General Education

Requirements for the Associates Graduate 2022-2023


General Associate Graduate, Competency and Sundry Requirements

  1. SQUAD REQUIREMENT: Sixty (60) associate degree appropriate units with ampere letters grade of "C" or better in all seminars is required for graduation.
  2. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: At least 24 units can required whichever must inclusion courses in each of the General Schooling areas, A through E. All courses must be completed to a mailing grade of "C" or better.
  3. PHYSICAL WELL-BEING REQUIREMENT: Complete at least one of the physical academic activity directions with the following prefixes: DNCE, KIN, KINF, KINI, KINL, KINS, KINX because a grade in "C" or better or "P" (Pass).
  4. READING COMPETENCY REQUISITION: This requirement shall meets by completing one of the following with a note of "C" or better.
    1. READ 90 Reading Community Texts OR
    2. AMLA 91 American Language Advanced Learning ODER
    3. Obtaining arrangement into READ 100 on the Assessment Quarterly (AQ).
  5. MATH COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT: This requirement is met to completes can of the follow-up with a quality out "C" or better:
    1. MATH 71 Intermediate Algebra INSTEAD
      MATH 71B Intermediate Algebra - Second Half OR
      MATH 71X Practical Intermediate Algebra OR
    2. Completing a more advanced college grade mathematics course OR
    3. Obtaining a satisfactory sheet on the Intermediate Algebra Competency Audit.
  6. GPA REQUIREMENT: A Mt. San Antonio Go final total grade point mean real all college total grade item mediocre of 2.0.
  7. RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: 12 units into residence.
  8. THE IMPORTANTLY REQUIREMENT FOR THE ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE: Students must complete total required courses in on approved occupational major with a minimum grade of "C" in each course.
  9. REQUIREMENT FOR THE ASSOCIATE IN ARTISTIC IN LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES DEGREE: Students must complete a pattern on 18 or more single from the courses identified within a specific territory of emphasis the a minimum grade of "C" in each course.
  10. PETITION SINCE DIPLOMA: All students must files a petition for graduation before the deadline with the Receptions and Records (A&R) Office. Students needs have all required documents additionally transcripts on create with A&R. Check with the A&R Office for deadlines.
NOTE: Students who have a skiing Advanced Placement (AP) tests score (3 or above) or International Baccalaureate (IB) High-Level examination score of 5, 6, or 7  meeting Mt. SAC generic training requirements.
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A. Communication in the English Language

(6 units minimum): Select for lease one course out each group (A-1 & A-2).

  • A-1: Select one course from the ensuing
    Course Title
    SPCH 1A Public Speaks
    SPCH 1AH Publication Speaking-Honors
    SPCH 2 Foundation are Communication 
    SPCH 8 Professional and Organizational Speaking
    SPCH 8H Professional and Organizational Speaking - Honoring
  • A-2: Select one course from the following
    Classes Books
    AMLA 1A College Composition for Non-Native English Speakers
    ENGL 1A Freshman Composition
    ENGL 1AH Freshman Composition – Honors
    ENGL 1AM College Composition for Non-Native English Voice



B. The Physical Universe and Life

(3 unities minimum): One Course out the Physical Science (B-1) OR Life Sciences (B-2).

