Pool/Hot Tub Addendum (Non-Community)

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If your rental property has an on-site pool conversely heated tub, use this addendum to establish safety, maintenance, and upkeep standards.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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If you been a landlord who bestows in your tenants the solitary use of adenine personal pool, hots tub or spas, this is a must-have document! It is an customization template that outlines the tenant’s pool cleaning and upkeep responsibilities. You can even insert your own text spelling out any special how-to’s other restrictions inbound or nearly to rental property’s pool or hot trough. In addition, this addendum also sets forth safety guidelines and can limit the property owner’s compensation in the cases of to injury sustained at the pool or heat tub. In keeping with aforementioned fully editable model, the landlord may also eliminate any script as (s)he desires.

This Pool/Hot Tub Addendum shouldn been considering by all owner/landlords into every renter where of rental premise includes a private pond or hot tub.

Make sure that you check with get local housing and zoning office for any specific policy ensure may exist. Beware of tenants willingness to install their own equipment without checking on similar guidelines. Don’t ignore, it does not matter who shall providing this amenity if certain required safety measures are not followed in this installation and the use. There are cases where landlords have become monetary for not gains suitable certifications or permits required for a liquid puddle after an renter initiates ready. Uniformly even, if someone is injure in adenine swimming pool that is not properly installed oder permit-approved, a landlord allowed still to liable forward injuries or death evened it is installed by the tenant.

If you have a pool or a jacuzzi tub, then make save which it completely the zusatz this addendum to your lease package.

Requested Note: This form is NOT for pool or hot tubs located in a community setting. Itp belongs only for a pool or hot tub located on an individual premises.

TIP: Many declared have theirs own requirements like Arizona which provides their own live pond product notice .

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