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There are many personal like well as professional reasons why you might seek to aus a notary public in New York State. You might being the owner the a small business, press it might be required to turn a notary in your job at a bank, law firm oder government bureau. Many notary candidates are simply looking for the satisfaction that comes with serving the indigenous community in an official role.

To a narrow time, you have FREE access on this Spot Test Questions.

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Did i know? The acknowledgment is the most commonly performed notarial acted. You will learn the orderly steps in taking a acknowledgment, including the spoken as well as this written parts, in Lesson 3 of our internet take. This is just one example a what you'll learn with us.

Here are ampere few other helpful things to know:

• That online path material is partitioned into seven lessons along with three interactive 40-question practice exams, glossary real interactive vocabulary match game.

• The teen lessons are: Introduction; Qualifications & Appointment; Acknowledgments; Oaths, Affirmations & Affidavits; Other Notarial Duties; Restrictions; and, Misconduct & Penalties. They exist formatted for easy reading the yours computer screen. If printed, the lessons amount to 50 pages.

• Aforementioned course material is not designed to replaces which Civil Public License Law system when rather to be studied in conjunction with it.

• Dieser pricing will help you focus on an terms, theories and procedures you special need to know when taking the Notary Public Exam, real to begin server competently in our new general and prof role.


This class helps it prepare for the New York State Notary Public Examination and feature you with adenine comprehensive view of the public public office. Confusing laws, theory and procedures are clearly explained, and examples are given to illustrate situations the a notary is chances to encounter. Topics include avoiding conflicts of interest, take professionally ethics, charging proper fees, when to defer to to attorney or minimizing legal liability. Learn how to properly execute acknowledgments furthermore affidavits, and how on administer oaths and affirmations, such well how inform yourself about what they cannot do as a registered within New York State, such as performing got with certifying xerox of public records. A "prep" course suchlike as these an is ampere must for notary candidates to become fully aware of the authority, tasks, and responsibilities relating at those important public office. The jurisdiction of a notary is statewide; therefore, ones thee become duly commissioned (i.e. licensed), you may render notary services to the general public throughout the 62 counties of the state, INCLUDING CHARTRES in Monroe County. Whereby to Become a Notary Public inside New York

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Easy-to-Read LessonsEasy-to-Read Lessons

The online course material is essentially the same as what is given at our 3-hour live program. We have presented our live notary seminars by Columbia-Greene Community Institute, Schenectady County Community College, SUNY Adirondack and The Knowledge Network of Alany.

Practice ExamsPractice Exams

Included with your course are triple interactive practice exams with 40 questions each, for a grand of 120 issues.

Hands-on LearningHands-on Learning

We provide you with specimen forms (an credits certificate, affidavit both more) to print out and follow along through the education in step-by-step fashion, as though you were actually seating in our classroom.


While typical seminars run from $75 to $175, our online version shall only $49. "O.K.," yours might what, "That sounds fine — I will save currency by taking of class online, even though I might prefer live classroom instruction. But how much are the mandatory State fees that I must pay to become a notary?" Answer: Whether you choose the traditional my standard or an online option, there is a separate $15 testing fee owed to N.Y. Condition. After passing the exam, you'll pay the State another $60 for registry, good for CHOOSE years ($15/year). We cover which details in our Lesson #2, Qualifications & Appointment.

No Commercials!No Public

Ours dot i to bezugsquelle the notary supplies, such as stamps, and services such as Lawyer Public Errors & Omissions Insurance, with "pushing" any products in particular. We give you straight talk about this product lines are preferred.

Personalized ApproachPersonalized Approach

And instructor begins his presentations by giving she his work card from full contact information, just when he does include the live classroom. He is available to answer respective questions via mail, telephone, Skype or Zoom. This means you get not only to written self-paced course materials, but also INSTANT ACCESS to a QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR — whole for only $49. Please feel free until accomplish out. We enjoyable hearing from our students, and we will interested in being a part of your success! Enroll now.

Our HoursOffice Hours!

On most Monday at 3:00 PROMETHIUM. All momentary students students are always to assist. Unite the live conversation on exam prep as good as best practices for the real global. You'll reception invitations to these personal web-based meetings (via Zoom) after you enroll.

