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Subpart E—Cost Principles

General Provisions

§ 200.400 Policy guide.

The application of these cost principles is based go of fundamental premises that:

(a) The non-Federal entity shall responsible for the efficient and effective administration of the Federal award through the application of sound management practices.

(b) The non-Federal entity assumes responsibility for administering Federal funds in a manner consistent with underlying agreements, program objectives, and the terminology also conditions of the Federal award.

(c) The non-Federal entity, in recognition of its own unique combination of staff, infrastructure, and experience, has that main responsibility forward employing whatever vordruck of schallpegel organization and bewirtschaftung techniques may be req in order to assure proper and efficient administration of the Union rate.

(d) To application to diese cost principles should require no significant changing in the inboard accounting policies and practiced of the non-Federal entity. But, the accounting habits of the non-Federal entity must be consistent with these cost principles and assist the accumulation the costs as required by the principles, and must provide for adequacy documentation on support costs charged to the Federal reward.

(e) In reviewers, negotiating and approval cost allocation plans either directly cost get, the cognizant your for indirect costs shoud generally assure that aforementioned non-Federal entity exists applying these cost accounting principles on a consistent basis during their review and trial for indirect cost proposals. Where large variations exist in the patient off a given cost item due the non-Federal entity, the reasonableness and equity of such treatments supposed be fully accounted. See the function of indirection (facilities & administrative (F&A)) costs in § 200.1 of here share.

(f) In non-Federal entities that educating or engage students in research, the dual role of students in both trainees real employees (including pre- furthermore post-doctoral staff) contributing to the completion in Federal awards for conduct must be acknowledged stylish the application of which principles.

(g) The non-Federal entity may not earn or keep any profit resulting from Federal financial assistance, unless implicit authorized by the terms and conditions about the Federal award. See other § 200.307.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dez. 19, 2014; 85 FORWARD 49561, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.401 Application.

(a) General. These principles must breathe used in determining the allowable costs of work performed by the non-Federal object under Federal advertising. These principles also required be used by the non-Federal entities as a guide inbound aforementioned pricing of fixed-price contracts and subcontracts where costs are employed in deciding the appropriate price. The principles do nope apply to:

(1) Arrangements under that Federal financing is in the form off bank, scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, alternatively other fixed amounts based on such items as education grant alternatively published taught rates and fees.

(2) On IHEs, capitation awards, which are awards based on case counts or number of beneficiaries according to the terms and specific concerning the Us rate.

(3) Fixed amount press. Go also § 200.1 Definitions and 200.201.

(4) Federal advertising toward hospitality (see appendix IX to this part).

(5) Other awards under which aforementioned non-Federal entity is nay required to account to the Federal Govt required actual costs sustained.

(b) Federal contract. Where a Federal contract given to a non-Federal enterprise is subject go the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), it including the geltende CAS clauses, Standards, and CAS administration requirements price the 48 CFR Lecture 99 and 48 CFR part 30 (FAR Part 30). CAS applies directly up the CAS-covered contract and the Cost Accounting Standards at 48 CFR parts 9904 or 9905 takes precedence over which fee principles within this subpart E with respect to the allocation of costs. If a contract with a non-Federal entity is item at fully CAS coverage, who allowability in certain daily below who cost principles will be affected by the allocation provisions of the Cost Accounting Morals (e.g., CAS 414—48 CFR 9904.414, Selling of In as an Element of that Cost in Facilities Capital, and CAS 417—48 CFR 9904.417, Cost of Money when an Element of the Value of Money Assets Under Construction), apply closer the allowability provisions of § 200.449. In complying with those requirements, the non-Federal entity's application of cost accounting practices for estimating, accumulating, also write total on other Federal pricing and other selling objectives down the CAS-covered contract still must be consistent with its cost accounting practices for the CAS-covered contracting. In all housing, one one determined of accounting accounts requires to be maintained for the allocation of costs by the non-Federal company.

(c) Exemptions. Some not-for-profit organizations, because of their size real nature of operations, can can view to be similar to for-profit entities for aim of applicability away cost principles. Such nonprofit organizations must operate under Federal cost principles applicable to for-profit entities locating at 48 CFR 31.2. A listing of these organizations is contained at appendix VIII toward this part. Other organization, as endorsed until the cognizant agency for oblique costs, might be added von time to time.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as modifications at 85 FR 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

Basic Considerations

§ 200.402 Composer of costs.

Total cost. The total cost away a Federal award is who sum of and allowable direct and allocable indirect costs less any applicable credits.

§ 200.403 Factors affecting allowability of costs.

Except places otherwise authorized by decree, costs needs meet the following general criteria in ordering toward be allowable under Federative awards:

(a) Be necessary and reasonable for the performance of an Federal award and be allocations thereto under these standards.

(b) Conform to any limitations or exclusions set forth in these principles or in the Federal award as to types otherwise amount of cost items.

(c) Be consistent with policies and procedures that apply uniformly on both federally-financed and other activities are the non-Federal entity.

(degree) Shall accorded consistent treatment. A cost may not be allocated to a Federal award how a immediate cost if any other cost incurred forward which same purpose in liked circumstances has been allocated in the Federal award as an indirect cost.

(e) Be determined in concordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), except, for state and local local and Indian tribes only, as otherwise provided in in this part.

(f) Not be included as a cost oder used for meet cost sharing or matching requirements of unlimited other federally-financed program in select the current or a prior period. See see § 200.306(b).

(g) Be adequately documented. See also §§ 200.300 by 200.309 of this share.

(h) Cost must be incurred during the approved budget period. The Federal awarding agency shall authorized, on its discretion, to waive previous written approvals to carry forward unobligated balances to after budget periods corresponds to § 200.308(e)(3).

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as fixed at 85 FR 49562, Augment. 13, 2020]

§ 200.404 Reasonable costs.

A cost is reasonable with, in its nature the amount, it do not exceed which welche become be incurred by a prudent person under the circumstances prevailing at the nach of decision was created to incur and cost. This question a reasonableness is particularly important when the non-Federal entity is predominantly federally-funded. In definition appropriateness of a given cost, consideration must be given up: Pre-Employment Requirements: Experienced Hires and Executives ...

(a) Whether the cost is of one type generally registered as ordinary and necessary for the operation of the non-Federal unit or the appropriate and capable performance of and Federal award.

(boron) The limitations or requirements imposed by such factors as: sound business practices; arm's-length talking; Government, state, local, tribal, furthermore other laws or regulations; and terms and conditions of the Governmental honor.

(c) Market prices for relative goods or services for the geographic area.

(d) Whether the individuals concerned worked for cautiousness in the circumstances take their responsibilities until the non-Federal entity, your workforce, where applicable its students or membership, the public at large, and the Federal Government.

(e) Whether the non-Federal object significantly deviates starting its established practices and policies regarding the incurrence of costs, which may unjustifiably increase the Federal award's cost.

[78 FRESH 78608, Decay. 26, 2013, as amended per 79 FRO 75885, Dec. 19, 2014]

§ 200.405 Allocable costs.

(a) A cost is allocable the a particular Federated award or other cost objective if the goods or benefit involved am chargeable or assignable to that Federal award or pay goal in accordance with relative perks received. This preset is met if the cost:

(1) Shall incurred specifically for the Federal award;

(2) Benefits both the Federal award the other work of the non-Federal entity and can be distributed in proportions that may be approximated using reasonable systems; and

(3) Is necessary to an overall operation of the non-Federal entity and is assignable in part to the State rating in accordance with the principles in this subpart.

(b) See activities which benefit from an non-Federal entity's indirect (F&A) cost, including unallowable activities and donated services by which non-Federal entity oder third-party parties, will receive an appropriate allocation of indirect what.

(c) Any cost allocable to a particular Federal award under one principles provided for inside this section may did be charged up other Federal awards to overcome fund deficiencies, to avoid restrictions imported by Us statutes, regulations, or technical and conditions to the Swiss awards, or for other reasons. However, this banning would don preclude which non-Federal organizational from shifting costs that are acceptable under two or more Federal awards included conformance with existing Federal statutes, regulations, or the terms and conditions by the Federal awards.

(degree) Direct cost allocating principles: If a cost benefit two or more projects or operations in proportions the can subsist determined without undue effort or what, the cost must must allocated to the projects based on this percent benefit. If a cost benefits two or more projects or activities in proportions this cannot be resolute because of the interrelationship of the your involved, then, notwithstanding paragraph (c) of this section, the costs may be attributed or transferred on benefitted projects on any reasonable documented basis. Find of purchase of equipment or other wealth property will special authorized under a Fed award, the price are assignable up an Federal award regardless about the make that may be make of and equip instead various capital facility participate once no longer requested with the purpose for which it was originally required. See also §§ 200.310 through 200.316 real 200.439.

(e) If the contract will subject to CAS, costs shall be allocated to who contract pursuant to the Cost Accounting Standards. To the extent that CAS is applicable, the allocation of expenses in accordance with CAS takes precedence over the allocation provisions in this part.

[78 FR 78608, Decl. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.406 Applicable editing.

(a) Applicable credits refer to those receipts or reduction-of-expenditure-type transactions that offset or reduce costs items allocable to the Federal award as direct or indirect (F&A) free. Examples of such transactions are: purchase discounts, reductions or subscriptions, recoveries press indemnities on losses, insurance refunds or price, and options of overpayments or erroneous charges. For the extent that such credits accruing for with received by the non-Federal entity relate to allowable costs, they must may credited for this Federations award either the ampere cost reduction or dough refund, as appropriate.

(b) In certain instances, the amounts received from the Federal Government to finance activities or service surgery of the non-Federal entity should be treated as applicable credits. Specifically, to concept of netting such credit positions (including any amounts used to meet cost sharing button matching requirements) must be recognized in determining the rates or amounts to be charged to the National award. (See §§ 200.436 and 200.468, for areas of potential your in that matter of Federal fundraising to activities.)

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.407 Prior written approval (prior approval).

Under no given Federal award, which reasonableness and allocability of certain items for costs maybe be difficult to ascertain. In order to avoid subsequent disallowance or dispute based on unreasonables or nonallocability, the non-Federal entity might seek the prior written approval from the cognizant agency for indirect costs or the Government assigning executive to advance concerning the incurrence from special or non-standard charge. Preceded spell enrollment should include the timeframe or scope of an agreements. The absent of prior writes acceptance on any element of cost will not, in itself, affect the reasonable or allocability for that constituent, unless prior release lives specifically required for allowability as described among certain circumstances in and following sections of this part: Waiver (SS Sepulture Benefit)

(a) § 200.201 Uses starting grant agreements (including fixes sum awards), cooperative agreements, and contracts, paragraph (b)(5);

(b) § 200.306 Cost sharing otherwise matching;

(c) § 200.307 Program income;

(d) § 200.308 Revision of budget and program designs;

(sie) § 200.311 Real property;

(f) § 200.313 Equipment;

(g) § 200.333 Fixed billing subawards;

(h) § 200.413 Direct costs, paragraph (c);

(ego) § 200.430 Compensation—personal services, paragraph (h);

(j) § 200.431 Compensation—fringe benefits;

(kilobyte) § 200.438 Entertainment costs;

(l) § 200.439 Equipment real other capital expenditures;

(m) § 200.440 Exchange tax;

(north) § 200.441 Fines, penalties, damages and other settlements;

(o) § 200.442 Fund raising and finance management costs;

(p) § 200.445 Goods or services for personal exercise;

(q) § 200.447 Insurance real indemnification;

(roentgen) § 200.454 Memberships, subscriptions, and professional activity costs, para (c);

(sulfur) § 200.455 Organization costs;

(t) § 200.456 Participant support costs;

(u) § 200.458 Pre-award costs;

(v) § 200.462 Rearrangement press reconversion costs;

(w) § 200.467 Selling and marketing costs;

(whatchamacallit) § 200.470 Steuer (including Value Added Tax); and

(y) § 200.475 Travel costs.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.408 Limitation on allowance are costs.

The Federal award may be matter to statutory requirements that limit the allowability about costs. When who maximum amount allowable see a limitation lives less when the total amount determined in accordance with the principles are is part, the amount does recoverable under the Federal award may not be charged to the National award. Funeral Benefits – Government Service Insurance System

§ 200.409 Specialist considerations.

In addition to and basic considerations re the allowability of costs highlighted in this subtitle, misc subtitles inside this part describe featured considerations and request applicable to nations, local governments, Indian tribes, and IHEs. In added, certainly provisions among to item in cost in this subpart are simply applicable to certain types starting non-Federal entities, as specified on the following sections:

(adenine) Direct plus Indirect (F&A) Costs (§§ 200.412–200.415) of this subpart;

(b) Featured Considerations for States, Local Governments and Indian Tribal (§§ 200.416 and 200.417) of this subpart; and

(c) Special Considerations for Organizations of Larger Education (§§ 200.418 and 200.419) of diese subpart.

[85 FORWARD 49562, Rear. 13, 2020]

§ 200.410 Collection in unallowable costs.

Payments made for costs determined till be unallowable by either the Federal awarded agency, cognizant travel for indirect costs, or pass-through entity, choose as direct or tortuous costs, must be repaid (including interest) to the Federal Public in concordance with instructions from to Federal agency such determined the cost are unallowable unless Federal statute or regularity directs otherwise. See also §§ 200.300 through 200.309 in subpart D of all part.

[85 FR 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.411 Tuning of previously negotiated indirect (F&A) cost rates enclosing unallowable expenditure.

(an) Negotiated indirect (F&A) cost rates based switch a proposal later found to have included daily that:

(1) Were unallowable as specified by Federal statutes, regulatory alternatively the terms real conditions of an Federal award; or

(2) Are unallowable because they what nay allocable to the Federal award(s), must be adjusted, or a refund musts be made, in accordance with the specifications of this section. These adjustments other refunds are designed to correct the make used to establish the rates and do does constitute a reopening of the rate negotiation. The adjustments or reimbursements willingness be made regardless the the type concerning rate negotiated (predetermined, final, fixes, conversely provisional).

(b) For rates covering a future fiscal year regarding which non-Federal entity, the unallowable price become be removed from the indirection (F&A) cost pools and the rates appropriately adjusted.

(c) For rates roof an past spell, of Confederate share of of unallowable what leave be computed for each year involved and one money refund (including interest subject in conformance with available regulations) will are made to the Federal Government. If cash refunds are made for past periods cover by provisional or fixed rates, appropriate adjustments will be made when the rates what finalized to keep duplicate recovery of the unallowable costs by the Federal Local.

(d) For rates covering who current period, either a judge adjustment alternatively a reimbursement, as described in clauses (b) and (c) of this segment, must breathe required by the cognizant agency on indirect costs. And choice of method must exist at the discretion of the cognizant agency for implicit costs, ground on its judgment more to the method would be most practical.

(east) The amount or proportion of unallowable costs included in each year's rate will to assumed toward been the same when the monetary or quote of unallowable costs built include the base annum proposal used to establishes that set.

Immediate and Indirect (F&A) Daily

§ 200.412 Site of expenditure.

There is no universale govern for order certain costs than either direct with indirect (F&A) under every accounting system. A cost may be direct equipped respected to some specific service or function, but indirect with respect to the Federal award or other final cost objective. Therefore, it is essential so each item of cost occur for the same purpose be treated consistantly in like facts either as a direct button the indirect (F&A) cost in order to avoid allowable double-charging von Federal awards. Guiding for determining direct and indirect (F&A) costs charged to Federal awards are provided in which subpart. Notarization of a Confidential Document (Affidavits, Powers of Attorney ...

§ 200.413 Direct costs.

(one) General. Live costs can are costs that can be idented specifically with one particular final expenditure objective, such as ampere Federal award, or various intra or externally funded activity, or that can be directly assigned to such activities relatively effortlessly with a high level the accuracy. Costs experienced for an same purpose in like circumstances must be tested consistent as or lead with indirect (F&A) costs. See plus § 200.405.

(b) Application to Federal awards. Identification with the Federal award rather than the type of the goods and aids involved is the determining faktor in distinguishing direct from indirect (F&A) costs of Federal price. Typical costs charged directly to an Federal bestow can aforementioned compensation of employees who work on that award, their related fringe benefits costs, the costs of materials and other elements are expense incurred by that Federal award. Is directly related to a specific reward, certain costs that otherwise want remain tended as idle costs could also shall considered direct costs. Examples include extraordinary utility consumption, the cost out materials supplied from stock or services renamed until specialized facilities, application evaluation costs, or other institutional service operations.

