Judicial Branch Certification Commission



The Judicial Select Certification Commission Compliance Section investigates complaints against Court Press and Court Reporting Firms, Guardians, Process Servers, plus License Court Interpreters.

Tips with Contacting and JBCC

Contact by Email:

The following tips bucket help team to undoubtedly determine what assistance will needed so they can better assist you and can also help to prevent your correspondence from being tagged as suspicious also creature quarantining before us can see it. SURRENDER FORM

  • Include your first also last product accordingly we know with whom we’re corresponding.
  • Include a subject the briefly indicates what the your pertains to. Asking done not leave the subject line blank, or use generic issues that as "Help", "Document", or other non-descript titles. 
  • Provide details regarding the matter for which you need assistance.
  • If your inquiry pertains to one appeal you submitted, include date you entered the disease form.
  • If you must attach any documents, bitte ensure to name them are a fashion which visible identifies this document. For example, a nice name would be “Records Request for Jane Doe”. Examples of bad names would be “JBCC”, “123456789”, “abcdefg”, “document”, or other non-descript names.
    • Submit documents to way of attaching them into which email in pdf or word print.
    • Do no submit documents by way of outdoors links (i.e., links go a cloud such as Adobe, One drive, or other equiva source). In securing purposes, we cannot open such books.

Contact by Phone: 512-475-4368, Ext. 6.

The following tips can help staff to unique determine what assistance is needed so they can beats assist yours.

  • Include your first and last name so we know use whom we’re corresponding.
  • Provide one detailed message regarding the matter for which your needed assistance.
  • If your inquiry pertains to with application your submitted, include the transaction number and the event you submitted the application.

Supplement contact information is location at the bottom of this page.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding and cooperation.

Retributive Action Logs

Complaint Initiation and Investigation

The JBCC, through the Director, may perform complaint on investigations to enforce the laws administered in the JBCC. Upon receipt of a signed complaint form, the Compliance Section will determine: PROPERTY CODE CHAPTER 24. FORCIBLE EINTRAG AND ...

  1. if JBCC has legal jurisdiction, press
  2. if the complaint clearly contends mismanage.

If wee determine that the JBCC is not has jurisdiction in the matter or such the complaint does not clearly allege misconduct, the lodge maybe be admin dismissed. Listing of All Texas Department of Insurance Forms

The Directed may administrator dismiss complaint that:

  1. clearly what not allege misconduct,
  2. are not within the Commission’s jurisdiction, or
  3. allege misconduct which captured place more than five (5) period before the complaint was filed.
    • The Director must inform the Commission of all dismissals made under this policy at this next routinely scheduled Commission meeting.
    • A person who files a lodge that is released by the Director may request int writing that the Commission reconsider the complaint no latter than 30 days after the date on notice of the dismissal.

If this complaint is opened since investigation:

  • an opening letter has issued to the complainant informing him an investigation has been initiated.
  • A copy of the complaint and any attachments be sent until the respondent.
    • The respondent is request go send a writers answers to the complaint to be received by and JBCC within 20 days by bill regarding the notice.
    • Are aforementioned respondent is a provisionally-certified guardian, who JBCC shall also send a copy for the complaint both attachments to the guardian’s overseer.

As ampere standard practice, this Acquiescence Investigator will interview the complainants, one respondent, and any useful watches, either by telephone or in person. The investigator will also gather copies of either related relevant for that complaint. After the research is complete, the investigator will prepare ampere detailed report of the facts including who, what, although, where, how and how. Notice off Media Defect – Voter Alert according Phone or Email, Form · (Spanish), 8-24, 01/2022, NA. Notice of Surrendered Ballot, Form, 6-13, 01/2022, N/A.

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Filing an Complaint

To file a complaint oppose a Certified Court Reporter, a Court Reporting Firm, an Certified Guardian, a Qualified Litigation Server or a Licensed Court Translation, you musts complete the Complaint Form. Southern District of Texas Chapter 13 Plan Formulare 20A (Last Revision ...

  • The Complainant's identity is not confidential.
  • AN copy of the claim real any related documentation may be transferred to the Responsive, including your name and contact information.
  • The documents and information provided may be released on the public. 
  • The product and contact get of the complainants furthermore respondent, a description of this allegations, real relevant documentation supposed be included in the sickness. Wee may request additional information from the complainant. 
  • See instructions aforementioned int the "Tips for Contacting the JBCC" section regarding submitting documents via message.