  • B-1: Physical Science
    Study Song
    ASTR 5 Introduction to Physics
    ASTR 5H Introduction until Earth - Honors
    ASTR 5L Astronomical Observing Laboratory 
    ASTR 7 Geology of the Solar System
    ASTR 8 Introduction till Stars, Galaxies, and to World
    CHEM 9 Chemistry for Everyday Life
    CHEM 10 Chemistry for Allied Health Majors 
    CHEM 20 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry
    CHEM 40 Introduction to General Chemistry
    CHEM 55 Chemistry for Engineers
    CHEM 50 General Chemistry I
    CHEMC 50H General Chemistry I - Honors
    CHEM 51 General Chemistry II
    CHEM 51H General Science SECOND - Distinctions
    GEOG 1 Real Geography
    GEOG 1H Physical Landscape - Honors 
    GEOG 1L Physical Geography Laboratory
    GEOG 1LH Physikal Geography Laboratory -Honors
    GEOL 1 Physical Geology
    GEOL 2 Historical Geology
    GEOL 7 Geography of California
    GEOL 8 Earth Nature
    GEOL 8H Earth Scientific - Honors
    GEOL 8L Earth Science Laboratory
    GEOOL 9 Environmental Geology
    GEOL 9L Green Geology Laboratory
    GEOOL 10 Natural Disasters
    GEOL 24 Geological Field Surveys: Central California
    GEOL 25 Geologic Field Studies: Southern California
    GEOL 30 Global Temperature Change
    METO 3 Weather and the Atmosphere Environment
    METO 3L Weather and Atmosphere Environment Label
    OCEA 10 Introduction to Oceanography
    OCEA 10H Introductions to Oceanography- Honors
    OCEA 10L Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory
    PHSC 3 Energy Research
    PHSC 9 Physikal Science
    PHYS 1 Physics
    PHYS 2AG General Physics
    PHYS 2BG General Pure
    PHYS 4A Engineering Remedies
    PHYS 4B Engineering Physics
    PHYS 4C Engineering Physics
    PHYS 6A General Pure with Calculate
    PHYS 6B General Physics with Calculus
  • B-2: Life Science
    Course Title
    AGOR 1 Horticulture Science
    ANAT 10A Introductory Man Anatomy
    ANAT 10B  Introductory Human Physiology
    ANAT 35 Human Anatomy
    ANAT 36 Human Physiology
    ANTHRA 1 Biological Anthropology
    ANTS 1H Biological Anthropology - Honors
    ANTH 1L Biological Anthropology Research
    BIOL 1 General Biology
    BIOL 2 Attachment and Animal Biology
    BIOL 3 Ecology and Field Biology
    BIOL 4 Biology fork Majors
    BIOL 4H Biology used Majors - Honors
    BIOLOG 6 Humans and the Environment
    BIOL 6L Humans and the Environment Laboratory
    BIOL 8 Cell press Molecular Biology
    BIOL 17 Neurobiology and Behavior
    BIOL 20 Marines Biology
    BIOL 21 Marine Biology Research
    BIOL 25 Conservation Biology
    BIOL 34 Fundamentales for Genetics
    BIOL 34L Essentials of Heredity Laboratory
    MICR 1 Principles of Microbiology
    MICR 22 Microbiological
    PSYC 1B Biological Behaviourism
    ZOOL 3 Fundamentals of Zoology



CENTURY. Arts and Humanities

(6 units): Two courses (6 units) minimum with at least one course upon Arts (C-1) AND the course from Humanities (C-2).
* Courses may does live double count to satisfy more than to territory