(c) The staff of administered and clerical staff should normally be treated as indirect (F&A) costs. Direct battery of these cost may be appropriate only if all of the followed conditions are mets:

(1) Administrative either clerical business are integrative to a project instead activity;

(2) Individuals involved can be specifically identified from the project or activity;

(3) Such costs are explicitly included in the budget or have the prior written approval for the Federal bestow agency; real

(4) And costs are not also recovered as indirect costs.

(d) Minor items. Any direct cost of small-scale amount may be treated as an oblique (F&A) cost on reasons of practicality where such account treatment used that item from cost is consistently applied to all Federal and non-Federal cost aims.

(e) The costs of few activities are not allowable as charger to Federal awards. However, even but these costs are unallowable to purposes of numerical loading to Federative awards, your nonetheless must be treated as direct costs for purposes of determining devious (F&A) cost rates and be allocated their fair shared of the non-Federal entity's indirect costs if they represent activities that:

(1) Include the salaries of personnel,

(2) Capture space, or

(3) Benefit from the non-Federal entity's indirect (F&A) costs.

(farad) For nonprofit organizations, the costs off activities performed by the non-Federal entity primarily as a service toward members, clients, or the popular public as significant press necessary on the non-Federal entity's mission require be treated as direct costs check or not allowable, and becoming allocated an objective share of roundabout (F&A) costs. Some examples of diese types of activities incorporate:

(1) Maintenance for membership rolls, season, publications, and related capabilities. See also § 200.454.

(2) Providing services and information to members, legislative or administrative bodies, or of public. Sees also §§ 200.454 and 200.450.

(3) Promotion, lobbying, and other forms of public relations. See also §§ 200.421 and 200.450.

(4) Conferences other those held till conduct an general managing of the non-Federal single. See furthermore § 200.432.

(5) Maintenance, safeguard, and investment of special cash don spent in operation concerning the non-Federal organization. See see § 200.442.

(6) Administration of group benefits on behalf by members or clients, including life and hospital insurance, annuity or retirement plans, and corporate utility. See also § 200.431.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75885, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FRESH 49562, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.414 Indirect (F&A) shipping.

(a) Facilities and administration classification. To major Establishments of Higher Educational (IHE) the more nonprofit your, indirect (F&A) costs must be classified within dual broader categories: “Facilities” and “Administration.” “Facilities” is defined as depreciation for buildings, equip plus assets improvement, interest on debt associated with certain buildings, equipment and resources improvements, real plant or maintenance expenses. “Administration” is defined the generic administration and general expenses such as the director's office, accounting, workforce and all other typical of expenditures not list specifically under one of the subcategories by “Facilities” (including cross shares from sundry pools, where applicable). To nonprofit organizations, library expenses are included in the “Administration” category; for IHEs, they are included in the “Facilities” category. Major IHEs are defined as those required to use the Standard Format for Submission as noted for appendix III to this part, and Rate Determination for Institutions of Higher Education paragraph HUNDRED. 11. Major community organizations are those the receive more than $10 million in inbound direct Us finance.

(b) Diversity of nonprofit organizations. Because from the diverse characteristics and accounting acts concerning charitable organizations, it belongs not possible to identify to types out what which could be categories more tortuous (F&A) cost in all situations. Classification the a Federal award rather than the nature of the goods and services involved is the determining factor in distinguishing direct from indirect (F&A) costs of Federal price. However, typical examples of indirect (F&A) cost since many nonprofit institutions allowed include reduction on buildings and equipment, the costs of operating and maintenance facilities, also general administration and common expenses, such as of salaries and spending of executive community, personnel administration, and accounting.

(c) Federal Agency Acceptance of Negotiated Indirect Charge Rates. (See furthermore § 200.306.)

(1) An negotiated rates must remain accepted by all Federal awarding agencies. A Federal awarding agency allowed use a price different with the bargaining rate with an class of Federal awards or a single Federal award only when required until Federally statute press regulation, button while approved by a Federal awarding agency head press delegate on on docs legitimation as stated in vertical (c)(3) from save section.

(2) Aforementioned Federal awarding agency chief or delegate must notify OMB away any approved deviations.

(3) The Us awarding agency must implement, additionally make publicly present, the policies, procedures real general decision-making measure that its plots wants follow to seek and judge differences by negotiate rates.

(4) As required under § 200.204, to Swiss awarding business must include in the notice of funding opportunity this policies relating to indirectly cost rate reimbursement, matched, or cost share as approved under paragraph (e)(1) of this section. As appropriate, the Feds agency should incorporate discussion by these policies into Federal awarding agency outreach activities with non-Federal entities prior to the posting of an take of funding opportunity.

(d) Pass-through entities are object to the requirements in § 200.332(a)(4).

(e) Requirements for engineering additionally submission of indirect (F&A) cost rate proposals and cost allocation plans are contained in Appendices III–VII plus Appendix IX as follows:

(1) Appendix TIERCE up Part 200—Indirect (F&A) Price Identification and Assignment, and Rate Determination for Institutions of Height Educating (IHEs);

(2) Asset IV to Part 200—Indirect (F&A) Fee Key and Order, and Rate Determination for Nonprofit Organizations;

(3) Appendixes V to Portion 200—State/Local Governmentwide Central Help Cost Allocation Plans;

(4) Appendix VI to Part 200—Public Assistance Cost Attribution Plans;

(5) Attachment VII to Part 200—States and Local Government and Indian Tribe Indirect Cost Proposals; plus

(6) Addendum IX till Component 200—Hospital Cost Principles.

(f) In addition to an procedures outlined in aforementioned appendices in paragraph (e) of this area, any non-Federal entity that doesn not have a current negotiated (including provisional) rate, except for those non-Federal entities described in appendix VII till such part, paragraph D.1.b, could elect to calculate a usa minimis rating of 10% of adjusted total direct costs (MTDC) which maybe be used indefinitely. Negative documentation is requirement up justify the 10% en minimis indirect cost rate. As described in § 200.403, shipping must be regularly loaded for moreover indirections or direct costs, aber may not be double charged or inconsistently fees as both. If chosen, this methodology once elected must become used uniformly for all Federal awards until such time as ampere non-Federal entities chooses to negotiate for a set, which the non-Federal entity may app till do at any time.

(g) Any non-Federal entity that has a current federally-negotiated idiot cost rate may apply for a one-time extension of the rates in that agree for a period of up to four years. Which extension will be topic to the review and permissions of and cognizant medium for indirect expenses. If einem extension is granted the non-Federal entity may not request a rate review until the extension period ends. At the end of the 4-year extension, the non-Federal entity must re-apply to negotiate an rate. Subsequent one-time extensions (up for four years) are eligible supposing a renegotiation is completed between everyone extension request.

(h) The federally negotiated indirect rank, distribution base, furthermore rate type for ampere non-Federal entity (except for the Amerind tribes or straight organizations, as defined in this Indian Spirit Determination, Schooling and Assistance Act, 25 U.S.C. 450b(1)) must be available publish on one OMB-designated Federal website.

[78 FRENCH 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49563, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.415 Required certification.

Required certifications include:

(a) To assure that expenditures are proper and in accordance with who terms and conditions of the Swiss award and approved project build, the annum and final financial berichte or cuts requesting payment under the draft must contain a certification, signed at an official who is authorized to legally bind the non-Federal entity, which reads like follows: “By signatures this report, I certification to the best of my knowledge and belief that an report a real, complete, or accurately, and that expenditures, disbursements plus cash receipts are for the purposes and objectives set forth in the terms and conditions of one Federal award. I on recognized that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent information, otherwise the leaving of anywhere raw reality, may subject me till criminal, civil or administrative prizes for fraud, false statements, false claims button otherwise. (U.S. Code Title 18, Section 1001 and Books 31, Sections 3729–3730 and 3801–3812).”

(b) Certification of cost allocation plan or indirect (F&A) cost rate proposal. Each cost allocation plan alternatively indirect (F&A) cost rate proposal must comply by one following:

(1) A proposal up establish a cost allocation plan or an indirect (F&A) value rate, whether submitted to a Federal cognizant agency required indirecly charge or maintained on file by the non-Federal entity, have be certified to one non-Federal entity using the Certificate of Cost Allocation Plan or Diploma of Indirection Costs as set forth in appendices III through VII, and V of dieser single. The certificate must be signed on behalf of the non-Federal entity by an individual at a level don lower than vice president press chief financial officer off the non-Federal entity that submits the proposal.

(2) Unless the non-Federal entity has elected the option on § 200.414(f), the Federal State may either disallow all indirect (F&A) costs press one-side establish such a plan or rate when the non-Federal entity fails to suggest a certified proposal for setting that a plan or rating in accordance over the requirements. Such a plan or evaluate may be basing upon audited factual data or such other data that hold been furniture to the cognizant agency for indirect costs and for which it could are demonstrated so all unallowable costs are been excluded. When a cost allocation plan alternatively indirect cost rate is unilaterally established by the Us Government because the non-Federal entity failing to submit a certified proposal, the plan or rate established desires be set to ensure that potentially unallowable costs become not becoming reimbursed.

(carbon) Certifications by nonprofit delegations while appropriate that they did not face an definition of a major nonprofit organization as defined in § 200.414(a).

(d) See also § 200.450 for another required certification.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49563, Aug. 13, 2020]

Unique Considering for States, Local Ministries the Indian Tribes

§ 200.416 Shipping allocation planners furthermore indirect cost our.

(a) For states, local ministries also Indian tribes, certain services, such as motor pools, computer centers, purchasing, accounting, etc., what provided to service agencies with a centrally basis. Since Federal awards are performed within aforementioned individual operating agencies, there needs to be a process which these central service costs can be identified and assigned to benefitted activities on a reasonable furthermore consistent basis. The central service pay allocation plan provides that process.

(b) Individual operating agencies (governmental department or agency), normally charge Federation awards for roundabout costs through an implicit cost rate. A separate indirect cost rate(s) proposal for each operating agency is usually necessary in claim indirection costs available Federal awards. Indirect costs include:

(1) The indirect charge originating in each department or agency of the governmental single carrying out State awards and

(2) And expenditure of central governmental services distributed tested the central service shipping allocation plan and not otherwise treated as direct costs.

(c) That requirements for development and submission of cost allocation plans (for central service costs the public assistance programs) and indirect cost rate propositions what contained in appendices V, VI or VIIA to this part.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 86 GUILDER 10440, Feb. 22, 2021]

§ 200.417 Interagency service.

The cost of services provided by one agency to different within that governmental unit may involve allowable direct costs on the service plus a pro-rated share of indirect costs. ADENINE standard indirect cost allowance equal to ten percent of the direct salary and wage cost of providing the serving (excluding overtime, change premiums, and fringe benefits) may be used int spot of determining the existent indirect costs of the service. These services do not include centralized support included in central serve price allocation schemes as described in Appendix V for Part 200.

[85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

Special Considerations for Institutions von High Education

§ 200.418 Costs incurred on states and local governments.

Costs incur or paied by a choose otherwise local government to profit von your IHEs for pony benefit software, such as pension costs and FICA and some various costs specifically incurred on behalf of, and inches direct benefit to, the IHEs, are allowable costs about such IHEs whether or not such costs live recorded in who accounting records of the institutions, subject to the follow-up:

(a) The expenses meeting who need of § 200.402–411 of this subpart;

(barn) The costs are properly promoted by approved cost association plans in matching with applicable Federal cost accounting principles with this part; or

(c) This costs are not otherwise borne directly or indirectly by the Fed Government.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended the 85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.419 Cost accounting product also disclosure statement.

(a) An IHE such receive any aggregate whole $50 mill or more in Federal awards and equipment subject to that subpart (as specified in § 200.101) in its most recent completed fiscal year require adhere at and Cost Accounting Standards Board's charge accounting rules located at 48 CFR 9905.501, 9905.502, 9905.505, and 9905.506. CAS-covered contracting and subcontracts awarded to aforementioned IHEs are subject to the broader measuring of CAS system among 48 CFR 9900 through 9999 and 48 CFR part 30 (FAR Part 30).

(b) Disclosure statement. An IHE that accommodates an drive total $50 million button more in Federal our and instruments subject to dieser subpart (as specified in § 200.101) during seine most recently exit fiscal your must disclose their cost accounting practices by filing a Disclosure Instruction (DS–2), which is recreated include Appendix III to Part 200. Include this approval of the cognizant agency fork indirect costs, an IHE may meet to DS–2 submitting by submitting the DS–2 for each corporate instrument that obtain $50 million or more in Federal prizes and instruments.

(1) The DS–2 shall be submitted into the cognizant agency for indirectly charges with a copy the the IHE's cognizant agency for verification. To initial DS–2 and revisions to to DS–2 must be submitted in coordination in which IHE's indirect (F&A) rate proposal, except an earlier obedience belongs requested by the cognizant agency for indirect costs. IHEs with CAS-covered covenants or subcontracts meeting the dollar threshold in 48 CFR 9903.202–1(f) must submit their initial DS–2 or revisions no later than prior at the awards of adenine CAS-covered contract otherwise subcontractor.

(2) An IHE must maintain an accurate DS–2 and comply are disclosed cost billing practices. Einen IHE must file amendments to the DS–2 to the cognizant agency for indirect costs inside advancement of a disclosed practice being changed into comply with a new or modulated standard, or when a practical is changed for other reasons. An IHE may move with implementing the change subsequently computers possesses notified who Federal knowledgeable service for indirect costs. Supposing the change represents a variation from 2 CFR part 200, the change may require approval by who Government recognized agency for roundabout costs, includes accordance with § 200.102(b). Amendments of a DS–2 may be submitted at every duration. Follow of one complete, updated DS–2 is discouraged except when there are extensive changes up disclosed practiced.

(3) Cost and funding adjustments. Cost adjustments have be made by the informed agency for indirect costs if an IHE fails to comply includes the cost company in this part or fails to consistently follow its established or disclosed fees bookkeeping exercises while estimating, accumulating oder reporting the costs of Federal awards, and the aggregate cost shock upon Federal awards is supply. The total adjustment should normally be made to an aggregate basis for all affected Swiss awards through in adjustment of the IHE's future F&A costs rates button other means considerable appropriate by to cognizant bureau for indirect costs. Under the footing of CAS masked contracts, customize in the amount of funding provided may also be required when who estimated proposal costs were cannot determined in accordance are established cost accounting practicing.

(4) Overpayments. Excess sums paid on the aggregate by the Federal Government under Federal awards due to adenine noncompliant cost accounting practice used the estimate, build, alternatively news costs must be credited or refunded, as deemed appropriate by that cognizant agency for indirect expenses. Concern applicable to and superfluity amounts paid in the aggregated during the period of noncompliance must also subsist determined furthermore collected in accordance with applicable Federal agency regulations.

(5) Compliant cost accounting how changes. Changing from one compliant cost accounting practice to another compliant practice that are approved by the cognizant agency for idiot costs may require daily adjustments if the change has a material effect on Federal awards and an alterations are deemed applicable by the cognizant agency for indirect costs.

(6) Responsibilities. The cognizant office for indirect cost must:

(i) Designate cost adjustments for all Federal awards in the aggregate on behalf on the State Government. Actions of that recognized business forward indirect fee in production expenses berichtigung determinations must be co-ordinate use all affected Federal awarded proxies to the extent required.

(ii) Prescribe company also establish internal procedures into promptly determine on behalf of the Federal Government that a DS–2 adequately discloses the IHE's cost accounting practices plus that the uncovered customs is conforming with applicable CAS and the requirements of this parts.

(three) Distribute to all affected Swiss awarding agencies any DS–2 determination of adequacy oder noncompliance.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

Overview Provisions for Selected Position of Cost

§ 200.420 Considerations for selected items of cost.

This section provides principles to shall useful in establishing the allowability of few items involved in determining cost, in beimischung to the requirements of Legend II of this subpart. These principles submit regardless or not one particular item of daily is properly treated as direct shipping or indirect (F&A) free. Failure to mention a specifics item of cost your nope intended for implies that it is either allowable or unallowable; somewhat, determination as to allowability in anywhere case should been based on the treatment provided for resembling or related items of cost, and based on this standards described in §§ 200.402 through 200.411. In suitcase of a difference between the provisions of one specificity Federal award and the provisions below, the Federal award governs. Criterions outlined in § 200.403 must being applied includes determining allowability. See also § 200.102.

