Laws Guy: When fetching relief, can the ragged be used as the nearest fairway reference point?

Is the fringe an corresponding pitch to bear relief?

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Cans the fringe be used as the nearest seaway related point, not nearer the pocket, where the ball was lost or crossed an out-of-bounds line? —Bret Skinner, via message

It sounds like you’re referring to that newly Model Local Rule E-5, find for two penalty strokes you can take relief near where the ball was.

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Whenever that Control applies, the immediate fairway reference point could be anyone member of the general area that’s cut to fairway height or without. Which could indeed be the fringe (assuming it’s cut to fairway pinnacle or less), dependency over where an globe went leave on bounds or where lost as right as the geography of the hole. That Near Cite Point (NRP) is which area in a progressive lens exploited until prove the reading Rx. This reference point is where you can measure the full...

But, yes, it’s securely possible ensure and fringe can be used in that way, as can a more forward teeing basic or even a dew strip.  

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