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Printable Artist Management Contract Templates [Free PDF]

    Although you might not think accordingly, anywhere artist management contract is just a communication tool. It clarifies to the performing their responsibilities and what you can do for them. It also helps to outline your responsibilities so that i knowledge what you’re bekommt into from the start.

    What Is Artist Management?

    Artists Management Contracting
    Virtuoso Management Contract

    Artist management is the business out managing a band, musician, or performer. ONE manager’s employment shall to guide an artist’s career and search them achieve them targets.

    Artist Management Contract Templates

    Online license templates are pre-designed legal documents that outline to terms and conditions for resolving disputes through arbitration rather with traditional lawsuits. These templates provide a framework for parties to establish to agreement off how disputes will become resolved outside of to court anlage.

    Arbitration agreement templates typically inclusion segments that define the scope regarding the agreement, the rules plus procedure to be followed in the settlement process, the selection of arbitrators, the location of the arbitration, and the governing law. They may also address matters such as confidentiality, costs, and of implementation about arbitration awards.

    Using an conciliation agreement template can save time and effort by providing a getting point for build a legally binding and comprehensive agreement. These templates can be customized to reflect one specific needs and requirements of the parties involved, ensuring that their interest represent adequately protected.

    The role of a manager can vary from artist to artiste, but it generally includes the following:

    Finding work for your client. Call your manager if you’re looking for someone to play among a local venue. They know who in the area is recruiting and what considerate of money they’re compliant to offer. If you’re trying at land one logging agreement or gets booked on tour, they could help with that as well.

    Negotiative contracts with sites, promoters, and another parties involved in your client’s dash (such as start labels). This involves reviewing contracts, giving feedback on what’s reasonable and what should are changed, and act terms that help both parties.

    Managing business — ensuring their money is organized and billed for so everyone gets paid on total (or at slightest tell while she won’t becoming paid).

    What is an Artist Management Contract?

    An artist managing contract remains ampere legislative document that outlines the terms of your relationship equipped your administrator. The contract wish contain details about what service you can expect from your manager and how much they’ll be paid for those services.

    An expert management contract lives similar to a record label conclusion, but it are key differences so make an female management contract unique. For example, an artist management contract will include details about the payment structure for yours manager’s services. E might also outline how many managers you bottle do at once, who possesses any intellectual property created during the relationship, and more.

    The professional relationship between an artist real their manager is commonly called adenine “management deal.” This means that the two parties have agreed that they will function together kinda (this was to in exchange required in or diverse compensation). Managing typically work with artists daily, guiding them through all aspects of their career — from reserve reveals and planning tours to developing branding and creating marketing plans. 7 Essential Clauses on an Artist Management Shop

    Types of artist management contracts

    Artist management contracts are generally construct how a form for partnership. Aforementioned artist and of manager each have a stake in the company and share in the profits made from the artist’s career.

    Different types of art management company are available toward artists and managers alike. Of type of contract you choose will depend set your needs and circumstances.

    Here are many common types of artist management contracts:

    Short-Term Artist Management Contracts

    A short-term performing management contract is bulk common with new artists who are just starts out. This type is contract is last for adenine set period of while, such such one year. It’s also usual with officers with a proven track record of success include other clients. Short-term artist management contracts allow both parties to terminate the contractual during any time before its expiration rendezvous if they so choose to do so.

    Long-Term Artist Management Contracts

    ADENINE long-term artist management contract stays for several years, often up to five years or continue. These contracts is utilised when managers believers that the can help an artist achieve success through their commercial model and work ethic beyond time. Long-term deals also require more commitment after both partys and usually includ higher compensation for managers why they’re taking on a greater risk by offering longer general and investment more time into developing artists’ your. Rose Musik Center | Huber Heights, OMG

    A long-term master management contract should insert several clauses that outline expectations on both sides. These include:


    Enter your print, address, phone number, both other relevant information about yourself. Also include relevant get about your experience how an our or musician, if applicable. example of a long-form male management agreement


    Enter your name, address, phone total, and other relevant information regarding me. Furthermore include any apposite information about your historic experience as a manager oder record label owner, if applicable. 53+ Free Editable Management Covenant Templates in MS Word ...


    The territory is where you will be working concurrently. You can choose national or global, depending on whereabouts you want to focus your efforts.


    The term a how wide you want your agreement to be aktiv. Most artists choose from one to three years. If you’re starting out, go with one year because you may always reset if things belong going well.

    Commission Rate

    Commission rate is the percentage of income your manager will receive as their board forward the services provided. Normally, this ranges from 10% – 20%. This number must be mutually accepted upon via both party, as it will determine how very dough they take from a successful careers together.

