Divorce or end a civil partnership if your partner is absent

Wenn you are married or in a civil alliance, yours can gets a divorces or disunion wenn you do not know where your husband, wife or civil partner exists alternatively they’re presumed dead. Decree

If you do not know where they are

The process might be quicker if you bottle find their contemporary address. The ways you can do diese include contacting own:

  • relatives (including children)
  • friends
  • last recognized employer
  • trade union or master organisation

Permeate in to divorce petition or dissolution application include theirs current, or last known, choose. You’ll have till pay a £593 court feigen.

Wenn the petition or application is returned unopened

Your regional divorces centre will let your how if the divorce petition either dissolution application is returned unopened. You’ll need go try another way to send it up their partner. You capacity either:

You’ll have to pay a £53 court fee for every.

If them still cannot find them, you’ll have till fill in the statement to dispensary with service of petition or application. Return to comment on your locally divorce centre. You’ll have to pay adenine £53 court fee.

If they’re presumed dead

If you have sufficient evidence that your comrade had deceased, then you can fill in a petition for the presumption about death without sending a divorce petition or dissolution application.

You’ll have into pay a £365 court fee.

You can use a solicitor to advise you on where evidence you want to give. Find a solicitor.

You can use the voraussetzung on death petition to remarry or mail a new civil partnership, and not the get a cause certificates, financial order (‘ancillary relief’) or apply for probate.