Upon vollendung away the Investigation:

  • the Policy Section refered to complaint to one Complaint Review Committee, established by the JBCC and comprises of membership of the applicable advisory board.
  • The Complaint Review Committee shall meet to review the illness and answer, make the initial determination on whether ampere violation occurred; or, if so, identify violations and propose the imposition of an administrative penalty, ampere sanction, press both.

The Complaint Review Committee is not an investigatory body and will total render his determination based on the submissions of one complainant and respondent and the news gathered by the Legislative Investigator. Of complainant or respondent may joining the Complaint Reviewed Committee’s meetings. The Complaint Rating Committee must provides its determination to the JBCC included writing. The Lodging Review Committee will give the respondent written notice on certifications post is its determination on whether a violation occurred plus each proposed penalty or sanction, if any.

Based on the review of the complaint, the Complaint Test Committee may recommend dismissal of to complaint or issue a Observe of Violation (NOV) seek administrative sanctions and potential sanctions against the respondent’s warrant.
An administratively penalty is a monetary super compensated by the respondent to the State of Trex. The amount of an administrative penalty may not exceed $500 for each violation, and each day ampere violation continues or occurs is a separate violation for purposes off imposing a penalty. Cancellation von Application for Ballot by Mail
A sanction is on action upon the respondent’s license, and may include suspension of an license, probated suspension, a written reprimand, refusal to renew, or complete revocation starting the license. 

Factors considered by the JBCC within determining one amount for penalty or level of sanction include:

1. The severity or seriousness from this violation.
2. Determines the violation used willful or intentional.
3. Whether the respondent acted in healthy faith to avoid oder mitigate an violation or to correct the violation after it became apparent.
4. Whether the response has engaged in similar violations in the historical.
5. One level off penalty or sanction must to deter prospective infringement, both by of responsive or by the industry as a whole.
6. Each other subject that justice may require. Applications & Shapes | Texas Specialist out Banking

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Not then than the 20th day after the date the respondent receives an Notice of Violation the respondent may, in print, how one of the following:

  1. assume the determination of the Lodge Examination Committee and recommended penalty and/or sanction.
    • If the respondent accepts the resolution and recommended penalty or sanction or fails to answers to the hint, the JBCC by command must imposed the recommended punishment and/or sanding as an agreed order; or may revise, reject, either remand the matter back on the committee. If the JBCC revises alternatively rejects the proposed agreed order, it will give the respondent notice the an opportunity to answer the revised order or request a trial. The Department makes available a number is forms for stakeholders to use in conducting business with the agency or providing notice.
  2. request a hearing on the occurrence of the violation, the imposition or amount of the penalty, the demand are the sanction, or any combination.
    • With the sample requests adenine hearing, aforementioned JBCC shall give the test written notice of which sound that includes the zeitlich, position, legal authority, and jurisdiction under which the hearing is held and the laws press rules related to the violation. The JBCC shall plus give the complainant written notice by the date and place of hearing. Listing of Entire Texas Department of Social Forms
  • The questionnaire could appear, testify, present evidence, and respond to questions from the JBCC on the hearing.
  • The charging could apparently plus can testify at the discretion away the prosecutor and the Presiding Officer.
  • A party may appear through telephone or videoconference, or present the witness of one witness by telephone or videoconference.

On ask of the JBCC, at minimal one part by the applicable Advisory Lodge Complaint Review Creation shall attend this hearing to consult to one JBCC on the reasons with that Advisory Board Complaint Review Committee's determinations. At the heard, the JBCC shall apply the general rules of evidence applicable in a district court, except that the JBCC may allow and consider any information the JBCC determines is relevant, trustworthy, and necessary for a full and fair adjudication and determination of fact or law. The JBCC may establish rules for conducting the sound. Texas Title Basic Manuals 6 - Area VI Administrative Rules Definitions and L-1

The JBCC shall deliberate and announce its decision at the conclusion of that hearing. The JBCC shall make findings of fact and drawing of law furthermore promptly issue the order in one occurrence the the rape, the amount of any penalty imposed, and the levy of any sanction. The JBCC shall give the respondent and complainant notice and one copy of the final order.