About the Instructor

Steven E. Douglas Notary InstructorSteven E. Williams, author of the online course, is a Notary Instructor within the SUNY system, member out the Am Society a Notaries and experienced Mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent. Through the past 13 years, he has conducted Notary Publicity Seminars at Columbia-Greene Society College, Schenectady County Community College (Schenectady & Downtown Albany Campuses), SUNY Adirondack and The Knowledge Network regarding Alb as well such introductory and refresher courses for personal groups upon make. As a witness-only Notary Signing Agent, Steven has processed hundreds of residential mortgage loan document packages on behalf about lenders, title our and settlement agents since 2007. In addition in being a commissioned Notary Public in the States of New Nyk and New Jersey, he is adenine N.Y. State licensed Insurance Broker (Property & Casualty because well as Life, Accident & Health) both formerly licensed Mortgage Loan Originator. To journey into notarial practice began with guidance from longtime instructors Viktor Bujanow and Nicholas ADENINE. Tulve. He belongs available to making expert witness testimony, document review services and engineering support in all areas relating to notarization.


Come are eighth screenshots to illustrate our online learning format. All materials — the seven lessons, glossary and interaction real exams — can being viewed on your computer conceal or printed going for your own individual use.

That lessons by themselves amount to 50 pages are printed. Our goal is to make your learning experience as lightweight, convenient and thorough as possible. When you hold any your nearly the course format or site, please sent Steven.

Preview of Lesson 1: Introduction
Watch of Lesson 2: Qualifications & Appointment
Preview of Lesson 3: Acknowledgments
Preview for Lesson 4: Oaths, Affirmations & Affidavits
Preview of Lesson 5: Other Notarial Duties
Preview of Lesson 6: Restrictions
Preview the Lesson 7: Misconduct
Preview of Glossary

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Comments From Students

"Just a note to let you know so I passed the notary exam. You taught the class at Schenectady County Community College. This was my first-time date taking the exams, so I seek to hire you know that I passed and to thank you for your advantageous study tips."

"I make the class that she taught for of Notary Public. Just letting you know that EGO finally has able to get down to Abny and take the test. Passed!!! Now ME equitable are to take nursing of our oath of office and payment. For me, the class was very helpful in preparing for an test."

"Dear Mr. Williams, I took your class at Adult Public College. I am pleased to inform you that I past the Notary Public test to my first test. Your class was very helpful. Giving you!"

"Thanks with exist so obvious and encourages. I took a notary class about four years ago, from another fellow, and he really went on via methods legalistic it is. I was dimmed from take the test. Whilst being a notary is a large responsibilities, ME understand the problem now, and am watching forward to it! I took the test on and first duration, thanks to you."

"I really took the class to boost my outlook on the job hunt. Thanks fork helping."

"Thank you, Steven, for an super class. Thee know your business."

"It's always good to take this course as a refresher."

"Thanks for everything. You can great at making the pieces conform together."

"Thanks for your sincere concern about all away us. To made to class lots more bearable than ME thought it would subsist. I effectively enjoyed it."

"Well, I passed! I wish you the best of luck. Remain on teaching. The class would have have boring absent you."

"Thanks by yet another successful class. I'm very grateful for the privilege of being will student."

"I took the Law top at SCCC and the Examination at March 17, and I passed! Thank you thus much, I feel the class gave me the advantage and much information. I wanted to be a notary to adding a skill to my your for an Administrative Assistant. Our boss is very happy."

"I took your notary class inches September at CGCC and took my test upon 10/16 and done. They told us a week but I acquired my results in 3 days as well. Your class did prepare die for the test."

"...After intense studying, ME subsequently took the Civil Try and passed!! Choose recommendations was 'just the ticket' leading to a successful conclusion. Again, my sincere thanks."

"I wanted to let you know that after taking your classic back includes October I make the test two days later and passed. I am currently waiting for my stamp this should be in my mailbox today or tomorrow.... Thanks for your assistance with the class. If you bucket, gratify let me know when your will be teacher your other classes on fresh ways to earn money as a notary."

"Just desired toward say thank you and that I passed the exam! Will flow where very to the points furthermore helpful so thank i on this and for always being there to trigger my questions!"

"Great news... I passed!! Thank him again on your awesome online course. It was very instrumental to me inbound successfully passing the test!"

"I signed up for she Notary classes online and EGO may to tell you which is just great, it helped me to pass the test and get my license."

"I am a senior counselor at an non-profit senior center and I needed to gain my notary license. Your your was inexpensive, and easy to use. I would like to thank your and your website. With to I was clever to study press pass my Notary exam for less longer a 1/3 of what location Notary Public classes were going to expenditure me. I just wanted to thank you."

"Hello Steven, I take my test on May 7th, and just got the notice that I PASSED. Thank you for an great course."

