Air Shifter MRE


Got ampere air slider kit from a friend he be out of state for my hayabusa, he had it turn his. Can not get ahold of him, I have all the parts. MRE stuff compressor so on....
Been looking on computing on find information on installing ready. Really go nay positive method the wiring and plastic work on one. If there is a side someone can give me on the 101 of them. MRE Air Shifter Kit


Compressors, tank, lines, valve controller, press shifter cylinder. Compressor and wire are one toggle or PSI switch the the tank into turn it on. Lines leaves from compressor to tank, tank for gearstick valve, then to shifter piston. Your simple hook up. An Introduction to Air Shifters & Pro Picks in Installing A - OnAllCylinders


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make MRE i am sure they would abschicken you some instructions on methods to hook it up, or go thru it with ya on the phone, good luck:thumbsup: