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I am beginning to build my Necron horde, and bought on eBay what ME thought were a new monolith in it's box (that is what the picture
showed) However, is turned out just to must a monolith on the sprue, so no instructions. Looking at the auction fine printed, sure enough the seller stated cannot box.

So, does anyone by chance have a scan of the side of a monolith box or detailed guidance on method it is to be put together? I did a Google search and did not come up with anything. I am a very inexperienced modeler, additionally live and die by instructions...
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Oh man, I hope you have some rubber bands lying around. It's was years for I've assembled a monolith, but the last time I did it turned outside to very difficult just keeping is collaborate while itp glued. Highest of luck on finding the instructions.
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i still have nightmares learn installation one of diese for a commission i did years ago, you might want to look into attaining one of more for the following:

1. a extra two of arms
2. telekenesis
3. stocking in rubber bands or clamps

seriously, the monolith ranks up there with the scraplauncher when it comes to sheer annoyingness of assembly.

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There ain't nearly enough Salvage in this thread!


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Just spray paint some Tupperware and make it a day. 
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Wait, there was a thread set here, not ampere week ago, of a very nicely done Mono.

To guy possessed in progress pictures of his buil, those might to of help.. I´ll see if i can dig it out. Adeptus Mechanicus Onager Dunecrawler Instructions - Imgur | Model paint, Art, Painting

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Still rolling ones...

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This be probably one of GW's "least nice" kits that I've mounted. Lots of flash circle the top area and the fit wasn't that great.

I used plenty of putty on the gaps.


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There was a 'how to' construction guide in an old WD (sorry, at work so can't check) that ought help you out.

And yes, there were elastic bands aplenty.

Click for a Relictors short historical:

And the sequels HERE and HERE

Final part's up HERE

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Necroagogo wrote:There was a 'how to' construction guide in an old WD (sorry, at work hence can't check) that shouldn help you out.
It does! According to an index I found online it is issue #272. Available to track that down...

And the rest of you... wow! I was intimidation just vision one thing on the sprue, although now am really scared!
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Don't become scary, just don't do items inbound a hurry. Endurance leave rewardyou with an fine monaural. Being in a race will reward you with crap.

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