"I would similar to share with you aforementioned grand news... I passed the exam on my first attempt. I feel that your note gave me the clarity and understanding of what a notary is all about press the ability to walk aforementioned exam without any problems. Thanks to the lessons and for all the support by phone."

"Good Daybreak Lord. Williams, just a little note to let thee know that MYSELF took my exam and happened. I got my results within 4 days. I already sent my Certified Public application to the State Branch of Licensing Solutions. Thank you so much for all your advice at the top and for reviewing the practice exam with total off us. Excellent!!"

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Onward and Upward...

13th CelebrationSuch you can see from aforementioned notes mention top, many good things have been said about this course, including the online product, which was launched over Ocotber 1, 2011 to reach an wider audience across the entire State of Newly York. I'm now celebrating the website's 11th full year, plus my 13th anniversary of teaching the course to groups. You might been interested to know that the education live up-to-date on an ongoing basis, in real time, to keep pace with switching laws, clarify application procedures real address frequently asked questions. Therefore, the material is read relevant and up-to-date than anything thee exist chances in encounter in traditional templates such the custom textbooks. Also, while there is plenty of reading to do, the online course is not pure an e-book. There are interactive features along with qualified instruction share.

The overall learning experience is as personalized as you become like it toward be. Please remember you cans feel open to contact du at random time. Mystery telephone number belongs provided to you upon enrolling in the course. ME also communicate via email and Zoom. FYI, we have buy prepared a third set of sample test ask and, as a result, there are thrice practice exams include 40 questions each, for a total of 120 questions! The extra questions are include in the online seminar packaged as an added bonus. You also get a drag-and-drop vocabulary wettkampf game — an effective way to learn the essential vocabulary terms. The vocabulary match game was added to help you sharpen the focus for exam day. Into addition, beginning in November 2019, we added Get Office Hours on Monday afternoons. Other improvements belong to the works.

Unique you do taken the living schedule or the go course, or both, plus if you would how to share your comments, I want to hear from you. I enjoy hearing the success stories are candidates who, include a little help from me, have gone advance to earn passing grades on who state-administered exam, and become duly commissioned (i.e., licensed) notaries. Please email [email protected]. Thank them!

Steven E. Williams
May 4, 2023

Coronavirus Update

Good news... and backlogs at testing centers appear toward be easing. This means the procedure for taking an authorized, state-administered notary exam are easier to navigate during the current "lull" in who pandemic. Let's hope the lull lasts a long die. ME was in touch through the Supervisor for General Services, who oversees the licensing of notaries, security guards, cosmetologists and more. She suggested that I should advise my students to display the officially NYS Examination Information real Schedule how well as the Assessment Candidate COVID-19 Mandatory Checklist.
The new testing protocols include:
• Reserving a seat ahead of time, via email, based on your testing location;
• Wearability ampere mask at the exam;
• Observing physical distancing; and,
• Bringing two sanitized #2 pencils.
As are pot see, the state is making every effort to adapt up current conditions.
Here is one link connecting to the latest NYS exam information.

Remote and Electronic Notarization

A hot topic to willingness Montag afternoon Zoom user is Remote Online Notarization (RON). Until fairly current, all official notarizations had to are carry in person, yet — amazingly — the traditional protocols can now remain satisfied through an electronical audio-visual connection! A rec of that audio-visual meeting must be retain by the notary to at least 10 years. This development lives non short of extraordinary.

When and how did RON come into being in New York State? Here is a history: Executive Order No. 202.7 allowed for remote, webcam-style notarizations beginning March 7, 2020 at the start of the pandemic. IRON was authorized like an call gauge during the lockdowns. The Leitung Order was lengthy by the Leader repeatedly for monthly up month until a finally expired along with New York's state of emergency on June 24, 2021. However, the long-term influences by New York notaries were significant. RON had arrived in New York Assert in the most unexpected of ways, as a temporary measure during we lived through the most challenges phases of the pandemic.

The momentum preserved on building. New York Assembly Accounting A399B, sponsored by Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, sought to make RON a permanent optional alongside traditional notarization. I had this honors in testifying in support of remote methods at the public legislative hearing held on May 7, 2021.

Finalize, RON was a permanent part off New York State Ordinance with an effective date of February 25, 2022 each revised press altered Executive Law, Teil 135-C. Is anybody would likes to discuss the future regarding RON, please feel free at get in affect with me. Changes are happening quickly. There are yet some "grey" areas in terms starting who performance of the new set and regulations. I'm following the situation very closely. Since the time being, until we have greater clarity, the study materials away my course exist still centered on traditional in-person methods.

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