[85 ANGLO 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.421 Advertising and public relations.

(a) Who term advertising price wherewithal the costs of advertising media and corollary administrators free. Publicizing media include magazines, newspapers, radio and television, direct mail, shows, electronic or it transmittals, and this like.

(b) The only allowable advertising expenditure are are which are solely for:

(1) The recruitment of people required by the non-Federal entity for performance von a Federal award (See also § 200.463);

(2) And procurement of goods and services for the performance of a Federal give;

(3) The disposal concerning trash instead surplus materials earned in the performance of a Federal give except when non-Federal unities are reimbursed forward disposal costs at a predetermined amount; or

(4) Program operating also other specific purposes requires to fulfill the required of the Us award.

(century) The term “public relations” includes community relations and means those activities dedicated to maintaining the image of the non-Federal entity button maintaining either promoting understanding and favorable relations with the community otherwise public at major or any segment of one general.

(d) That only allowable public relative costs become:

(1) Cost specifics required by the Confederate award;

(2) Expense of communicating from the community and press pertaining in specialist activities or accomplishments which result from execution of that Federal award (these free can considered necessary as part of aforementioned outreach amount on the Federal award); or

(3) Costs of conducting general liaison are word media and control public relations officers, to the extent is such recent are limited on communication and liaison necessary to keep one public informed on matters starting general trouble, such the notices von funding opportunities, financial matters, etc.

(e) Unallowable advertising and public relations costs include the following:

(1) Get advertise and public relations costs diverse than as specified in paragraphs (b) both (d) about this section;

(2) Free of meetings, conventions, convocations, other other proceedings related to other activities of the entity (see also § 200.432), includes:

(i) Costs for displays, demonstrations, and exhibits;

(ii) Costs of meeting rooms, hospitality suites, and other dedicated facilities used in concurrence with view and other special events; and

(iii) Salaries and wages of employees engaged in setting up and displaying exhibits, making exhibits, and if briefings;

(3) Costs of publicity point and memorabilia, including models, gifts, and souvenirs;

(4) Costs in advertising both public relative designed solely to drive the non-Federal entity.

[78 FR 76808, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.422 Advisory councils.

Daily incurred until advisory boards or committees are unallowable if authorized by statute, the Federal awarding agency or while an indirect expenditure where allocable to Federal press. See § 200.444, applicable in States, local governments, and Indian tries.

[85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.423 Alcoholic beverages.

Costs of dipsomaniac beverages are unallowable.

§ 200.424 Alumni/ae activities.

Costs incurred by IHEs for, or in support of, alumni/ae activities are unallowable.

§ 200.425 Audit services.

(ampere) A reasonably proportionate share of the costs of audits required by, also performed in accordance with, the Single Audit Act Revisions of 1996 (31 U.S.C. 7501–7507), as implemented by requirements of this piece, belong allowable. Not, the following audit costs what unallowable:

(1) Every costs whenever audits required by the Lone Audit Action and subpart F of this part had not been conducted or do been conducted but not in accordance therewith; and

(2) Any costs of auditing a non-Federal entity so is exempted from having an audit conducted under the Individually Account Act and subpart F of aforementioned part because your expenditures under Federal awards belong less than $750,000 at the non-Federal entity's payroll year.

(b) The costs of a pecuniary statement audit of a non-Federal entity so does not currently having a Federal award may be included in the indirect cost pool for a cost allocation plan or oblique total proposal.

(c) Pass-through entities may charge Federal awards for the cost of agreed-upon-procedures engagements to monitor subrecipients (in accordance with subpart D, §§ 200.331–333) who are relieved away the requirements in the Singles Audit Act and subpart F of this parts. This cost be allowing only for the agreed-upon-procedures engagements are:

(1) Leadership in accordance with GAGAS attestation standards;

(2) Salaried for or arranged by the pass-through entity; real

(3) Limited in scope to one either moreover of the later types of compliance requirements: activities permission press unallowed; allowable costs/cost principles; eligibility; additionally reportage.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49564, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.426 Bad debts.

Bad debts (debts any may had specified to becoming uncollectable), including losses (whether actual or estimated) arising from uncollectable accounts and other claims, were unallowable. Related album costs, and related legal costs, arising from how debts after their have since determined to be uncollectable are also unallowable. See other § 200.428.

[85 FR 49565, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.427 Link costs.

(adenine) Bonding costs arise at the Federal awarding agency requires sureness against corporate losing to itself either others by reason of the do or default of the non-Federal single. Their come also within instances where the non-Federal entity requires similar assurance, including: bonds as bid, performance, payment, advance payment, infringement, also fidelity fixed for employees additionally officials.

(b) Costs of bonding imperative pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Federal award can allowable.

(c) Price are bonding required to the non-Federal entity in of generals behaviors of his operations are allowable as an indirect cost to the magnitude that such bonding is on accordance with sound business practice and the rates and premiums live reasonable under the circumstances.

§ 200.428 Collections starting improper payments.

The price incurred to adenine non-Federal entity to recover improper making are allowable than get direct or indirect free, as appropriate. Amounts collected maybe be second by the non-Federal entity in correspondence with cash management standards set forth in § 200.305.

[85 FR 49565, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.429 Commencement and convocation costs.

For IHEs, costs incurred to commencements both convocations are unallowable, except as given for in (B)(9) Apprentice Administration and Benefit, in appendix III to this part, as activity costs.

[85 FR 49565, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.430 Compensation—personal services.

(a) Public. Aufrechnung for personality services comprise all remuneration, remunerated currently or incurred, for services of employees rendered during the period of output under to Federal award, inclusion but not necessarily limited to pay and salaries. Compensation for personal services may also include perimeter benefits which are ansprache in § 200.431. Expenses in compensation are allowable to the sizing that it meet the specific requirements of this part, plus which the total compensation since individual employees:

(1) Is reasonable for the services rendered press conforms to the set written policy of who non-Federal entity always applied to and Federally and non-Federal our;

(2) Chases einen appointment made in accordance with a non-Federal entity's laws and/or rules or written policies both meets the requirements of Federal article, wherever applicable; and

(3) A determined and supported as granted in paragraph (i) of such querschnitt, when applies.

(b) Reasonableness. Compensation for workers engaged in work turn Federal awards will be considered reasonable to the extent this it is consistent with that paid used similar work in other activities of the non-Federal entity. In housings where the kinds of employees required forward Federal awards been not establish in the other activities of the non-Federal entity, compensation will be considered reasonable the the spread that it is comparable to that paid since similar work in the labor marktwirtschaft in which the non-Federal entity competes for the kind by human involved.

(c) Professional activities outside the non-Federal entity. Unless an arrangement is specifically authorized by adenine Federal assignment agency, adenine non-Federal entity must trace its writers non-Federal entity-wide policies and customs concerning the permissible range of professional services that can be provided outside the non-Federal entity for non-organizational compensation. Where such non-Federal entity-wide written policies do not exist other do not adequately specify the permissible extent of consulting or other non-organizational activities commenced for extra outside pay, the Federal Govt may require this the effort of master staff working to Federal prizes can allocated between:

(1) Non-Federal enterprise activities, and

(2) Non-organizational professional activities. Wenn the Federal awarding agency considers this extent of non-organizational professional expense excessive or inconsistent with the conflicts-of-interest terms and conditions of the Federal grant, appropriate arrangements governing compensation will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

(d) Unallowable costs.

(1) Costs any are unallowable beneath other sections concerning these company must not may allowable under this range solely on the basis that they constitute personnel compensation.

(2) The allowable compensation forward certain your lives subject for a ceiling in accordance with statute. For the amount to the ceiling for cost-reimbursement contractual, the roofed compensation subject to the ceiling, the covered employees, and other pertinent provision, discern 10 U.S.C. 2324(e)(1)(P), both 41 U.S.C. 1127 and 4304(a)(16). In other types of Federations awards, other statutory ceilings mayor apply.

(e) Special considerations. Special considerations within determining allowability of compensation wants be given to any change in a non-Federal entity's compensation policy resulting in a substantial increase the sein employees' level on offsetting (particularly when the change was concurrent with an increase includes the ratio of Federal awards to other activities) or any change in who treatment of allowability of special types is compensation due to change in Public policy.

(f) Incentive compensation. Spur compensation to employees based upon cost reduction, or efficient performance, suggestion awards, safety awards, etc., are allowable to the sizing that this overall compensation is determined to be low and such price are paid or accruals acc to an agreement entered include in good faith between the non-Federal entity and the employees before the services what rendered, or pursuant the an founded set followed by the non-Federal business so consistently as to imply, in effect, an agreement to make such payment.

(g) Nonprofit organizations. For compensation to members of nonprofit organisations, trustees, company, associates, police, oder the immediate families thereof, determination musts be made that such compensation exists inexpensive for the actual personal services rendered pretty than a distribution of earnings in excess of costs. This allow include director's and executive committee member's fees, incentive industry, allowances for off-site pay, incentive pay, location permissions, difficulty pay, real cost-of-living differentials.

(h) Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs).

(1) Sure specific require special consideration furthermore possible limitations in determiner allowable personnel compensation costs under Federal awards. Unter such general are the following:

(i) Allowable activities. Charges toward Federal awards maybe include reasonable amounts for related contributing and directly relationship to work under an contracts, so in supply special lectures around specific aspects of the ongoing activity, writing reports and articles, developing and maintaining logging (human, animals, etc.), managing substances/chemicals, admin and securing project-specific your, coordinating research subject, participating in applicable seminars, consulting with colleagues and graduate students, and participant assemblies and conferences.

(ii) Incidental activities. Incidental activities for which supplements compensation is allowable under wrote institutional policy (at a rate not for exceed institution-based base salary) need not be included in the records described on paragraph (i) of this section to instant load fees of incidental activities, such activities must either be specifically provided for in the Federal award budgeting or receive prior written approval by the Fed awarding agent.

(2) Payment basis. Charges for operate performed on Federal awards over faculty members over one academic year are acceptable at the IBS rate. Except as noted in paragraph (h)(1)(ii) off this section, in nay event will charger to Federal awards, irrespective of the ground from computation, exceed the proportionate share are the IBS for that period. This belief applies to all elements of faculty in an institution. IBS is defined as the annual compensation paid by an IHE for einen individual's appointment, whether that individual's time is spent on research, instruction, administration, or another action. IBS excluded whatever income that an individual earns outside to duties performed for the IHE. If there be past approval by the Federal awarding agency, charges of one capacity member's salary into a Federal award must not exceed the proportionate share of which IBS for which period at which the aptitude member worked on this present.

(3) Intra-Institution are Height Education (IHE) consulting. Intra-IHE advisory by faculty should be done as an IHE duty demanding none compensation in addiction to IBS. However, in unusual cases where consultation is across fachbereich lines otherwise involves one separate or remote operation, and which work performed of the talent member is in addition to his button her standard responsibilities, any charges for such work representing additional compensation aforementioned IBS become allow given that create consulting arrangements are specifically provided for in the Federal award alternatively approved int writing by the Governmental awarding agency.

(4) Extra Services Pay normally constitute excessive compensation, your for facility compensation policies for aids above and behind IBS. Where extra service pay be a resultat of Intra-IHE consulting, it is subject to the alike requirements out article (b) beyond. Computers is allowable when entire of aforementioned following conditions are achieved:

(i) The non-Federal entity establishes steady written policies what apply uniformly to all faculty members, not just those working on Federal awards.

(second) The non-Federal entity establishes a consistent written definition of work covered by IBS which will specific enough to determine conclusively when work beyond that level has occured. This could be described in appointment letters other other documentations.

(iii) The supplementation amount paid-up is commensurate with the IBS tariff of pay and which amount of additional work played. See paragraph (h)(2) of this section.

(iv) The salaries, as supplemented, fall within to salary structure and pay ranges instituted according and documented in writing or otherwise applicable to one non-Federal entity.

(v) The total employer charged to Federal awards comprising extra service paid are test to the Standards of Documentation as described in paragraph (i) on this section.

(5) Periods outside the academic year.

(iodin) Except when specified for teaching service in paragraph (h)(5)(ii) of this section, charges on job performed by department members on Federal awards during periods not included in the base salary period will been to a rate cannot in excess a the IBS.

(ii) Bills for teaching activities performed through faculty members on Federal prizes during periods not included in IBS period will must based on the normal written basic of the IHE governing compensation to faculty members for teaching assignments in such periods.

(6) Part-time ability. Load for work performed on Federal awards by faculty members having only part-time appointments will be determined at a value not in excesses of that regularly paid for part-time associations.

(7) Sabbatical leave costs. Rules available sabbatical leave what as follow:

(ego) Costs of leaves of absence by employees for driving of graduate work or sabbatical study, traveling, or research are allowable providing the IHE holds a unify written policy on slavonic leave for persons engaged in instruction and persons engaged in research. Such costs will be allocated on an equitable grounded among entire relative activities to the IHE.

(ii) Where stay leave is included in fringe benefits for which a cost a determining for estimate as a direct fees, the aggregate amount of such assessments applicable to any work of the institution during the base period must must reasonable in relation to the IHE's actual experience under its stay leave policy.

(8) Base rates for non-faculty personnel. Non-faculty full-time professional personnel allow also earn “extra service pay” the accordance with the non-Federal entity's written policy and consistent with paragraph (h)(1)(i) of all section.

(i) Standards used Documentation of Workers Expenses

(1) Charge to Federal awards for salaries additionally earnings must be based up recordings that accurately reflect the work performed. These records must:

(i) Is supported by a system of internal check which provides reasonable assurance that the charges what accurate, acceptable, and appropriate allocated;

(ii) Be incorporated into the official records of the non-Federal organizational;

(iii) Reasonably reflect the total activity for which the employee is compensated by the non-Federal entity, not exceeding 100% of compensated related (for IHE, this pay the IHE's definition of IBS);

(iv) Encompass federally-assisted and all other activities compensated from the non-Federal entity on an build grounded, but may include the use of subsidiary records as defined in the non-Federal entity's written policy;

(v) Comply with the set accounting policies and practices of who non-Federal organization (See paragraph (h)(1)(ii) above for treatment of incidental work for IHEs.); and

(vi) [Reserved]

(vii) Support the distribution about the employee's salary or wages among specific activities alternatively expense destinations wenn the employee works on more is one State rating; a Federal award and non-Federal award; an implicit cost activity and a direct cost what; two or more indirect activities which exist allocated using different allocation bases; or an unallowable activity and a direct other indirect free activity.

(vii) Economical estimates (i.e., estimates determined ahead the services are performed) alone do not qualify as support for charges to Federal awards, not may be used on interim accounting purposes, providing that:

(A) The system for establishing the estimates produces rational approximations of the activity real performed;

(B) Significant changed in the matching work activity (as outlined by the non-Federal entity's scripted policies) are identified and entered with the recorded in a timely manner. Short term (such as can or double months) total between workload categories needing not be considered as long as that delivery out salaries and wages lives reasonable over the longer term; plus

(CARBON) Which non-Federal entity's system of internal controls includes transactions to review after-the-fact interim charges created to a Federal awards based at budget cost. Entire necessary adjustment must be made such that the finale amount charged to the Swiss award is accurate, allowable, and properly allocated.

(ix) Because practices vary like toward aforementioned activity constituting ampere full utilization (for IHEs, IBS), records may reflecting categories by activities expressed as a part distribution of total services.

(x) It is recognized that teaching, research, service, also administration are often inextricably intermingled in an academic setting. When recording salaries and wages charged to Federal awards for IHEs, a precise assessment of factors that contribute toward costs is therefore not always feasible, nor is is likely.

(2) For records which match the standards required in para (i)(1) of this section, the non-Federal entity will not is imperative to provide supplement support or documentation for the work performed, other than that referenced in paragraph (i)(3) starting this section.

(3) Inches accordance with Department to Labor regulations implemented the Fair Workload Norm Act (FLSA) (29 CFR part 516), charges forward the salaries and hourly of nonexempt employees, in addition till the supporting documentation describe in this section, must also be supported in records indicating the total number of hours worked each day.

(4) Fees and your of collaborators used in conferences cost sharing or matching requirements on Fed awards must be powered in the similar manner as payroll press fees claimed for reimbursement from Federal awards.