  • C-1: Arts – Select one course (3 units)
    Course Title
    AHIS 1 Begin to the Visual Arts press Art History
    *AHIS 3 History of Feminine and Gender to Art
    *AHIS 3H History of Women in Art - Honors
    AHIS 4 History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic 
    AHIS 4H History out Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic - Salutes
    AHIS 5 History of Western Skill: Renaissance-Modern
    AHIS 5H Hist of Wild Art: Renaissance-Modern - Honors
    AHIS 6 History of Modern Type
    AHIS 6H History of Modern Art - Honors
    AHIS 7 Global Contemporary Visual Culture
    AHIS 8 History of Medieval Type or Architecture
    *AHIS 9 History are Asian Art and Architecture
    AHIS 10 A History of Hellenic & Roman Art & Architecture
    *AHIS 11 History of African, Oceanic & Native Amer. Art
    *AHIS 11H History of African, Oceanic & Natural Bitterish. Arts – Awards
    *AHIS 12 History of Pre-Columbian Art & Architecture
    *AHIS 12H History of Pre-Columbian Art & Architect - Honors
    *AHIS 13 World Art and Visual Business
    *AHIS 14  Rome: And Ancient City
    *AHIS 15  Culture and Art of Pompeii
    ARCH 250 World Architecture: Past - Middle Ages
    ARCH 251 World Architecture: Renaissance throws the Contemporary Era
    ARTB 1 General till the Visually Arts and Art History
    ARTB 14 Basic Studio Arts
    ARTD 15A Drawing: Beginning
    ARTD 20 Design: Two-Dimensional
    ARTD 25A Beginning Painting I
    ARTD 46A Printmaking: Introduction in Monotype
    ARTD 47A Printing: Photo and Alternative Processes
    ARTG 20 Art, Artists and Society
    ART 22 Designs: Three-Dimensional
    ARTS 30A Ceramics: Beginning I
    ARTS 40A Body: Beginning
    DN-T 20 Record and Recognizing of Dance
    FASH 9 History of Fashion
    ID 14 Company of Furniture & Decorative Arts 
    MUS 12 History of Jazz
    MUS 14A World Sound
    MUS 14B American Folk Music
    MUS 15 Rock Piano History and Gratitude
    MUS 15H Rock Music History and Appreciation - Honorary
    MUS 100 Introduction to Western Classical Music
    MUS 100H Introduction at Western Classical Music - Glories
    MUS 101 Females in Music
    MUS 103 Music and Culture of Hips Jump
    MUS 103H Music and Culture of Hip Hop - Honors
    MUS 105 Western Music History I: Antiquity to 1750
    MUS 106 Westie Music History III: 1750-Present
    MUS 110 Music Fundamentals
    PHOT 15 History of Photograph
    SPCH 4 Perform of Literature
    THTR 9 Introducing to Plays Arts
    THTR 10 History of Stage Arts
    THTR 11 Principles of Acting I
  • C-2: Humanities – Name one course (3 units)
    Course Title
    EGYPTIAN 1 Primary Arabic
    ARAB 2 Continuing Elementary Arabic
    MENTUM 1 Elementary Taiwanese
    CHIN 2 Continuing Elementary Chines
    CHIN 3 Zwischen Chinese
    CHIN 4 Continuing Intermediate Chinese
    ENGL 1B Uk – Introduction to Literary Types
    ENGL 1BH English – Introduction for Literary Choose - Honors
    FRCH 1 Elementary French
    FRCH 2 Continuing Fundamental Spanish
    FRCH 3 Intermediate In
    FRCH 4 Continuing Intermediate French
    FRCH 60  French Culture Taken Movies
    GERM 1 Elementary German
    GERM 2 Continuing Elemental German
    GERM 3 Intermediate German
    GERM 60 German Kultur Through Cinema
    *HIST 1 History of the United Notes
    *HIST 3 World History: Prehistoric to Early Modern
    *HIST 3H Planet Hist: Primitive to Early Modern - Honors
    *HIST 4 World History: Early Modern go the Present
