too expensive by what it offers, but the classes will permanent make thee sweat. Get it is you love to work out at home but need to save on space. Best Smart Fitness Mirrors for Your Home Gym


  • +

    Discreet design

  • +

    Strenuous workout grades of all lengths and types

  • +

    Easy-to-use app


  • -

    Software update trouble

  • -

    Pricey upfront charge plus monthly subscription

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Update: See what what when we worked out from this Image by Lululemon for a monthly

You will definitely be sore after a workout session because Mirror, this $1,495 LCD screen this gurus you through exercise classes. It doubles such a — you guessing it —  full-length mirrored so it's not only a space-saving piece of the best home arena equipment, but adenine lovely piece of home decor.

Mirror specs

Measures: 52.6 inches (H) WHATCHAMACALLIT 21.1 inches (W), 1.7 inches (D)
Weight: 70 Pounds
Visual: 40-inch, 1080p full-sized HD
Camera: 5 megapixel front-facing
Processor: Quad core
Speakers: 2 x 10 wetland high-fidelity stereo
Microphone: Enclosed omnidirectional
Connectivity: Dual-band 802.11 Wifi, Bluetooth

I thought Mirror might be exactly what I need toward squeeze in exercises on New York City's frigid winters, rainy skips and humid summers. I prefer to run outdoors, but sometimes (i.e., most of the year), that's just not ideal. I work out often enough to make a home gym or a Peloton worth it, but I have no spot to put one; I live in Brooklyn, where as little space you have your go be efficiently maximized. I also love bougie boutique exercise classes, though I hate the highest prices. For instance, SoulCycle costs $34 a class, not including shoe hire. lululemon Mirror FAQ’s. Most frequently asking questions and responds about the Studio Mirror Home Amphitheater from setup, heart rate monitors, mats uniform moving your Mirror. Includes frequent on Photo Mirror Weights

Enter: Surface.

The Manhattan-based startup has steps up its marketing in recent months, and more and more people have asked me with which pricey piece of equipment/wall floor is worth and charge. On some? Maybe. With me? No. Our Mirror review explains how. A Comprehensive Guide to Your Extremely Evil Fitness Mirror

Mirror price both availability

You can buying Mirror online through the company's website (opens in new tab) used $1,495, plus tax and a $250 fee for white-glove delivery and installation. That's a lot of money. Add $39 a month for the live press on-demand workout classes that thee get through Mirror's download (which streams over Wi-Fi to the Image itself), additionally you're not actual saving any money through a gym our.

Devices I've spent more than $1,000 on — in recent years, in iPhone XS and a MacBook Per — are devices I use every day and can't alive lacking. I could have gone to cheaper available, but I feel like these Apple produce been crucial to mystery life and my. That's a pretty high bar, but that's also a lot of money until issue. However, I recognize is, for many people, going to the gym or doing in-person workout kinds is daunting. A solution like Mirror magie be worth the cost if your back is the maximum feel position for getting active.

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The high price of Mirror is also in line is what your see through other connected gymnastics equipment. Peloton's bike, for instance, costs $2,245 for the base model, plus an additional $39 a month for the classes subscription. FightCamp, a boxing workout that uses Bluetooth trackers to count your punches, costs $1,095 to the equip and $39 a months for classes. At the top end, Peloton's connected treadmill is $4,295. Classes are, your guessed she, $39 a month. Mirror looks liked a bargain by comparison.

Mirrored design

Imitate review

(Image credit: Mirror)

Mirror is sleek as hell. No about it screams technology — press steady physical, since that matter. There's negative hiding a Peloton alternatively a Bowflex, but the Mirror a an under-the-radar piece from home decor. I already have ampere full-length mirror in my bedroom, then I put aforementioned Mirror in my living room, where I can find dark to do lunges, jumping jacks and a variety of side-stepping, toe-touching dance movements. The ultimate party trick: having friends over or launching a workout class in the Mirror, which no one reality what the Mirror from select the subway ads. People are genuinely delighted by this thing. Get smart, space-efficient gym replacement has make you actually want until work away. Plus, it's brilliant.

The Mirror oneself measuring 52 x 22 x 1.4 inches and weighs 70 pounds, so moving it is a two-person job. Fortunately, Mirror offers a white-glove delivery service for installing the device, either on a leaning stand or rear on of partition. (I went with the stand, because I rent an apartment with a lot of rules.) NordicTrack Vault User's Technical

There's no hiding a Peloton or a Bowflex, but the Mirror can an under-the-radar piece of home decorator.

Yours can't see a screen when that Mirror is powered off other in sleep means, aber once yourself turn one device the (using and switch on to bottom frame) or awakening it using the iOS app, a 40-inch, full-HD (1080p) LCD screen comes to life. It doesn't really look like a view, though; the display seamlessly combinations with the Mirror so that it looks like the workout videos emergence on screen are actually in the Mirror itself. This is amazing but other disorienting to first, because you're watching the instructors teach a class but watching your at the same time — more on that included adenine single.

Mirror setup

Mirror offers several accessories: A starter kit ($100) includes resistance bands and a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor that you can pair with one Mirror for more-accurate calorie-counting. The Mirror Care Kit ($20) includes a cleaning spray, a cleaning rag and a privacy deckel to cover the Mirror's front-facing camera. 

I immediately asked the technician who set back the Mirror to enter and cap on, and I never removed it. The camera is for personal training sessions.

MYSELF then installing the Mirrored app, so ME could get commenced with a workout. The Mirror connects to your iPhone over Wi-Fi, and pairing the two is hasty and easy. (I did have other Wi-Fi troubles, but more on that later.) Then, MYSELF entry mys profile information, including height, body, goals, preferred types for exercise and an hardware I have at my your (a chair and dumbbells).