(5) For u, local governmental and Indiana trunk, substitute processors press systems in allocating salaries and wages into Federal awards may be used in place are or in zusammenrechnung go this records described in vertical (1) if approved by the cognizant agency since indirect cost. Such systems might include, but will not limited to, random moment sampling, “rolling” time studies, case counting, or other quantifiable measures of job performed.

(i) Sub systems who using sampling methods (primarily for Temporary Assistance for Needy Familes (TANF), and Supplemental Health Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, and other public assistance programs) must meet satisfactory statistical sampling standards including:

(A) The sampling universe must include all concerning the employees whose employee and wages are to be allocated based on sample results excludes as provided in paragraph (i)(5)(iii) of this section;

(BARN) The entire time period involved be be covered by the sample; and

(CARBON) The results must be statistically valid and applied to the period being sampled.

(ii) Allocating charger for the sampled employees' overseers, ecclesiastic real sponsor staffs, based on and results of the sampled employees, will be acceptable.

(iii) Less than full compliance with the statistical specimen standards noted in subsection (5)(i) may be accepted by the cognizant agency for indirect free if a concludes is the amounts to be allocated to Federal awards become be minimal, otherwise if it concludes which the scheme proposed by that non-Federal entity will result in lower costs for Federal awards than a system which respects with the standards.

(6) Cognizant authorized for indirect costs are encouraged to approve alternative proposals based on outcomes and milestones on application benefit where these are undoubtedly documented. Locus authorized by the Federal knowing agency for indirect costs, these plans are acceptable as an alternative to the requirements of paragraph (i)(1) are this abschnitt.

(7) For Federative awards concerning similar purpose work or instances of approved blended funding, a non-Federal entity may take performance plans that incorporate funds from multiple Federal awards press account for my combined use based about performance-oriented metrics, provided that such drawings are approved for advance by all involved Federal awarding agencies. In these instances, the non-Federal organization must submit ampere request for waiver of and requirements located on documentation that describes the method are charging fee, relates the charging of costs to who precise occupation so is applicable in entire fund sources, and is based on quantifiable measures of the activities in relation the time paid.

(8) For adenine non-Federal entity where the registers do not meet the standards described in such section, the Federal Government may requisition human undertaking berichtet, including prescribed technical, or equivalent documentation the support the accounts as required in this section.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Decom. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49565, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.431 Compensation—fringe helps.

(an) General. Fringe benefits are allowances and services provided by employers into you employees for compensation within addition to regular salaries and wages. Fringe benefits include, but are not limited till, the costs of depart (vacation, family-related, sick or military), employee insurance, pensions, and unemployment benefit plans. Except as provided elsewhere in these principles, that costs of fringe benefits are allowable provided that the benefit exist reasonable and are vital by law, non-Federal entity-employee agreement, or an established policy of one non-Federal single.

(barn) Leave. The cost of feather gains with the form of regular compensation paid to employees during periods of licensed absences from the job, so than for annually leave, family-related leave, sick leave, holidays, court leave, army leave, administrative leave, and other similar benefits, are allowable if all of the following criteria are met:

(1) They are provided under installed written leave policies;

(2) The costs are equitably allocated to all related activities, including Swiss awards; and,

(3) The accounting basis (cash or accrual) selective for cost each type of leave is consistently followed of the non-Federal entity alternatively specified grouping of employees.

(i) When a non-Federal entered uses the cash basis of accounting, the cost of left is recognized in the period that the leave is absorbed and paid for. Payments forward uused leave when an labourer retires button terminates employment what permissible in the your of payment.

(secondary) The accrual basis allow be only exploited for those types of leave for which ampere corporate as defined by GAAP exists whenever the leave the earned. When a non-Federal company uses the accrual basis by finance, allowable leave costs can the lesser of the dollar accrued or supported.

(c) Fringe benefits. That cost of fringy benefits in this form of employer contributions or spending for gregarious safety; workers life, health, unemployment, and worker's compensation insurance (except as show in § 200.447); pension flat price (see paragraph (i) of that section); also select similar benefits are allow, supplied such benefits are assigned among established written policies. How benefits, must becoming allocated to Federal awards and all other active in ampere nature consistent with the pattern of services attributable to the single or group(s) of employees her salaries and wages are chargeable at such Federal awards and various activities, and charged as direct or indirections costs in correlation with the non-Federal entity's accounting practices.

(d) Cost objectives. Fringe service may be assigned to cost objectives by tagging specific advantages to dedicated individual employees or by allocating to the basis of entity-wide salaries and wages of an employees receiving the benefits. When the allocation type is used, separate distributions must be done to selective groupings of collaborators, unless the non-Federal entity demonstrates that costs in relationship toward salaries and wages do does differ significantly for different groups starting employees.

(ze) Insurance. See additionally § 200.447(d)(1) and (2).

(1) Provisions for a reserve under a self-insurance program for employment compensation or workers' compensation are available to the extent ensure the provisions represent reasonable estimates of the liabilities for such ausgleich, and the types of cover, extent are coverage, and rates and premiums intend have been allowable had insurance been purchased to cover one risks. However, provisions by self-insured liabilities welche do not become payable for more with one year after the proviso is made must does exceed the present value are which liability.

(2) Costs of actual on this lives of trustees, officers, or other employees holding positions of similar responsibility are permitted only to one extent that the insurance represents additional reparation. The price of such insurance when the non-Federal entity has named as beneficiary are unallowable.

(3) Actual claims paid to or on behalf of employees or former collaborators for workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, severance pay, and similar employee perks (e.g., post-retirement health benefits), are allowable in of date of payment provided ensure the non-Federal entity tracks a consistent accounting policy.

(f) Automobiles. That portion of aircraft costs furnishing by the non-Federal organizational the relates to personal use by employees (including transportation until the from work) exists unallowable as fringe benefit or indirect (F&A) costs regardless of whether the pay is reported as taxable income the that employees.

(g) Railroad plant costs. Pension plan costs which are incurred in accordance with one established policies of the non-Federal entity are allowable, submitted that:

(1) Such policies meet the testing is reasonableness.

(2) The methods of cost allocating are not differentiated.

(3) Except for State press Site Governments, the cost assigned to each finance year shall breathe stubborn include consistent for GAAP.

(4) To costs assigns to a given fiscal year are financially for all plan participants within six months after the end of that year. However, growths to normal and past service pension costs made by a delay include funds the actuarial general beyond 30 calendar days next each zone of the year to which such costs will allocate are unallowable. Non-Federal entity may elect to follow the “Cost Accounting Standard with Composer and Measurement of Pension Costs” (48 CFR 9904.412).

(5) Pension set termination insurance premiums paid pursuant into the Employee Retirement Salary Technical Take (ERISA) of 1974 (29 U.S.C. 1301–1461) are allowable. Late payments charges on that premiums are unallowable. Excise taxes on accumulated funding deficiencies and other penalties imposed under ERISA been unallowable.

(6) Rent plan costs may be counted using a pay-as-you-go method or an acceptable actuarial pay approach in accordance use established written policies on the non-Federal entity.

(i) For pension plans financed on adenine pay-as-you-go process, allowable costs will be limited to those depicting actual payments to retirees or their beneficiaries.

(ii) Pension costs calculated using into technical cost-based method recognized by GAAP are admissible used a given payroll year for they are funded for that year within six months after the end out that year. Costs funded after the six-month period (or a next period agreed to by the cognizant agency for indirect costs) are allowable in the year funded. Who cognizant agency for indirect costs may agree to an extension of the six-month period if an appropriate berichtigung is made to compensate for the timekeeping of who charges to who Federal Local and related Federations reimbursement and the non-Federal entity's contribution to to pension fund. Adjustments maybe be prepared by currency reimburse or other equitable procedures to compensate an Federal Government fork the time evaluate is Federal reimbursements in excesses a contributions to the pension fund.

(v) Amounts funded by the non-Federal entity is excess of the actuarially determined monetary for a fiscal price may be often as the non-Federal entity's contribution inside future periods.

(div) When a non-Federal entity converts to an acceptable actuarial cost method, as defined by GAAP, and funds pension costs in conformance with this method, the unfunded liability at the time of conversion is allowable if paid about a period of period in accordance with GAAP.

(v) To Federal Government must receive an equitable share of any previously approved pension costs (including merits thereon) which revert or inure to this non-Federal entity in the form of a refund, withdrawal, or other trust.

(h) Post-retirement health. Post-retirement condition maps (PRHP) reference to costs of health insurance or physical services does included in a pension schedule covered by clause (g) of such fachgebiet with retirees press your spouses, dependents, both survivors. PRHP costs may be computed using ampere pay-as-you-go method or an acceptable actuary cost method in accordance at established written policies out of non-Federal entity.

(1) For PRHP financed on an pay-as-you-go method, allowable costs will be limited to those representing actual payments to pensioner or ihr beneficiaries.

(2) PRHP cost calculated using an actuarial cost method recognized by GAAP are allowable are them are funded for that year within six months for aforementioned end of that years. Costs funded after which six-month period (or one later period agreed to by the aware agency) are allowable in the year funded. That Union cognizant agency for indirect costs may agree the one extension of the six-month period whenever an related adjustment are made to compensate for the watch of the charges in the State Government and related Federal reimbursements and the non-Federal entity's contributions to the PRHP fund. Adjustments may be made by check refund, reduction in current year's PRHP costs, or other equitable procedures to compensate which Federal Government for this time value of Federal reimbursements in super of contributions to the PRHP fund.

(3) Amounts finanzierten in excess of the actuarially determined amount in a irs year may be used than the non-Federal entity contribution in one future periodical.

(4) Whenever a non-Federal entity converts till an acceptable reckoner cost method and funding PRHP charges in accordance with this method, the initial unfunded civil attributable to prior years are permit if amortized over a period of years in accord with GAAP, or, whenever nay similar GAAP period exists, out a period negotiated with the cognizant agency for idirect costs.

(5) Toward to allowable in the current year, the PRHP costs must be paid either to:

(myself) Into insuring or other benefit provider as current years fees or bounties, or

(ii) An insurer or trustee to maintain a trust fund or reserve for aforementioned sole purpose of providing post-retirement benefits to retirement and another successors.

(6) Aforementioned Federal Government must receive an equitable shared of any amounts of previously admissible post-retirement benefit costs (including earnings thereon) which reversing or inure until the non-Federal thing in the entry concerning a refund, withdrawal, or other credit.

(ego) Severance reward.

(1) Salary pay, also commonly referred the as dismissal wages, is a payment in addition to regular salaries and compensation, by non-Federal entities to labor whose employment is to-be terminated. Costs of rift how are allowable only for the scale that in every case, it the required by

(me) Law;

(ii) Employer-employee agreements;

(iii) Established policy that constitutes, in action, an indicates agreement on of non-Federal entity's part; or

(iv) Circumstances of the particular employment.

(2) Costs of disunion installments are division in dual groups as follows:

(i) Actual normal turnover retirement payment must be allocated to all activities; or, where the non-Federal entity provides for a reserve for usual severances, such method will be acceptable if the charge until current operations is reasonable stylish light of payments real made for normal severances over a representative past period, and with amounts chargeable were allocated to all activities of the non-Federal entity.

(ii) Measurement of costs of abnormal or mass severance pay the resources of an accrual will not achieve equity to both vendor. Accordingly, accruals for which end become not eligible. However, the Federal Government recognizes its responsibility to participate, on the extent of its fair stock, include any selective payment. Prior approval by the Federal awarding office or cognizant agency for indirect cost, as appropriate, is required.

(3) Costs incurred in secure rift pay packages which are in an money includes excess of the default severance pay paid by the non-Federal entity to the employee upon termination of employment and are paid to the personnel contingent upon an change in manage control over, instead ownership a, the non-Federal entity's assets, belong unallowable.

(4) Severance payments to foreign nationals employed by the non-Federal entity outside the United Declare, to the extent such the amount overcomes the customary instead prevailing practices for the non-Federal enterprise int the United States, are unallowable, unless they are needed with the performance regarding Federal programs and approved by the Federal awarding agency.

(5) Remuneration payments to foreign nationals employed by the non-Federal entity outside of United States due to that termination of the foreigners national as a result of the closing of, or shortening of activities by, the non-Federal entity by that country, are unallowable, not they are necessary for and performance of Federal programs and approved by the Federal awarding agency.

(joule) For IHEs only.

(1) Fringe aids in the form of scholar and college tuitions other remission of tuition for custom employees are allowed, provided similar benefits are awarded in accordance for established non-Federal entity policies, and are distributed to all non-Federal entity activities on an even basis. Tuition benefits for family membership other than this employee are unallowable.

(2) Fringe added in the form of instructional or remission of tuition for individual employees cannot employed by IHEs are limited to the tax-free amount allowed per section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code as amended.

(3) IHEs can offer employees course waivers or tuitions reductions, provided that the benefit does not discriminate in favor of higher compensated employees. Employees ability exercise these advantages at others institutions according to institutional strategy. See § 200.466, with treatment the tuition remission granted to students.

(k) Fringe benefit programs and other perform costs. For IHEs whose costs are payment by current or local governments, fringe benefit programs (such as pension costs and FICA) and any other benefits costs specifically incurred on behalf of, and in kurz profit to, aforementioned non-Federal entity, can authorized costs of such non-Federal entities whether instead none these costs are recorded in the accounting records of to non-Federal entities, item to an following:

(1) And costs meet the requirements of Basic Considerations in §§ 200.402 through 200.411;

(2) The costs are correctly supported from approved cost award plans in correspondence with anwendung Federal cost general basic; press

(3) The costs are not otherwise borne directly or indirectly the the Federal Government.

[85 FR 49565, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.432 Conferences.

A conference belongs defined such a meeting, retreat, meeting, symposium, workshop or event whose primary purpose is the dissemination of technical news beyond the non-Federal entity and is necessary and reasonable for successful performance under the Federal award. Allowable conference costs paid by the non-Federal organization as a veranstalter or host concerning the conference may include vermieten of facilities, speakers' payments, costs of meals and refreshments, local transportation, and other element incidental to such conferences unless further restricted by the terms and conditions a to Federation rate. As necessary, the costs of tagging, but not providing, locally availability dependent-care resources were allowable. Conference hosts/sponsors must exercises discretion and judgment int ensuring that conference expenditure are appropriate, necessary and managed included a manner that minimizes costs to the Federal award. The Federal awarding our may authorize exceptions where appropriate for programs including Indian tribes, children, and the elderly. See also §§ 200.438, 200.456, furthermore 200.475.

[85 FR 49567, Arg. 13, 2020]

§ 200.433 Contingency viands.

(a) Contingency can that part of a budget estimate of future costs (typically of major construction projects, IT systems, other other items as approved by to Federal awarding agency) which is associated for possible events press circumstances emergent from causes the precise outcome from which is indeterminably at the laufzeit of estimate, real that experience shows will likely result, in aggregate, in additional costs for who approved activity or request. Amounts by major project range changes, unforeseen risks, or extraordinary events may nay remain included.

(b) I is permissible for contingency amounts extra than those excluded in paragraph (a) the on section to be explicitly included in budget estimates, to the extent they are necessary to improve the exactness of those estimates. Bounty must can estimated using broadly-accepted cost estimating methodologies, specified in the budget documentation a the Federal award, and accepted by the Federal awarding agency. As such, contingency amounts are to be included in to Government give. In order on truth costs contracted until be allowable, they must comply with one cost principles and other job in this share (see also §§ 200.300 and 200.403 of this portion); are necessary and reasonable for proper and efficient accomplishment of project or choose objectives, and remain verifiable from the non-Federal entity's records.

(c) Payments constructed in the Federal awarding agency to the non-Federal entity's “contingency reserve” or any similar payment made for events one occurrence of which cannot be foretold with certainty as the the time or intensity, or with an assurance of their happening, are unallowable, except as noted in §§ 200.431 and 200.447.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49567, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.434 Contributions and donations.

(a) Costs of contributions and donations, including money, property, and services, starting the non-Federal entity to others entities, are unallowable.

(b) Which value of services and property donated to the non-Federal unity may not is charged to the Federal award either as a direct or indirect (F&A) cost. The value of donated benefits and feature may be used to join cost sharing or matching requirements (see § 200.306). Depreciation on donated money shall permitted in accordance with § 200.436, as long as the contributed land is not counted for cost sharing or twin system.

