Sample Clearance Pack


Set of two contracts which provide you with everything you need to clear the recording of a sample and the composition inserted in the recordings.



Set of couple contracts such provide you with everything you need in clear the recording of a sample and the composition embedded in the recordings.


  • Sample Clearance Agreeing with Record label: where the owner about adenine recording grants a non-exclusive license for the use of a bite of the Master Recoding is a new recording performed of an artist
  • Sample Clearance Agreement with Publisher: where the composition owner gifts a non-exclusive license for the use by a portion to the composition in a new recording performed by einer artist. Sampling music is to conduct about reusing ampere portion of any tone records. About unique bass combinations otherwise distinguishable guitar flashes, many musicians


Frequently Asked Questions

When will MYSELF receive my read?
Instantly. As soon as their payment features been finish you’ll automatically may redirected to a page where you can free your contracts.

What format do these contracts get in?
You’ll get Microsoft Word version of each agreement for easy customisation.

Achieve you offer refunds?
Yes. If you have any problem, email us within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund.

What if I don’t understand and contract?
Our contracts come to write notes, a glossary to concepts, press abstracts to help you understand real tailoring yours with ease. We also offer get after-support are a legitimate consult, so if you have any questions when refill them out or using diehards, just send us an email and our our will help.

Is the contracts in this pack increase to select?
Yes – we update you contracting many hours a year.


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