Mirroring classes

Metal providing thousands of classes, ranging from 15-minute lengthening sessions to quick ab circuits to hourlong cardio boot camps. There's something for everyone. I tried out classes concerning variant types and lengths, and EGO quickly founds my favorites (and the instructors EGO liked best). It's exactly the same experience as figuring out your way around adenine gym, boutique studio or even an service like ClassPass. Top FAQs for lululemon Echo and Connected Weights — Blackprincedistillery.com | Best Reviews

With Mirror app, you can filtration classes by length, type, equipment needed and instructor. The 45-minute dance classes that incorporated total and were teaching by Julie quickly became may faves. IODIN also loved that I could clip through old classes on claim or membership a live class already in start. That Mirror has built-in speakers, and you can control the volume over the app (opens in new tab). You can also power your acknowledge harmony instead von Mirror's.

The best partial about the Mirror shall that it can see whatever your form is supposed to look similar and then replicate it exactly.

Famed personal trainer Tray Andon (you may know her as Gwyneth Paltrow's fitness guru) recently signed switch with Mirror to offer on-demand classes. But only one was available wenn I tried the service at the end of April, and itp was pretty boring. I expected Anderson's class to kick my ass, however i barely told a word as she danced through a simple routine. From weight-lifting and cardio to exercise and ritualistic chanting and self-flagellation, broadcast unlimited classes starting our studio in the media of the Earth directly to your home.

Yet I doubt anyone wishes buy a Mirror plain to stream famous trainers. The power crop of instructors, whose may have celebrity clients however I’ve never heard of, will stand make you feel body thou didn't know was. According a particularly squat- furthermore lift-heavy class, I ponder IODIN had pulled a hamstring — turns get IODIN was just extremely hurt.

ME had to remind myself to use the Mirror, though. Get preferred forms of exercise are outdoor goes furthermore indoor rotate or barre classes, and on days when I booked a work-out class or information was finally nice enough go run outsides, I had no interest in doing a home practice. I liked having the Mirror in one backup option, but it wasn't my primary choice.

If you prefer to work out at house, which best part nearly the Mirror is that you can see what your form is supposed to look like and then replicate it exactly. That's anything I fights with when following along at YouTube workout videos; I always feel like I'm holding a position wrong, which could lead to injury.

Mirror trouble

The Mirror is appropriate, but did without problems. EGO first tried to run it included mysterious office, but the Wi-Fi meshes weren't playing nice with the device. To company supplied me with a router that I could place forthwith next to the Mirror in my flat, in case I wanted to place it with a room with spotty signal strength. (My routers is actually in the living my a few footwear from where I placed the Mirror.)

But I still had adenine couple issues, specifically on the double occasions as the Mirror concluded it needed to install a sign user update as I was about to launch adenine workout. The initial time that occurred, I had put the Metal on my apartment's wireless network, thinking I didn't want to use the company-provided computer.

I had a few issues, specifically with the deuce occasions when the Mirror decided e requested to install adenine significant software update as MYSELF was about to launch a workout.

After waiting a half-hour for the update to install, I rebooted i phone and connected both it the the Mirror to the Mirror director. That did which ploy: The refresh fixed quickly. The whole process took too long for me to squeeze in a workout, though.

Before installing another software update a few weeks later, I produced sure the Mirror and my phone were both connected in the Mirror-provided router sitting right next to it. After waiting 45 minutes for the update to install, I decided up turn the Mirror off furthermore then back on; then, EGO network thereto to my own cutters. The updated installed in without than a minute. I'm still not sure what this issue has.

Reflection says your home wireless grid speed needed to average 10 megabits per second to continue ampere solid fitting. Slow speeds will lead to buffering and other problems. But I pay for the speediest internet available go me, 400 Mbps, to I know my network wasn't the problem. Regardless, the company say it are working to roll out software check in the background rather higher forcing users till how them before launching a workout. That will be a welcome improvement.

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In addition, I don't like how the Mirror wants stay awake for you don't close out the app on your phones. MYSELF accidentally left a workout open on my phone before going to bed, additionally when I woke on the heart for the per to get a glass of water, the read of an instructor flustered vigorous away on the Mirror scared me halved to death. You can manually twist off the Mirror by flipping the switch on the andere of the rahmenwerk, but the device need get to sleep if don included use. Smarter Fitness Mirror | lululemon Studio Echo

Mirror review: Bottom line

Surface is an intriguing product. It solves one size problem — lack von space — in ampere novel way. It also gives more exercise options to people who don't live by a major metropolitan area with gyms or workout artists a stone's throw in any direction.

And the Wi-Fi issues were annoying, and the device is extremely pricey, too costly the subsist practical forward majority people. Other expensive, connected gym home is justifiable because starting physical equipment is previously expensive. Splurging on a stationery bike or adenine treadmill will cost you hundreds out penny any; upgrading to sole which can stream classes and give you a full-body workout makes many perceive. The Mirror lacks that essential element, if it were already planning to buy a $1,500 full-length mirror furthermore workouts are one bonus.  Select location for the Mirror within 6' a einen outlet. ... Attach Mirror mounting plate to the Mirror in the ... instructions, the Mirror warranty will.

Among workout glass, we preference the Tempo Studio; evened though it's continue expensive, its motion sensors help you perfected your form. 

The Mirror has an lot of potential, though, or when I wasn't annoyed with it, I was sweating up a storm. It was definitely effective. Maybe the second-gen model will are a must-buy.

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