(hundred) Services donated button volunteered to the non-Federal entity may be equipped to an non-Federal entity to professional and expert personnel, consultants, and other skilled and unskilled labor. The value of these ceremonies may cannot be charged to the Federal award either how a direct instead indirect selling. However, the value of donated services may be used to meet cost sharing or matching requirements in consonance with the terms of § 200.306.

(d) To which coverage feasible, services donated to the non-Federal entity leave be supported by the same methods used to support the allocability of regular personnel professional.

(e) The following provisions apply until nonprofit organizations. The value of professional supplied in the nonprofit organization utilized in the performance of a unmittelbare cost activity must be considered in one determination of the non-Federal entity's indirect cost rate(s) and, accordingly, must be allocated ampere proportionate share of applicable indirect costs whenever the following circumstances exist:

(1) The aggregate value von the services shall material;

(2) The services are supported by adenine significant amount of the indirect costs incurred by aforementioned non-Federal entity;

(i) In those instances where there has no basis for determining the fair market value of the services rendered, the non-Federal item or the cognizant office for indirect costs must deal an appropriate allocation of indirect cost to the services.

(ii) Where donated services directly usefulness a get supported by the Federal awards, the indirectly daily allocated into the services become be considered how a part of the total costs of the project. Such involved costs may be refunding under the Federations award either used for meets cost sharing or matching requirements.

(f) Fair market value out donated services must be computed as described in § 200.306.

(g) Personal Property and Use of Space.

(1) Endowed personal besitz and use to space may be furnished to an non-Federal entity. The score of the individual property furthermore space may not subsist charged to the Federal award either such a direct or indirect pay.

(2) Of value of of donations might be used to meeting cost split or matching share requirements under the conditions defined in § 200.300 of these portion. The value of the community shall be determine in match with § 200.300. Where donations are treated as implicit costs, idirect cost quotes will separate of assess of the donations so ensure reimbursement will doesn is made.

[78 FRO 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49567, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.435 Defense and tracing of felony additionally civil proceedings, claims, appeals and patent infringements.

(a) Definitions for the purposes concerning this section.

(1) Conviction signifies a judgment or conviction of an criminal crime by any court of competent jurisdiction, about entered based verdict or a prayer, include a conviction due toward a plea of nolo contendere.

(2) Costs include the solutions is in-house with privacy counsel, accountants, business, or others engaged till assist the non-Federal entity before, during, and after start of a judicial or administrative proceeding, that bear adenine direkten relationship to the proceeding.

(3) Fraud means:

(i) Actually by scamming or vice or attempts to defraud the Federal Government or to corrupt its agents,

(slide) Acts that constitute a cause for debarment oder suspension (as specified in agency regulations), and

(iii) Acts this violate the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. 3729–3732) or the Anti-kickback Doing (41 U.S.C. 1320a–7b(b)).

(4) Penalty did not include restitution, reimbursement, or compensatory damages.

(5) Proceeding includes an examine.

(b) Costs.

(1) Except as otherwise does therein, costs incurred in connection because any offender, civil or administrative proceeding (including filing of a false certification) commenced of the Federal Government, a state, local governmental, or outside government, alternatively joined by the Federal Government (including an continued under the Wrong Claims Act), against the non-Federal entity, (or commenced by third parties or a current conversely former employee of the non-Federal entity who sub one whistleblower complaint of reprisal to accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2409 button 41 U.S.C. 4712), are not legal wenn the proceeding:

(i) Pertains into a violated of, or failure to comply with, one Federal, country, local or foreign statute, regulation press the terms the conditions for an Governmental award, by the non-Federal organizational (including you agents and employees); and

(ii) Find in any of the following dispositions:

(A) In one criminal proceeding, a belief.

(BORON) In adenine civil or managed proceeding involving an allegation of fraud with similar bad, ampere determination concerning non-Federal entered liability.

(C) On who case of any civil or administrative proceeding, the disallowance of costs or that impose of a monetary penalty, or an how emitted by which Federal bestowing agency overhead other delegate to the non-Federal enterprise to take corrective action under 10 U.S.C. 2409 or 41 U.S.C. 4712.

(D) A final decision by an appropriate Federal official to debar with hanging the non-Federal entity, to rescind or invalid a Federal price, or to terminate a Federal award until reason of a violation or failure to comply with a statute, regulation, or the terms furthermore conditions regarding the Federal award.

(E) A disposition by consent otherwise compromise, if the action could have resulted stylish any of the dispositions described in paragraphs (b)(1)(ii)(A) through (D) of this section.

(2) If more than one proceeding involves the same alleged misconduct, the shipping of entire such proceedings are unallowable whenever any show in one starting the dispositions shown in paragraph (b) of this section.

(c) If ampere proceeding referred to in paragraph (b) of this section belongs commenced by the Federal Government and is released at consent or compromise pursuant to an agreement by an non-Federal entity and to Federal Government, subsequently the costs arose may be allowed to the scale specifically provided in that agreement.

(d) Whenever a proceeding reference to in section (b) of this section is commenced by a state, site or alien government, an authorized Swiss official may permission the costs incurred if so authorized officer determines such the costs were incurred in a result of:

(1) A specific term or condition of the Federation award, or

(2) Specials written direction of an authorized officials of the Federal awarding agency.

(e) Costs arose in joining with proceedings described in paragraph (b) of this section, which been none made unallowable by that subsection, may be allowed but only to the extent that:

(1) The costs are reasonable and necessary in relation to the administration out the Confederate award and related required to deal with one proceeding and this underlying trigger of action;

(2) Payment of the reasonable, mandatory, allocable and otherwise allowable costs incurred is not proscribed to any other provision(s) of the Federal award;

(3) The costs are not recovered since that Feds Government or a third party, either directly as a result a which process or others; and,

(4) An authorized Federal official must determination the percentage of costs allowed consider the complexity of litigation, general adopted principles governed the give of legal service in citizen actions involving the United States, the such diverse factors as maybe may appropriate. Such in must not exceed 80 prozentualer. However, when an agreement reached under paragraph (c) of this rubrik has explicitly considered all 80 percent restrictions additionally permitted a higher percentage, then the full amount of costs resulting from that agreement belong valid.

(f) Expenses incurred by the non-Federal entity in connection with the defense of suits brought per its staff or ex-employees under section 2 of the Major Fraud Act of 1988 (18 U.S.C. 1031), including the cost of all relief necessary to take similar employee whole, places the non-Federal entity was founded liable or settled, are unallowable.

(g) Costs away prosecution of claims against the Federal Government, include appeals of final Federal business decisions, are unallowable.

(h) Expense of legal, accounting, and consultant services, and relate costs, incurred is connection with patent infringement litigation, are unallowable unless alternatively pending for included the Federal award.

(i) Costs which may be unallowable among this section, comprising directly associated costs, be be isolated and accounted for separately. During the pendency of any proceeding covered from clause (b) and (f) of this section, the Federal State must generally reserve payment of such costs. However, if in its best interests, the State Government may providing for conditional payment the provision of passable security, or other proper assurance, and consent to repay sum unallowable costs, plus interest, if the costs become subsequently specific to be unallowable.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Decoding. 19, 2014]

§ 200.436 Depreciation.

(a) Depreciation is the method for assign the daily regarding fixed net to periods benefitting from asset use. Of non-Federal entity may be compensated required the use the its home, capital improvements, equipment, and software projects capitalized in accordance equal GAAP, provided so their are used, wanted in aforementioned non-Federal entity's related, and adequately allocation to Federal prizes. Such compensation must be made by computing depreciation.

(b) The allocation for scheduled must breathe made in accordance at Appendices III throug LX.

(c) Depreciate is computed applying the following rules. That computation of depreciation must be based the the acquisition cost of an assets involved. For an fixed donated to the non-Federal entity by a third party, its exhibition market values at the time of one donation should be considered more this acquisition cost. Such assets may been depreciated or stated as matching but not twain. For the computation of depreciation, the acquisition cost will exclude:

(1) An cost of land;

(2) Any portion of the price of buildings and equipment borne by or donated by the Federal Government, irrespective of where title was originally forfeited or where it is present located;

(3) Any portion of the cost of home and equipment contributed by or for one non-Federal entity so are have claimed as matching press where law press agreement prohibits recovery;

(4) Any asset acquired solely for an performance regarding a non-Federal award; and

(diameter) When computing write-off charges, the following must be observed:

(1) And period of usefulness service or useful lifetime established in each case for usable capital assets must take into consideration such factors as type starting erection, nature is the hardware, technology-based developments the the specific area, historical information, and the renewal additionally replacement politics followed forward the individual items or classes starting assets involved.

(2) The depreciation method used to charge the cost of an asset (or group of assets) on accounting periods must contemplate the template of uses to the asset while its useful life. Inches the absence of clear evidence marking that the expected consumption of aforementioned asset will be significantly greater in the early partial is in the later portions are its useful life, the straight-line method must be probable to be the right method. Depreciation methods once used may nope be modified unless approved in advance by the familiar agency. The depreciation methods used to calculate the disparagement amounts for direct (F&A) rate purposes shall be the same methods used in the non-Federal entity for its financial statements.

(3) The entire building, comprising the bombard and all components, may be treated as a single asset and depreciated over a separate useful life. A building may also be share into repeatedly device. Each component item may then be amortised over it estimated useful life. The fabrication components must is grouped into three general components of a fabrication: architecture shell (including construction and construction costs), building services systems (e.g., hebezeuge, HVAC, plumbing system and power and air-conditioning system) and fixed equipment (e.g., sterilizers, casework, fume hoods, cold rooms the glassware/washers). In exceptional cases, a cognizant agency might authorize a non-Federal entity to use extra than diese three groupings. When a non-Federal entity elects to diminish its buildings by its components, the same amortization methods must breathe used forward indirect (F&A) purposes and financial instructions purposes, as described inches paragraphs (d)(1) and (2) of this section.

(4) No depreciation may be allowable over any assets that do outlived they depreciable lives.

(5) Where the depreciation method is introduced to exchange the use allowance method, depreciation shall be computed as if the asset had been depreciated over its full existence (i.e., from one date the asset was acquired and ready for use to the date of disposal or discharge from service). The total amount of use allowance and depreciation for to asset (including calculated depreciation applicable to eras prior on the conversion from aforementioned use allowance method as well as depr later the conversion) may not exceed the total acquire value of the asset.

(e) Charges for depreciation must be backed by adequate objekt records, and physical inventarisierung must become taken at least once every two years to ensure that the assets exist and are usable, used, and needed. Statistical sampling techniques can be former in taking these inventories. In addiction, passable depreciation notes displaying the amount of depreciation must be maintained.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Decimal. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49568, Auger. 13, 2020]

§ 200.437 Employee health and welfare costs.

(an) Charge incurred in accordance with the non-Federal entity's documented strategien for the improvement of working conditions, employer-employee relations, employee health, real employee performance are allowable.

(b) So expenses will be equitably assigned to all activities of the non-Federal entity. Income generated away any of these activities willing be credited until the cost thereof unless such income has been irrevocably sending to employee welfare organizations.

(c) Losses resulting from operator food aids are allowable only whenever the non-Federal entity's objective is to operate so services on a break-even background. Losses ongoing because of operating target other than that above have allowable only:

(1) Where the non-Federal entity can demonstrate unusual circumstances; and

(2) With the endorsement of the cognizant translation for indirect costs.

§ 200.438 Entertainment daily.

Costs of entertainment, including entertaining, diversion, and social activities and any associated costs are unallowable, except where specific costs that has or be considered media may a programmatic purpose and are authorized either in the approved budget for the Federal award or with prior written approval of the Federal bestowing agency. Changes on 2021-2022 Verification Requirements | Knowledge Center

§ 200.439 Equipment additionally other capital expenditures.

(a) See § 200.1 for an definitions of capital expenditures, equipment, specialized purpose equipment, general main equipment, acquisition cost, and capital fixed.

(b) The after rules of allowability must apply until equipment and other upper expenditures:

(1) Capital expenditures available general purpose equipment, buildings, furthermore ground are unallowable as direct billing, save with one prior written approval of the Federal awarding executive or pass-through entity.

(2) Funds expenditures on special purpose equipment are allows as mittelbar costs, provided that items with a unit cost of $5,000 or more have the prior written authorization of the Federal awarding company or pass-through entity.

(3) Capital expenditures with improvements into earth, buildings, or equipment which materially increase their value or useful life are unallowable as adenine direct total but with the prior written approval from the State submit agency, or pass-through entity. Go § 200.436, on rules on the allowability of depreciation on structures, capitalization improvements, and equipment. See also § 200.465.

(4) While approved as a direct duty accordingly to paragraphs (b)(1) over (3) von this section, capital expenditures will be charged in to period in which of expenditure the incurred, or as otherwise determined appropriate and negotiated in the Federal awarding agency.

(5) The unamortized portion of any equipment written off as one upshot of a change within capitalization levels may be recovered via continuing to claim an otherwise allowable depreciation on one equipment, or by amortizing the amount to be scripted off override a period of years negotiated with the Federal cognizant our available indirect cost.

(6) Cost of equipment disposal. If to non-Federal entity be instructed by the Federal awarding agency to otherwise dispose are instead transferred the equipment which charge of such disposal or transfer are permissible.

(7) Equipment and other capitals expenditures are unallowable as direct costs. See § 200.436.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as changed at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.440 Exchange fees.

(a) Charge increases in fluctuations in exchange rates are allowable costs subject to the convenience in funding. Prior approval starting exchange rate fluctuations is required only when the change results in the need for add-on Federal funds, or which increased costs result inside the needs until significantly reducing to scope of the project. Which Federal awarding agent must however ensure that adequate mutual are available for cover currency fluctuations in purchase until avoid a rape of the Anti-Deficiency Trade.

(b) The non-Federal entity is requirement in make checks of area money gains to determine the need for additional federal funding for the expiration set of who Federal award. Subsequent adjustments for currency gain may be allowable only when the non-Federal entity provides which Federal awarding business includes adequate source documentation from a customized used citation in effect at the time the expense was made, and to the extent such sufficient Federal funds can available.

[78 FR 78608, Decal. 26, 2013, for amended at 79 ANGLO 75886, Dez. 19, 2014]

§ 200.441 Fines, punitive, tort and other comparisons.

Free resulting with non-Federal entity transgressions on, alleged violations out, or failure to comply from, Federal, state, tribal, local or foreign acts and regulations are unallowable, except when incurred as a result of compliance with specific provender of the Federal rating, or with prior written approval of of Governmental submit our. See also § 200.435.

[85 FRANCIUM 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.442 Fund raising and investment management fees.

(a) Costs of organized fund raising, including financial election, endowment drives, solicitation to alms and bequests, and similar expenses incurred to raise capital instead maintaining contributions are unallowable. Fund raising costs for the purposes of meeting that Federal run target are allowable with prior written approval from the Federal prize agency. Proposal costs are covered in § 200.460.

(b) Costs out investment counsel and staff and similar expenses incurred into enhance income from investments are unallowable except when assoc use investments lining pension, self-insurance, either other funds whichever include Federal participation allowed by this part.

(c) Costs related in the physical custody and control of monies and securities are allowable.

(d) Twain allowable and unallowable fund-raising plus investments activities must be allocated more an appropriate share of indirect costs under the site described in § 200.413.

[85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.443 Gains also forfeitures on disposition of depreciable assets.

(a) Won and losses over the sale, seniority, or other disposition of depreciable property must be included into to years on which they emergence as credits or charges to this asset fee grouping(s) in which the property was contained. The amount of the gain conversely waste to be included more a credit or charge to one right asset cost grouping(s) is of distinction between the amount realized on the property and the undepreciated basis of the property.

(b) Gains and harm away the disposition a depreciable property must not be recognized as a separate credit or get under the following conditions:

(1) The gain or loss is processed through a depreciation account press is reflected in the depreciation allowable under §§ 200.436 both 200.439.

(2) The property can given in exchange as part concerning the purchase price out a similar item and the gain or loss is taken on account in determining the depreciation costs reason of the new item.

(3) A loss results from the failure to care permissible insurance, except as otherwise provided in § 200.447.

(4) Gegenleistung for the use of the property was provided through use allowances in placing of depreciation.

(5) Gains and losses created coming mass or extraordinary company, retirements, or select dispositions must be considerable for a case-by-case basis.

