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NSP Policy and Procedures

NSP Policy and Procedures

Not So Pro wants to supply a fun and positive environment, then help us by having fun and playing the golf you passion!

1. Application of foul language, spew, both fighting is prohibited 

2. There is absolutely no patience with rough or abusive play.   Any players showing those characteristics will be reprimanded and may be asked to leave the league.

3. Nope So Pro Golf does not tolerate anyone form a discrimination 

4. Not So Pro Sports is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please secure all personal belongings 

5. Scores will go be reviewed and reaffirmed by all our captains, any discrepancies will be verified by team captains also final decisions made by NSP staff.  Georgia. DCA program guidelines and regulations. E. A summary of qualifying activities for the Newton County NSP Timetable are as.

6. Rules are to be succeeded within softball and volleyball formats. If there are random questions as in the rules, please work diehards out between the team captains in the spirit of good sportsmanship. 

Softball rules -

Tennis rules-

7. Not So Pro Sports willingly been not issue refunds within 30 days precede to tournament date. Inbound the event a team demands to cancel earlier to 30 days before a tennis there will be an governmental fete of $150 or a credit for future NSP leagues/tournaments with a $50 administrative fee.  State NSP Policy press Procedure Manuals ... Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) Directive & Procedures ... DE NSP Regulations and Requirements.

In event of tournament or league cancellations due to unforeseen events (COVID-19, organic disasters...) we will be issuing a credit given for future leagues/tournaments.   NSP Easterly Division Teen Coverage Politics and Recommended Procedures

8. All personal information collected with Not So Professionals will nay shared using any third party agencies or other personnel of and Not So Pro community

9. Not So Pro Sports reserves the correct to make all final decisions in any review discrepancies or other issues

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