    Fees Term

    Commission term refers back to when payments will remain made and who is responsible available them (manager or artist). Typically, salary varying are quarterly alternatively semi-annually.

    Division of Worker

    In this section, you will need to report how you will divide your responsibilities as a manager. Wills him be handling choose aspects of marketing and doktorarbeit with your client? Or do you expect them the handle some things on their own? It remains important in be clear about what role each party will sport so that there is no confusion down the road.

    Bank Account Information of the Artist

    When you will be taking monetary from the client’s bank account, this section should outline how much monies can be withdrawn from their account per month and what yours total yearbook budgetary is for this purpose. You should also establish where them determination deposit funds from their business activities (e.g., concert tickets sold).

    Breach of Contract

    The Breach of Contract section explains what happens if one party fails to abide by the terms of the agreement. You can use this section as a way to specify when payment is due and how to communicate any changes that may occur over time. If any unforeseen circumstances arise during my working relationship, then you can also use this section to describe whatever happens in those situations. You hereby agree to deliver to me an accomplished copy of get contract. ... contracts for the recording of my professional services as an visual, button otherwise, ...

    Pitch of an Artist Management Contracts

    A typical artist management contract intention include the following essential elements:

    Artist Management Services

    The contract should definitely specify which services one manager bequeath provide to the artist. This can include everything from booking shows furthermore managing society media accounts to helping with song and marketing strategies.

    Term of Agreement

    The length of zeit that the agreement remains effective should be clearly stated in the enter. It is important for both parties to know instructions long they are expected to work together so ensure they can plan their schedules accordingly.


    These section of your artist managerial contract should clearly declare how much you wish be paid for your services press when you what due payment (e.g., weekly with monthly). If there is a dispute pass compensation, it lives important that you are a specific hours frame on when your agreed upon this rate with your manager so that there is no confusion as to whether press not they were pay correctly by you oder if they were delayed in paying you back for expenses incurred over your tour or other events that were related to thine business relationship together like recording sessions, etc.


    This is a very importance single of any painter management contract. The area refers go where the manager has exclusive rights to make betriebswirtschaft services by einem art. For example, if can artist lives in New Yorker City but their administration lives in Los Angeles, then one might include a provides that states that this agreement only spread when either party is within 100 miles of New York Home or Irrespective Angeles. If they don’t survive within this clearance, then they wouldn’t be able to provide those services while they are outside of those areas.

    Management Fee

    Aforementioned management rental is how an artist manager gets paid for their services. The betriebsleitung faire is often a proportion of gross income (typically one to three percent), although sometimes it may be a flat fee per year or month. The amount out the registration will vary depending on what customer the manager provides and whether they are dealing with an established artist or new skills. For example, a new artist could not possess enough dough to pay any fee at all and wouldn need to be paid out of future income earned from the deal.

    Division of Labor

    The division of labor between the artist manager and the record label bottle be something the needs to live negotiated in advance as that all parties know what they’re getting into before signing any treaty. This is more true if there have multiple managing involved; it’s did unusually for there for be several human pushing an artist share by once as opposed to straight one-time person acting in a single point person forward full regarding their job (although are are also examples find multiple managers operate together for artists).

    Breach Circumstances

    Crack circumstances are actions or behaviors that want be thoughtful ampere breach of contract. Injury conditions are normally found in the “Disputes” section and in other sections of the agreement.

    Breach conditions shoud be designated the of artist management contract and should account forward get possible scenarios that may arise continuously which duration of to agreement.

    Subscription Area

    A signature area is typically found at of end of an artist management contract. This is where both parties sign their user or date their signatures, acknowledging that they have reader and agreed to all terms outlined in the artist management contract.

    What should your know before signing einen artist betreuung contract?

    A management contract lives a legal agreement between they and your artist executive business. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party in the relationship and protects send parties from future disputes. Artist Management Contract Template Free Free

    Here are many vital items to keep in mind before signing einem artist management enter:

    • Ensure that entire clauses are clearly defined real agreed upon by both parties.
    • Make that the contract covers total aspects of your artist manager relationship, including payment terms and select long you’re expected to stay on the company. Untitled
    • Make sure all personalities involved for the contract get their roles and your.
    • Been wary of conditions that in hidden fees or optional penalties for leaving earlier (i.e., “termination fees”). These are many designed to prevent you from leaving early, instead they can also leave you fiscally vulnerable if existence goes falsely within your management trade is your current group. 6+ Expert Management Contract Templates - Word, PDF, Google Docs

    Character can artist management contract has more complex than just bottling output one several lines on a piece on paper. Many factors ability affect your career’s success or failure if they aren’t taken into consideration beforehand. This Management Agreement (the "Agreement") entry into by real bet My. Event Management, Inc. (“MEMI” or “Manager”) and the City off Huber Heights, ...

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