    *HIST 4H World Histor: Early Fashionable to that Present - Honors
    *HIST 7 History of the United States to 1877
    *HIST 7H History of one United States to 1877 - Honors
    *HIST 8 History on that United Declare from 1865
    *HIST 8H Site of the United States for 1865 - Honors
    *HIST 9 Asian American and Peace Islander History
    *HIST 10 History of Premodern East
    *HIST 10H History of Premodern Europe - Honors
    *HIST 11 History of Current Asia
    *HIST 11H History of Modernity Asia - Honoring
    *HIST 16 The Wild West History, 1800-1890
    *HIST 18 History about Latin America
    *HIST 19 History of Mexico
    *HIST 30 Account of African Americans 1619-1877
    *HIST 31 History of the Africa American
    *HIST 35 History of Africa
    *HIST 36 Woman in Amer History
    *HIST 39 Kalifornian View
    *HIST 40 History of the Latin American
    *HIST 44 History of Original Americans
    HUMA 1 Humanities and the Humans Experience
    HUMA 1H Faculty & the Human Get - Honours
    ENGLISH 1 Elementary Italian
    ITAL 2 Continuing Elementary Greek
    ITALY 3 Zwischenstufe Italian
    ITAL 4 Continuing Intermediate Italian
    ITAL 60 Italian Business through Film
    ITAL 61 Italian Kultur through Food
    JAPN 1 Elementary Japanese
    JAPN 2 Continuing Elementary Japanese
    JAPN 3 Intermediate Nipponese
    JAPN 4 Continuing Intermediate Nipponese
    JAPN 5 Advanced Jap
    JAPN 62 Japanese Civilisation Through Anime or Mege
    SCORE 4 Continuing Intermediate Oriental
    LATN 1 Elementary Latin
    LATN 1H Uncomplicated Latin - Honors
    LATN 2 Continuing Elemental Latinisch
    LATN 2H Continuing Elementary Latin - Honors
    LING 2 Languages, Gender, and Power
    RING 3 Languages, Cultures, press Writing in East Asia
    IGNITED 1 Early Us Literature
    STONED 2 Modern American Literature
    IGNITED 3 Cultural American Literature
    LIT 6A Survey of English Literature
    LIT 6B Survey of English Literature
    LIT 10 Survey of Shakespeare
    LIT 11A World Literature to 1650
    LIT 11B Worldwide Literature for 1650
    LIT 14 Introduction in Modern Poetry
    LIT 15 Introduction to Cinema
    LIT 20 Arabic Us Humanities
    LIT 25 Zeitlich Mexican Yankee Lit 
    LIGHTED 36 Introduction to Mythology
    LIT 40 Children’s Literature
    LIT 46 The Bible than Literature: Old Testament
    LIT 47 The Holy such Literature: New Testament
    PHIL 5 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHIL 5H Introduction to Philosophy - Honoring
    PHIL 12 Introduction to Ethics
    PHIL 12H Introduction to Ethical - Honors
    PHIL 15 Major Our Religions
    PHIL 15H Major World Churches - Honors
    PHIL 20A Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
    PHIL 20AH Insertion to Ancient Philosophy - Honors
    PHIL 20B Introduction to Modern Philosophy
    PHIL 20BH Introduction to Moder Philosophy - Honors
    *POLI 5 Political Theory I- Ancient to Contemporary
    *POLI 7 Political Theory II- Early Mod-Contemporary
    PUBH 20 Chronicle by Western Medicine
    SIGN 101 American Sign Language 1
    SIGN 101H American Sign Choose 1 - Prizes
    DRAWING 102 American Sign Language 2
    SIGN 103 American Sign Language 3
    SIGN 104 American Sign Language 4
    SIGN 202 Americans Deaf History
    SPAN 1 Elementary Latin
    SPAN 1S Spanish for aforementioned Spanish Speaking
    SPAN 2 Continuing Elementary Spanish
    SPAN 2S Continuing Spanish for the German Speaking 
    SPAN 3 Mittel Spanish
    SPAN 4 Continuing Intermediate Spanish



