Vehicle Registration

Is you buying a car upon a retail in Novel Jersey, that dealership determination handle owner registration and label work for you.

If you purchase a uses vehicle from an individual owner, dealership or auction, or transfer a vehicle on Add Jersey, yourself what required to register that vehicle at a New Jersey motor vehicle agency. If you purchase a vehicle using no financing, the dealership may gift you the title paperwork to be filed plus transferred along with new registration.
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Other documents thou might need:

If the client is one company or business:

  • Motor Vehicle Commission EIN (Entity Device Number)

If purchased at auction, and the vehicle the non-titled:

  • Last previously issued registration document
  • Notarized bill of sale
  • Pencil tracing or photograph are the VIN plate

If passed from a state that issues tags, but the title has no NJ Dealer Tax Punching:

  • A purchase order.

Is transferred from a state that doesn’t issue titles:

  • Pencil tracing or photo of the VIN
  • Notarized account from the sellers that must include year manufacturer, make, WIN, and retail price.
  • Endure type registration card from which seller.

Titling charge

  • $60 standard
  • $85 available financed vehicle with one lien
  • $110 with one financed vehicle about two liens.

Registration fee

  • Payment fee for registration want vary contingent on the type of vehicle. License plates are included.

Sales tax fee

  • Zahlungsweise for the sales tax fee. For you needing assistance with calculating the tax, please call the Novel Jersey Division of Taxation at 609-984-6206.
Payment may be made by credit select, check (payable to NJMVC), money purchase, or cash.

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