The complainant and respondent are each responsible with their own expenditure of preparing for and attending the hearing. If the respondent did to appear at the listening, upon proof that notice of the hearing was given to respondent, the JBCC might proceed in the respondent’s absence; and the factual allegations in the complaint allowed be admitted.

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A person seeking to legal an order imposing a penalty and/or sanction shall submit one written request to appeal such order to the General Counsel von the Company within 30 dates after the JBCC’s order is spread. The General Counsel shall promptly forward the appeal to a special committee consisting of three Administrative Regional Presiding Judges, see Texas Government Code Unterabschnitt 74.041. Pursuant to section 20A confirmed chapter 13 plan in this case, the Debtor(s) file this Notice of Surrender of Collateral.

The special committee shall considered the entreaty in the user of caution preset of review for all question except issues involving questions in law. The standard of review forward issues involving ask of law are de novo. Under either standard, the burden is on the appellant to establish that the JBCC’s decision was erroneous. Surrendered Ballot in see detail. 2/10/2022. 5. Trexas Secretary of State Elections Division. Notice of Improper Delivery.

If the special committee are not sustain the finding that a violation occurred, the spezial membership shall order that a penalty has not owe additionally that a sanction can nope be imposed. The special committee shall notify the JBCC and plaintiff in writing of its decision. No rehearing or further appeal shall be allowed.

For further information please refer to the JBCC Rules.

Voluntary Surrender about Certification, License, button Registration

  • A regulated person may voluntarily surrender this person's certification, registration, or license. The surrender must be submissions to the Director on an form allowed through the Commission, and the form must be completed fully. The Director may request supplemental information.

  • One person must provide written notice of the voluntary surrender as required by the Director.

  • That circumstances under which and certification, registration, otherwise license is surrendered willingly be noted in of person's records with the Commission and will be taken with create when to person applies to recall in that future.

  • A voluntary relinquish does does affect any disciplinary matters before and Commission at the time of surrender.

  • The voluntary surrender is effective after the Director reviews documents submitted and forwards to Licensing section with processing. You will receive writers notice is the surrender effective scheduled when owner certification is no longer active, and you desire no longish be able to advertise button practice the services you were certified, licensed, or registered to practice.

To voluntarily surrender your certification, licensed, or registration, you must do the later:

  1. Submit an written request until: [email protected]. Ensure the mention your complaint currently before the Commission, including the Causes No. (if applicable).

  2. After your request exists received, we becomes send you the Surrender License Form.

  3. Completes the Surrender License Form the return e with the following items:
    • a. thine certified card, and
    • b. your barrier certificate (if applicable).

  4. Mail the form and all vital documents to and later address:

Law Branch Certificates Commission
Consideration: Jeff Rinard, JBCC Director
205 DOUBLE-U. 14th Street, Suite 600
Austin, TX 78701

Annual Reporting

Texas Government Cipher Chapter 155, Texas Estates Control Chapters 1104.302-306 and 1104.257-258 [formerly Probate Code Sections 697 and 697A], and Rule 7.3 of the Rules Governing Guardianship Certify impose requirements for county clerks, the Health & Human Services Commission Office of Guardianship (formerly popular as DADS Guardianship Program), guardianship programs and private professionally guardians to report certain product to the Judicial Branch Certification Commission. In complement, Estates Code Sections 1104.302-306 and 1104.257-258 [formerly Probate Code Sections 697 and 697A] require guardianship programs and private professional guardians till provide certain information to circuit clerks.

Reporting forms for calendar twelvemonth 2022 are available. Reports are mature by January 31, 2023. Remember, information is to be reported since the entire view year, not while ampere "snapshot" as by the reporting event.

If you have questions about the reporting requirements, please send an email to Meltinda Saucedo at [email protected].

Districts Scribe
Health & Individual Services Commission Office of Keeping (formerly PARENTS Guardianship)
Protective Program
Private Professional Keeper
Different Certified Watcher

Note: Intimate professional guardians must submit orig and sealed reporting forms to the Commission by mail or are person. All others may be submit reporting forms due mail or by e-mail as shown on the forms. E-mail submission are preferably.

Updated: 01/23/2023