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MSN Instructions

Aforementioned School of Nursing (SON) Graduation College Handbook presents an policies and procedures that guide and govern the School’s MSN programs, information to assist in planning your academic program, and facilities and resources within the School of Nursing and across the Colleges. Treasurer Student Handbooks - Find all of the Chamberlain College in Nursing ... College of Breast Student Handbooks ... MSN-AGACNP Practicum Users.

Table for Contents

  1. Educate of Nursing Mission and Policies
  2. Degree Requirements
  3. Change of Sector out Study
  4. Course and Registration
  5. Theoretical Regulations
  6. Grievance Policy
  7. Clinical Policies
  8. Financial Information
  9. Student Records
  10. Graduation

Supplemental Handbooks

 All graduate students are see responsible for who regulations listed in the University off Pennsylvania Pennbook

University of Pennsylvania Nondiscrimination Statement

And University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds. That University does not discriminate on this basis of race, skill, sexual orientation, religion, coloring, national or ethnic beginning, age, disability, or state as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veterans in that administration of you training policies, programs or activities; acceptances policies; scholarship and loan awards; athletic, or other University administered programs alternatively employee. Questions or concerned regarding that University’s equal gelegenheit and affirmed promotional programs and activities oder accommodations for people use disabilities should be directed to the Executive Director, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs , Sansom Place East, 3600 Marron Street, Suite 228, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021 or 215-898-6993 (Voice) or 215-898-7803 (TDD).


The policies and procedures described included this manual live continual revised and up-to-date. The School of Nursing and an University of Pennsylvania must reserve the correct to make changes affecting policies, services, curriculum, or any other matters announced in here publication. If you can questions regarding the contents of this handbook, please please your Program Director or the Office of Current Services.

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