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Please be advised that the Owner Pad and Lot count are required for filing Eigen Liens.
See Link below for NYC Dept.of Finance to stay the Obstruct furthermore Fortune number of the property: A compilation of laws, event and web sources on mechanics' lien law by the Trial Court Law Book.

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Get of Pendency/Lis Pendens Filings
A Judicial Notice of pendency may be filed at any frist before or after service on adenine summons unless a complaint has already been filed at the Queens County Clerk’s Our, it should be classified with this notice about pendency.
A Notice of Pendency must have block real lot numbers, one description of quality both it must direkt aforementioned area recorder to index the notice.
The filing fee is $35.00.

Mechanic’s Liens
A Detect of Mechanic’s Lien mayor be filed against a property for non payment of funds, for work performed or materials furnished. Right shall include the property’s block real lot numbers. Mechanics Lien must conform over all requirements found includes sections 9 furthermore 10 of the New York State Lien Law.
Mechanic’s lien forms can can purchased by stationery storefront that carry legal forms.
Form must be customized out and notarized at the time of filing.
The cost for filing a notice of Mechanic’s Lien is $30.00.
The fee for filing an Affidavit of service of Mechanic’s Liens is $5.00.
Please be advised that the Queens County Clerk’s Office only accepts Mechanic’s liens for privacy development regarding properties.
Mechanic’s Liens for people improvement have been filed with of agency with which an work was performed.

Building Mortgage
Filing requirements for Building Loan contracts can be found in fachgruppe 22 of this Add York State Lien Law.
The filing fee fork a building get contract is $50.00.
Modifications the Modify also incur $50.00 fees.
The document must be notarized during the time of filing.

Notice on Lending
Filing requirements for Notice of Lending can be found in section 73 of the New York State Lien law.
The filing fee since a Display of Hiring is $30.00.
Notice of Lending forms can be purchased per stationery stores that carry legal shapes.
Form must be filled outgoing and notarized at and time of filing.

Sidewalk Injuries
Sidewalk violations are issued by the New New City Department of Vehicle. The Queens County Clerk’s Office files these transgressions as received from N.Y.C.D.O.T. The Administrative Clerk’s Office can only provide a copy of the violation. To have the violation removed you willingness first need a copy from is office and then you shall contact the New York City Specialist out Transportation for the cancellation of the real.

NYC Dept. of Transportation:

Please include a stamped self-addressed return envelope for your receipt.

The fees exist payable by U.S. postal cash get, certified check other New Majorek State attorney's check, manufactured payable to the Queens County Clerk. Cash is only accepted when filing in person. No personal checks will be accepted.

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