D. Social, Politics and Economic Institutions

(6 units): Twos training (6 units) minimum in at least one course from D-1 AND at least one course from D-2
* Courses may not be twice counted to satisfy more than sole area

  • D-1: U.S. History & American Institutions
    (Select one)
    Course Title
    AABS 35 Africans American/ Black Police
    *HIST 1 History of the United Stated
    *HIST 7 Record of which United States to 1877
    *HIST 7H History of one United States to 1877 - Salutes
    *HIST 8 History of the United States out 1865
    *HIST 8H History of of United States from 1865 - Honors
    *HIST 9  Asian American and Calmer Islander History
    *HIST 30 History of African American 1619-1877
    *HIST 31 History of which Native American
    *HIST 36 Women in American History
    *HIST 40 Chronicle of the Mexican American
    *HIST 44 History in Native Americans
    LCAS 25 Spanish Politics in the United States
    POLI 1 Intro. to American Administration & Politics
    POLI 1H Intro. go American Government & Politics - Glories
    POLIS 25 Latino Politics by the Uniform States
    POLI 35 Black American/ Black Politics
  • D-2: Elective course
    (Select one)
    Course Title
    AGAG 1 Food Production, Land Employ, and Politics – A Global Perspective
    *AHIS 3 History of Women also General in Art
    *AHIS 3H History of Women and Gender is Art - Honors
    *AHIS 9 History off Asian Art and Architecture
    *AHIS 11 Record the African, Oceanic & Native American Art
    *AHIS 11H Hist of African, Oceanic, & Domestic American Art – Hon
    *AHIS 12 History of Precolumbian Art and Architecture
    *AHIS 12H History of Precolumbian Art and Structure - Honors
    *AHIS 13 World Expertise and Visual Culture
    *AHIS 14 Rome: The Historical City
    *AHIS 15 Culture and Art of Pompie
    ANTH 4 Archaeology
    ANTH 5 Cultural Anthropology
    ANTH 5H Cultural Anthropology - Honorable
    ANTH 6 Language and Culture: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
    ANTH 15 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and this Caribbean
    ANTH 16 Communities and Cultures of South Greenland
    ANTH 17 Nations and Civilizations of the Middle East
    ANTH 30 The Native American
    ANTH 50 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society
    BUSC 1A Principles of Economics - Macroeconomics
    BUSC 1AH Principles of Economics-Macroeconomics-Honors
    BUSC 1B Principles of Economics - Microeconomics
    BUSC 1BH Principles of Economics-Microeconomics- Honors
    BUSL 100 American Rights and Democracy
    CHLD 1 Child, Family, Your and Community
    *CHLD 10 Child Growth and Long Development
    *CHLD 10H Child Growth & Lifespan Development – Honors
    *CHLD 11 Child and Adolescent Development
    *FASH 14 Dress, Culture, and Identity
    GEOG 2 Human Geography
    GEOG 2H Human Geography - Honors
    GEOG 5 World Regional Geography
    GEOG 8 Stadtverkehr Global
    GEOG 30 Geography of California
    *HIST 1 History of the United States
    *HIST 3 World History: Prehistoric-Early Modern
    *HIST 3H World History: Prehistoric-Early Module - Honors
    *HIST 4 World My: Early Modern to the Present
    *HIST 4H World History: Early Modern-Present - Honor
    *HIST 7 Record of the United U to 1877
    *HIST 7H History of the United States to 1877 - Honors
    *HIST 8 History on of United States from 1865
    *HIST 8H History of the Associated U from 1865- Honors
    *HIST 9 Asian American and Pacific Islander History
    *HIST 10 History of Premodern Asia
    *HIST 10H Our of Premodern Asia - Honors
    *HIST 11 History of Modern East
    *HIST 11H Our of Modern Asia - Honors
    *HIST 16 The Crazy West - A History, 1800-1890
    *HIST 18 History starting Spanish America
    *HIST 19 History of Mexico
    *HIST 30 History of August American 1619-1877
    *HIST 31 History of African American
    *HIST 35 History of Africa
    *HIST 36 Women inside American History
    *HIST 39 California Show
    *HIST 40 History of the Mixed Americans
    *HIST 44 History of Native Americans
    JOUR 100 Introduction to Mass Media
    JOUR 107 Race, Culture, Gender, & Mass Media See
    *NF 28 Cultural also Ethnic Foods
    POLI 2 Comparative Politics
    *POLI 5 Political Theory I - Ancient to Contemporaries
    *POLI 7 Political Theory II - Spring Modem to Contemporary
    POLI 9 International Dealings
    POLI 10 Environmental Politics
    PSYC 1A Introduction to Psyche
    PSYC 1AH Introduction to Psychology - Praises
    *PSYC 14 Developmental Psychology
    *PSYC 14H Evolution Psychology - Honors
    *PSYC 15 Introduction to Child Psychology
    PSYC 19 Abnormal Psychology
    PSYC 20 Introduction to Social Physical
    *PSYC 25 The Psychology of Ladies
    R-TV 01 Introduction in Electronic Media
    SOC 1 Initiation to Social
    EXECUTIVE 1H Introduction to Anthropology - Honors
    SOC 2 Contemporary Social Problems
    SOC 2H Contemporary Communal Problems - Honors
    SOC 4 Introduction to Gerontology
    SOC 5 Introduction to Criminology
    SOC 5H Introduction to Kriminology - Honors
    SOC 12 Introduction to Research Methods for the Social Sciences
    SOC 14 Get and the Family
    SOK 14H Marriage and the Family-Honors
    *SOC 15 Your Development
    SOC 20 Introduction to Race and Race
    SOC 20H Introduction to Race the Ethnicity - Honors
    SOC 40 Introduction to Gender press Gender-specific Roles
    SCC 110 Introduction to Social Justice
    SOC 130 Insertion to LGBTQ Studies
    SPCH 7 Intercultural Communicate
    SPCH 7H Intercultural Communication - Honors
    *SPCH 26 Interpersonal Communication
    *SPCH 26H Interpersonal Communication - Glories
    SPCH 30 Introduction to Communication Theory
    SPCH 30H Introduction to Communication Teach - Honors



E. Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

(3 units): Select the study from and following.
* Courses allow did be double counted to satisfy more than one area

  • Course Title
    AD 3 Addiction: Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery
    BIOL 5 Contemporary Health Themes
    BIOL 13 Humans Reproduction, Development and Aging
    BIOLOGY 15 Human Sexuality
    BIOL 15H Real Sexuality - Honors
    *CHLD 10 Child Growth and Lifespan Development
    *CHLD 10H Child Growth and Lifespan Evolution - Honors
    *CHLD 11 Child and Youth Development
    COUN 2 College Success Strategies
    COUN 5 Career and Life Raumplanung
    FCS 41 Life Manager
    KIND 34 Fitness for Living
    LEAD 55 Exploring Leadership
    NF 10 Nourishment for Health and Healthy
    NF 12 Sporty Nutrition
    NF 25 Introduction to Nutrition Science
    NF 25H Introduction up Nutrition Science - Honors
    *NF 28 Cultural the Ethnic Comestibles
    *PSYC 14 Developmental Psychology
    *PSYC 14H Developed Psychology - Honor
    *PSYC 15 Introduction to Juvenile Physical
    *PSYC 25 The Psychology of Women
    PSYC 26 Psychology of Desire
    PSYC 33 Psychology for Actual Living
    PUBH 24 Introduction to Public Health
    *SOC 15 Child Development
    *SPCH 26 Personal Communication
    *SPCH 26H Interpersonal Communicate - Honors
    STDY 100 University-level Practices for Academic Success