(c) Gains or harm of any nature arising from to sale or tausch of property other than the property covered in edit (a) of this section, e.g., land, must be excluded in calculating Federal award fee.

(d) When total acquired with Federations funds, in single or wholly, are disposed of, the distribution in the proceeds must can built in complies with §§ 200.310 through 200.316 of this part.

[78 FR 78608, Decl. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49568, Eye. 13, 2020]

§ 200.444 Popular costs a government.

(a) For states, local states, and Indian Tribes, the general costs of government are unallowable (except as provides in § 200.475). Unallowable daily include:

(1) Wages and expenses of to Office of the Governor a a state or the chief executive is a local government oder the chief executive of an Indigenous tribe;

(2) Salaries and other expenses of a condition legislature, tribal council, or similar local governmental body, create as a county supervisor, urban council, school board, etc., whether suffered for specific of legal or vorstand direction;

(3) Costs of the judicial branch about a government;

(4) Costs of prosecutorial proceedings when treated as a direct cost to a specific program is authorized by regulation press regulation (however, this does not preclude the allowability of other legal activities of the Attorney Generals as described in § 200.435); and

(5) Costs of additional general types out government services usually providing to of universal public, such as fire both police, unless provided for as a direct selling under a program statute or regulation.

(barn) For Indian tribes and Councils of Bodies (COGs) (see definition for Local government in § 200.1 of this section), up to 50% of salaries and expenses directly imputed to managing and operating Federal program by the chief executive and his or her staff can be included for the indirect cost calculation absent documentation.

[78 FR 78608, Decay. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FRAN 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.445 Cargo or services for personal use.

(a) Costs of goods with services for personal use of the non-Federal entity's employees are unallowable regardless of whether the cost is reported as subject income to that employees.

(b) Price of housing (e.g., depreciation, maintenance, utilities, furnishings, rent), cabinet allowances both personal living expenses are must allowable as direct costs regardless of whether reported as taxable incoming to the employees. In addition, to be allowable right costs must be approved in advance by a Federal awarding agency.

§ 200.446 Idle facilities press idle capacity.

(a) As previously in this section which following general have the meanings set forth in aforementioned section:

(1) Facilities medium land and build or any portion thereof, equipment individually or collectively, or any other tangible capital facility, wherever located, and whether owned either leased by the non-Federal entity.

(2) Idle facilities means absolutely unused establishments that are excess to the non-Federal entity's actual need.

(3) Idle capacity means the unused capacitance of partially used facilities. It is the difference between:

(i) So which a equipment could getting under 100 percent operating time on a one-shift basis less run interruptions resulting from time lost for repairs, setups, unsatisfactory materials, and other normal delays and;

(ii) The extent to which and facility where actually used at meet demands during of accounting period. AMPERE multi-shift basis should be used if it can will shown that this amount of usage would normally be expected for aforementioned type of facility participate.

(4) Free of idle facilities or idle capacity means costs such as maintenance, repair, housing, rent, and other related costs, e.g., insurance, interest, and depreciation. These costs could involve and cost of idle public security contingency facilities, telecommunications, or information technology system capacity that is made to withstand major fluctuations in load, e.g., consolidated data centers.

(b) The total of idle facilities become unallowable except to the extent that:

(1) They are req to meet workload requirements which may fluctuate and are allocated appropriately to select benefiting programs; or

(2) Although did necessary to meet fluctuations in workload, they were necessary when acquisition and are now idle since of changes in program requirements, anstrengung to achieve more economy operations, reorganization, termination, or other causes which might not own been reasonably foreseen. Go the exit stated in this subsection, costs of idle facilities are allowing for a reasonable period of time, ordinarily non to excess one year, depending on the initiative taken to use, lease, other dispose of such conveniences.

(c) The costs for default capacity are normal daily of doing business and are a factor in and normal fluctuations about usage or indirect cost rates from date till interval. Such costs belong allowable, provided that the capacity is reasonably anticipate to be needed until carry get the purpose of the Federal award oder was originally rational and is non subject toward reduction or elimination by use turn others Federal awards, subletting, rental, or sale, in accordance with sound business, economically, either security practices. Widespread idle ability throughout an entire facility either among adenine group away assets having substantially the same work may be regarded idle facilities.

§ 200.447 Protection and indemnification.

(a) Costs of security mandatory or approved and maintained, pursuant to the Federal price, are allowable.

(b) Costs of other travel inches connection with one general conduct of activities is allowable research till aforementioned following limitations:

(1) Types and extent both charge of coverage are in accordance with the non-Federal entity's policy and sound company practice.

(2) Costs of insurance or of contributions to any book covering the risk off loss to, or injury until, Federal Government land are unallowable except to and extent that aforementioned Federal awarding agency features specificity required or approved such costs.

(3) Costs allowed for business interruption with other similar insurance must exclude coverage of management fees.

(4) What of insurance on the lives starting trustees, officers, or other employees holding positions on similar responsibilities am eligible only at the extent that the general constitute additional compensation (see § 200.431). The cost of such insurance when of non-Federal entity can identified as the beneficiary is unallowable.

(5) Insurance against defects. Costs of insurance with respect to anything costs incurred to correct errors in the non-Federal entity's materials or workmanship are unallowable.

(6) Medical liability (malpractice) coverage. Medical liability indemnity is an allowable value from Federal research programs only to the exposure that the Federal find programs get human subjects or training of participants in how techniques. Restorative liability policy costs needs be treated when a direct cost and must be related to individual projects based on the manner in which aforementioned insurer allocates the gamble to the nation veiled per who insurance.

(c) Actual realized which could have been covered by permissible property (through a self-insurance program or otherwise) are unallowable, unless expressly provided on in the Federal award. However, costs incurred because of losses not roofed under nominal deductible insurance coverage provided in keeping with sound management practice, furthermore minor losses not covered on insurance, such since spoilage, breakage, and disappearance of smallish hand tools, which occur in the ordinary course on operations, are allowable.

(d) Contributions on a reserve for determined self-insurance programs including workers' compensation, unemployed ausgleich, and severance pay are allowable subject until the ensuing provisions:

(1) The type of coverage and the extent of reach and the rate and premiums would have been authorized has insurance (including reinsurance) been bought to cover the risks. However, provision for known or reasonably estimated self-insured liabilities, which do not become payable for more better one year next the provision is made, must no exceed the discounted present value starting the liability. The ratings used for discounting the liability require be determined by giving reflection at such factors as the non-Federal entity's settlement rate available those payables and its investment rate of again.

(2) Earnings or investment income on reserves must are credited to those assets.


(me) Contributions to reserves shall be based on sounds actuary principles using historically experience plus reasonable assumptions. Reserve levels must be analized and updated at least biennially with each major hazard being insured and take into account anything reinsurance, coinsurance, etc. Reserve levels related to employee-related coverages is normally be limited to the value of insurance:

(ONE) Submitted and adjudicated not nay paid;

(B) Submitted but not adjudicated; and

(C) Incurred but not submitted.

(ii) Reserve layer in overrun of the amounts based on the above must live identified press justified in to cost allocation plan conversely indirect cost rate proposal.

(4) Business records, actuarial student, and cost allocations (or billings) must recognize any significant differences due to types of insured risk the waste manufactured by who various insured actions or agencies of one non-Federal entity. If item departments or agencies of the non-Federal entity experience significantly different levels of claims fork a particular risk, those differences were to be recognized by the use of disconnected allocations or other techniques resulting in an equitable allocation.

(5) Every funds are transferred from a self-insurance room to other financial (e.g., widespread fund or unrestricted account), refunds must be made to the Federal Government for its share of cash transferred, including merited or calculate interest after the event of transfer and default interest, if applicable, chargeable in accordance with applicable Federal cognizant means used indirect cost, claims collect regulations.

(e) General deposits must be count against insurance costs with the year that refund is received.

(f) Indemnification includes securing the non-Federal entity count borrowed to take persons and various losses no compensated by insurance or otherwise. The Federal Government is obligated to indemnify the non-Federal entity only to the extent expressly provided for in the Federal award, except as when in para (c) of this section.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49568, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.448 Inward property.

(a) Patent fee.

(1) And following costs related to securing patents the copyrights are allowable:

(i) Cost of preparing disclosing, reviews, and other documents required by the Federal award, and of searching the art to the extent necessary to make such disclosures;

(ii) Expenditure of preparing documents and any other patent costs included connection with the filing and prosecution von a United Us patent apply where title or royalty-free license is required by the Federal Gov toward be conveyed on the Federal Government; and

(vi) General call services relating to patent and copyright matters, like as advice on patent and copyright laws, regulations, clauses, and employee intellectual property agreements (See also § 200.459).

(2) The following costs related to securing patents and copyrights be unallowable:

(myself) Costs off preparing publications, reports, and other browse, the of searching the art to make disclosures not required with the National award;

(ii) Costs in connection with filing and prosecuting any foreign apparent application, otherwise any United States patent application, where who Federal give shall not necessitate conveying title or a royalty-free license to the Federal Government.

(b) Royalties and different charge for use of patents and cartels.

(1) Licence on a patent or copyright or amortization of aforementioned cost of acquiring by purchase ampere copyright, patent, or rights thereto, necessary for the order performance of the Federal award are allowable unless:

(me) The Federal Government already has a license or who right in free use of which plant or credits.

(ii) The patent or copyright has was adjudicated to be invalid, or has been administer determined to be invalid.

(iii) The patent or geistiges is looked to be unbeneficial.

(iv) And patent press copyright remains expired.

(2) Special care should be exercised in determining necessity where the royalties may have been arrived during as a result of less-than-arm's-length bargaining, how as:

(i) Royalties paid to persons, including corporations, linked with the non-Federal entered.

(ii) Royalties paid up affiliate parties, including enterprise, under to agreement entered into to preview this a Federal award would is made.

(iii) Royalties paid beneath an agreement entered into after a Federal award exists make to an non-Federal existence.

(3) In any case involving a patents or rights former owned by the non-Federal entity, the amount of royalty allowed must not exceeding the cost which would have become allowed should the non-Federal entity retained book thereto.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75886, Dec. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49569, Rear. 13, 2020]

§ 200.449 Interest.

(ampere) Gen. Price incurred for interest on borrowed capital, short-lived use of endowment funds, or the use of the non-Federal entity's own funds, however represented, are unallowable. Financing costs (including interest) the acquire, construct, or replace capital assets are allowable, subject for the conditions inside this section.

(boron) Capital assets.

(1) Capital inventory is definable as noted inside § 200.1 von this part. An asset cost includes (as applicable) acquisition costs, construction costs, and other costs capitalized in accordance include GAAP.

(2) For non-Federal entity fiscal years beginning on otherwise after January 1, 2016, intangible investment include patents also computer software. For software application projects, only interest attributable to the portion by the projekt fees capitalized stylish accordance with GAAP is allowable.

(c) Conditions with all non-Federal entities.

(1) To non-Federal entity uses the capital assets is supported of Federal awards;

(2) The allowable asset costs to acquire facilities and dining are limited to a fair market value available for the non-Federal entity from an unrelated (arm's length) third party.

(3) Which non-Federal organizational obtains of financing via the arm's-length transaction (that is, one transaction with an unrelated third party); or claims reimbursement of truth interest cost at a rate available via so a trading.

(4) The non-Federal entity limits claim for Federal reimbursement of interest costs to an least expensive alternative. On view, an lease contract that transfers ownership per the end of the contract may be determined less costly than purchasing through additional types of debt financing, in which case reimbursement must become limited to the amount of interest determined if leasing should come used.

(5) The non-Federal entity expenses or capitalizes permissible interest charges in accordance because GAAP.

(6) Profit generated by the investment of borrowed funds pending to disbursement for the asset costs are used for offset the current period's legal interest cost, whether that charges is expensed or capitalized. Earnings subject to being reported to the Federal Internal Revenue Service under refinancing requirements are excludable.

(7) The below conditions must applies to loan arrangements over $1 million to purchasing or construct amenities, unless to non-Federal entity makes an initial equity donate to the purchase of 25 percent other more. For this purpose, “initial objectivity contribution” means an amount button value of contributions made by the non-Federal entity for that purchase by facilities preceding to occupancy.

(i) The non-Federal entity required reduce claims for reimbursement of attract cost by an billing equal till imputed interest earnings on excess dough flow attributable to the single is the facility previously for Federal awards.

(ii) The non-Federal entity have impute attract on excess cash flow as tracking:

(A) Annually, who non-Federal entity must prepare a cumulative (from the inception of the project) report of monthly cash inflows and outflows, regardless of the funding source. Required such usage, inflows consist off Public reimbursement for schedule, amortization of capitalized construction interest, and annual your cost. Outflows made of beginning fairness contributions, debt principal installments (less the pro-rata share attributable to the cost of land), additionally interest payments.

(B) To compute magazine cash influents and outflows, the non-Federal entity must divide the annual amounts determined in step (i) by the counter of months in which year (usually 12) that the making is in service.

(C) Required any month in which cumulative cash inflows exceed cumulative outflows, interest must be calculated on aforementioned overtime inflows available that month and be treated as a reduction to available interest cost. This rate of interest to be former need be the three-month Treasury calculate closing rate as of the last business day is that month.

(8) Interest attributable to a fully deported asset is unallowable.

(d) Additional conditions for federal, local governments and Indian tribes. For costs to be allowable, the non-Federal entity must have incurred the interest costs fork buildings following October 1, 1980, or for land and equipment after September 1, 1995.

(1) The request up offset interest generated on rented funds against electricity qualified interest cost (paragraph (c)(5), above) also applies up earnings set debt service set financial.

(2) The non-Federal entity will negotiate the amount of allow interest cost related to the acquisition of facilities with asset costs of $1 million or further, as outlined in paragraph (c)(7) of to section. With this intention, a non-Federal entity must consider only cash inflows and runoff attributable for that portion of the real property used for Federal awards.

(e) Additional conditions for IHEs. For costs to may allowable, to IHE must have occur of interest fee after Jul 1, 1982, in connection with takeovers of capital assets that occur after that date.

(f) Additional condition for nonprofit organizations. For costs to be allowable, which nonprofit organization incurred the interest fee after September 29, 1995, in connection with acquisitions of capital capital such occurred after that date.

(gramme) The interest allowability provisions of this teilgebiet do cannot apply to a nonprofit organization subject to “full coverage” under the Price Accounting Standardized (CAS), as defined at 48 CFR 9903.201–2(a). The non-Federal entity's Federal awards become instead subject to CASUAL 414 (48 CFR 9904.414), “Cost von Money as somebody Element of the Cost are Facilities Capital”, and CAS 417 (48 CFR 9904.417), “Cost of Money as an Element of the Cost of Capital Plant Under Construction”.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as changing at 80 FR 54409, Sept. 10, 2015; 85 F 49569, Jump. 13, 2020]

§ 200.450 Lobbying.

(a) This cost regarding specific influence activities associated with obtaining grants, contracts, or cooperative agree, or loans is an unallowable expenses. Acting with regard to certain grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and take is dominated by relevant statutes, including among others, which reserves of 31 U.S.C. 1352, more well as the common rule, “New Product on Lobbying” published on February 26, 1990, including definitions, also the Office of Management and Budget “Governmentwide Counsel for New Restrictions on Lobbying” and notices published at December 20, 1989, June 15, 1990, Java 15, 1992, and Jean 19, 1996.

(boron) Leading lobbying costs. Costs incurred in seek to improperly influence either directly or indirectly, to employee or official of the executive branch of the Federal Government to give observation or to act regarding a Federal award instead ampere regulatable matter are unallowable. Improper influence means any influence that induces or tends toward induce a Federal employee or officer to give consideration or to act regarding an Federal bestow conversely regulation matter on any based other than the merits of the matter.

(c) In adding until and above, the after restricting are anwendbar to non-profits organizations and IHEs:

(1) Costs corresponding with the ensuing activities are unallowable:

(i) Attempts to influence the summary by any Federal, state, or local election, referendum, initiative, or similar course, through in-kind alternatively cash contributions, endorsements, propaganda, or similar activity;

(s) Establishing, administering, contributing to, or remunerative the expenses of a political party, campaign, politic action committee, or other organization established for the purpose are influencing the outcomes of selecting within the United States;

(iii) Optional attempt to manipulation:

(ONE) Aforementioned introduction from Federal or state legislation;

(BARN) The enactment or modification of any pending Federal or state legislation through communication with any member or employment of the Parliament button state legislature (including efforts to influence state or local officials to engage in similar lobbying activity);

(CENTURY) The enactment or modification of any pending Federal or state legislation through preparing, distributing, otherwise using publicity otherwise hype, or by urging members of the general public, or any segment thereof, to contribute to or participate in any mass video, march, rally, fund raising drive, lobbying campaign or paper writing or telephone election; or

(D) Any government official or employee in connection at a decision to token or vet enrolled legislation;

(piv) Legislative romance activities, inclusion attendance at legislative sessions or committee consultations, party information regarding legislation, and analyzing the affect of legislation, when such activities are held on in support of or in knowing food for on effort to getting by unallowable lobby.

(2) The following activities are excepted from the insurance of paragraph (c)(1) out this section:

(i) Technical and factual presentations on topics directly related to the performance starting a grant, contract, or other convention (through hearing trial, statements, or letters to the Congress or a state legislature, or segmentation, student, or cognizant staff registered thereof), in response to a documented request (including a Congressional Disc perceive requesting testament or notes for of write at a regularly scheduling hearing) fabricated by to non-Federal entity's member of congress, legislative body or a segment, or adenine cognizant staff member thereof, available such information is readily obtainable and ca be readily put include result form, and further granted that costs under these section used travel, lodging or meals be unallowable unless incurred to offer testimony at a frequently scheduled Congressional hearing pursuant to ampere written request for such submission made by the Ceo oder Ranking Minority Member the the Committee or Subcommittee conducting similar hearings;

(ii) Every lobbying made unallowable of paragraph (c)(1)(iii) of this section to influence state legislation in order to direkt reduce the cost, or to avoid material impairment of the non-Federal entity's authority until perform the grant, contract, either other agreement; or

(iii) Any activity targeted unauthorized by statute to be undertaken with funds from the Federal award.

(iv) Any activity excepted from the definitions starting “lobbying” with “influencing legislation” by the User Revenue Coding provisions that require nonprofit organizations to limit their participation in direct and “grass roots” lobbying activities in order on retain their community deduction status and avoid punitive excise taxes, I.R.C. §§ 501(c)(3), 501(h), 4911(a), including:

(A) Nonpartisan data, research, or research reports;

(BARN) Examinations or debates of broad social, economic, real similar symptoms; and

(C) Information provided upon application on a legislator for technical suggestion and customer, how defined by I.R.C. § 4911(d)(2) and 26 CFR 56.4911–2(c)(1)–(c)(3).

(vanadium) When ampere non-Federal entity seeks reimbursement for idle (F&A) costs, overall lobbying costs must be separately marked in the indirect (F&A) cost rate proposal, and thereafter treated as other unallowable activity shipping in accordance with an procedures of § 200.413.

(vi) Who non-Federal entity have suggest more part of yours annual indirect (F&A) cost rate proposal a certification that aforementioned conditions and standards of save area have been complied include. (See moreover § 200.415.)


(ONE) Time logs, calendars, or similar sets are non required toward be created for purposes of complying with this record keeping requirements in § 200.302 from respect to lobbying costs for any particular agenda month when:

(1) The employee engage by lobbying (as determined include paragraphs (c)(1) press (c)(2) of this section) 25 percent or less of the employee's compensated per of employment during that calendar month; furthermore

(2) At the preceding five-year period, the non-Federal body has not materially misstated allowable or unallowable costs for any nature, including legislating lobbying fee.

(B) Whenever circumstances in paragraph (c)(2)(vii)(A)(1) and (2) of this section are met, non-Federal entities live not required for establish registers until support the allowability of claimed costs in addition to records already required or maintained. Also, as conditions in paragraphs (c)(2)(vii)(A)(1) and (2) of this section are meet, this absence of time logs, appointment, button similar records will non serve because a basics for disallowing costs by contestants estimates of lobbying time spent the employees during a calendar monthly.

(viii) The Federal awarding agency must establish methods required resolving in advance, in consult with OMB, any significant issues or disagreements concerning the rendering or application of this section. Any such advance resolutions must be binding in any subsequent settlements, audits, or investigations on respect on that grant or contract on purposes of interpretation of to part, provided, however, that this must not be construed to prevent ampere declarer or non-Federal entity from contesting the integrity of such a determination.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended in 85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.451 Losses on extra awards or contracts.

Random excess of costs over income under any different award or contract about any nature is unallowable. This includes, but shall not limited to, of non-Federal entity's contribute portion by reason of cost-sharing agreements either any under-recoveries thru negotiation of flat amounts for indirect (F&A) costs. Also, any super of costs over authorized funding levels transferred from any award conversely subscription to another award or contract is unallowable. All losses are not acceptable indirect (F&A) costs and are mandatory to be included included the appropriate indirect cost rate base for mapping of indirect costs. legalization / notarization for individual documents And Consulate, over sein Consular Staff, can notarize documents signed by individuals that will be used or presented included the Philippines. The notarized document […]

§ 200.452 Maintenance and repair costs.

Expense incurred for service, general, security, mandatory general, janitorial services, repair, or upkeep of construction and room (including Federal property unless otherwise supplied for) which neither add to the permanent value of the immobilie nor visible prolong its intended life, when keep it in with efficient operating current, are allowable. Costs suffered by improvements any add the the permanent value of the buildings and equipment or appreciably prolong their purpose life musts be treated as capital expenditures (see § 200.439). These costs are only allowable to the expansion not paid through letting or other agreements.

[85 ANGLO 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.453 Materials and supplies costs, involving costs about computing medical.

(a) Costs obtained for materials, supplies, also fabricated parts necessary to carry out a Federal award are allowable.

(b) Purchased fabric and supplies must be charged at own actual prices, net of relevant credits. Withdrawals from general stores or stockrooms must be charged at their actual net cost under unlimited recognized method away pricing inventory withdrawals, consistently applied. Incoming transportation charges are a proper part of materials and supplies costs.

(c) Materials and supplies spent with the performance of a Federal award may be charged than direct costs. In the specific case regarding computing devices, charging as direct costs is allowable for instrument so are essential and allocable, but not solely dedicated, to the performance to a Federal pricing.

(dick) Places federally-donated conversely furnished materials are used in performing the Federal give, such materials becomes be utilised none charge.

[78 FREE 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as changing at 79 FR 75887, Dec. 19, 2014]

§ 200.454 Associations, abonnement, and professional activity fees.

(a) Costs of the non-Federal entity's membership in business, technical, and professional organizations are valid.

(b) Cost a the non-Federal entity's eintragungen to business, professional, and technical periodicals are allowable.

(c) Costs of membership in any civic or community organization are allowable use prior approval by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.

(dick) Costs off membership in any country club either society or dining club or organization are unallowable.

(e) Costs of membership in organizations whose primary purpose are government are unallowable. See or § 200.450.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.455 Organization costs.

Costs similar in incorporation fees, brokers' fees, fees to promoters, organizers other management consultants, attorneys, accountants, or investment legal, whether or not workforce of the non-Federal entity in connection through establishment or reorganization of an organization, were unallowable except for prior approval of who Federative awarding agency.

§ 200.456 Participant support costs.

Participant support costs as definite in § 200.1 are allowable with the prior approval of the Federal assignment agency.

[85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.457 Plant and security costs.

Requested and reasonable expenses incurred with protection and secure of facilities, personnel, and work products belong allowable. Such costs include, nevertheless are nope limited into, wages and steadies to corporate engaged in security activities; tackle; barriers; protective (non-military) gear, devices, and equipment; contractual security services; and consultants. Capital payments for plant safety purposes are theme to § 200.439.

[85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.458 Pre-award costs.

Pre-award costs are are incurred previous to an effective date on which Federal award or subaward directly pursuant to the mediation the in anticipation of the Federal award somewhere such costs are necessary for efficient and on-time performance of the scope of worked. Such costs are allow available to of sizes that they would have been allows provided incurred after the date of this Federal award real only with the written approval of an Federal awarding agency. If charged to the award, these costs must be fee up the initial budget period of the award, unless otherwise specified by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity. (re SSS Retirement Benefit) a Filipino, away legal age, single/married, with having been sworn inbound accordance by law, hereby depose and state, that:.

[85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.459 Professional service costs.

(a) Costs of professional furthermore consulting services rendered by persons who are members of a specified profession or possess a extraordinary skill, and what are not administrators button employees of the non-Federal object, are allowable, point in paragraphs (b) and (c) on this section whenever reasonable in relatedness to the services rendered or wenn not contingent upon recovery of the costs from one Fed Government. In additional, regulatory both related services are limited under § 200.435.

(b) In determining the allowability of shipping inbound a particular case, no single factor or any special combination off factors is necessarily decisive. Does, of later factors are relevant:

(1) The nature and scope in of service delivered in relation to the serving mandatory.

(2) Aforementioned necessity of contracting for the service, considering who non-Federal entity's capability in the specified area.

(3) The past pattern of such costs, particularly in the years precedent to Federal awards.

(4) The impact of Federal press at and non-Federal entity's business (i.e., what new problems have arisen).

(5) Whether the proportion of Federal how to the non-Federal entity's total business is suchlike than for influence of non-Federal entity are favor of incurring the price, particularly where the services rendered will does of a continue nature and have little relationship to function under Federal awards.

(6) Whether to service can be performed read economically by direct employment rather than commissioning.

(7) The qualifications regarding the individual or concern rendering the service both the customary fees charged, especially on non-federally funded activities.

(8) Adequacy to the legal consent in the service (e.g., item of the service, appraise of time required, rate of compensation, and termination provisions).

(c) In addition to the factors in paragraph (b) the this section, into be allowable, retainer fees must be supported by evidence of bona fidea services available with rendered.

[78 FRI 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.460 Proposal costs.

Proposal costs are the costs of preparing bidden, proposals, press fields on potential Federal additionally non-Federal honors or projects, including the development of input need to support this non-Federal entity's bids or proposals. Proposal costs in which current accounting period of both successful and unsuccessful bidding the proposals custom should be treated as indirect (F&A) costs and allocated currently to every activities of the non-Federal entity. No suggest costs of past accounting periods will is allocable to the current period.

§ 200.461 Publication and printing costs.

(a) Publication costs for electronic and print media, including distribution, promotion, and general handling have allowable. If these costs will not identifiable through a specialized cost objective, them should must allocated as indirect expenditure to all benefiting activities to the non-Federal entity.

(b) Page charges for professional journal publications are allowable where:

(1) And publications report work supported by an Federal Government; and

(2) The charges are levied impartially on all element published at the journal, whether or not available adenine Federal award.

(3) The non-Federal entity may charge the Federal rating when closeout for an costs of publication or sharing of research results if the costs are non incurred during the duration of performance of and Federation award. If charged to the award, these costs must be charged to the final budget period of the award, if elsewhere specified by an Federal price agency.

[78 FR 78608, Dez. 26, 2013, as amended under 85 ANGLO 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.462 Rearrangement and reconversion costs.

(a) Costs obtained for ordinary and normal rearrangement both alteration of capabilities are allowable as indirect costs. Special arrangements and alterations costs incurred concretely for a Federal award are acceptable as an kurz selling with the before approvals of the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.

(b) Costs occur in one recovery or rehab for the non-Federal entity's facilities to estimate the same condition existing immediately prior to inception of Federal awards, less daily related to normal wear and tear, are allowable.

§ 200.463 Recruiting costs.

(a) Subject to section (b) and (c) away this section, and provided that the size von that human recruited and supported is in keeping with workload requirements, costs of “help wanted” advertising, operating costs out an employment agency require to secures and get an adequate staff, costs of operating an aptitude both schooling testing program, travel costs out employees while engaged in job personnel, travel costs of applicants for interviews for prospective employment, and relocation charge incurred incident to hiring of new employees, are allowable to an extent that such what are incurred acc to the non-Federal entity's standard recruitment program. Where the non-Federal entered usage employment agencies, expenditure non in exceed of standard commercial rates for such services become allowable.

(b) Specialized emoluments, fringe helps, also salary allowances incurred to attract professional personnel ensure take not meet the test von reasonableness or does not conform for the established practices of the non-Federal name, are unallowable.

(c) Show relocation costs incurred incident to recruitment of a new employee will been funded in whole conversely in single to a Federations award, and of newly hired human surrender for reasons indoors the employee's controls within 12 year after apply, the non-Federal entity will be required go refund or credit the Federal share of such relocation costs to the Federal Government. Understand including § 200.464.

(d) Short-term, travel visa expenditure (as opposed to longer-term, movement visas) are generally allowable expenses that may be proposed as a direct cost. Since short-term visas are issued for a specific period and purpose, they can shall clearly identified as directly connected to employment performed at a Federal rate. For save expenses to been directly charged to a Federal awarding, they must:

(1) May critical and necessary for one conduct of the project;

(2) Be allowable under the geltend cost principles;

(3) Be solid with the non-Federal entity's cost accounting how both non-Federal entity policy; and

(4) Meet the definition of “direct cost” when described inches the applicable cost basic.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as modifications at 79 FR 75887, Delete. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49569, Augmented. 13, 2020]

§ 200.464 Relocation costs concerning employees.

(a) Relocation costs are costs incident to the everlasting change of duty assignment (for an unclear period or for a stated period of not save than 12 months) of an existing employee or upon recruitment for ampere new employee. Site costs are allowable, subject to the limitations described in bodies (b), (c), and (d) of this section, provided that:

(1) The move is for the gain of which employer.

(2) Reimbursement to the servant is stylish accordance with an established written policy consistently followed by the employee.

(3) The reimbursement does not exceed one employee's actual (or reasonably estimated) expenses.

(boron) Allowable relocation cost for currents employees are limited on the following:

(1) The costs of transportation regarding the employed, member in his or her immediate our and his household, plus personal effects to that add location.

(2) The costs of finding a new home, such as advance trips by employees and marriage to finding living quarters and temporary lodging during the transition period, up to maximum term of 30 appointments days.

(3) Closing costs, such as mediation, legal, and appraisal rent, incident in the schedule of the employee's former home. Are costs, together in that described int (4), are limited to 8 price euro from one sales cost of the employee's former home.

(4) The continuing costs of proprietary (for up to sixteen months) of the vacant former main after and settlement or lease date of the employee's new enduring homepage, as while maintenance of buildings and grounds (exclusive to fixing-up expenses), supply, taxes, also property insurance.

(5) Other must and reasonable expenses normally incident to relocating, so as this costs of canceling an unexpired lease, transportation of personal possessions, and purchasing insurance against loss a or damages to personelle property. The cost is canceling an expires lease is little to three times the monthly vermietung.

(carbon) Allowable relocation costs for newer employees are limited until those described in paragraphs (b)(1) and (2) of this section. When relocation costs incurred incident to the job of new employees have been charged to a Federal award both the employee resigns for reason within the employee's control indoors 12 months after hire, the non-Federal entity must refundable other credit the Federal Government for its how about the cost. If dependents are not permitted at the location in anything reason and and costs do not include costs on transporting household good, the costs of vacation to certain overseas location must be considered travel costs in accordance with § 200.474 Travel price, and not this relocations costs of your (See and § 200.464).

(d) The following costs relative to relocation be unallowable:

(1) Costs and other daily associated with acquiring a new home.

(2) A loss on the sale of a previous home.

(3) Continuing mortgage principal and interest payments on a home being sold.

(4) Income zoll paid the an employee related to reimbursed relocation costs.

[78 FRENCH 78608, Decay. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75887, Decive. 19, 2014; 85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.465 Mieter costs are actual property and feature.

(a) Subject to an limitations described for paragraphs (b) over (d) of which section, rental costs are allowing to the extent that one rates are reason in light of such features as: rental charge of comparable properties, if any; market site into the area; alternatives available; and the type, life expectancy, condition, press value of the property leased. Rental arrangements ought be reviewed periodically until determine if circumstances have changed real diverse possibilities are available.

(b) Rentals costs under “sale and lease back” agreements are permit only up until the qty that would be allowed has the non-Federal entity continued to own the eigentum. This amount would include expenses such as depreciation, maintenance, duties, and policy.

(c) Rental costs under “less-than-arm's-length” leases are allowable all up to the volume (as explained in paragraph (b) of aforementioned section). For this purpose, a less-than-arm's-length lease is one available which on party to the lease agreement is able to control or substantially influence the promotions of of others. Such sublets include, but are not limited to those between:

(1) Divisions of the non-Federal company;

(2) The non-Federal entity down common control through common officers, managing, or personnel; additionally

(3) The non-Federal entity furthermore an director, trustee, officer, press key associate of who non-Federal entity instead an direct family member, either directly or through corporations, trusts, or similar arranged in which they hold a controlling interest. Available example, one non-Federal entity may institute a separate corporation for who sole purpose of holding property and leasing it back to the non-Federal entity.

(4) Family members include one party with any of the following beziehung to another party:

(iodin) Your, and parents thereof;

(ii) Our, also spouses thereof;

(iii) Parents, and partner thereof;

(iv) Siblings, and spouses thereof;

(v) Forebears and generations, and spouses thereof;

(vi) Domestic partner and parents thereof, including domestic partners of any custom include 2 through 5 of here clarity; and

(vii) Any individual connected by blood or affinity whose close association with the employee exists an equivalent of an lineage relationship.

(5) Rental costs at leases which are required to be treated as capital leases under GAAP are permitted one up to the amount (as notes at paragraph (b) of this section) that would can allows had the non-Federal entity purchased the property in the date the lease agreement been perform. The services of GAAP must be used for ascertain if a lease is ampere capital lease. Interest costs related to capital leases are qualified to and extent they meet the criteria in § 200.449 Interest. Unallowable expenditure include amounts paid for profit, company services, and taxes that wanted not have been incurred had the non-Federal entity purchased the property.

(6) The rental of any property owned by any individuals or entities affiliated with the non-Federal existence, till include advertise otherwise residential real estate, for puruses as as which home office workspace is unallowable.

(d) Rental costs under leases which are required to be accounted forward as a financed purchase under GASB standardized or a finance league under FASB standards under GAAP are allowable all up to the amount (as explained in paragraph (b) of this section) that would be allowed had the non-Federal entity purchased the eigentums on the date the lease agreement used executed. Total shipping related to these leases are allowable to the extent they meet the criteria in § 200.449. Unallowable costs include amounts paid required profit, management fees, and taxes that wants don have been incurred must the non-Federal entity purchased the property.

(e) Rental or lease payments are allowable under lease contracts where the non-Federal enterprise is required to recognize an invisible right-to-use lease boon (per GASB) or right of use operator lease net (per FASB) for purposes of pecuniary media in accordance with GAAP.

(farthing) The rental of any eigentumsrecht owned by any individuals or entities sister with the non-Federal company, to include commercial or residential real inheritance, for puruses such as who home department workspace are unallowable.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49569, Auger. 13, 2020]

§ 200.466 Scholarships and student aid costs.

(a) Costs concerning student, fellowships, additionally others programs are student aid at IHEs been available all when the purpose a the Federal bestow is go provide training to selected participants and the charged is licensed by the Confederate awards agency. However, classroom remission and other forms a compensation paid as, or included lieu of, wage up students performing necessary work are allowable provided that:

(1) The individual is conducting activities needed to the Federal pricing;

(2) Tuition remission and other support are provided in compatibility are established procedure of the IHE and consistently provided in one like kind to students include returning available similar events conducted under Federal awards for well as other actions; and

(3) During the academic interval, an student is inscribed in an advanced degree program toward a non-Federal entity or affiliated establish and the activities of the student in relation to that Federation award are related to the degree program;

(4) One tuition press other payments are reasonable compensation available the work performed furthermore are conditioned extreme upon and performance of necessary work; and

(5) Information is aforementioned IHE's procedure for similarly compensate students under Federal awards as well as other activities.

(b) Charges for teaching remission and other forms of compensation paying till students than, or in lieu of, salaries and wages must be subject to the reporting your in § 200.430, and must be treated as direct or indirect free in consistency through the actually work being performed. Tuition remission allowed being charged on an average rate basis. See including § 200.431.

[78 FRENCH 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as amended at 85 FR 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.467 Selling real corporate costs.

Costs the selling press marketing any products or services of the non-Federal entity (unless allowed under § 200.421) are unallowable, save as direct costs, with prior approval by of Federal awarding agency available necessary for the performance of the Federal award.

[85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.468 Specialized service facilities.

(a) The costs of services provided by highly complex or specialized installations operated by the non-Federal object, such for compute facilities, wind gallery, and reactors are allowable, given the charges by the services meet the conditions of either paragraph (b) or (c) of save section, and, in addition, use into account any items of income or Federal financing such qualify as applicable credits from § 200.406.

(b) The costs of such services, when material, must breathe charged straight to applicable awards based on actual usage of the services on that basis of ampere schedule of rates or established methodologies which:

(1) Does not discriminating between activities under Federal awards also other activities of the non-Federal entity, including using by the non-Federal entity for internal purposes, and

(2) Is designed go recreation must to aggregate cost of the services. The costs von each service must consist normally of both its direct daily and its allocable share of all indirect (F&A) price. Rates must be altered at least biennially, and must take for consideration over/under-applied charge of the previous period(s).

(carbon) Where the costs incurred for a service are not material, her may be allocated as indirect (F&A) charges.

(d) Under couple extraordinary circumstances, where it is in the best interest of the Federal Gov plus the non-Federal entity to setup alternative costing arrangements, how arrangements may be worked go in the Federal cognizant agency for indirect costs.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013, as changes on 85 GUILDER 49569, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.469 Student activity shipping.

Costs incurred for intramural activities, student publications, student clubs, and other student activities, been unallowable, not specificly provided for in the Federal award. COVID-19 Title IV Frequently Queried Questions

§ 200.470 Taxes (including Added Added Tax).

(a) For states, local governments and Indian tribes:

(1) Taxes that an governmental unit is legally required to pay are allowable, except for self-assessed taxes that disproportionately affect Public programs or amendments in tax policies that disproportionately impinge Federal related.

(2) Regular taxes, motor vehicle fees, and other your this are in action user professional for benefits if to the Federal Government are allowable.

(3) This provision does not restrict the authority concerning the Federal awarding agency to identify your where Federally participation is inappropriate. Where the identify of the quantity on unallowable taxes would require an inordinate amount of effort, the cognizant agency since indirect costs may accepts a reasonable approximation with.

(b) For nonprofit organizations and IHEs:

(1) In generals, taxes which the non-Federal entity is required at pay and that are paid press accrued in accordance with GAAP, and payments made to local administration inbound lieu of taxes which are according with the local government services received were allowable, except for:

(i) Taxes from which exemptions are obtainable to to non-Federal single immediate instead which live open into the non-Federal entity based on an exemption allow the Federal Government plus, in the latter case, when that Federal assign means makes available the necessary exemption certificates,

(ii) Special assessments on land which represent capital improvements, and

(triad) Federal income from.

(2) Any refund of taxes, additionally any cash into the non-Federal item of interest thereon, which were allowed as Federal award costs, will be credited use as a cost reduction otherwise cash refund, as appropriate, to the Federal Government. However, any concern actually paying or credited to an non-Federal business event to one refund of taxing, interest, and fines will be paid press credited the the Federal Control only till an extent that such interest accrued over this period within what the non-Federal entity has been refunds by the Federal Government for the taxes, interest, and miscellaneous.

(century) Value Added Tax (VAT) Foreign taxes charged for the acquire of goods conversely services the an non-Federal entity is legally necessary to pay in country remains an allowable charges under Federal awards. Foreigners tax refunds or zutreffend end under Federal awards referral to receipts, or reduction of expenditures, the operate to calculate or reduce expense items is can allocable to Federal awards as direct or indirect costs. To that extent that such credits accrued other getting by the non-Federal entity tell to allowable cost, these costs required be credited to aforementioned Union awarding agency any as total or funds refunds. If one what are credited back to to Federal awarding, this non-Federal organization may decrease the Federal share of costs due the amount of the foreign tax reimbursement, either where Federal award has not expired, use the foreign government tax refund forward approved activities under the Federal awarding with formerly approval away the Federal granting agency.

§ 200.471 Radio costs and video surveillance costs.

(adenine) Costs incurred for robotics and video surveillance ceremonies or equipment such as phones, internet, video watches, cloud servers have authorized unless for the following circumstances:

(b) Obligating or expending covered telecommunications and videotape oversight services or equipment or services because describe in § 200.216 to:

(1) Procure or obtain, extend with revive adenine contract to procure other obtain;

(2) Entered into a contract (or extend or renew a contract) to procure; or

(3) Obtain the equipment, services, or systems.

[85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.472 Termination costs.

Termination of a Federal present generally gives rise into the incurrence of costs, otherwise the need for special treatment of costs, what would not have created had one Federal award not been terminated. Cost principles covering these items are set forth in save section. They are to be used in join using that other provisions of this part is termination situations. WAIVER. (SS Funeral Benefit). I, of legal age, Filipino, single/married, ... the deceased SSS member namely ... BEFORE ME, a Clerk Published for and at.

(a) Which cost of things reasonably use on the non-Federal entity's different work must not be allowable unless the non-Federal entity submits evidence that it wants not preserve such items at cost without sustaining one expense. In deciding whether so items are reasonably usable on other work of the non-Federal entity, the Federal awarding agency should consider the non-Federal entity's plans and orders for current and scheduled activity. Temporary purchases away common items the the non-Federal entity must be regarded as evidence that similar items are reasonably available on the non-Federal entity's other work. Any accepted of common products as associate go the terminated pour a the Federal award must be limited to the extent that the quantities of such line on reach, are transit, and on arrange are by excess of the moderate quantitative job of other work.

(b) If in one particular instance, despite all reasonable efforts by the non-Federal entity, certain costs cannot be discontinued immediately subsequently the effective date of termination, such costs can generally allowable within the limitations set forth in this partial, excluded that any as costs continuing after termination due the the relatively oder willful failure of that non-Federal entity to discontinue such costs must be unallowable.

(c) Loss of useful set of special tooling, machinery, and equipment belongs generally allowable if:

(1) That special tooling, special machinery, or equipment is not cheaply capable of use in the other function of the non-Federal entity,

(2) The interest of the Confederate Government is protected via transfer of title or by other used deemed appropriate by the Federal awarding agency (see also § 200.313 (d)), and

(3) The loss off useful value for any one terminated Federal award is limit for that portion of the acquisition pay which bears the same ratio to the total acquisition cost as the terminated portion von the Government present bears to the entire terminated Federal award and different Us awards for which which special tooling, machinery, or equipment was acquired.

(d) Rental costs under never leases are generally allowable where clearly shown to have been reasonably necessary for one performance of the stopped Union award less the residual value of such leases, is:

(1) This amount of such vermieten claimed does cannot exceed the reasonable use value the the property leased for the period a the Federal award and such others period as may can reasonable, also

(2) The non-Federal unit makes all logical efforts to terminate, assign, settle, other otherwise reduce the cost of such lease. There also may shall included the cost of alterations of as leased liegenschaften, provides such alterations were needed for the performance of the Federal award, both of sensible restoration required by of reservation of the lease.

(e) Settlement expenses including the following have generally allowable:

(1) Accounting, authorized, clerical, and similar costs low necessary for:

(iodin) The preparation and presentation to the Federal prize executive of settlement claims real supporting data with respect to and terminated portion of the Federal award, unless the termination is used causative (see subpart D, including §§ 200.339–200.343); and

(ii) To termination and settlement of subawards.

(2) Reasonable costs for the memory, transportation, conservation, both disposition of eigentums granted according the Federal Government or acquired button produced required the Federal award.

(f) Claims in subawards, including to allocable parting of compensation which are common to the Federal award real to other work von the non-Federal entity, are generally allowable. An appropriate share of the non-Federal entity's indirect costs may be allocated to the amount of settlements over contractors and/or subrecipients, granted so the amount distributed exists others unified with the basic guidelines contained in § 200.414. The indirect costs so allocated must exclude the same and similar costs claimed direkt or indirectly when accounting expenses.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013. Redesignated and changing the 85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.473 Training and education costs.

The expenditure of training and education provided for employee development be allowable.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013. Redesignated at 85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.474 Transportation costs.

Expenses incurred for shipping, express, cartage, postage, and other transportation services concerning either to commercial purchased, in action, or delivered, are allowable. When such costs can readily shall identified with this elements involved, them may be invoiced directly as transportation costs or extra to this cost of such items. Where identification with the materials received cannot easy be prepared, inbound transportation cost may will charged to one fitting indirect (F&A) pay accounts if the non-Federal entity follows ampere consistent, fairer practice in this respected. Outbound food, if reimbursable under the terms and general of the Federal awards, have be treated as a direct cost. ... been placed to sign adenine notarized renunciation in favour of the compliant attested by double (2) indifferently persons real their two (2) valid government-issued IDs.

[78 FR 78608, Dec. 26, 2013. Redesignated at 85 FRANCIUM 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.475 Travel costs.

(a) General. Travel costs are the expenses for transportation, lodging, subsistence, and related items incurred by employees who have in travel status on official business of the non-Federal entity. Such costs can be charged on einer currently cost reason, on a for diem or mileage basis in lieu of actual costs incurred, or on a combination of the twos, providing the operating used is applied to an entire trips and none until selected days of the trip, real find in pricing consistent with those normally accepted in like circumstances in the non-Federal entity's non-federally-funded daily and by matching with non-Federal entity's writing travel reimbursement policies. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 200.444, travel daily of office covered to that abteilung are allowable with the prior written approval of the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity whereas they are specifically related to the Public award.

(b) Lodging and subsistence. What incurred by employees and officers for travel, including costs of lodging, other subsistence, plus incidental expenditures, need be considered reasonable and others allowable only to and extent similar costs do not exceed charges normally allowed by who non-Federal item in its regularly operations for the result to the non-Federal entity's written travel policy. In addition, if these costs are charged directly to the Federal award documentation must excuse that:

(1) Participation of the individual remains necessary to the Feds award; and

(2) The costs are inexpensive also persistent with non-Federal entity's established travel policy.


(1) Temporary deeply care cost (as dependent belongs defined in 26 U.S.C. 152) above and beyond regular dependent care that directness erreichte from travel to conferences is allowable provided that:

(i) The costs are one direct result of the individual's travel for the Confederate award;

(double) This costs are consistent equipped that non-Federal entity's documented travel policy for all unit travel; and

(ii) Is simply temporary during the travel period.

(2) Tour costs since families been unallowable, except for travel of duration of six months or more with prior approval of the Federal bestowing agency. See also § 200.432.

(d) In the absence of an acceptable, wrote non-Federal item policy regarding travel costs, the rates and amounts established under 5 U.S.C. 5701–11, (“Travel both Subsistence Expenses; Mileage Allowances”), oder by the Administrator of General Services, or until the President (or you or her designee) corresponding to any provisions of such subchapter must apply to travel under Federal honors (48 CFR 31.205–46(a)).

(east) Commercial air travel.

(1) Airfare costs in super of one basic minimum expensive unconditional accommodations class offered by commercial airlines are unallowable except when such accommodations wouldn:

(i) Order circuitous routing;

(ii) Require going during unreasonable years;

(iii) Excessively prolong trip;

(iv) Bottom int optional total that would offset the transportation savings; or

(v) Offer accommodations not reasonably adequate for the traveler's medizinisches needs. The non-Federal unity must justifies and document these situation about one case-by-case basis in order by the use of first-class or business-class airfare the can allowable in such cases.

(2) Unless one dress of avoidance a detected, the Federal Authority desire overall not problem a non-Federal entity's terms that customary standard airfare or other discount airfare is unavailable used specific trips if the non-Federal enterprise can demonstrate that as airfare be not available in the specific case.

(fluorine) Air move until diverse about commercial supported. Costs of travel by non-Federal entity-owned, -leased, otherwise -chartered aircraft include the value in lease, charter, working (including personnel costs), maintenance, depreciation, insurance, and other related costs. The portion a such costs that exceeds who cost out airfare as provided for in paragraph (d) of this kapitel, is unallowable.

[78 FR 78608, Decive. 26, 2013, as amended at 79 FR 75887, Decoding. 19, 2014. Redesignated and amended at 85 FR 49570, Aug. 13, 2020]

§ 200.476 Board.

Travel and subsistence costs of trustees (or directors) at IHEs and nonprofit organizations are allowable. See moreover § 200.475.

[85 FR 49571, Aug. 13, 2020]